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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 23

In the morning, there were two theory classes. In the first class, the teacher spent a lot of time explaining the battle between Yang Yunche and Cheng Xingran. Almost every detail was thoroughly analyzed, leaving the students in the classroom with a rich harvest.

Without a professional eye, most people would just watch the excitement of the flashing swords and the dangerous scenes, applauding the action in the video, and feeling their blood boil. They couldn’t help but want to play the game, thinking, “I can do it too.”

However, after the detailed explanation and analysis, everyone realized that what seemed like a simple battle was actually filled with strategic elements, with each move being a carefully calculated decision.

Indeed, professional players have more tricks up their sleeves than dice.

Yang Yunche’s prowess was well-known; he was the world champion in Black Tide, and during his years as a professional player, he even outshined the sharpshooters from the European Europa region. His position in the professional circle was unrivaled, so having such strength was normal for him.

But the Shadow Dancer who fought against him, managing to stand firm against God Yun, was actually an unknown non-professional player, which was frightening.

If he hadn’t made a positioning mistake at the critical moment, being anticipated by God Yun’s instantaneous step landing point, the result of this battle would have been uncertain.

In the second class, the teacher didn’t continue with the analysis of the swordplay gambits but switched to tactical theory.

The instructional video shown was also from a match involving Yang Yunche.

“This is a scrimmage between the AUG team and the ZMD team. Not many people have seen this match,” the teacher said.

Scrimmage videos are usually not released to the public, kept for internal exchange among professional teams. However, this teacher was a tactical coach for the AUG team, and he had obtained permission from both team captains to use it as instructional material.

With a light tap of his finger, the teacher paused the video at a certain point.

The viewpoint shifted to the ZMD team, where their tank player, You Hongwei, was already heavily injured and surrounded by two AUG members. In the middle of the battlefield between AUG and ZMD was AUG’s main tank, protected by a massive transparent shield, dividing the battlefield.

“What you see in front of you is the current situation. ZMD’s tank player is deeply engaged and under attack, with his health critically low. ZMD’s support player, Luo Baibai, has his ultimate ability, ‘Rosary Bead,’ ready to use,” the teacher explained. “Meanwhile, a team from ‘Worry Free Forest’ is coming from the back, and not far away to the right, two other teams are also fighting. Given the situation, how would you choose your next move?”

The classroom fell silent, and no one answered.

The teacher called on several students, but their speculative guesses were met with his dissatisfaction.

“You, tell us your thoughts,” the teacher suddenly called out Cheng Xingran’s name.


Cheng Xingran stood up and stared at the holographic display for a few seconds.

“…ZMD’s main tank is already critically injured. The two AUG assault players will surely want to take him out first, leaving a vulnerability on the front,” Cheng Xingran replied, relying solely on his instincts and some experience from his past life. “Luo Baibai’s ultimate ability provides high damage reduction for a short period of time, but ZMD’s tank doesn’t have any mobility skills, and even with the ability activated, he won’t be able to hold on. So, I think a more proactive approach would be better.”

“Oh?” The teacher showed interest and asked, “How would you be more proactive?”

Cheng Xingran continued to observe the holographic display, envisioning himself in Yang Yunche’s perspective. He closed his eyes and thought for a moment before saying, “The assault players should bypass the AUG main tank and find their support player. From this position, they can gain five to six seconds of time to engage in a head-on confrontation with the support player. The two AUG assault players will not miss the opportunity to kill ZMD’s main tank and won’t return to defend immediately. During this time, they can eliminate the support player first and, with the cooperation of Luo Baibai’s ultimate ability, still manage to retreat safely…”

He spoke based on his intuition but noticed that the teacher’s expression seemed somewhat strange.

…What’s wrong?

The teacher shook his head and said, “Your idea is good, and following your line of thought, it can indeed create an opening. However…”

The teacher paused and continued, “Yang Yunche’s advantage lies in long-range suppression and support. He cannot be the frontline assault player in this situation; only Xiao Nan can do that. But unfortunately, AUG’s support player is Fei Wei, one of the top dueling experts in the national server. Although she plays the support role, given Xiao Nan’s dueling ability, it would be difficult for him to defeat Fei Wei in five to six seconds. Even if he had twenty more seconds, it would still be challenging, and he might end up being dragged into her rhythm, making ZMD’s situation even worse.”

Cheng Xingran: “…”

“But as long as ZMD’s assault player is strong enough, it can still be done, right?”

Cheng Xingran pursed his lips, “At least, theoretically, there is no problem, right?”

“Theory also needs to be practical.”

The teacher smiled and waved his hand, gesturing for Cheng Xingran to sit down, “Fei Wei is skilled in using broadswords, and her defensive and offensive capabilities are extremely formidable. When combined with her use of ‘Fate,’ even without any self-protective skills, it’s safe to say that currently, no one in the national server can kill Fei Wei in such a short time. – That student, it’s your turn to speak.”

Cheng Xingran silently sat down and remained silent.

He felt like it might still be possible.

From his perspective, although Fei Wei’s broadsword was formidable, it would be possible to significantly reduce her health in five to six seconds. Then, with Yang Yunche’s fully charged bow and arrow, and his own “Thunderclap,” their combined damage would be terrifying, and they could easily take down the support player.

The teacher then called on another student, Dong Qiyi.

Dong Qiyi stood up, glanced at Cheng Xingran first, and then began to analyze the situation.

“I think, at this point, it’s unlikely to save the tank player. Furthermore, there’s a team from ‘Worry Free Forest’ in the back, so even if they use Fei Wei’s ‘Rosary Bead’ to save You Hongwei, they will be ambushed by the team from ‘Worry Free Forest,’ which will make the situation even worse, and it won’t just be a matter of losing a player.”

As Dong Qiyi pondered, he continued, “On the other side, two teams are engaging in a fight. If they sacrifice the main tank and rush towards the direction of the battle, they have a chance to secure some kills. If they retreat quickly, the team from ‘Worry Free Forest’ won’t chase after them. Instead, they will choose AUG, which also has low health, as their target…”

The teacher listened patiently and finally smiled.

“What’s your name?”

“Dong Qiyi.”

“Oh, I know you. You’re the strongest freshman in the eSports Department this year.”

The teacher nodded, “You are absolutely right. I even suspect that you’ve seen this video before. At the time, ZMD’s captain also made a similar decision, but instead of retreating in the direction you mentioned, they headed towards ‘Desolate Tomb,’ which had more cover and was more suitable for recuperating and restoring their status…”

The holographic video continued, and indeed, in the video, Yang Yunche immediately chose to sacrifice You Hongwei and led Xiao Nan and Luo Baibai to head towards ‘Desolate Tomb.’ After restoring their status, they turned back to ambush the two teams fighting on the other side.

Whispers erupted among the students below the stage.

“It really had to be Dong Qiyi.”

“The strongest freshman has some weight. If it were me, I would have just had ‘Rosary Bead’ protect the main tank.”

“I think Cheng Xingran’s suggestion was good too?”

“Come on, who does he think he is, Lu Mingyu? Killing Fei Wei in five to six seconds… Dream on! He’s just talking big without considering his own skill level…”

The morning theory class finally came to an end, and it was close to noon. Students streamed out of the classroom.

Cheng Xingran and Wu Feiang were about to leave when Dong Qiyi stopped them.

“Cheng Xingran, can we talk?”

Dong Qiyi stood in front of Cheng Xingran, his tone carrying an imperceptible uneasiness.

Cheng Xingran looked at him in confusion, putting down his required textbook for “Tactical Terrain Theory Analysis and Practical Application.” “Is there something you need?”


Dong Qiyi met Cheng Xingran’s eyes, which were even paler in the sunlight, like translucent amber. Unintentionally, he shifted his gaze to the side. “The manager of All-Stars’ team contacted me. They want me to participate in a trial in two days.”


Cheng Xingran gave him a faint smile.

On the side, Wu Feiang widened his eyes upon hearing Dong Qiyi’s words, looking utterly amazed.

The people from All-Stars contacted Dong Qiyi?

Even if it’s just a trial, and even if the trial were successful, he would still need to participate in training matches in the Youth Training Camp and vie for a spot on the roster. But no matter how you looked at it, it’s All-Stars’ team!

One of the top-tier teams in the country, they’ve earned honors in various gaming fields. In the game “Destiny,” they’ve even outshone ZMD, another top-tier team and a powerhouse in their own right. Plus, they have a player like Lu Mingyu, a top-tier expert. Even if it was just a trial, if someone else had the chance to visit the All-Stars team’s base and drink from the water cooler, they would fight to the death for that opportunity, okay?

As a first-year freshman at First Electric, Dong Qiyi has the opportunity to try out for a team of this caliber…

Wu Feiang couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of Dong Qiyi’s luck.

“So, about the bet…”

Dong Qiyi began to speak, but Cheng Xingran interrupted him.

“A trial is a trial, and a bet is a bet.”

Cheng Xingran said calmly, “Rest assured, I will do my best on the day of the New Star Cup. I also hope that you can give it your all when the time comes.”


Dong Qiyi was momentarily taken aback.

He initially wanted to say that they could let go of the bet, considering it was just a heated dispute between two young men. Now that he knows about Cheng Xingran’s parents and regrets the conflict from that day, he wants to use this opportunity to explain things clearly.

Dong Qiyi hadn’t shared the news about the opportunity to try out with anyone else yet. For some reason, he thought of sharing it with Cheng Xingran first.

Perhaps because they were high school classmates before, or maybe due to some other reason.

Dong Qiyi didn’t know.

After Cheng Xingran finished speaking, he politely nodded at Dong Qiyi and then walked out of the classroom.

His back was slender, like a tall and straight pine tree, yet it also resembled a sword with a hidden edge. There was no longer a trace of his former timidity or hesitance. Instead, he exuded a calm self-assuredness, along with a sense of tranquility and maturity.

He walked straight into the golden sunlight outside, like a transformation unfolding right in front of him. Shedding his past weakness and inadequacy, he stepped into a bright and promising future.

Dong Qiyi felt a hollow sensation in his heart.

It’s as if he lost something important.

…Perhaps it’s indeed something crucial.

Starlight Gaming Café.

Cheng Xingran logged into the game skillfully and opened his streaming account.

As if signaling the start of a feast, as soon as the live broadcast room lit up, a multitude of viewers flooded in.

“Front row!”

“Hehehe, I’ve got my small stool ready in advance for a good spot”

Lao po, tietie”

“Are you going to climb the solo ladder to Asura today!”

“I won’t be climbing the solo ladder for points today.”

As Cheng Xingran spoke, he opened the friend list, and Yang Yunche’s profile picture was still grayed out.

Yang Yunche hadn’t logged in yet.

After some thought, Cheng Xingran decided to practice with the sword in the training room to familiarize himself with the katana’s controls.

He opened the custom room list, and a plethora of custom rooms popped up in front of him, most of them set to martial arts mode.

[Practice with the sword in 1v1, skilled players come] [Beginner sword practice room, platinum and below, *Deep-fried Fish Minister of War]

*deep-fried fish – In eSports, it refers to players with a higher skill level who engage in long-term, deliberate, and malicious gameplay activities among lower-skilled player groups using various means.

[Tang Sword Ceiling seeking defeat, current record 17 wins 3 losses, come if you can fight] [Starry River’s live room XXXX, come practice with the sword, follow if you lose] [Top-tier female assault in the national server, beginners keep out]

The room names that were filled with a variety of options momentarily dazzled Chen Xingran’s eyes.

Sparring forms the foundation of combat. To swiftly improve one’s sparring skills, the training room was undoubtedly an excellent choice. A significant portion of players enthusiastic about custom martial arts modes occupied this space.

Chen Xingran clicked on “Quick Enter” and soon found himself in an available training room.

Apart from him, there was only one other person in the room, but there were over twenty spectators in the viewing seats.

Before Chen Xingran could make sense of the situation, he heard the other player in the room, “Divine Blade Sect, Yun Yin,” activating their microphone.

“Are you ready?”

The speaker was a male voice with a slight Southern accent, and a hint of an adolescent voice change, making him sound quite young.

Chen Xingran typed, “Ready.”

“Then let me explain the rules. Five rounds, best of three. No restrictions on weapons or characters. No skills or ultimate moves allowed, purely swordplay. Passing the assessment requires winning three rounds.”

No skills or ultimate moves?


Chen Xingran was momentarily puzzled, typing, “What assessment?”


The other player was speechless. “Didn’t you read the room name when you entered?”

Chen Xingran looked up.

[Divine Blade Sect Assessment Room, Beginners Not Welcome]

Barrages of comments appeared.

“Divine Blade Sect? Is that the organization with many swordplay experts?”

“I’ve been trying to get an assessment spot for three days and still haven’t succeeded. The streamer’s luck is amazing…”

“More swordplay to watch, I’ll start recording immediately”

“I’ve fought against people from Divine Blade Sect before… How should I put it, they leave quite peacefully.”

“The streamer is going against them!”

The viewers in the audience section began typing as well.

“Could this be a newbie who wandered in by mistake?”

“If you’re not going to fight, give up the spot so as not to waste time.”

“How did you even get in without knowing anything?”

Seeing that Chen Xingran didn’t respond, the player named Yun Yin asked again, “If you’ve secured the spot, follow the rules. If you’re here to be assessed, get ready. If not, leave.”

Chen Xingran was still reading the barrage, and when he saw the comment about “many swordplay experts,” his eyes lit up.


Chen Xingran decisively typed and then readied up.

While he couldn’t practice heroes, he could still face off against skilled players, which was also excellent.


Yun Yin felt that the player’s name on the opposite side seemed somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t remember at the moment.

Both sides readied up and entered the game.

With explanations from the barrage, Chen Xingran finally gained some understanding of Divine Blade Sect.

It was a player-initiated grassroots organization. Its members were enthusiasts of training rooms, often sharing techniques and tips internally. Aside from grassroots experts, there were also many professional players with alternate accounts. Despite numerous players aspiring to join Divine Blade Sect, its membership remained below a hundred due to its high standards.

In the realm of training rooms, which had a massive player base, Divine Blade Sect held high status.

For the first match, Chen Xingran chose a long sword as his weapon and the hero was Sword Spirit.

Yun Yin also chose a long sword and used the hero Lightning Fist.

The choice of hero didn’t matter much as skills and ultimate moves were disabled in the assessment room. Looking good was what counted.

The audience in Chen Xingran’s live stream had already witnessed his swordplay. His style emphasized elegance and sharpness, combined with his exquisite footwork, making him appear like a sword immortal from a martial arts film during battles.

In contrast, Yun Yin’s swordplay had a completely different style. It resembled Western-style sword techniques with clear traces of modern combat, each strike aimed directly at vital points, following the shortest attack route.

The two sides began their swordplay, and as their long swords made contact, Chen Xingran roughly estimated the opponent’s skill level.

Abundant sharpness, but lacking in variation.

He maintained an unchanged expression as he faced Yun Yin’s rapid and fierce attacks, gripping the sword with one hand. He resembled a swaying leaf in the wind and rain—seemingly surrounded by danger, yet confidently composed. Every move he made was precise and effortless, easily dodging each assault without exerting much effort. Then, with a flick of the sword tip, cold light burst forth like twinkling stars in an instant.

With force applied through his wrist, the power channeled to the sword tip, he took a light step forward and executed a downward thrust, piercing through Yun Yin’s sword shoulder and arm. This effectively neutralized Yun Yin’s point of force, causing a momentary disruption to his attack rhythm.

“Wow, this sword technique is incredible!”

“Is the angle calculated with such precision? Can actions be adjusted to this extent?”

“Yun Yin seems to be in a bit of trouble.”

Yun Yin’s expression changed, and he shifted to a thrusting attack. However, it was a feint; just as his long sword extended, he abruptly pulled it back, attempting to avoid being drawn into Chen Xingran’s attack rhythm.

Yet, Chen Xingran seemed to have anticipated Yun Yin’s reaction. With the lower half of his face concealed by the hood of the Sword Spirit, a faint smile emerged on his face. He didn’t offer Yun Yin any opportunity to escape. Instead, he closed the distance with a sliding step, swiftly closing in. Then, he skillfully twisted his wrist, using the power of his waist to execute a spiraling thrust. The sword point penetrated Yun Yin’s defense like a screw, followed by a series of rapid metallic clashes.

Although Yun Yin was an adept in the training room, he adapted quickly. However, he had underestimated Chen Xingran’s expertise in sparring. His hurried counterattacks proved ineffective, causing his health bar to rapidly deplete, with damage numbers constantly appearing above him. Each strike targeting his weak points left him feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Twelve seconds later, the match was decided.

Yun Yin’s expression turned exceedingly serious, indicating that he had started to take this opponent who had brashly entered the assessment room seriously.

“Once more.”

Yun Yin spoke in a low voice.

Chen Xingran shrugged, expressing no objections.

In the second match, Yun Yin brought out a long spear, while Chen Xingran switched to a dagger.

“A little length grants much strength, a little shortness increases the risk.” The long spear and the dagger were two vastly different weapons.

This time, Yun Yin didn’t hold back; he attacked with full force. The ornate dragon patterns on his spear created a fierce gust of wind, turning every inch of space before him into a danger zone. He intended to tear apart any enemy foolish enough to intrude into his domain.

Chen Xingran held the dagger in his reverse hand. His movements were incredibly swift. His short blade executed several strikes in an instant, intercepting Yun Yin’s spear point. Amidst a bewildering barrage of strikes, sparks flew as the dagger collided with the spear, producing crisp and jarring metallic clashes.

Thrusting with a lunge, evading with a swift sidestep, turning and stabbing…

Although these were basic dagger movements, in Chen Xingran’s hands, they seemed to revert to their most fundamental essence, each move perfectly calculated.

Yun Yin appeared to be launching a fierce attack, exploiting the spear’s reach to suppress Chen Xingran’s mobility. However, as the sparring continued, beads of sweat began to form on Yun Yin’s forehead.


At an unexpected moment, Yun Yin was executed by a surprise dagger technique!


“Did I miss a minute?”

“How did he execute a dagger technique? I couldn’t see it at all!”

“I can’t believe Yun Yin got hit by a dagger technique!”

“Ye Shao awesome, Ye Shao awesome!!”

Chen Xingran didn’t pursue further. Instead, he casually extended his other hand, catching the long spear Yun Yin had let go of. In the air, he elegantly swung it in an arc before taking a step back. With a gentle flick of his wrist holding the dagger, he sent it hurtling toward Yun Yin—

Just as Yun Yin had recovered from the momentary rigidity caused by the surprise dagger technique, he was suddenly met with a flash of cold light. Instinctively, he caught the dagger in his hand.

Within half a second, their weapons had switched places.

Yun Yin stared blankly at the dagger in his hand, seemingly unable to comprehend.

He had been hit by a surprise dagger technique?

How was that possible?

And… he had already lost the match. The momentary rigidity from the surprise technique was enough for Chen Xingran to deplete his health. Even at worst, he could have left Yun Yin with a sliver of health. Why did he bother to go a step further and swap weapons?

Chen Xingran didn’t immediately launch an attack; instead, he held the long spear in his hand and carefully observed it.

The length exceeded that of an ordinary spear, and it didn’t conform to the traditional design of a Red Tassel Spear. The entire shaft of the spear was crafted from a material resembling an alloy, reflecting a chilling brilliance under the sunlight.

Though it was made from a metal-like material, the spear shaft possessed an extraordinary elasticity. It was more resilient than any wooden spear shaft Chen Xingran had encountered in his past life. Due to the nature of the game, it wouldn’t break from excessive force applied to it.

Only in a virtual game that diverged from reality could such attributes be achieved.

The spearhead wasn’t composed of regular metal either; it was formed from an ice-cold material that emitted a frosty blue hue. The surface of the spear’s body was adorned with raised and winding dark patterns that converged to a point, merging seamlessly with the icy spearhead. The overall appearance was incredibly captivating.


Just as he was pondering, Yun Yin across from him spoke up, his gaze filled with thick puzzlement.

The concept of the “Moon Staff,” the “Year Knife,” and the “Lifelong Spear” implied that as part of the “Hundred Rogue Weapons,” spears had boundless variations, a mystique that was difficult to predict. Their attacking styles were diverse and intimidating. Moreover, their potential was remarkably high. Even if one devoted their entire life to the craft, there were still avenues for further refinement.

Chen Xingran gazed at the ice-blue spear in his hand, a twinge of nostalgia flickering in his eyes. It was as if through the weapon he held, he could see his childhood self practicing diligently with a spear twice his size day after day.

Confronted with Yun Yin’s confusion, Chen Xingran merely offered a faint smile and calmly stated:

“A spear isn’t used this way.”

In Chen Xingran’s eyes, Yun Yin’s spear technique had only just passed the threshold; he hadn’t yet grasped the essence. Having run a martial arts school in his past life, where he had many disciples under his tutelage, the inclination to instruct seemed ingrained in his very bones.

Watching Yun Yin wield the spear, Chen Xingran felt a mixture of nostalgia and an itching desire to showcase his skills. He couldn’t resist the urge to display a bit of his own prowess. Thus, instead of seizing the opportunity to deliver a fatal blow when Yun Yin unleashed a sudden burst of knife strikes, he opted to exchange weapons with him.

In Chen Xingran’s hand, the long spear traced a graceful arc through the air as he spun it casually, conjuring a blossoming display of spear techniques.

In just that single motion, anyone with functioning vision could discern that his skill with the spear was on an entirely different level from Yun Yin’s.

Harmonious spear intent, serpentine paths—the ice-blue spear seemed to come alive in his hands. Even the dragon patterns coiled around the spear shaft appeared to awaken, stretching their forms freely in the air, transforming it from a lifeless object into something vibrant.

Narrowing his eyes, Chen Xingran hoisted the ice-blue spear onto his back. With the spearhead lightly tapping the ground, his aura underwent a dramatic transformation.


Though his stance seemed open, it left Yun Yin feeling uncertain about how to proceed. It was as if he wasn’t facing an individual, but an army of thousands.

“A spear isn’t used this way?”

What audacity!

Having spent a considerable time in the weapon practice room, Yun Yin had embedded a deep love for sparring into his blood. While he wouldn’t claim to be invincible, he held considerable confidence in his knife skills.

Even professional players wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand against him in sparring.

However, most players treated sparring as a means to refine their ranking-based gameplay on Myriad Origin Island. They became engrossed in the deceptive strategies and pursuits on the island, often ignoring the essence of sparring itself—the pure joy of engaging in close combat, devoid of distractions.

Gazing at the demon-like knife before him, Yun Yin’s initial shock from the previous attack gradually faded. Filled with reluctance and defiance, his aura suddenly surged. Fueled by an all-or-nothing determination, he clenched his dagger tightly and lunged at Chen Xingran!

Chen Xingran observed the fighting spirit in Yun Yin’s eyes. He hadn’t been discouraged by the previous burst attack. Instead, his determination grew stronger. As he met Yun Yin’s gaze, Chen Xingran seemed to recall something. A trace of nostalgia and contentment flitted through his eyes. He then flicked the tip of his spear, its weight settling heavily, resonating through his bones and sinews. He met Yun Yin head-on.

As if a seasoned artist had swiftly swept a brush from left to right across a canvas, leaving behind a fleeting blue stroke in the void. The sharp sound of the air parting resonated like a scream as the icy-blue spear, resembling a venomous serpent emerging from its den, pierced forth!

One thrust, two gods. There was no equal, no match!

Even though it was just a game, Yun Yin unmistakably sensed a freezing sensation enveloping his entire body. The unpredictable sway of the spearhead left him perplexed, uncertain of where to evade or how to do so.

With an unadorned and straightforward stab, he shattered the weakest point of the dagger and aimed directly at the opening.


The damage wasn’t exceedingly high, but it was only the beginning.

In the next instant, as if sounding the horn of an onslaught, Chen Xingran’s spearhead flicked, accompanied by a change in technique.

A thrust to the legs, severing at the roots; a thrust to the waist, blood flowing freely.

Yun Yin responded with a mix of fear and determination to Chen Xingran’s relentless assault. While other observers might not have discerned it, standing across from Chen Xingran, he keenly felt the weight of the pressure bearing down on him, like being targeted by dozens of sniper rifles simultaneously. In an instant, the hairs on his body stood on end, and his heart pounded forcefully.

Despite his extensive practice in the weapon practice room, he had never experienced such a sensation before. Never before!

Boom! Boom boom!

Spear tip clashed with dagger, their movements so swift that it was nearly impossible to distinguish between feints and genuine strikes. The air seemed to explode into a display of dazzling fireworks, with sparks flickering rapidly, causing everyone witnessing this scene to involuntarily hold their breath.

Each of Chen Xingran’s spear strikes appeared to carry a killing intent, yet he didn’t deliver lethal blows. Just as the spear tip was about to pierce his opponent’s body, he would ease the force, inflicting only a minor wound. Given Yun Yin’s current health, he would have met his end long ago had Chen Xingran been more aggressive.

He was baiting his opponent.

More than a battle, it was Chen Xingran guiding the proceedings. Each movement allowed Yun Yin to see clearly and understand thoroughly.

However, observing wasn’t synonymous with effective response.

Gradually, Yun Yin realized that while he might not be able to effectively counter, with each exchange, he was making better choices. It was as if he had been forged like steel through countless hammer blows, becoming tougher and more solid. With each of Chen Xingran’s spear movements registering in his eyes, his comprehension of this weapon grew deeper.

As his health dwindled, on the brink of death, Chen Xingran altered his technique once again. He suddenly turned around, seemingly attempting to retreat.

Yun Yin didn’t comprehend his intention, but the high-intensity duel had left him on edge. He was like a bowstring pulled taut, any slight disturbance would cause it to snap. Chen Xingran’s retreat exposed a vulnerability, and Yun Yin instinctively seized the opportunity to press his attack.

In the next instant, it was as if the world had fallen silent, drowned in an eerie cacophony—the demon-like knife before his eyes executed a rapid spin, spear and body moving as one. The spear shaft contracted and extended in a manner akin to a fired cannonball. It erupted with terrifying force, a brutal thrust bereft of any concealment, like a violent thunderstorm over the ocean, poised to rend apart all obstacles!

All of this occurred in the blink of an eye!

No one managed to perceive how he executed the spin. Just moments ago, the spear was behind him, defying the laws of physics to suddenly pierce forward. Yet their retinas had frozen on the next instant. What was imprinted in their vision was the scene where Yun Yin’s Hero, Lightning Fist, had his head swiftly impaled by the ice-blue spear—

Spear like a dragon, a myriad of soldiers in hand, most fearful when retreating.

—Reverse Lance!

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