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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 25

The three-story small western-style building, carved out from the floor, was not yet completed when a team invitation popped up in front of him.

With a reluctant sigh, Chen Xingran accepted and joined Yang Yunche’s team.

Yang Yunche’s voice sounded through the team voice chat, “Finished playing?”

Chen Xingran replied, “I’m sorry.”

He corrected his mistake swiftly and decisively, which actually momentarily stunned Yang Yunche.

Chen Xingran lowered his voice and sincerely said, “I got too engrossed in the game and forgot about our agreement last night. I even made up an excuse to deceive you. I’m really sorry.”

Yang Yunche had only meant to tease him a bit, but he hadn’t expected Chen Xingran to take it so seriously. His earnestness and apologetic tone made it seem like he had committed some major offense.

“Why are you taking it so seriously? I’m not actually mad.”

Yang Yunche chuckled in amusement.

Usually, when a young person encounters a situation like this, they’d just brush it off with a laugh. Who would act as seriously as Chen Xingran did, behaving as if he had committed some grave mistake?

The formal and sincere way of apologizing, he truly seemed like a cautious and meticulous elementary school student.

Yang Yunche couldn’t help but find it both funny and touching.

But this demeanor only made people want to tease him even more.

“Am I hallucinating because I stayed up too late?”

“Seems like it, when did God Yun start talking like this?”

“”I’m not actually mad.””

“Tsk tsk tsk.”

“God Yun’s character design just collapsed ah. Isn’t this when you should be *looting the burned house?”

*taking advantage of a situation

“Wait a minute, when did they become friends? Didn’t my wife reject God Yun yesterday?”

“What agreement last night? Did I miss something?!”

“As expected, you two secretly hooked up while off-stream!!!”

“If you don’t know how to talk, you can donate your mouth to those in need.”

Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean by ‘secretly hooked up’? Do we still need to be secretive about things like this?”


“Sure, then why don’t you give us a demonstration of a straightforward hookup?”

“Hail to the conquering hero! Just stay away from my wife!”

“Just the two of us?”

Chen Xingran glanced at the other two empty slots in the team and asked.


Yang Yunche had just uttered a word when a team joining request suddenly appeared.

“ZMD-Luo Baibai has requested to join the team”

“Brother Yun! I’m heading back to the base tomorrow!”

Luo Baibai hadn’t even loaded into the team yet, but his booming voice had already filled the team voice chat, “It’s been ages since we last met, it feels like an eternity. Come give me a loving hug!”

Yang Yunche: “…”

“Oh, you already have someone in your team?”

After Luo Baibai joined the team, he noticed that there was already an unfamiliar ID present, “Ye Shao? Who’s that? Xiao Ge’s alternate account?”

Before the other two members of the team could speak up, Luo Baibai had continued on his own, “I haven’t been online for days. Luckily, there’s a gaming café near the airport hotel, or I would’ve gone crazy… By the way, Yun Ge, the box of snacks you hid in my mattress before I left, Manager Fu didn’t find it, did he?”

Yang Yunche: “… I’m livestreaming right now.”

Too late.

“Luo Baibai, danger!”

“Call Fu Zhou, call Fu Zhou!!”

“Luo Xiaobai, you better change your flight quickly. It’s still possible if you run now. Don’t come back to the base within the next two months!”

“I can feel God Yun’s murderous intent already, so scary wuwuwu”

Inside ZMD base, Fu Zhou was busy handling a pile of business contracts while his phone played Yang Yunche’s livestream in the background.

“Didn’t get discovered by Manager Fu…”

“Got discovered by Manager Fu…”

“Discovered… by… Manager Fu…”

Fu Zhou lifted his head from the stack of business contracts in shock, his haggard and tormented body suddenly exuding vitality. A cold smile curled up at the corner of his mouth. He stood up abruptly like a carp leaping over a dragon’s gate and headed towards Luo Baibai’s room with a powerful stride.

I finally caught you, Yang Yunche!

Inside the livestream room, faced with Yang Yunche’s icy gaze, Luo Baibai’s voice began to tremble.

“Manager… Manager Fu is really busy, he probably doesn’t have time to watch your livestream… right…”

His voice grew softer and softer, until in the end, it was only slightly louder than a mosquito’s, “Yun Ge, don’t look at me like that, I’m scared…”

“What snacks?”

Chen Xingran asked curiously.

Luo Baibai was taken aback, “Huh, isn’t this voice Xiao Ge’s?”

“A friend I know from the game,” Yang Yunche explained.


Luo Baibai found it a bit strange. Yang Yunche rarely played games with people outside of ZMD, let alone getting to know strangers in the game.

However, he didn’t dwell on it. He turned to Chen Xingran and said, “Yun Ge’s got a weak stomach. The base doctor warned him many times to avoid those high-calorie snacks, but Yun Ge never listens. He’s always challenging Manager Fu in a battle of wits…”

“Luo Xiaobai.”

Yang Yunche’s voice turned chilly as a warning, “You haven’t been playing for the past few days, have you been slacking off on training? When we get back to the base tomorrow, I’ll train with you and help you get back your touch.”

Luo Baibai: “…”

He had a feeling that Yang Yunche’s words were laced with an “I’ll tear your mouth if you talk any more” implication.

Okay, I’ll shut up.

Luo Baibai obediently said, “Do you guys want to play squad games? Can you take me along?”

Yang Yunche was about to say you can go chill on the side, but he heard Chen Xingran’s voice, “Sure.”

After speaking, Chen Xingran realized that Yang Yunche was the team leader. He turned to him and asked, “Is that okay?”

Yang Yunche smiled, “Of course.”

“Why does it feel like Ye Shao’s words are especially effective?”

“God Yun suddenly became so easy to talk to.”

“Weren’t they strangers just yesterday? They seem quite familiar today.”

“Maybe something unspeakable happened last night.”

“Oh? Care to elaborate?”

Both Yang Yunche and Luo Baibai were using their main accounts, not playing much, but their ranks in the four-player mode were quite high, already in the Diamond rank.

Chen Xingran was a solo player in Diamond rank, but he hadn’t played in the four-player mode yet, so his rank was only Bronze, dragging down the team’s average rank a bit. With the combined ranks of the three, they were matched against opponents around the Platinum level.

They quickly found a match, the system automatically paired them with a random solo queue teammate, whose ID was “SocietyYourSixBrother.”

“Got it, got it, I’m heading there right now!”

As soon as SocietyYourSixBrother entered the game, he activated the team voice chat and shouted at someone through the microphone. Then, with a northern accent, he said, “Brothers you’re all able to talk? I’m a solo queue player. You guys pick your roles first, I’ll fill in for you. Let’s finish this quickly, I need to change my child’s diaper.”

Chen Xingran picked the Demonic Blade hero, Yang Yunche locked in Furious Tide. Luo Baibai glanced at the hero list and spoke through the microphone, “Brother, can you play the tank role?”

“I can, I can.”

Luo Baibai selected his best hero, “Rosary Bead,” and then SocietyYourSixBrother filled in with “Shatter Mountain.”

One tank and one support, two assault heroes, a standard composition.

“Where should we land?”


Chen Xingran instinctively wanted to suggest their familiar landing spot, Huntian City. However, he realized that the person speaking was Yang Yunche, so he stopped mid-sentence and thought for a moment before saying, “Anywhere is fine. I’m not very familiar with the four-player mode, so you pick.”

Yang Yunche smiled faintly and directly chose the central location of Huntian City.

“Brothers, you’re fierce! I love it!”

SocietyYourSixBrother boisterously spoke through the microphone. It was evident that he was also a spirited fighter.

Players from the spawn island gradually picked their landing spots. Different team logos appeared on the virtual map, and with Yang Yunche’s team included, there were a total of four teams, which meant 16 players on the map, making them stand out prominently.

As the countdown ended, all the players transformed into white light simultaneously and were teleported to Myriad Origin Island.

The game began.

Chen Xingran was already familiar with the terrain of Hun Tian City. After just a glance around, he immediately determined his direction. He rushed into a building to search for weapons and armor.

The sound of numerous footsteps filled his ears. He was lucky; as soon as he entered the building, he saw a blue-glowing spear on a table.


A figure shattered the window of the room. Without hesitation, Chen Xingran picked up the blue spear from the table. The spear tip left behind a lightning-like trail in the air as it shot out like an arrow, piercing toward the incoming person.

A direct hit.

However, there were no damage numbers above the opponent’s head. Chen Xingran looked closer and saw Yang Yunche staring at him with a puzzled expression.

Chen Xingran: “…”

Embarrassed, he retracted the weapon, “Sorry.”

He was accustomed to playing solo, so when he heard footsteps behind him, he reflexively attacked without considering the fact that he had teammates.


“God Yun: Are you polite?”

Lao po, be gentle. Don’t deflate God Yun.”

Seeing Chen Xingran’s bewildered expression, Yang Yunche couldn’t help but laugh and tease, “That hurt.”

“What should we do? Maybe you should call the police.”

“Stop pretending, this game doesn’t cause friendly fire.”

“Here it comes, he’s going to start extorting people again.”

“If it were me, I’d shoot you a couple of times just for fun.”

Chen Xingran cleared his throat, “I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional.”

Yang Yunche feigned being wronged, “Compensate me with a piece of gold armor, otherwise this matter can’t be left like this.”

Chen Xingran: “… Fine.”

Just as they were talking, SocietyYourSixBrother’s health bar started dimming.


SocietyYourSixBrother cursed through the microphone, “I got caught by another team. How do these people have weapons as soon as they land?”

“How many of them?”

Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche asked while searching for items.

“Four of them, they’re looting my stuff… Another team is coming, they’re fighting!”

SocietyYourSixBrother said, “They’re fighting right in front of me. Never mind, I probably can’t be revived. You guys find a place to hide first.”

The dynamics of the four-player mode in Destiny are quite different from solo matches. In solo mode, when a player dies, the game immediately declares it as over. However, in squad mode, even after a player dies, the gravestone marker remains lit as long as one or more teammates are still alive. A 45-second progress bar appears.

During the progress bar’s duration, teammates can revive the fallen player. This process takes about ten seconds. While reviving, players cannot move or attack, and being attacked interrupts the revival process. If no teammate comes to revive during the progress bar’s duration, the gravestone will fade away completely, and the player cannot be revived anymore, only able to watch their teammates from a spectator’s perspective.

“I’m already near the square.”

Luo Baibai sneaked to a nearby location, “Two teams are fighting in front of his gravestone. What should we do? Have you found weapons?”

“We’ll be there soon.”

Yang Yunche searched two rooms and didn’t find any bows and arrows, just a blue bird Bird Musket.

However, for him, having a Bird Musket was sufficient.

“Hey, don’t bother. You can’t revive me now.”

Seeing his teammates still considering saving him, SocietyYourSixBrother’s tone turned touched, “I messed up this round. I was focused on finding weapons and didn’t notice enemies nearby… You guys search for items and run. Survive for a bit, get a placement, and earn some points.”


Chen Xingran performed a light leap, jumping from the ground onto the roof. From this vantage point, he could observe the two teams on the square. Besides the glint of blades and swords, there were various skill effects flying everywhere. Compared to solo matches, the scene was much more chaotic.

“Why can’t you be revived?”

Chen Xingran sounded confident and assured, “Just kill them all, we can revive you.”

Yang Yunche stood beside him, sensing the vigorous fighting spirit emanating from the Demonic Blade in front of him, and he chuckled lightly.

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