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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 26

Chen Xingran took the lead in attacking. He leaped forward, holding his spear and charging directly into the battlefield, targeting an enemy on the outskirts.

Ghost Shadow Slash!

The skill activated, his figure transformed into a streak of lightning, passing through the enemy’s body, dealing bleeding damage.

Chen Xingran turned around and thrust his spear, his front hand like a tube, his rear hand like a lock. He didn’t leave his waist, the force reached the spear’s tip, accompanied by a whistling wind, swift and fierce.

Azure Dragon’s Claw Stance!

His spear technique was undoubtedly powerful. In just two moves, he completely suppressed the enemy. With a blue-quality spear, he inflicted damage comparable to a gold-quality spear. Before the opponents could react, their armor and health began rapidly decreasing.


Three seconds later, the enemy decisively exploded their own character.

Chen Xingran’s expression remained unchanged. His long spear emitted a piercing sonic boom as it prepared to claim the enemy’s head.

However, the next moment, he was immobilized on the spot, unable to move.

Shadow Bind!

This was a skill of the Shadow Concealment class, capable of restraining an enemy’s shadow, causing them to be immobilized for a brief 0.3 seconds.

The opponent’s teammates also noticed Chen Xingran, the unexpected intruder. Seeing their teammate about to be defeated, they decisively used their skills to interrupt his attack.

In this short moment of control, the enemy Chen Xingran had severely injured quickly fled the battlefield, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

As the immobilization ended, Chen Xingran attempted to pursue, but two opponents had already flanked him from both sides.

Reluctantly, he had to temporarily abandon the chase and turn around to engage the two in combat.

This was the difference between solo and squad modes.

In solo matches, everyone fought independently, each for themselves. In squad matches, due to the teamwork mechanics, heroes’ skills could complement each other, making the situation much more complex.

Just like the previous enemy – in a solo situation, he would have been defeated already, but thanks to his teammate’s timely support, he was granted a second chance.

A golden light sphere flew at high speed, precisely landing on top of Chen Xingran’s head.

Chen Xingran instinctively tried to dodge, but the light sphere seemed to have locked onto him. No matter where he moved, the sphere followed closely, never leaving his side.

However, he wasn’t losing health; instead, the damage he had just sustained in combat was slowly recovering.

“I’m healing you, retreat for now.”

Luo Baibai’s voice echoed in the team voice chat.

Chen Xingran realized that this was the skill of Luo Baibai’s chosen hero, Rosary Bead.

Yin-Yang Readings: Rosary Bead throws Buddhist beads, causing different effects on different targets. Allies: Heals for 700 points within ten seconds. When used again, the cooldown is triggered, instantly healing for 300 points. Enemies: Inflicts “Vulnerability” on the enemy for ten seconds, increasing damage taken by 20%, and exposing them to the enemy’s vision. When used again, the enemy is stunned for 0.3 seconds.

Rosary Bead is a highly popular support hero in Destiny. It combines healing, control, and damage reduction capabilities. Its role in team battles is significant. A skilled Rosary Bead player can serve as a powerful backup, greatly enhancing a team’s potential.

Luo Baibai used Yin-Yang Readings to stabilize Chen Xingran’s health. With one team member already eliminated, the situation was unfavorable for them. At this point, retreating from the battlefield and finding an opportunity to revive their fallen teammate, Luo Baibai, would be the wise choice.

However, what Luo Baibai didn’t anticipate was that Chen Xingran showed no intention of retreating.

Braving the effect of Yin-Yang Readings, he became more valiant in battle. A blue-quality spear exuded a dangerous killing intent, like a thunderous dragon rolling through the clouds!

Luo Baibai: “…”

Is he really going for it?

Chen Xingran’s fearless aura as he took on two opponents at once left Luo Baibai momentarily stunned. Since the opponent wasn’t retreating, he couldn’t just stand by and watch. Seeing that more and more attention was being drawn to Chen Xingran, Luo Baibai leaped down from a higher position, carrying a purple-quality broadsword that he had picked up at the start. He rushed in to intercept one of the enemies, alleviating the pressure on Chen Xingran in the battle.

Yang Yunche stood on a higher point not far away, yet he didn’t seem to have any intention of intervening.

Even the player who had barely escaped death earlier didn’t get shot by his Bird Musket. With his marksmanship, he could have easily taken them out with a single shot.

Chen Xingran’s personal strength was undeniable. However, the environment of four-player mode was entirely unfamiliar to him. He was still playing with a solo mindset, charging at enemies on sight and rushing in with weapons. Apart from going from one-on-one combat to one-on-two, or even one-on-four, there was hardly any difference from his solo matches.

“F*ck, impressive!”

Lying on the ground, their teammate, SocietyYourSixthBrother, watched as Chen Xingran, like a war god descending to the mortal realm, fought fiercely on the battlefield. With a single shake of his spear, the densely packed forest of spears exerted immense pressure on the enemies, prompting him to exclaim in admiration.

This buddy is really something!

Luo Baibai’s performance was equally remarkable.

Despite being a support hero, he was a top player from the renowned ZMD team, possessing formidable combat skills. Swinging his broadsword like a forest advancing, he was invincible!

Luo Baibai not only engaged in combat but also continuously monitored Chen Xingran’s health. As soon as the cooldown was up, he used Yin-Yang Readings to heal him. If there was an enemy ambush nearby, Yin-Yang Readings would instantly transition from hovering over Chen Xingran’s head to stunning the enemy for 0.3 seconds, interrupting their attacks and greatly relieving Chen Xingran’s pressure.

As Luo Baibai operated and occasionally approached the area where Society Your Sixth Brother’s soul orb lay, he took the opportunity to renew it. Although he couldn’t resurrect him in the midst of the battlefield’s chaos, he could at least prevent the soul orb from fading away completely.

“Xiao Bai’s skillful operation is amazing!”

“Ye Shao is so fierce. He’s fearless even against three opponents.”

“A professional player and a skilled combatant teaming up – isn’t this a case of bullying lower-tier players in Platinum rank?”

“God Yun, don’t just watch the show!”

“I envy that random teammate. He’s enjoying the VIP spectator’s view throughout, experiencing the feeling of gaining ranks while lying down…”

Chen Xingran performed a fierce Ground Snake Stance, dealing substantial damage to the enemies in front of him. At the same time, his weapon’s durability reached zero. While a blue-quality weapon’s damage was already average, with no durability left, its damage was reduced to that of a mere scrape.

“Keep going!”

As a top-tier support, Luo Baibai had been closely observing Chen Xingran’s condition. Seeing the blue spear’s durability running low, he decisively tossed his purple broadsword, replacing it with a white-quality backup weapon.

Assault players were the primary attackers, and as a support, it was their duty to create an optimal environment for the assault players’ output.

Luo Baibai threw his purple weapon and switched to a white broadsword. Although his movements were swift, he still exposed a momentary vulnerability. Seizing the opportunity, the enemy in front of him charged forward.


A gunshot rang out.

Finally, Yang Yunche took action. Standing at a high point, the butt of his Bird Musket resting on his shoulder, he executed a standard sniper aiming posture. He pulled the trigger, and the bullet precisely hit the enemy’s head in front of Luo Baibai.

Headshot damage!

Yang Yunche’s timely support averted the crisis for Luo Baibai. However, compared to Luo Baibai, the situation on Chen Xingran’s end was worse.

He had already infiltrated too deeply, standing almost in the center of the entire square. Apart from the two original teams, another team from Hun Tian City had also arrived. They were continuously covering the battlefield with ranged attacks from a distance, resulting in a chaotic scene of arrows and gunshots flying everywhere.

Hearing Luo Baibai’s voice, Chen Xingran subconsciously turned around and saw a purple broadsword spinning in mid-air, flying toward him.

Without hesitation, he blocked with his almost broken spear, his waist’s strength bursting forth. He pushed aside the enemies in front of him and reached out to grab the handle of the broadsword!

“Whoosh— Whoosh—”

With the broadsword in hand, his momentum suddenly changed. From the swift and fierce movements of using a spear, he transformed into a fierce tiger with the broadsword!

The broadsword’s momentum was heavy and forceful, surpassing other weapons by more than a notch. Although it could still be used with the system’s motion correction, the typical player’s movements while using it were still stiff.

However, in Chen Xingran’s hands, the broadsword was given an entirely different style!

He didn’t rely on arm strength to wield the broadsword, but rather combined the force from his waist and legs to generate power.


His right foot kicked the blade of the broadsword. Gripping the handle with both hands, he pulled and swung it. The tremendous inertia from the leg kick added more force to the broadsword, propelling his entire body. He swung it in an incredibly dazzling arc!




Huge damage numbers floated above the heads of the surrounding enemies, directly taking out an enemy with only a little remaining health. They didn’t even have time to use healing items before turning into soul mounds right on the spot. Others were also forced to retreat due to the force of this strike, their health plummeting significantly.

“F*ck, this strike is so powerful!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen Ye Shao use a broadsword. Why do I feel like I’m witnessing a willow being uprooted…”

“This is unbelievable. Is there any weapon he doesn’t know how to use?”

“Let me count… Tang sword, longsword, dagger, spear, broadsword… It seems like there’s none?”

“A master of versatile weaponry? I’m bowing down right now.”

The barrage of comments filled the screen with praise, but Chen Xingran’s situation was dire.

Although this strike had alleviated some pressure, the number of people around him was just too high, and skills were flying everywhere, occasionally controlling him and making him extremely uncomfortable.

Four fists couldn’t beat four hands, let alone the enemies surrounding him were more than just four hands. If it weren’t for Luo Baibai alleviating some of the pressure for him, along with the passive effect of his demonic sword restoring a certain amount of health and armor after defeating an enemy, he would have fallen a long time ago.

Four-player mode… truly different from solo mode.

Chen Xingran found himself in a predicament, and for the moment, he couldn’t find a suitable breakthrough.

“Don’t forget, you have teammates.”

Yang Yunche’s voice sounded in the voice chat, causing Chen Xingran to pause for a moment.

Yang Yunche finally raised the barrel of his Bird Musket and aimed it in Chen Xingran’s direction.

“Bang, bang, bang—”

Several successive gunshots from the Bird Musket, and the enemy closest to Chen Xingran had a burst of blood mist from their head, their remaining health emptied out, and they directly fell to the ground as a soul mound.

Chen Xingran turned to look, and Yang Yunche stood at a high point. The expression on his face was obscured by the backlight, leaving only the cold gleam of the Bird Musket’s barrel.

Timely support, seamless cooperation, strategic accuracy, and unwavering trust towards teammates – these were all essential elements of four-player mode, and they were also what Chen Xingran lacked.

Yang Yunche refrained from intervening earlier in order to help Chen Xingran understand this point.

He watched the chaotic wreckage of Hun Tian City and the scattered soul mounds at this moment, smiling.

“Now it’s teaching time.”

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