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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 27

27. Attract attention.

    When Yang Yunche officially joined the battlefield, the situation on the battlefield underwent a dramatic change.

    Chen Xingran had already experienced Yang Yunche’s accuracy, no matter how he dodged or used his body movements to deceive the opponent, Yang Yunche could always accurately pinpoint his position and shoot arrows, leaving no room for escape.

    He had heard of Yang Yunche’s unparalleled marksmanship. During the peak of the Black Tide, he had a terrifying dominance in the Black Tide World Championship, even overshadowing the Gun God of the Europa region.

    Until this moment, Chen Xingran realized what Yang Yunche’s marksmanship truly meant in Four-Player Squad. At the same time, he understood how he, as a professional player with subpar close combat skills, became a dreaded presence that struck fear into others.


    The high-tech and streamlined bird’s gun emitted a heart-stopping sound as the impact of the gunpowder propelled the firing pin, and the bullet shot out of the cold barrel at lightning speed. It collided with an enemy’s Tang Sword, deflecting the weapon and altering its trajectory.

    Followed by another shot!

    Destiny’s long-range weapons were difficult to use due to their ballistic trajectory and flight time. Precise prediction skills were needed for long-range situations, but in return, the damage dealt was extremely high.

    After the gunshot, an astonishing number popped up above the enemy’s head, and they collapsed to the ground, turning into a soul mound.

    Yang Yunche stood at a high vantage point, like a ruthless reaper, harvesting the lives of players below. Each shot was precise and effective, none of them went in vain. What was considered mediocre Bird’s Gun in the eyes of other players became a terrifying tool in his hands. It was more intimidating than the sharpest sword. The next person targeted by the barrel might be their last.

    He not only dealt significant damage from a distance but also used the impact force of his long-range weapon to strike at weak points when teammates were in danger, forcing opponents to retreat and rendering them unable to mount an effective offense.

    This was the top-tier ability of a world-class professional player in disassembling enemy defenses!

    The astonishing accuracy quickly drew the attention of others. Two enemies locked onto Yang Yunche, sneaking towards him. However, their stealthy movements did not escape Yang Yunche’s eyes. While aiming, he utilized the advantageous vantage point to oversee the entire battlefield, leaving no detail unnoticed. He raised his hand and fired two shots, breaking through the enemy’s armor. The two players hurriedly sought cover, frightened by their close call, and started healing.

    With Yang Yunche’s support, Chen Xingran held the front lines alone. His formidable close combat ability made him a deity-like figure in front of Platinum-ranked players. He could handle three opponents effortlessly, even withstand the pressure of four or five opponents while maintaining his health. In the face of incoming attacks from all directions, he remained composed, like an agile dragon, navigating and maneuvering with grace.

    One faced enemies directly, while the other provided long-range firepower support. Coupled with Luo Baibai, the top-tier support player in the domestic server, the three of them wreaked havoc in Huntian City. Constant kill notifications kept flashing on the game interface without pause.


    Yang Yunche’s bird’s gun ran out of bullets once again, and at this point, his weapon repair tools in his backpack were also depleted, rendering him unable to fire any more shots.

    But he no longer needed to take action.

    The square in front of the Lord’s Mansion had been cleared, and every few steps, there was a dim soul mound, filling the spacious square. Looking at it, it seemed as though rows of cold tombstones stood erect, creating a grand spectacle.

    Six Brother’s soul mound lay on the ground, leaving him dumbfounded.

    “Okay, got it, I’ll be there in a moment. After this round, I’ll go… Never mind the diaper situation for now. Honey, I’ve encountered a deity!”

    The team voice chat echoed with Six Brother’s stuttering voice.

    As the last enemy fell, Luo Baibai finally had the time to help Six Brother up.

    “This is truly a chaotic killfest.”

    “Teammates are just left in awe, hahaha.”

    “Should we mention it or not? Even though he’s a bit arrogant, I have a bold idea…”

    “I agree. Is God Yun really not considering poaching Ye Shao?”

    “His close combat ability is truly terrifying. I think he’s even stronger than Xiao Nan.”

    “I agree. When another team snatches Ye Shao, let’s see where God Yun goes crying.”

    Chen Xingran let out a sigh, shook his slightly sore arms, and began to clear the battlefield, looting the spoils from the enemies’ soul mounds.

    Yang Yunche jumped down from a high point, speaking to the barrage, “I tried, but he didn’t agree. Maybe you guys can help persuade him?”

    “Hahaha, is this for real?”

    “ZMD’s captain got rejected, doesn’t he have any face?”

    “Maybe you should reflect on whether you weren’t sincere enough.”

    “Here’s a suggestion: offer yourself directly. It’s time to sacrifice your dignity.”

    As Chen Xingran was looting the soul mounds, he suddenly jogged over to Yang Yunche, stopping in front of him.

    Yang Yunche: “?”

    He held a gleaming golden armor in front of Yang Yunche without saying a word, then turned around and walked away.

    “For me?”

    Yang Yunche was momentarily surprised, then smiled. “You can wear it. I’m a ranged player and don’t focus much on close combat. You tend to take more damage in melee fights, so the golden armor will help.”

    Chen Xingran’s voice came through the voice chat, “It’s compensation for you.”

    Those who practiced martial arts often valued their promises. Since he had promised Yang Yunche to compensate him with a piece of golden armor, he naturally had to follow through.

    Indeed, he was a bit traditional.

    A faint smile tugged at the corner of Yang Yunche’s mouth. “After this team fight, how do you feel?”

    Chen Xingran thought for a moment and replied seriously, “It’s very different from solo. There are so many skills involved, and opponents have teammates, so they hardly give me any opportunity for close combat.”

    Several times, he had entered a rhythm of close combat with opponents, almost ready to finish them off when their teammates would arrive in time, using skills to control Chen Xingran and slow his pace, providing the injured teammate a chance to escape.


    Yang Yunche nodded in satisfaction. “Close combat isn’t the decisive factor. Even if you excel in close combat, facing the coordinated attacks of four opponents with their blades and skills, you’ll hardly have a chance. Moreover, your style of play is reckless, and you hardly pay attention to your teammates’ positions. In squad battles, that’s a significant flaw.”

    Chen Xingran pondered over his words.

    Yang Yunche pinpointed his issues directly. However, Chen Xingran showed no signs of annoyance. Instead, he was already thinking about how he would handle situations like the one they just faced, if they were to occur again.

    Indeed, his gameplay had many issues in squad battles. If it weren’t for Luo Baibai’s timely skill support, which boosted his health and assisted in controlling enemies, he would have been defeated long ago. Without Yang Yunche’s precise and rapid ranged support, surviving in Heavenly City would have been nearly impossible.

    “Want to give it another try?” Yang Yunche suggested.

    Chen Xingran nodded. “Sure.”

    Having problems isn’t scary. As long as you can identify your weaknesses and compensate for them through continuous practice, it’s fine.

    With the guidance of a top-tier professional player like Yang Yunche, problems that would have taken Chen Xingran a long time to notice were immediately spotted by Yang Yunche. This spared him many unnecessary detours—something others couldn’t easily find.

    After helping Six Brother up, the four of them scavenged the soul mounds and resources within Heavenly City, trading equipment and upgrading their gear. They were now fully equipped and rich with resources.

    They then followed the shrinking playzone toward the safe area. Along the way, whenever they encountered enemy teams, they charged in without hesitation. At this level, Chen Xingran alone could withstand the pressure from two or three opponents, allowing his teammates to fight more comfortably. The opposing teams couldn’t even put up decent resistance and were quickly taken down by Chen Xingran’s blade and Yang Yunche’s arrows.

    As expected, they secured a Chicken Dinner in this match.

    “Bro, where did you find this guy? He’s so amazing!”

    As the match concluded, Luo Baibai sent a private message to Yang Yunche: “I’ve never heard of this person among professional players. Is he from the training camp or a streamer?”

    “A streamer,” Yang Yunche replied.

    “Isn’t it a bit of a waste for someone with this level of skill to be a streamer?” Luo Baibai commented. “His close combat abilities are truly impressive. With a little training, he could easily serve as a substitute or even become a key player in the second team.”

    Luo Baibai was also a professional player with a keen eye. Chen Xingran’s individual strength was outstanding, and he was a pleasure to assist. Luo Baibai only needed to keep an eye on his health and provide some damage support, making the role incredibly easy.

    Yang Yunche didn’t respond to the comment.

    If Luo Baibai could see it, he could see it too. However, his intentions for Chen Xingran were not as simple as having him be a substitute or a key player in the second team…

    But he wasn’t ready to reveal that yet. Letting a newcomer with no professional gaming experience, who had only recently started playing the game, join the main team as a starter wasn’t just unprecedented; it would sound outrageous when said out loud. Convincing not only Chen Xingran but also the upper management of ZMD’s board of directors would be necessary.

    All-Stars eSports Team.

    “Captain Lu!”

    “Hello, Captain Lu!”

    A figure pushed open the door of the base and walked in. Everyone who saw this figure put down what they were doing and nodded in greeting.

    The person was wearing a bright blue sweatshirt, sporting the trendiest sneakers of the season. A white headset hung around their neck, and their eye-catching blue hair made them look like a distinctive and hip-hop-spirited youth.

    However, despite being a young hip-hop enthusiast in their early twenties, their name was well-known in the gaming community.

    This person was the current top-tier Assault player in the domestic server, one of the two recognized strongest close combat experts in the domestic server, and the captain of the All Stars eSports Team, Lu Mingyu.

    Lu Mingyu walked energetically and casually greeted the people around him before heading straight to the team manager’s office.

    “How did it go?”

    Seeing him, the team manager stood up and asked.

    Lu Mingyu shook his head. “Not quite there.”

    The team manager let out a sigh and sat down. “Assault players are hard to find these days. Can’t you lower your standards a bit? At least go for someone with a record on the European server.”

    “Having a record doesn’t mean anything.”

    Lu Mingyu nonchalantly took a seat across from the manager, opened an unopened drink on the table, and took a sip. “His style is too conservative. He’s not a good fit for our team, and his transfer fee isn’t cheap either. Plus, he doesn’t speak the language. How are we going to play? We’ll need a translator when playing matches?”

    He paused for a moment, then sneered and continued, “His sword technique is average, but he acts all high and mighty.”


    The team manager lost his temper. He didn’t bother trying to convince him anymore and said helplessly, “How about you look among the rookies in the training camp? I’ve contacted a few talented young players recently, and they’ll come to the base for a trial soon. Take a look and see if there’s anyone suitable.”

    Lu Mingyu was absent minded. “I’ll consider it later.”

    “Aimu’s contract is about to expire. The board of directors is discussing whether to renew it or not. If we still can’t find anyone after a while, how about giving it another season? We’ll wait until we find someone suitable?”

    Lu Mingyu gulped down the drink, his attention clearly not on the conversation. “Let’s see.”

    “If we can’t find anyone soon, how about giving up on Aimu? The board of directors is discussing whether to renew his contract or not. If we can’t find anyone suitable after a while, how about giving it another season? We’ll wait until we find someone suitable?”

    Lu Mingyu muttered to himself while finishing the drink, then smacked his lips. “The orange flavor isn’t good. Let’s switch to apple flavor next time.”

    The team manager: “…”

    Are you even listening?

    “Leaving now.”

    Lu Mingyu flicked his blue hair and waved his hand before turning and leaving the office.

    The team manager sat there, picking up the empty bottle Lu Mingyu had drunk from and looking at it.

    “…Isn’t this already apple flavored?”


    Lu Mingyu entered the training room, casually opened his computer, logged onto the messaging platform, and saw several unread messages.

    They were from his disciple.

    During his leisure time, Lu Mingyu would sometimes create alternate accounts to practice in the combat training room. His disciple named Yun Yin was someone he took on a few months ago. Yun Yin had impressive close combat skills and was a quick learner. After being defeated by Lu Mingyu a couple of times, their skills improved, and they even expressed a desire to become his student.

    Lu Mingyu agreed, but he didn’t reveal his own identity to Yun Yin. They maintained a distant teacher-disciple relationship. Lu Mingyu occasionally offered some guidance, and their relationship was quite good.

    Lu Mingyu had a good understanding of Yun Yin’s personality. They were a true close combat enthusiast, consistently in the Bronze and Silver ranks for both solo and squad modes. Whenever they logged in, they would spend their time practicing in the combat training room, showing no interest in battle royale mode or professional matches. Otherwise, considering the All Stars team’s current lack of an Assault player, Lu Mingyu would have invited Yun Yin to the training camp for a trial.

    Lu Mingyu clicked on the chat box, and as expected, it was about questions related to sword techniques.

    Yun Yin: Master, when will you be available? How about practicing together for a bit?

    This message was sent two days ago when Lu Mingyu was still outside the base and hadn’t seen it.

    Yun Yin: Master, I’ve encountered a skilled player. They’re really strong!

    This message was sent today.

    Followed by two more messages:

    Yun Yin: Seriously impressive. I feel more pressure from them than when I was fighting you. I tried to figure it out myself for a while, but I have no idea how to win. Master, when will you have time to teach me? I still think I’m too inexperienced.

    Yun Yin: “Opponent shared a video”

    Lu Mingyu raised an eyebrow.

    When he sparred with Yun Yin, he hadn’t used his full strength. He also used weapons that he rarely used in professional matches to avoid being recognized.

    Yet even so, the level of swordsmanship he displayed was enough to leave most players trailing behind.

    More pressure than from him?

    Lu Mingyu became intrigued. He poured himself a glass of water and opened the video.

    It was a combat training room video of a duel between two people, using a dagger and a spear.

    Probing, clashing, strategizing—the figures of the two players kept intersecting in the video. The sparks from their clashes were like stars in the night sky, dazzling and mesmerizing.

    This cheap disciple of his was making quite rapid progress.

    Lu Mingyu thought to himself.

    Quickly, Yun Yin’s blade hit the mark, and the opponent didn’t pursue them further. Instead, they exchanged weapons.

    Lu Mingyu watched with interest.

    The video continued until the very end, freezing on the last strike!

    The spear, like a dragon’s myriad soldiers, fears most to strike again.

    A stunning shot that seized one’s breath, the intent to kill seemed like it could pierce through the screen, making one’s hair stand on end in an instant!

    Lu Mingyu straightened up, his expression turning serious.

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