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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 29

29. Heroic rescue of a damsel in distress…Handsome guy.

    “So, you got rejected again?”

    Fu Zhou had a smug expression on his face, clicking his tongue and teasing, “I can’t believe it, I really can’t believe it. Yang Yunche, you’ve invited the same person twice now, and you still failed both times.”

    Yang Yunche wore a black mask and hat. After hearing Fu Zhou’s words, he remained silent, pulled the brim of his hat low over his eyes, and turned his head away, ignoring him.

    “Don’t you think you’re acting like an unrequited admirer now?”

    Fu Zhou playfully reached to lift his hat, only to be swiftly avoided by Yang Yunche.

    They were currently at a bus stop in the capital city, surrounded by a few students waiting for the bus. They all looked at them curiously.

    Even though Yang Yunche was dressed casually in simple attire, with his face mostly hidden by the hat and mask, his height of 6’7″ and his lean, long-limbed figure, along with his undeniable charisma, made him stand out in the crowd. He looked like a model about to do an outdoor photoshoot.

    “Do we have to take the bus?”

    Yang Yunche’s voice came from under the mask, sounding grumpy.

    “The cars from the new base are under maintenance. It’s only a few stops away, not far at all.”

    Fu Zhou didn’t give him a chance to change the topic and continued questioning, “So, what’s your plan? Are you going to keep trying to connect?”


    Even though he had been rejected twice in a row, Yang Yunche could still tell that the other person wasn’t against ZMD; they were just unsure about pursuing a professional gaming career. After all, he was just a freshman at Shoudian University, and being cautious in such matters was understandable.

    For Yang Yunche, giving up wasn’t an option.

    “Well, our base is about to move to the capital city anyway. We’ll have more chances to interact then.”

    Fu Zhou nodded, “Find an opportunity to meet with them, show some sincerity. If they’re truly considering going professional, they’ll definitely give us priority…”

    “The bus is here.”

    Yang Yunche interrupted his words.

    Fu Zhou shrugged his shoulders and boarded the bus alongside Yang Yunche.

    It wasn’t the peak commuting time, so there weren’t many people on the bus. About eight or nine passengers sat scattered around, minding their own business.

    The weather wasn’t particularly hot, but Yang Yunche was bundled up tightly and wearing a mask, making him stand out even more. This caught the attention of the people on the bus, who frequently glanced at him.

    Chen Xingran had made plans with the Starry River platform to discuss signing a contract today. The school was very close to the Starry River company headquarters, just a few bus stops away.

    He had originally been looking out of the window at the scenery, but after Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou boarded the bus, he couldn’t help but take a few more glances at the masked young man.

    He seemed a bit like someone from the entertainment industry – broad shoulders, long legs, and accompanied by a young man who looked like his manager…

    Aren’t celebrities supposed to travel in chauffeured cars? Why so down-to-earth?

    Staring at someone like that was impolite, so Chen Xingran took a quick look before turning his gaze back to the window. The bus started slowly, and the scenery outside began to move backward.

    Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou found seats not far from Chen Xingran near the back door. The bus was quiet; everyone was busy looking at their phones, and occasionally, there were one or two conversations.

    Soon, the bus reached a stop. Standing by the back door was a young woman carrying a white backpack, followed by two men who seemed like they were getting off at this stop.


    A soft sound, and the back door opened.


    Just as a few people were about to get off, a slight noise caught the attention of everyone on the bus.

    Seated near the back door, Yang Yunche suddenly reached out, grabbing the arm of one of the men behind the young woman.

    “What are you doing?!”

    The man struggled a bit but couldn’t break free. Panic appeared on his face.

    Wearing a mask, Yang Yunche’s expression wasn’t visible, but his voice was incredibly resolute.

    “Give the things back to her.”

    “What… what things? What are you talking about?”

    The man stammered.

    Yang Yunche turned his head slightly toward the young woman who was standing in a daze nearby. “Check your bag.”


    The young woman quickly opened the bag behind her and started rummaging through it. “My wallet!”

    Lowering his head again, the man behind her had a bulge in his jeans pocket that clearly looked like the shape of a wallet.

    “Let me go!”

    The man struggled again, but the distinctively long and bony hand firmly held onto his wrist. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break free. He struggled twice and stared fiercely at the masked man in front of him. “Kid, you’d better not meddle in other people’s affairs.”

    His tone carried a threat, and his companion behind him also approached, lifting his clothes discreetly. In the reflection of the sunlight, a silver gleam at his waist was particularly dazzling.

    He had a knife!

    The young woman, who had been angry just a moment ago, stiffened all over and dared not say a word. She looked toward the masked young man beside her for help.

    “What’s going on? Are you getting on or off the bus with all this commotion?”

    The driver at the front couldn’t see what was happening at the back door. Seeing a commotion there, he shouted loudly.

    “Driver, could you please drive to the police station?”

    Without changing his expression, Yang Yunche spoke to the driver. “There are two thieves.”

    The two men’s faces changed, and they exchanged a glance. They seemed to be considering confronting the situation right then and there.

    Chen Xingran frowned slightly and discreetly straightened up.

    The tense atmosphere persisted for a while, but the two men seemed unwilling to escalate the conflict in front of so many people. One of them signaled to his knife-wielding companion with a glance, then said, “What thieves? You’re making it sound so bad! I found this wallet on the ground and was about to take it to the police station!”

    With that, he pulled the wallet out of his jeans pocket and stuffed it into the young woman’s arms. “Why didn’t you say it was yours earlier? What bad luck.”

    After speaking, they quickly got off the bus and left with his companion.

    “Check if anything is missing.”

    Yang Yunche turned to the young woman.

    “It’s all here, nothing’s missing.”

    The young woman checked her wallet, feeling relieved, and expressed her gratitude. “Thank you, really thank you.”

    At the moment she saw that glimmer of silver, she froze. If she had been alone, even if she knew the other party was a thief, she might not have dared to speak up against such a close threat.

    With nothing unexpected happening, the driver also relaxed. The back door closed, and the bus continued on to the next stop.

    “Why are you so impulsive?”

    Fu Zhou whispered, “The other guy had a knife. What if something happened to you? There’s surveillance on the bus anyway. Just call the police if needed.”

    Yang Yunche sighed, “Well, nothing happened, right?”

    “You’re just lucky. Let’s see how you handle it if something goes wrong.”

    Fu Zhou said grumpily.

    “But I did a good deed.”

    “So should I give you a medal for that? Don’t you realize how dangerous that was?”

    Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou exchanged whispers on the bus.

    Behind them, Chen Xingran heard their quiet argument, and his tense body relaxed.

    He had been ready to act just now, ready to intervene if the man with the knife tried to hurt someone. With the close proximity, he could react in an instant.

    Although this body hadn’t undergone professional warrior training, being young and agile had its advantages. Dealing with two thieves shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    After the minor commotion, the bus continued on its route to the bus stop. Soon, they arrived at the destination where Chen Xingran was headed.

    “Ding dong, arriving at Crane Tai Garden Zone. Please take your belongings and exit through the back door.”

    Crane Tai Garden Zone was a well-known game industry park in the capital. In a way, it could be considered a gaming sanctuary. It was not only the headquarters of numerous game-related companies but also a gathering place for major eSports club team bases.

    Chen Xingran got off the bus and unexpectedly noticed that the young man with the mask and hat also got off at the same stop.

    Their paths coincided even after getting off the bus.

    Yang Yunche also noticed the striking appearance of the young man.

    Wearing a hooded white sweatshirt with a pattern, black-and-white canvas shoes, and short messy hair that gave him the appearance of a well-behaved student, his light-colored pupils seemed like translucent amber under the sunlight.

    Could he be a player from some club’s youth training program?

    Yang Yunche glanced for a moment, not giving it much thought, just silently speculating in his mind.

    After walking for a while, Yang Yunche’s footsteps suddenly paused.

    He saw a group of five or six people standing not far away at the intersection, smoking and conversing. Among them were two men, the same ones he had encountered on the bus earlier.

    …Could it be a coincidence?

    The street wasn’t crowded, and the two men were now swearing and cursing the person who had interfered on the bus. They looked up and met Yang Yunche’s gaze.

    With his black mask and hat, Yang Yunche was highly conspicuous. At a glance, the man recognized him, hesitated for a moment, then said something to his companion. The group of them stood up with malicious intentions and started walking toward Yang Yunche.

    “… What did I just say?”

    Fu Zhou rubbed his forehead, looking disheartened. “Well, things have just gotten complicated.”

    What a coincidence, bumping into each other like this!

    Fu Zhou took out his phone and dialed a number. “I’ll call the security team at the base, but they might take about ten minutes to arrive…”

    “Hey, kid.”

    As they spoke, the group of people had already approached Yang Yunche. The one leading them was a scruffy-looking young man. He looked Yang Yunche up and down, then spoke, “You’re the one who injured my brother on the bus, right?”

    Yang Yunche frowned. “I didn’t touch him.”

    “Still denying it?”

    The young man grabbed his companion’s wrist and gestured towards Yang Yunche. “You left bruises on my brother’s wrist, and it’s at least a fracture. How’s he supposed to work with that? You were quite harsh.”

    There was a faint, almost imperceptible bruise on the man’s wrist that wouldn’t be noticed unless one looked closely.

    “Here’s the deal, we won’t make it difficult for you.”

    The young man grinned. “Fifteen thousand for medical expenses, and we’ll consider this matter settled. Is that okay?”

    Fu Zhou whispered, “I’ve already contacted the security team. They’ll be here soon. Don’t…”

    “Your brother was engaged in illegal activity, so a bit of force seemed appropriate.”

    Yang Yunche lifted his eyelids, his voice cold. “Theft and extortion, fifteen thousand should cover your bail money. Need me to raise the stakes?”

    Fu Zhou sighed helplessly.

    He knew Yang Yunche wouldn’t back down easily…

    “Listen, considering that this area is under surveillance, I suggest you think carefully,” Fu Zhou stepped in front of Yang Yunche, adopting a protective stance. “And besides, your friend started…”

    “What business is it of yours?”

    The man with the small knife pushed Fu Zhou aside. “Mind your own business.”

    Fu Zhou staggered and nearly fell. His temper flared up immediately. “You…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, he noticed a glint of silver appearing in the man’s hand, right in front of him.

    He’s really not holding back.

    Fu Zhou rarely encountered this kind of situation. Whenever they attended events or matches, they were accompanied by security guards. He didn’t expect that, after just taking the bus, he’d run into a situation like this.

    Seeing Yang Yunche’s silence, the young man got closer. He had a butterfly knife in his hand now. “You’re not giving in, huh? Then you…”

    Yang Yunche’s gaze darkened as he formulated a strategy in his mind.

    Most professional gamers weren’t very physically active, but he was something of an exception due to his regular fitness routine. His physical condition was already quite good. However, he lacked experience in physical altercations. Taking on five or six adults alone would be quite challenging.

    He could only catch them off guard, try to disarm the knife, and buy some time…

    With a plan in mind, Yang Yunche tightened his arm muscles, ready to strike when they least expected it…

    In the next moment, a slender figure darted out from the side!


    A crisp sound, swift and decisive, the figure moved with astounding agility. A quick and accurate straight punch hit the young man’s chin like lightning, and then, with a movement too fast to follow, the newcomer deftly seized and twisted the man’s wrist, breaking his grip. The butterfly knife was snatched away effortlessly.


    The young man clutched his hand, letting out a painful cry. The blow to his chin left him momentarily dazed. When he regained his senses, he found a short-haired youth standing in front of the masked young man. The newcomer looked very young, with delicate features, yet exuding a fierce aura that had nothing to do with a typical student. His light amber eyes stared directly at them, his chilliness sending a shiver down their spines.

    Everyone, including Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou, stared wide-eyed, incredulous, at this unexpected turn of events.

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