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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 30

30. Annoying Ghost

    Everything happened so quickly.

    Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou hadn’t even reacted yet, and the young man in front of them had descended like a god, swiftly taking away the opponent’s knife in the blink of an eye, as if it were a breeze. He then casually threw it aside.

    It was as if he wasn’t holding a dazzling butterfly knife, but a piece of straw.

    “Damn it!”

    The young man held his wrist, sweat dripping down from the pain, unable to help but curse in anger, “What are you all staring at? Attack!”

    The others beside him finally snapped out of it, exchanging glances before rushing towards the young man.

    “Be careful!”

    Yang Yunche was startled, reaching out to push the young man away.

    However, the young man, despite his slim build, seemed rooted to the ground, and Yang Yunche’s push had no effect.

    Facing the group of charging adult men, Chen Xingran’s expression remained unchanged, his eyebrows slightly raised.

    It had been a while since he had some action.

    He was skilled with weapons, and fighting barehanded wasn’t his strong suit. In his previous life, his leg and fist techniques were only considered second-rate in the martial arts world.

    But even so, dealing with a few small-time thugs was more than sufficient.

    Chen Xingran subtly shifted his body to dodge a fist coming his way, his expression unchanged. He swiftly extended his hand like a lightning bolt, grabbing the incoming man’s arm. In one fluid motion, he twisted the arm, a crisp sound of joints cracking, and the man let out a pained cry.

    Chen Xingran pushed the man away, blocking the two on his left side who were trying to pounce on him. Like a person with eyes on his back, he lowered his head to dodge a surprise attack from behind. His right fist clenched, his knuckles protruding, and with a quick twist, he delivered a precise jab to the attacker’s side.

    The attacker fell with a scream.

    Two more people rushed at him, one of them pulling out a dagger from his waist.

    A glint of cold steel in the sunlight.

    Yang Yunche widened his eyes, wanting to warn Chen Xingran.


    He instinctively stepped forward, attempting to intercept the man with the dagger, but Chen Xingran pushed him aside.


    The youth’s voice was warm, like a flowing stream, yet it carried a trace of chill.

    He moved swiftly, facing the man with the blade without holding back. He swiftly grabbed the man’s wrist and pulled back, a searing pain instantly occupying the man’s mind. He involuntarily released his grip, and the dagger clattered to the ground.

    Chen Xingran exerted force in his arm, pulling the man towards him, then bent his body and tightened his leg muscles. He lunged like a tiger released from its cage, delivering a knee strike —


    The man’s abdomen felt as though it had been struck by a heavy hammer. His entire body curled up like a boiled shrimp, his internal organs twisted into a knot, causing him to retch dryly before collapsing onto the ground, limp.

    “Oh my god!”

    Fu Zhou widened his eyes from the side, watching this scene unfold before him as if it were from a television drama.

    How could a seemingly fragile student be so ruthless and decisive? His moves were as fast and precise as those of a martial arts master. In just a few moves, he had taken down several burly men effortlessly.

    Could this be real?

    The entire process, from start to finish, took only a dozen seconds. The previously intimidating men were now writhing on the ground in agony, emitting painful groans.


    Chen Xingran held the dagger in his hand, then casually released it, letting it drop to the ground with a crisp sound that startled the young man.

    “Still want to fight?”

    Chen Xingran looked down at him.

    He wasn’t tall, appearing to be around 175 centimeters. His arms still bore the slender build of a youth, showing no signs of muscle developed through exercise.

    Yet, this seemingly innocuous student had just acted with an incredibly fierce and decisive manner. In just a few moves, he had taken down several much larger men. If the men on the ground weren’t still groaning in pain, the young man might have wondered if he was dreaming.

    “You, you…”

    The young man’s speech became stuttered, unable to form a coherent sentence as he pointed at Chen Xingran.

    Several security personnel rushed over from not far away, making their way towards them.

    Gritting his teeth, the young man accepted defeat. “Let’s go!”

    The men on the ground struggled to their feet, supporting each other in a sorry state before stumbling away.

    “Mr. Fu!”

    “Are you okay?”

    The security personnel arrived belatedly, their faces tense.

    “…I’m fine.”

    Fu Zhou, who had been angry just moments ago, had no inclination to argue about the inadequacy of security in a place bustling with top professional players. Instead, he watched the exciting and perilous martial arts performance that had unfolded right before his eyes. Even though he hadn’t participated, merely observed, his palms were sweaty from tension, and he was awestruck by what he had witnessed.

    “Are you all right?”

    After taking a deep breath, Chen Xingran rubbed his knuckles and asked.

    Although he had a foundation from his past life, this body was still that of an untrained child. For him, the moves he had just executed were nothing more than a warm-up. However, the muscles in his body were already aching from the sudden exertion.

    “We’re fine.”

    Fu Zhou shook his head and asked with concern, “Young friend, are you okay?”

    Upon hearing Chen Xingran’s response, Fu Zhou looked at him again, his tone full of admiration. “You’re amazing. Are you a martial artist? Or a military academy student?”

    In this era, traditional martial arts had long since disappeared, and even regular exercise was rare. Chen Xingran’s actions were both fierce and elegant, more pleasing to the eye than modern combat sports. It didn’t seem like something an amateur would do, making Fu Zhou curious about his identity.

    “Are you injured?”

    Yang Yunche snapped back to reality, his gaze landing on the young man’s knuckles in front of him.

    Earlier, when Chen Xingran had instinctively turned and landed a direct jab to the chin of one of the men, it seemed that the man was wearing some sort of metallic adornment that had grazed Chen Xingran’s knuckles, leaving a small cut. A faint red mark had appeared on his fair fingers, with a hint of blood seeping out.

    This minor injury wasn’t much to him, considering his long experience in martial arts.

    “It’s nothing.”

    Chen Xingran waved his hand dismissively, not concerned.

    This body hadn’t been used for physical activity in a while. After engaging in a high-intensity fight right away, Chen Xingran couldn’t help but feel a bit breathless, his chest gently rising and falling.

    Suddenly, he felt a stabbing pain in his chest, as if he had been pricked by a needle. The pain spread throughout his body in a very short time, his heart pounding as if it would burst out of his chest in the next moment.

    His complexion grew a shade paler.

    …Almost forgot.

    The original owner of this body had a genetic condition that prevented intense physical activity. Although he hadn’t experienced any attacks in the few days since his reincarnation, the current pain in his chest reminded him that his current body couldn’t withstand such intense combat.

    “Thank you, young friend.”

    Fu Zhou expressed his gratitude, saying, “Shall I take you to tend to your wound? Tetanus could be serious…”

    “It’s really nothing. I have something to do and can’t be delayed.”

    Chen Xingran took a few deep breaths, exerting a bit of pressure on his chest. The breathing technique he had learned from his past life was crucial at this moment. With each inhale and exhale, his fragile heart gradually calmed down, and his complexion improved slightly.

    “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look too well.”

    Chen Xingran’s change in complexion was subtle, hard to notice on the surface, but Yang Yunche still sensed it.

    “Well, just a minor issue, nothing serious.”

    After Yang Yunche’s reminder, Fu Zhou also noticed the slight pallor on Chen Xingran’s lips, growing even more concerned. “Maybe I should take you to treat your wound first. Rest for a while?”

    “I’ll go.”

    Yang Yunche stepped forward, walking to Chen Xingran’s side. He was almost a head taller than the young man, and by slightly lowering his head, he could see the spiral pattern on top of Chen Xingran’s head, the short tuft of hair resembling a hedgehog.

    “Are you heading to the Starry River Company headquarters?”

    Chen Xingran had been walking in the direction of the game industry complex, with the most prominent building being the headquarters of the largest live streaming platform in the country, Starry River Live.


    “Are you an employee at the Starry River headquarters?”

    Fu Zhou asked curiously.

    “Sort of, I’m here for the first time.”

    Being a broadCommentator and working with a live streaming platform could be considered an employment relationship, so it could be said that he was an employee.

    Fu Zhou nodded, thinking that Chen Xingran might be an intern at the Starry River Company.

    Yang Yunche added, “This area has a lot of buildings, and it’s easy to get lost on your first visit. Let me take you to treat your wound as well.”

    Having said that, he didn’t wait for a refusal and turned to Fu Zhou, saying, “You should head to the new base, I’ll join you shortly.”

    “Sure.” Fu Zhou agreed readily.

    Chen Xingran felt somewhat helpless. The tall young man wearing a mask seemed quite young, but he exuded an air of someone accustomed to authority. His words even carried a hint of unwavering determination that was hard to refuse.

    “Let’s go.”

    Chen Xingran subconsciously reached out to take the cotton swab.

    “Your hand is injured, it’s not convenient.”

    Without waiting for his response, Yang Yunche sat down, picked up Chen Xingran’s right hand, and started applying iodine.

    “… Is it expired?”

    The brownish color from the cotton swab stained the fair knuckles of the young man’s hand, making it quite conspicuous. However, even after the iodine was applied to the wound, Chen Xingran didn’t even furrow his brows. His expression remained remarkably calm, leading Yang Yunche to even wonder if the front desk had given him the wrong thing.

    “Not at all, and it doesn’t hurt.”

    Chen Xingran grinned. “They said it’s just a minor injury.”

    “Then let me finish quickly, so the wound won’t heal by the time I’m done.”

    Yang Yunche subconsciously teased, causing Chen Xingran to chuckle.

    Yang Yunche’s fingers were longer than Chen Xingran’s, with distinct and slender joints. Faint veins meandered across the back of his hand, resembling something drawn from a manga, enough to make a hand fetishist scream in delight.

    His fingertips were cool, and the gentle way he applied the medicine to Chen Xingran’s hand brought a softness to the atmosphere.

    Whether it was due to resting for a while or the unique calming aura Yang Yunche exuded, Chen Xingran’s heart rate began to gradually stabilize.

    People coming and going in the lobby unconsciously glanced over at the two resting in the seating area. Although there was a bit of distance between them, their gazes seemed as if they were holding hands in deep affection.

    Are young couples nowadays so open about their relationships?

    Despite wearing a mask and a cap, Chen Xingran’s attractive appearance was still discernible. As he looked at the young man’s hand, he couldn’t help but shift his gaze to his eyes, feeling like he had seen this person somewhere before?

    “Excuse me, which one of you is Mr. Chen Xingran?”

    After a while, the front desk came over with some documents and asked.

    The medicine was applied, and Chen Xingran flexed his fingers. He stood up and said to Yang Yunche, “I’ll go ahead now. I might need some time for the discussion. You should head back to whatever you were doing.”

    “I’m not that busy either. I just arrived in the capital today, so I’m just wandering around.”

    Yang Yunche raised his phone and arched an eyebrow. “Let’s exchange contact information. After you’re done, we can have a meal together as a thank you for helping us out today and saving our lives.”

    Why is he being so dramatic…

    Chen Xingran was somewhat bemused, but he still took out his phone and scanned Yang Yunche’s YUN Messenger ID.

    He was still pondering why Yang Yunche seemed familiar when, in the next moment, he got his answer.

    After scanning the ID card, the screen didn’t display the usual “Add Friend” interface; it redirected to a profile instead.

    Clearly, this was a person who had already been in his friends list.

    “Annoying Ghost with a Bow”

    The conspicuous note was impossible to ignore.

    Chen Xingran stiffly lifted his head, and Yang Yunche’s gaze also lifted from his phone screen.

    The two of them exchanged a glance, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

    Chen Xingran: “…”

    Yang Yunche: “…”

    Oh, annoying ghost.

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