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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 33

33. Old Despicable C*nt

    “Front row!!”

    “Why are you streaming at this time? Did you forget about your beloved fans in the chat room?”

    “I’ve missed my Lao po so much in just half a day wuwuwu; Ye Shao Lao po, give me a kiss~”

    “Oh, God Yun is online too?”

    “Is today another day for sweet duo queues?”

    As soon as Chen Xingran opened his livestream, the barrage flooded the screen. There was no warm-up or notification, but within just five minutes, tens of thousands of viewers had flooded into his livestream room.

    Even though he was a new streamer, the treatment he was receiving seemed more like that of a top-tier streamer.

    As Chen Xingran greeted the viewers, he entered the game and opened the team panel, inviting Yang Yunche to join the party.

    They had communicated through the internet before, but today, due to a fortuitous circumstance, he was meeting Yang Yunche in person. Thinking that this legendary figure in the gaming world was currently sitting in the same control room as him, Chen Xingran couldn’t help but feel a unique sensation.

    Seeing Yang Yunche in person made the image of the “senior with exceptional skills and good communication” that he had formed in the game feel more vivid.

    He indeed looked just like the pictures online, perhaps even more handsome in person, radiating a sense of justice and being easy to get along with. Setting aside the aura surrounding Yang Yunche, his personality was also the type that Chen Xingran would like to be friends with.

    “I came to the capital today, not S City… It’s not for tourism; I came to see the new base.”

    Yang Yunche entered the voice chat and spoke as if he were in a conversation with someone else. “What about Luo Baibai? He’s still at the S City base and didn’t come with us.”

    “You’re streaming?”

    Chen Xingran asked curiously.

    “Yeah,” Yang Yunche responded, “Building the new base cost quite a bit. Fu Zhou suggested I stream to get more gifts.”

    Chen Xingran: “…”

    “You don’t have to be this honest.”

    “I thought we had an honest idol-fan relationship, but it turns out you’re treating me like a cash cow?”

    “This is basically telling it straight, right? Right?”

    “Okay, okay, I’ll give you gifts. As long as you stream every day like these past few days, I’ll send gifts every day!”

    “You can’t even tell a simple lie anymore, huh? You dog man!”

    The barrage in Yang Yunche’s livestream was filled with laughter, and no one took it seriously.

    Jokes aside, ZMD was one of the top eSports organizations in China. When had they ever lacked money? Even if they received gifts from fans for a whole year, it wouldn’t be enough to fill the gaps in ZMD’s finances.

    The news that ZMD’s Destiny Division was moving to the capital wasn’t a secret. With top-tier teams like this, any slight movement would be captured by various gaming media outlets immediately.

    Two months ago, it had already been reported that the bases of two neighboring old clubs in the Crane Tai Garden area had been sold for a shocking price, and renovations for the merger had begun the next day. It wasn’t difficult for those media outlets with extensive connections to find out that ZMD was the new owner behind the scenes.

    With this statement in the livestream, Yang Yunche indirectly confirmed the news of ZMD’s Destiny Division moving to the capital.

    “The news is indeed true. The people of the capital are thrilled! It’ll be even more convenient to chase stars in the future.”

    “I heard that ZMD’s new base cost enough to buy land in the central business district. Is that true?”

    “Wow, is this the financial power of a top-tier eSports team?”

    “God Yun’s new base still needs a caretaker, right? I’ll resign and start working there!”

    “When will you livestream the new base’s environment?”

    Moving a team’s base was a significant undertaking. It wasn’t just Yang Yunche’s first team; it also involved the second and third teams, youth training camps, logistics departments, as well as various legal and financial departments, totaling hundreds of people.

    “It’s confidential; I can’t just show it to you.”

    After saying this, Yang Yunche turned to Chen Xingran and asked, “Do you have time in a couple of days? I’ll take you for a tour.”


    Chen Xingran was also very interested in the gaming club’s base. Faced with Yang Yunche’s invitation, he readily agreed.

    “Heh, double standards.”

    “Fans can’t watch, but Ye Shao can, right?”

    “Why does it feel like you’re saying, ‘Let’s go look at wedding houses’?”

    “Wait a minute, something doesn’t seem right?”

    “Is Ye Shao going to be poached by ZMD?”

    While some viewers in Yang Yunche’s chat room took his words as jokes, others with a keen sense of smell had already sensed something unusual.

    As Yang Yunche mentioned, not just anyone could see the team base casually. It was just a new streamer he had met a few days ago. How could he invite him to visit so casually?

    Many managers and professional scouts from various professional eSports teams who were lurking in Yang Yunche’s chat room were thinking the same thing.

    Sure enough, the highly sought-after Ye Shao seemed to have found a partner.

    Ever since the showdown with Yang Yunche in the game a few days ago, the Ye Shao ID had entered the professional circle’s field of vision. A mysterious expert had suddenly appeared, displaying incredible skills that could match Yang Yunche’s marksmanship. What was even more intriguing was that Ye Shao didn’t belong to any eSports club, which had piqued the interest of everyone in the industry.

    Up to now, Chen Xingran’s gaming inbox was still filled with invitations for training from various teams, including well-known top-tier teams in the country.

    This casual invitation from Yang Yunche seemed to be nothing, but its implications were clear to those with discerning eyes.

    Well, ZMD had already made a move, so they probably had no chance.

    Many team leaders and scouts sighed.

    Since Luo Baibai wasn’t here, Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche started an automatic matchmaking game, beginning their duo queue journey.

    Soon, the system matched them with two random teammates.

    “Hey, can you guys use voice chat? Hello?”

    One of the random players with the ID “GraySky” turned on voice chat. He had a slightly hoarse voice and was male.


    Chen Xingran activated team voice chat and politely asked, “I play as a Spirit Blade. Is that okay?”

    “Sure, just don’t be a burden.”

    “God Yun, is that God Yun?”

    The other random teammate was a girl, and her voice was filled with excitement as soon as she joined the voice chat. “Wow, I’m so excited. God Yun, I’m in your livestream room!”

    Yang Yunche also turned on his microphone and greeted the player.

    When GraySky in their team heard the girl saying that there was a famous professional player in their team, he also got excited and immediately said he could play as the tank.

    “Ah ah ah, I was just casually queuing, didn’t expect it to be true! And Ye Shao, I really like you!”

    “Thank you.” Chen Xingran was somewhat surprised.

    “What kind of luck is this! I queued too, but why didn’t I get them!”

    “Jealousy has transformed me beyond recognition.”

    “From a casual game to a fan meet-up, not bad!”

    Yang Yunche opened the map, took a quick glance, and made a rough analysis of the distribution of players’ drop points for this match. “Where do you want to drop, Huntian City?”

    “It’s up to you,” Chen Xingran said. “I’m quite familiar with the Huntian City map, but I don’t know the other parts of the map very well…”


    Yang Yunche smiled faintly. “Then listen to me. Let’s drop at Bu Lao Spring. I’ll show you the scenery.”

    “Oh wow.”

    “Today, God Yun is being gentle.”

    “If I were those two teammates, I’d just drop in the wilderness and farm. I can’t stand this atmosphere, don’t be a lightbulb!”


    Bu Lao Spring was a medium-level resource point located on the upper left side of the map. It was an area of beautiful scenery, with clear mountains and water and murmuring springs. It was one of the most beautiful places on the entire Myriad Origin Island and a must-visit spot for many players to shoot videos and record scenic materials.

    Another team landed at Bu Lao Spring with them, making a total of eight players scattered throughout different locations in Bu Lao Spring.

    Chen Xingran was fortunate as there was a blue dagger right under his feet, and not far away stood an enemy who had just landed.

    He acted swiftly, picking up the dagger from the ground and launching a Ghost Shadow Slash. He closed in on the opponent before they had a chance to enter a small wooden house to search for weapons, dealing a swift and decisive blow.

    “Ye Shao has used a dagger to kill A City Male of the Common Faith”

    “I got one.”

    Chen Xingran reported the situation within the team’s voice chat. “Where are you guys? Do you have enemies?”

    “I’ve got one too…”

    The girl in the team opened her voice chat, but before she could finish her sentence, Yang Yunche’s voice interrupted her.

    “Protect me!”

    Yang Yunche had a rather unfortunate start as he searched two small wooden houses without finding any weapons. He collided with an enemy wielding a broadsword head-on, and the enemy clearly wouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a life. They chased Yang Yunche with the broadsword in hand.

    His cry for help sounded full of vigor and lacked any hint of panic. To Chen Xingran’s ears, it inexplicably reminded him of the image of Yang Yunche being chased around with a disheveled appearance, which was quite comical.

    “Here they come.”

    Chen Xingran replied with a suppressed laugh and quickly found Yang Yunche’s position on the mini-map. On the way, he picked up a white armor suit and carried the dagger as he rushed over.

    Even a top-tier professional player could be pursued relentlessly when landing without any weapons.

    However, his agility was extraordinary. He used the Blink ability of the Iron Wire Sickle to continually maneuver around corners, always heading for complex terrain, and moved like an eel. This made it extremely difficult for the enemy with a sword to chase him.

    This is too hard to chase!

    The enemy with the broadsword saw that he was about to catch up to Yang Yunche when suddenly, from another direction, a dark shadow dashed out. With the speed of lightning, the figure cut through the air, and along with the bleeding damage that appeared overhead, a sharp-bladed dagger approached at a tricky angle and engaged in combat with the enemy.

    “This cry for help is so coquettish.”

    “Let me translate for you. God Yun’s meaning is: Lao po, save me!”

    “Master of linguistic translation.”

    “Hahaha, very apt.”

    “Enemy: If you can’t win, you’ll call for help, right?”

    Chen Xingran’s dagger moved like a serpent, and in just a couple of seconds, he suppressed the opponent, rendering them defenseless. He swiftly eliminated the opponent, then his dagger skillfully sliced across the enemy’s throat, dealing a fatal blow to their weak point.


    Yang Yunche walked out of the hiding wooden house with an appreciative comment.

    When Chen Xingran played as an opponent, his swordsmanship was like the scythe of death, terrifying to anyone who faced it.

    However, when Chen Xingran played as a teammate, the imposing aura emanating from his slim figure wielding a blade brought a sense of security.

    “General Ye’s heroic intervention deserves recognition, and there will be rewards.”

    Yang Yunche handed him a shiny golden armor.

    Chen Xingran looked somewhat bewildered. “Is this for me?”

    “Just picked it up.”

    Seeing that Chen Xingran didn’t take it, Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow. “Don’t worry, I haven’t worn it yet. It’s practically brand new, and I haven’t even removed the tag.”

    Chen Xingran: “…”

    No wonder during his livestream, the barrage constantly mentioned that Yang Yunche had the face of a male god but a peculiar mouth. At first, he thought it was just a joke, especially because when he privately sparred with Yang Yunche, he seemed quite serious.

    However, he was still too young.

    The seriousness that Yang Yunche put on during livestreams couldn’t be maintained for long. After becoming more familiar with Chen Xingran, his true nature gradually surfaced. He remained proper when not speaking or discussing serious matters, displaying a strong and handsome demeanor. But in casual moments, he could be quite quirky…

    “…Thank you.” Chen Xingran chose not to take the bait and silently accepted the golden armor.

    “Although the game has an armor system, in reality, wearing armor only adds an armor bar to the health bar and does not affect the appearance of the hero.”

    “So polite?”

    Yang Yunche didn’t seem very satisfied with his response. “You weren’t this distant when you had coffee with me.”


    “Say it again.”


    Chen Xingran thought for a long time but couldn’t come up with anything to say other than thank you. After a long while, he managed to squeeze out a sentence, “Then I’ll… kindly accept it?”


    “Why does it feel like God Yun is teasing a cat?”

    “I can answer this one! You should say: ‘Thank you, hubby!'”

    “Isn’t God Yun always ZMD’s team leader, even when they’re at the Soul Tower? He never forgets to snatch good armor from his teammates’ bags. When did he become so generous?”

    “Maybe this is love.”

    “Wait, what does ‘You weren’t this distant when you had coffee with me’ mean?”

    “!! I noticed that too. Did you two meet offline?”

    “This is too fast. Weren’t you just getting to know each other in the game a few days ago?”

    “Faster, please. Let’s fast forward to the honeymoon!”

    “Witnessing love!”

    “Witnessing love +1.”

    “God Yun, those two people ran away!”

    The girl in the team shouted in the voice chat.

    At the beginning of the game, they had eliminated two opponents, and in a 2 vs. 4 situation, survival was practically impossible. The two survivors chose to retreat immediately.

    “Don’t chase them for now. Let’s go loot supplies first.”

    Chen Xingran thought for a moment and said.

    Bu Lao Spring was a medium-level resource area with abundant supplies. The two surviving enemies hadn’t looted anything before running away. In this situation, focusing on farming resources was the best choice for most players.

    “Don’t rush.”

    Yang Yunche smirked. “Follow me.”

    Chen Xingran didn’t understand, but he obediently followed.

    Yang Yunche led Chen Xingran on a grand walk. In the view of the enemies at the Soul Tower, they were simply going to loot supplies.

    However, Yang Yunche was just bluffing. As soon as they were out of sight from the Soul Tower, he immediately took Chen Xingran around a small circle and hid behind a rock at Bu Lao Spring.

    As expected, after about ten seconds, the two survivors returned sneakily and started reviving their teammate’s soul.

    “Looks like the kills are coming to us, right?”

    Yang Yunche strategized.

    Thinking that the enemies had already left, the two players reviving their teammate subconsciously believed it was safe for the moment and called their teammate back for revival before going to the suburbs to farm.

    Little did they know that Yang Yunche was waiting for this opportunity, directly killing two birds with one stone, using bait to lure them in and then eliminating the entire enemy team.

    Even without hearing the enemy’s voice chat, Chen Xingran could roughly guess their desperation.

    “F*ck, I’ve been tricked. You guys can go, we can’t fight anymore.”

    “Wait, they seem to have left?”

    “Come back, come back! No one’s here, I can revive! Come back and revive me!”

    “Oh no, they’re back again! Run!”

    “It’s over…”

    …It was probably something like that.

    While Chen Xingran was checking the loot, he stole a glance at Yang Yunche.

    Quite cunning…

    Indeed, those who use bows are up to no good.

    Author’s Note:

    Regarding the original protagonist’s heart condition issue, when I wrote it, it wasn’t very well thought out, and I didn’t research the specific details. I apologize for any confusion caused! (Bow)

    The main text has been modified earlier to be a congenital genetic breakdown syndrome (a made-up name) to avoid misleading readers. 

    If you're enjoying the story don't forget to support the author! You can also support me on KOFI for site maintenance, raws purchase or as an energy boost~ 
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