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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 34

34. Let’s Play A round.

    This round, they didn’t drop into high-resource areas like Huntian City, so the overall pace has slowed down.

    Chen Xingran usually drops into high-resource areas like Huntian City, Canyang Temple, and Cloudmist Heavenly Palace. In a game that lasts for more than an hour, most of the time is spent in intense battles, either fighting or on the way to find someone to fight.

    But this round had a calmer atmosphere. After wiping out the team at Immortal Spring, they searched for supplies along the way. After easily defeating another wilderness team, they didn’t encounter anyone else.

    Finally, Chen Xingran had a chance to appreciate the game’s scenery.

    As a full-immersion game, Destiny not only had a vast game map but also paid great attention to map details. During battles, when blades slashed at buildings, stakes, rocks, and other scenes, there were corresponding feedback effects. After a big battle, the extensive battle scars were chilling to behold.

    There was the timeless beauty of Immortal Spring with chirping birds and babbling brooks; the eerie and desolate tomb-like atmosphere of the Wilderness Tomb; vast groves of bamboo standing tall, with bamboo leaves fluttering like a scene from a movie in the Worry Free Forest; rugged and complex Longji Plateau with its strange rock formations; solemn and dignified Canyang Temple with its giant Buddha statues…

    Beyond Canyang Temple, after passing through an abandoned village, lay another iconic high-resource area – Cloud Mist Heavenly Palace.

    Its scene was grand, like a divine palace in mythology, with magnificent golden palaces surrounded by dense, ethereal clouds that covered most of Cloud Mist Heavenly Palace. From the outside, you could only see a glimpse of the splendid palace and the majestic statue, standing amidst the sea of clouds, gazing down at the mortal world with a sorrowful expression.

    If matched with random weather like a thunderstorm, the cloud sea surrounding Cloud Mist Heavenly Palace would turn into pitch-black clouds. Amidst the swirling dark mist, faint flashes of lightning and electric snakes could be seen, instantly transforming this magnificent and ruined palace into a terrifying place, filled with an eerie atmosphere.

    No matter how many times you passed by, it would still leave you in awe.

    “God Yun, God Yun, there’s a purple bow! Should I bring it to you?”

    “Wow, purple armor! Grey Sky, come and get it!”

    The girl in the team had a lively personality. Whenever they arrived at a new place, she would search every nook and cranny, occasionally discovering some high-level items hidden deep inside. What she found single-handedly could sustain the entire team, and after traversing half the wilderness, the team’s equipment had all been upgraded.

    The girl was aware that she couldn’t match the skills of the two big Cs in the team, so she willingly took on the role of the team’s nanny, ensuring that the entire team was well-supplied. She didn’t wander off, staying close to Chen Xingran and the others while searching for items. If any trouble arose, it would be easy for Chen Xingran to come to her aid. After searching a location, she would also report in the voice chat, “No one here, it’s safe!” and similar information.

    She was indeed a very dependable teammate.

    With a clear and melodious voice, she chirped away in the team’s voice chat like a songbird, and no one felt awkward if no one responded. She brought a genuinely cheerful atmosphere to the team.

    Listening to her excited calls every time she found something good, Chen Xingran suddenly felt like he was on a trip with a child.

    He was currently sitting on the edge of the Windwatch Cliff, with Yang Yunche, who was carrying a longbow, following behind. The two of them, one in front and one behind, were experiencing a rare moment of tranquility in the blood-soaked land of Myriad Origin Island.

    This was the edge of the map, where few players ventured. However, the scenery here was exceptionally beautiful. You could see the vast sea, feel the refreshing breeze on your face, and when you looked around, you could see the Cloud Mist Heavenly Palace shrouded in clouds on the opposite cliff.

    “The scenery isn’t bad, right?”

    Yang Yunche opened his slightly closed eyes, took a deep breath of fresh air, and asked Chen Xingran.


    Chen Xingran had already sheathed his purple Tang Sword and the long ribbon of his demon sword fluttered in the wind like a cloak. He spread out his hands, as if he were embracing the gentle breeze.

    “It’s a pity that the configuration of this game cafe’s operation cabin isn’t quite sufficient, and there’s some lack of realism. Otherwise, if you play on the highest graphics settings, it would feel completely different.”

    Yang Yunche smiled.

    Chen Xingran was surprised, “This isn’t the highest graphics setting?”

    “Of course not.”

    Yang Yunche looked at Chen Xingran’s openly surprised expression and had an itching desire to pat his head, but he restrained himself. “operation cabins also come in different price ranges. Game cafes usually use mid to high-end configurations, which are sufficient for most players. The operation cabins that can experience the highest graphics settings are quite expensive, and most businesses wouldn’t invest that much.”

    Chen Xingran seemed interested. “How much does the top-level operation cabin cost?”

    Yang Yunche thought for a moment. “Around 1.8 million.”


    Chen Xingran’s bright eyes dimmed instantly. “Oh.”

    So expensive.

    He had checked the surgical costs for genetic diseases. Although the medical technology in this world was advanced, his condition was not considered incurable, but the treatment would still cost around five million. He hadn’t even raised enough for the surgery, let alone spending so much money to buy a operation cabin.

    Indeed, no matter which world it was, the gaming experience of the wealthy was different from that of the average population.

    “ZMD’s new base has them.”

    Yang Yunche hinted with a meaningful smile, “The training models we usually use are high-end operation cabins. Our team’s models are custom limited editions, and they come with specialized team uniforms.”

    “Team uniforms?”

    “Yes, they’re used in conjunction with the operation cabins,” Yang Yunche explained to Chen Xingran, who was a novice in this regard. “Although they don’t provide much improvement in terms of gameplay, they offer higher comfort and a better sensory experience. When used with specialized operation cabins, they can elevate Destiny’s graphics and gaming experience to a whole new level.”

    The gaming industry in this world was highly developed. Professional players, during their matches, wouldn’t wear ordinary clothing with their team logos, as was common in the Earth of his original world. Instead, they had dedicated team uniforms. For example, ZMD Club used the highest-spec custom uniforms.

    Made of high-precision nano-fibers that conformed to the body’s contours, every detail was meticulously crafted. They contained millions of nearly invisible ultra-nano chips that deeply stimulated the nerves, providing players with a truly immersive experience.

    You deserve to have it.

    Even though Chen Xingran knew that Yang Yunche was probably trying to entice him to join ZMD, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of longing.

    The graphics already seemed incredibly realistic to him now. If he used the highest-level operation cabin in combination with the specialized team uniform, wouldn’t the experience be unparalleled?

    “Whenever you have time, come visit ZMD’s new base, and I’ll let you experience it.”

    Yang Yunche saw the excitement in Chen Xingran’s eyes and extended another olive branch.


    Captain Yang had spoken up, and Chen Xingran, seizing the opportunity, pretended to remain calm while exuding subtle excitement and anticipation in his tone.

    “Why does your style seem a bit different from others on Myriad Origin Island, where everyone is fighting and killing?”

    “I’m new here. Is this a set for an idol drama shoot?”

    “Why am I, a single dog, so engrossed in this? Is it because of the scenic views?”

    “Destiny, a large-scale holographic online dating and love-themed game. Here, you can even experience Battle Royale.”

    “Here, it’s full of the scent of birds and flowers, with beautiful scenery. How about we skip waiting and go straight to the wedding process?”

    “Let’s go straight to the honeymoon; our water friends aren’t strangers. Don’t worry; we won’t peek.”

    “Exactly, can you still not trust our integrity? Whoever peeks is a dog.”

    “I’ll start: Woof woof woof.”

    “The poison circle is coming.”

    After sitting by the Windwatch Cliff for a while, the two of them glanced at the mini-map and saw the approaching poison circle.

    “Yeah, let’s head to the safe zone.”

    Because of the serene and beautiful scenery, Chen Xingran’s temporarily tranquil heart was once again filled with a fighting spirit. He stood up, his hand resting on the hilt of his Tang Sword at his waist, and said.

    In movies, there’s often a scene where a great martial artist’s skills hit a bottleneck. They travel around, witness the beauty of the world, and break free from their mental constraints, directly reaching the pinnacle of their abilities, achieving a state of perfection.

    Reality isn’t like fiction, of course, and such extreme scenarios don’t happen. However, it’s been proven that a brief rest can greatly improve one’s state.

    Chen Xingran’s use of the Demonic Blade had become increasingly proficient after their short break. His tactics were now more mature and composed compared to before. Instead of blindly attacking, he had gained a better understanding of Destiny, and his ability to respond to different situations had become second nature. His sword strikes were precise, and he effortlessly countered his opponents’ moves. Rather than the chaotic onslaught he had displayed earlier, he now exhibited a more controlled and deadly finesse. 

    As they moved into the shrinking safe zone, they eliminated another team. It was already the fourth poison circle, and the safe area was getting smaller. All players were being pushed together, and the firefight was intensifying.

    The final circle of this game was located near the area of the Canyang Temple. This serene and spiritually rich temple had now become the last battleground. The clashing of blades, the flying of arrows and bullets, and the booming of cannons created a chaotic scene.

    With Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche, both skilled players, they easily entered the towering statue at the top of the Canyang Temple, occupying the most advantageous position with the broadest field of view.

    Demon God’s Arrival!

    Facing another team trying to force them down, Chen Xingran remained calm and activated the Demonic Blade’s secret technique.

    In the next instant, the ghostly flames on the metallic arm of the Demonic Blade surged suddenly, covering his entire body as if a demon god had descended.

    The 20% additional damage made him a fearsome killing machine on the battlefield. Wherever the edge of his Tang Sword went, the enemies were no match. His swordplay was lightning-fast. While most people were already overwhelmed by calculating their opponent’s swordplay rhythm, Chen Xingran could effortlessly engage in swordplay while keeping an eye on the movements of others.

    The first enemies who faced him lasted only two seconds; they couldn’t keep up with Chen Xingran’s rhythm. In the eyes of the enemies, he seemed to have three heads and six arms. Every attempt to attack was accurately countered, and he could strike three times for every one of their attacks.

    In just a few seconds, two enemies had exploded.


    With the sword sheathed, his momentum rose. He gathered his strength from bottom to top, creating an explosive lightning as if the ground was struck by thunder. The blade slashed!

    The two enemies who had already exploded were unable to withstand this Thunderclap. Their armor was shattered, and even if they had fully equipped themselves with health-boosting items, they would have had at most 1300 points of health. However, under the terrifying 1389 damage of Thunderclap, they were instantly killed, with no time to retreat.

    This move had terrifying damage, although it had clear drawbacks. However, with Yang Yunche by his side, Chen Xingran didn’t have to worry about being ambushed during the charging process.

    “Swish, swish.”

    Two arrows flew out in succession, repelling the enemies who were attempting to flank from behind.

    One was an invincible war god within five steps, whose incredible swordplay skills made every opponent feel his overwhelming dominance.

    The other was a divine marksman beyond five steps, orchestrating the battle. Each time the bowstring trembled, it brought a significant amount of damage. Taking in the whole situation, they provided quick support to their teammates and harvested the battlefield.

    Under the control of this devilish combination, the clanging of swords that had once filled the battlefield had subsided before the next poison circle arrived.

    The victor claims the spoils, and destiny favors those who are meant for greatness!

    “Awesome!! (Breaks sound barrier)”

    “Besides powerful, I can’t find a second word.”

    “Ye Shao, you rock!”

    “I’d love to see this team combination in a professional match!”



    “Lonely as Snow sent out 50 Galaxy Warships.”

    “Lonely as Snow sent out 2 Galaxy Treasures.”

    The barrage of comments scrolled across the screen, resembling a rainbow fairy that had indulged in roasted sweet potatoes, spreading colorful praise and admiration everywhere.

    Amidst the praise and worship, a conspicuous ID quietly joined the chat.

    “All Stars – Lu Mingyu sent out 10 Galaxy Treasures.”

    “Thank you, All Stars…”

    As the most expensive gift, the sparkling Galaxy Treasure was particularly eye-catching. After receiving ten Galaxy Treasures, Chen Xingran unintentionally muttered the name of the gift sender. He had only spoken two words when he suddenly realized.

    All Stars – Lu Mingyu?

    Before he could react, the barrage had already exploded.

    “WTF! Captain Lu?”

    “Didn’t Captain Lu never send gifts?”

    “WTF, there’s a professional certification badge; it’s real! Not a high-quality imitation!”


    “I’m not mistaken right?”

    In this newly opened small live stream room, Chen Xingran had attracted both Yang Yunche and Lu Mingyu, two hidden talents in the professional gaming circles. Among all the live streams on the Starry River platform, aside from official match broadcasting accounts, no individual streamer had ever received such an honor.

    After sending out ten Galaxy Treasures, a line of text appeared on the public chat, sparkling with Lu Mingyu’s authenticated ID.

    “All Stars – Lu Mingyu: “Do you have time? Let’s play a round.””

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