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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 37

Lu Mingyu, lost.

This blade, filled with all his spirit and energy, had already surpassed the limits of human reaction. Even if he were to try it again, the result would be the same. As long as he couldn’t predict Chen Xingran’s location in the first moment, as long as he chose to pursue instead of seeking stability, defeat was inevitable.

Lu Mingyu returned to his martial arts practice room, feeling a bit dazed at first. However, what quickly surged within him was the joy of encountering a top-notch expert.

So what if he lost? He had played so many matches, and he had lost before. The charm of Battle Royale was its brutal gamble. Even the strongest experts couldn’t avoid losing sometimes. He had faced off against Li Haoyuan from VG and Yang Yunche from ZMD countless times, winning and losing, and at this level of professional players, victory or defeat depended on a single moment’s choice.

Winning or losing didn’t matter. What mattered was that he had finally found the kind of assaulter he had been looking for.

An ever-changing blade technique, an oppressiveness that was as fierce as it was relentless, a mind so calm it sent chills down one’s spine, and a belief in finding a way out even in the direst of situations.

Ye Shao, Ye Shao…

Lu Mingyu silently repeated this unfamiliar name in his heart, his eyes filled with a determination to win.

Meanwhile, the barrage of comments in the live stream room exploded.




“Ye Shao is awesome! Ye Shao is awesome!”

“My hands are shaking so hard; I can’t believe it! Did Ye Shao win?”

“Lao po, I love you ah ah ah ah ah!”

“Holy sh*t, I followed this streamer casually a few days ago, and now they’ve defeated Captain Lu?”

“Luck, it’s just good luck. First win a championship match then we can talk.”

“Is the big brother upstairs talking in his sleep? Isn’t the streamer a professional player?”

At the same time, in a highly popular live streaming room on a certain star platform.


Ta Xue clenched his fist heavily and couldn’t help but pound the table. “I knew they could win!”

While Chen Xingran and Lu Mingyu were practicing their swordplay, Ta Xue learned about this news through the barrage’s discussion. He was a highly-ranked solo player in the leaderboard. Quitting a game midway would cost him at least twenty points, but Ta Xue didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately exited the game and rushed into Chen Xingran’s live stream room.

Points can be regained, but missing this battle would be a lifetime regret!

“Hey, Old Immortal Ta Xue , aren’t you a fan of Captain Lu? Why are you so happy that Captain Lu lost?”

“To be honest, that streamer is really strong.”

“Where did this expert come from? This skill is at least world-class.”

“I think the title of nation’s top two swordsmen is about to become the top three.”

“Definitely, right? This skill is absolutely at the level of Captain Lu.”

“Never mind that. I declare that I have another idol!”

“By the way, did you guys forget about this guy called Ye Shao? A few days ago, he killed Ta Xue in solo queue.”

“I seem to have some impression… Wasn’t the chat in the live stream quite loud back then?”


Ta Xue coughed and said, “Lu… Captain Lu is really a pity! But this streamer named Ye Shao is not bad, and his skills are pretty strong. It’s just that his popularity in the live stream room is a bit lacking. If you guys have time, go check him out.”

The top player in the Destiny section was a fan of a relatively unknown streamer, which didn’t sound very prestigious…

“I owe you this gift for now. I’ll make it up to you later!” Ta Xue thought silently.

At the same time, a figure that often frequented the sword practice room was also paying attention to the live stream.

Yun Yin’s eyes were filled with excitement as he stared at the screen, not blinking, as if he wanted to engrave the actions of the two players deep into his mind.

Too strong…

Yun Yin simulated in his mind how he would face anyone. After thinking for a long time, he finally had to admit with regret that with his current sword fighting abilities, he was still far from being able to compete at this level.

But when the screen showed that brilliant sword strike like a peacock spreading its tail, Yun Yin couldn’t help but exclaim, and his young face was filled with amazement and longing.

If he were to step onto the professional stage, would he also have the opportunity to face this colorful but deadly strike?

Just thinking about this possibility filled Yun Yin with excitement.

Even if he were to lose miserably under this strike, he would have no regrets.

The screen froze on the proud figure of the Mysterious Blade, and Yun Yin’s eyes were filled with longing. Perhaps he should leave the sword practice room and step onto a bigger stage…

In the live stream room, everyone was still discussing the match that could be called the ceiling of martial arts mode.

Every move and every detail was packed with intricacies. Each frame, taken individually, could lead to countless discussions. The battle between two of the top swordsmen in the Chinese server was not only full of hidden strategies but also visually stunning. It felt like watching an incredibly captivating blockbuster movie, and it left people in awe.

In the midst of the fervent barrage of comments, Lu Mingyu spoke up.

Lu Mingyu – “Do you want to go pro?”

These were familiar words. It wasn’t the first time Chen Xingran had received such an invitation.

But because it was Lu Mingyu extending the invitation, it carried a different weight.


“Is Captain Lu trying to recruit a streamer for All Stars? Didn’t they say that All Stars has been in contact with players from other regions recently?”

“All Stars, hey! Streamer, you better accept!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah, I knew the streamer must be able to play professionally!”

“Brazenly trying to poach someone! Calling for God Yun, calling for God Yun!”

“Captain Yang danger!”

Ye Shao: I…

He hadn’t even finished typing his sentence when suddenly, Yang Yunche, who had been silent in the audience, spoke up.

ZMD-Yang Yunche: What *fart are you daydreaming about?

*fart – nonsense

All-Stars – Lu Mingyu: ?

Just as he typed a question mark, Yang Yunche initiated a voice channel and spoke bluntly, “You’ve got some guts, huh? Always looking to poach someone? Come on, I’ll create a practice room, and we can spar.”

Lu Mingyu was a bit bewildered and asked, “…Has ZMD already signed him?”

Yang Yunche: …

They hadn’t, in fact. 

Let alone signing, Chen Xingran hadn’t even given a clear answer about whether he wanted to join ZMD. It seemed he really didn’t have the authority to say such things.

Lu Mingyu and Yang Yunche were old rivals, and Yang Yunche’s momentary silence made him immediately understand the meaning behind it. “They haven’t signed him yet, right? Why are you so anxious?”

Yang Yunche responded, “Ridiculous, am I anxious?”

“Are you not anxious?”

“Am I anxious?”

“You’re not?”

“Are you both repeating the same thing?”

“Let’s fight, let’s fight!!”

“I admit it, I just like watching this drama of poaching players.”


“I do too.”

“Stop arguing, go to the practice room if you want to fight~”

“This argument is getting really bizarre.”

The captains of two of the top domestic teams bickered like school kids in the livestream chat for a while. Finally, Yang Yunche broke the deadlock, “Ye Shao is still a student, so we’re not considering his joining a professional team for now. Right?”

The last sentence is directed at Chen Xingran.

Chen Xingran: “Hmm.”

Originally, he was considering pretending not to be present, but with Yang Yunche’s cue, he had to speak, “I haven’t thought it through yet. Thanks for the invitation, Captain Lu. I’ll think about it some more.”

Even if he was considering signing with a team, it wasn’t something that could be decided on the spot in a livestream. He needed time to understand the styles and contract terms of various teams before making his final choice.

To others, whether it was Heavenly Stars or ZMD, both were top-tier teams. Even receiving an invitation to try out for them was something to boast about for years. Moreover, it was the captain who personally approached him.

However, the situation was different now. Chen Xingran wasn’t in a rush to make a decision, and both Lu Mingyu and Yang Yunche were eager to secure him. With the initiative in Chen Xingran’s hands, he had plenty of room to choose.

“You’re still a student?” Lu Mingyu asked with surprise. “A freshman?”

Upon receiving a confirmation, Lu Mingyu said, “That’s manageable. I’m quite acquainted with the head of the eSports department at your university. I’ll talk to him, and you won’t have to attend classes directly if you come to compete. You won’t need to worry about your graduation certificate either…”

“Only you have connections?” Yang Yunche chuckled. “The head of the eSports department is actually my teacher. Do you really think you’re needed for this?”

His sarcastic remark made Lu Mingyu itch to rush to the ZMD headquarters and give Yang Yunche a beating. However, after some thought, he calmed down. “Let’s exchange contact information. Take your time to think it over.”

Indeed, he needed time. He was currently the active captain of Heavenly Stars, but Heavenly Stars wasn’t a one-man show. If he wanted to sign Chen Xingran, he would need to do a lot of preparation work.

In any case, he had to seize the opportunity.

Chen Xingran nodded. “Alright.”

What’s so ‘alright’? Back then, I had to go through countless formalities just to add you as a friend, and now when Lu Mingyu wants your contact information, it’s all ‘alright, alright, alright.’

Yang Yunche smirked.

The three of them in the livestream chat continued chatting as if everything was peaceful, unaware that a storm had already erupted outside.

Although his previous battle with Yang Yunche had given Chen Xingran some recognition in the gaming community, it was still just a solo match with many uncertainties. There were disparities in equipment and weapons, and Yang Yunche wasn’t particularly known for his dueling skills. This didn’t make people truly take notice of the relatively unknown streamer.

However, the battle with Lu Mingyu was different. It was a genuine dueling mode, with balanced equipment and no external interference. It was a test of pure combat ability.

Moreover, Lu Mingyu was currently one of the indisputably strongest dueling experts in the professional gaming scene, on par with Li Haoyuan from VG. They were known as the two great sword gods of the Chinese server, and their positions had been unshakable for a long time.

Now, there might just be room for a new sword god among them.

Anyone who had watched the video of their duel had to admit that this streamer named Ye Shao had skills that were no less than Lu Mingyu’s. In fact, he seemed to be on the verge of outperforming him. If it weren’t for Lu Mingyu seizing an opportunity during that duel and winning a round, Ye Shao might have taken the lead.

Especially that one eerie and deadly strike, hidden in the visual blind spot and concealed in the darkness. Even from just a screenshot, one could feel the breath-stopping urgency, as if being targeted by a venomous snake. No one dared to claim that Lu Mingyu was going easy on him because, no matter how you analyzed it, Lu Mingyu had made the optimal choice for himself at that moment. 

This made Ye Shao’s strike all the more despair-inducing.

News spreads rapidly within the gaming community, like a rapidly spreading epidemic. In a very short time, various discussion posts and analysis threads sprouted up like mushrooms, with well-known gaming media outlets quickly following suit and working overtime to produce firsthand reports.

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