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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 38

38. New Star Cup Signup

    On the campus forum of the Capital eSports Academy:

    The annual New Star Cup is just around the corner. Initially, most of the discussions on the campus forum were about the New Star Cup. However, today’s trend was quite different, as numerous hot and new posts began to discuss a name that had a very high visibility.

    “I heard that Ye Shao is from our school? Is it true?”

    “I’ve never heard of someone like that at our school. Can anyone with inside information spill the beans?”

    “Bogus. If it were really someone from our school, they would have been scouted by a professional team a long time ago, right?”

    “Indeed, being able to compete evenly with Captain Lu in dueling means they could serve as a live combat instructor directly.”

    “I’ve watched the video too. F*ck, that last strike was incredible. It gave me goosebumps all over.”

    “Could it be this year’s strongest freshman? I think his last name is Dong?”

    “Dong Qi Yi, right? I heard he received a trial invitation from All Stars. It’s possible.”

    “I’m Dong Qi Yi’s classmate. I know his main account, and it’s not him. Besides, Dong Qi Yi doesn’t use a Tang sword.”

    “Stop making wild guesses. It’s probably not someone from our Capital eSports Academy.”

    “Why is it this Ye Shao again?” Wu Feiang sighed with a frowning face. “Is he really that good? The entire forum is talking about him. It’s ridiculous. Even my girlfriend watches his livestream every day. He’s just a streamer, right? Why is there so much fuss about him?”

    Chen Xingran, who was next to him, also noticed the forum page on Wu Feiang’s phone. “Hmm… do you have strong opinions about him?”

    “I don’t have strong opinions, but this guy is too flashy. I don’t like it,” Wu Feiang grumbled. “But I dare not say that in front of my girlfriend. She’s completely obsessed with this streamer now. This Ye Shao doesn’t even show his face while livestreaming. He must be very ugly.”

    Chen Xingran: “…”

    “Shall we go eat together later?”


    Chen Xingran said, “I’ll treat you.”

    The revenue from his livestream platform’s gift sharing had arrived. Although he had only been livestreaming for a few days, he had earned a small sum, and considering how much help Wu Feiang had given him, it was only right to treat him to a meal.

    “It looks like you’re doing well with your livestreaming,” Wu Feiang remarked.

    Wu Feiang didn’t hesitate and accepted, saying, “I told you, with your handsome looks, being a beauty streamer would definitely make money!”


    Chen Xingran didn’t respond to that comment. He looked around and asked, “By the way, where is the registration point?”

    “It’s over by the plaza in front of Building 1. I’ll take you there.”

    Today was the registration time for the New Star Cup, an annual event that many students participated in. Word had it that Yang Yunche from ZMD would be this year’s guest, and once that news got out, even more people signed up for the New Star Cup.

    Yang Yunche graduated from Shoudian University, so students naturally had a favorable opinion of this legendary senior. Furthermore, he was currently one of the top professional eSports players in terms of popularity. Even if they just showed their face in front of Yang Yunche, participating in this competition would be worth it.

    The registration point for the New Star Cup was easy to find; the plaza was the most crowded place.

    Chen Xingran queued up, and the line wasn’t too long. He reached the counter in about five minutes.

    “Hello, I’d like to register.”

    “Sure, please take out your ID card and student ID card for registration.”

    The person in charge of registration was a girl with a neat ponytail, and she proficiently spoke while not lifting her head.

    Chen Xingran took out his student ID and the light blue ID card from his pocket and handed them over.

    Her slender and fair fingertips held the two cards. These were a pair of delicate and beautiful hands, and it seemed they had sustained some injuries. A band-aid of a similar color to her skin was affixed to her index finger, but it didn’t detract from their attractiveness. Her nails were neatly trimmed, and even the tips had a natural pink hue, which left the girl momentarily stunned.

    She raised her head, her eyes sparkling briefly. She took the ID card and student card and began inputting the information into the computer while casually asking, “Are you a new student in the eSports department?”

    Chen Xingran nodded, “Yes.”

    “It’s a coincidence; I’m your senior. I’m two years ahead of you. This year, there are quite a few participants from the eSports department. Good luck, aim for a good result.”

    The girl proficiently completed the registration, and while she secretly stole glances at Chen Xingran, she thought to herself, “This young man is really handsome, just my type.”

    She didn’t pay much attention to the ID that appeared on the computer screen and handed back the two cards. She was about to find an excuse to ask for his contact information when suddenly, there was a burst of enthusiastic cheers around her.

    “WTF, WTF, it’s really him!”

    “God Yun, God Yun!”

    “I finally get to see him in person wuwuwu, he’s so tall and handsome! God Yun, I’m your fan ah ah ah!”

    “God Yun, jiayou! ZMD, jiayou!”

    A familiar name entered Chen Xingran’s ears, and he couldn’t help but turn around to look.

    A group of people was approaching from a distance, including the directors and leaders of Shoudian University. Among them stood the tall and slim figure of a young man, who was particularly eye-catching.

    Yang Yunche was dressed casually, in simple clothing without any extra colors, yet he still looked striking, like a model who had just stepped off the runway. He had a smiling expression and followed the school’s leaders and directors without appearing restrained. He chatted with them from time to time, displaying an easygoing yet respectful attitude.

    Facing the enthusiastic cheers around him, Yang Yunche calmly greeted his fans.

    “It seems that Captain Yang is quite popular at our school,” the head of the eSports department said with a smile.

    “You flatter me, it’s all because the school has trained me well,” Yang Yunche replied respectfully with a smile.

    “I heard that ZMD is going to make some changes in the next season?”

    Yang Yunche gave a diplomatic response, “There may be some personnel changes. I’m the team captain, but the specific decisions will depend on the board of directors.”

    “Oh,” the head of the eSports department nodded. “It’s alright. I believe you’ll achieve good results. By the way, our school has many promising talents. Is ZMD’s youth training camp still looking for people? I can recommend a few very talented students to you.”

    Shoudian University was the Capital eSports’ best school, and students who graduated from here were highly sought after in the industry. Many of the current professional league players and staff were alumni of Shoudian University.

    “Well, thank you, Director,” Yang Yunche replied. “But there’s one person I’m interested in. If possible, I’d like to sign him as a formal team member.”

    “Oh? Who is it?” The director became interested. Signing someone directly as a formal team member without even going through the youth training camp was quite rare.


    Yang Yunche had just opened his mouth to speak when suddenly his gaze swept to a certain place, and he froze.

    A crowd had gathered in the plaza in front of the teaching building, and with a single glance, one could see a dense sea of people, each with a youthful aura. However, amidst the crowd, even with so many people, Yang Yunche immediately spotted a familiar figure.

    With a neat, short haircut, a young and handsome face, and a band-aid on his right finger. Although not tall, his proportions were excellent, making him stand out in the crowd. He resembled the template for the handsome campus male lead in a youth novel. Judging solely by his appearance, it was impossible to imagine that such a slender and good-looking youth possessed such formidable skills.

    Yang Yunche’s gaze met Chen Xingran’s, and evidently, the other person had seen him too.

    Leaders were present, and it wasn’t convenient for Yang Yunche to approach and speak directly with him. After a moment’s thought, he extended his hand and gestured in Chen Xingran’s direction.

    Then he saw the young man not far away tilt his head slightly and use his right hand with the band-aid to gesture, closing his two fingers together and brushing his neck.

    —The exact same motion as under the cherry blossom tree in Huntian City that day.

    Yang Yunche: “…”

    He was momentarily stunned, but then he reacted and couldn’t help but smile.

    If it weren’t for the leaders being present, he would have made a bow-and-arrow shooting gesture to Chen Xingran.

    “What’s wrong?” The department head looked at him with confusion.

    “Oh, nothing,” Yang Yunche grinned. His mood, which had been somewhat less than beautiful due to being dragged here in broad daylight to familiarize himself with the process, suddenly improved quite a bit. “I saw a squirrel.”

    “…A squirrel?” The department head looked around in bewilderment. Stray cats and dogs were known to be collectively fed by students in their school, but squirrels?

    Did Shoudian University even have these creatures?

    “What were you just doing?”

    Chen Xingran walked out of the group.

    Wu Feiang looked at him strangely. “Trying to act cool?”

    “No,” Chen Xingran calmly replied, quirking the corner of his mouth. “I saw an annoying ghost.”

    “Could it be Dong Qi Yi, that guy?!” Wu Feiang immediately poked his head out and looked around. “So annoying, he never leaves us alone!”

    Chen Xingran didn’t explain further. He just grabbed Wu Feiang and said, “Let’s go. I’ll treat you to dinner.”

    “If you run into him at the New Star Cup, you can be an Old Six and sneakily kick his butt from behind!”

    “Alright, alright.”

    “Did God Yun just greet us?”

    Yang Yunche’s actions were clearly directed towards the registration area, which excited the students.

    “Sis, do you happen to know God Yun?” a male student approached the girl with the ponytail who had just registered Chen Xingran.

    “Huh? How is that possible?”

    “God Yun seemed to be looking at you just now…” The male student looked puzzled. “You really don’t know him? Aren’t you one of those off-court girlfriends of the world champion, secretly dating and then publicly proposing at the competition? That’s so romantic…”

    “You’ve read too many novels,” the girl with the ponytail retorted without hiding her exasperation. “Are you here to register? Bring out your ID card and student card.”


    The male student obediently handed over his two cards. The girl with the ponytail took them and prepared to input the information into the system.

    The computer screen was still on the registration page for the previous person, and as she input the ID card of the male student in front of her, her eyes happened to glance at a familiar gaming name.


    The girl with the ponytail stood up suddenly as if electrified, startling those around her.

    She quickly turned her head to look at the people nearby, trying to find the figure of a certain young man, but after searching for a while, she couldn’t find him.

    Had he already left?

    “What’s wrong with you?” Her friend turned around, looking puzzled. “There’s no need to get so excited just because you saw God Yun.”

    “God Yun?!”

    The girl with the ponytail lowered her voice, but the rising tone at the end revealed her inner excitement. “I saw Ye Shao!!”

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    Inner Child
    9 months ago

    Ah sorry for not coming across accurately. What I meant is that the School is in the capital, the 'A' is not a noun in place of the name but rather as an article. I capitalized it as sort of an emphasis. It's better to say Shoudian is an eSports school located in the capital. There are multiple Capital eSports Academies and Shoudian is just one of them. Don't know if that makes sense. English isn't my first language so I might have completely botched that explanation.

    9 months ago

    Ah, I see. Chinese novels do seem to use that; like Country Z, province H etc. etc. Though I have to say it's the first time I've seen A Capital being used. Maybe switch to Capital A? Likke, is it City A, or Country A's university?

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