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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 39

39. ZMD’s New Base.

    When Chen Xingran and Wu Feiang were having dinner, Chen Xingran’s phone screen lit up. Someone had sent him a *Yunxin message.

    *This directly translates to Cloud Mail. It’s probably a fictional messaging app, not sure. I think it was abbreviated as YUN in a previous chapter.

    Handsome Yang Yunche: Where are you?

    Chen Xingran held his chopsticks, stretched out both hands, and tapped on the phone screen to type: Eating at the school gate.

    Handsome Yang Yunche: Will you be livestreaming later?

    Chen Xingran: Yes.

    Handsome Yang Yunche: I’m discussing the schedule with the director. It should finish in the afternoon. You should end your stream earlier today.

    Chen Xingran: ?

    What does your schedule have to do with my livestream…

    Before he could fully process this, another message came from Yang Yunche.

    Handsome Yang Yunche: How about I take you to the new base? We have custom-made operation cabins there, and you can use one. Interested?

    When Chen Xingran saw the words “custom-made operation cabins,” his eyes brightened, and the end of the chopstick he had in his mouth perked up.

    He typed: Sure.

    He paused for a moment, deleted those two words, and retyped: It’s not impossible.

    After thinking for a moment, he added a few more words at the beginning.

    Then he sent the message.

    On Yang Yunche’s end, he immediately received the message and opened it to read.

    Little Squirrel: Let me think about it; it’s not impossible either.

    He stared at this sentence for a while and couldn’t help but smile.

    Clearly, he really wanted to go and was quite good at playing hard to get.

    “Who are you chatting with?”

    Wu Feiang, who was busy eating, saw Chen Xingran suddenly texting halfway through the meal and asked curiously.

    “No one.”

    Chen Xingran put away his phone and looked at the time on the wall. “You can head back to school later. I’m going to Fānxīng Gaming Café.”

    “Eat properly. Don’t hold your chopsticks like that. If you do this at my house, my mom will scold you.”

    Wu Feiang turned into a disciplinary officer and corrected him, then asked, “Are you going to livestream again?”


    Chen Xingran obediently put down his chopsticks, held them properly, and started eating.


    “Here, here!”

    “Today is another day to watch Ye saosao’s wild killings!”

    [Lonely as Snow sent out ten Galactic Battleships]

    “I’m directly storming in! Is this the livestream room of the new domestic Dueling King?”

    Chen Xingran didn’t have a fixed livestream schedule. He would go live whenever he had time or no classes, so he couldn’t provide advance notice for his streams. Nevertheless, even so, there were always a large number of viewers waiting in his livestream room. As soon as he started streaming, a group of viewers poured in.

    After the video of his match against Lu Mingyu went viral, his popularity skyrocketed. Despite not being a seasoned streamer in the Destiny sector, he had managed to garner a substantial amount of viewership, a fact that left even well-established streamers in awe.

    At the same time, he had been quietly pushed into the position of Dueling King.

    Before him, there were only two officially recognized Dueling Kings in the domestic scene—Lu Mingyu and Li Haoyuan from VG, who were jointly known as the Dual Kings. However, after his match with Lu Mingyu, there was a surge of voices in the gaming media and player forums, suggesting that a new Dueling King should be added to the roster.

    Even though he hadn’t played against Li Haoyuan yet, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that his sword skills had already reached a level where he could be considered a deity. He had directly risen to the top level of the domestic scene as a streamer, a feat that had never happened before.

    With Yang Yunche absent, Chen Xingran once again embarked on the solo queue path.

    His solo queue ranking had already reached the Heavenly Star level, and he was quickly approaching the Asura tier.

    Players in this solo rank tier, whether it’s their skills or awareness, are noticeably a cut above their previous opponents. Compared to squad matches, players who reach the Celestial Star rank and above in solo mode are exceptionally strong in terms of individual skills. Moreover, they excel in escaping, making good use of terrain and cover. Even when you’ve weakened an opponent, it’s still challenging to finish them off.


    An arrow shot swiftly towards Chen Xingran. He had just managed to catch up to a low-health opponent, taking them down with two or three strikes. However, before he could fully replenish his health, a sudden arrow pierced through his armor from behind.

    Calmly, Chen Xingran sought the nearest cover, quickly repairing his armor and turning to engage with his attacker.

    At this point, the safe zone had become quite small, yet there were still more than a dozen surviving players lurking in the shadows, none daring to make the first move. Chen Xingran’s battle soon drew the attention of others.

    After taking down the player known as “Old Six,” two or three arrows flew in his direction. Chen Xingran, with only a sliver of health left, managed to find refuge in a small wooden house. He immediately confronted another player, a Voodoo, who was inside the house.

    The opposing Voodoo wasted no time in sending over a toxic ability. Chen Xingran had no choice but to turn into a soul mound on the spot. His purple armor and golden blade became his shroud.

    “Meeting Love at the Corner!”

    “Voodoo: Thanks for the warmth you’ve sent.”

    “Perhaps it’s better to avoid conflict in the final circle. The streamer is too aggressive.”

    “We like to see intense combat; what’s the point of hiding and not fighting? High-level matches are like this, even more exciting than Platinum-level ones.”

    Chen Xingran sighed with relief and returned to the game lobby, entering the next ranked match.

    While waiting for the match to start, his thoughts began to wander.

    To be honest, although solo rank players at this level were skilled, they still fell short compared to professional players. Leaving aside long-range weapons and various uncertainties in battle royale mode, winning against them was quite challenging.

    After facing Lu Mingyu head-on, Chen Xingran had developed a stronger yearning for that sense of tension where life hung by a thread and intense combat. If it weren’t for Lu Mingyu being the captain of All Stars Team and having a busy schedule, he would have liked to play a few more matches against him.

    It felt somewhat bland to return to facing ordinary solo rank players, who hadn’t even reached the level of professional players, after experiencing such intense battles.

    Perhaps he should seriously consider pursuing a professional gaming career.

    In this era, gaming was no longer just a form of entertainment; it had become a highly respected and legitimate profession. Even as a member of an unknown team, as long as he had certification within the professional league, he would receive respect wherever he went.

    If you asked young people of this era why they wanted to become professionals, their answers were often similar. They sought the honor of winning championships, proving themselves on the highest level of professional competition.

    However, Chen Xingran’s goal was quite simple—he just wanted to enjoy the thrill of battle.

    Thrilling and exhilarating battles.

    For him, who had already achieved the highest honor in the ancient martial arts world, the halo of a professional player didn’t hold as much appeal. The younger generation of this era, influenced by gaming from a young age and the so-called “esports honor,” didn’t resonate with him much. But if it meant encountering more formidable opponents and even standing on the world stage outside of their own country, competing against top players from other nations, that would be enough.

    His inbox was filled with invitations from professional teams, including some top-tier ones. However, if he wanted to secure a spot in the World Championships, the most likely teams were ZMD and All Stars, among other prestigious organizations.

    Autumn Water, VG, and AUG had already established lineups and strategies, which wouldn’t change due to the addition of a single player, especially one without any competitive experience.

    As for All Stars, after adding Chen Xingran as a friend, Lu Mingyu had discussed it with him. Although Lu Mingyu wanted to directly bring Chen Xingran into the first team, the club’s higher-ups disagreed. The compromise was to have Chen Xingran join All Stars’s second team for minor league matches first, accumulating some competition experience before moving up to the main team.

    This was already a significant achievement for a newcomer without any competitive experience. 

    And then there was ZMD, the team where Yang Yunche played.

    Yang Yunche’s sincerity was beyond doubt. He had not only invited a new streamer like Chen Xingran multiple times but also promised that once Chen Xingran joined the team, he could immediately play as a starter. Moreover, ZMD had moved its base to the capital, eliminating the distance issue.

    “Ye Shao used a dagger to kill ELLO.”

    Chen Xingran’s thoughts hadn’t affected his gameplay; he had smoothly executed his combo and eliminated an opponent, with the kill notification appearing on the screen.

    While licking his lips, Chen Xingran contemplated.

    Perhaps it was time to have a serious conversation with Yang Yunche.

    In the blink of an eye, it was evening, and Chen Xingran watched the large “Advanced!” message pop up on his screen, heaved a sigh of relief.

    Finally reached Asura.

    The Asura rank in solo mode and squad mode isn’t in the same league. Many players who were Asura in squads find it challenging to even reach the Earth Fiend rank in solo mode. Conversely, solo players with high ranks can easily climb in squad mode once they adapt to the squad environment.

    “Congratulations! Asura rank yay!”

    “It took just a few days to reach Asura rank, so fast!”

    “I remember on the first day I watched your stream, the streamer was still in the Bronze rank…”

    “Slaughtering indiscriminately all the way to Asura, logically speaking, with this skill, leveling up is simply as easy as drinking water.”

    [Not even a drop of it left! Sent out a Galaxy of Stars x33!] [Lonely as Snow sent out a Galaxy Battleship x10!]

    The barrage of comments continued with congratulations.

    “Thank you all for the gifts.”

    Chen Xingran checked the time and said to the barrage, “I have something to do later. Let’s end the stream here for today.”

    “Are you ending the stream so early today?”

    “Could it be that you have a date?”

    “Wuwuwu! I haven’t had enough! Can the streamer continue for a bit longer, please?”

    The barrage wailed, but Chen Xingran had an appointment to keep, so he couldn’t pay much attention to it. He briefly said goodbye to the viewers in the chat and then quickly logged off.

    He left the control room, took out his phone, and found a message from Yang Yunche on Yunxin that was sent over an hour ago.

    Handsome Yang Yunche: “Location”

    Handsome Yang Yunche: I’m at a café near your school. Come find me after your stream.

    When Chen Xingran was thinking about his future as a professional player during the stream, he hadn’t paid much attention to his Yunxin messages. Now that he checked, he realized that Yang Yunche had probably been waiting for him outside for quite some time, which made him feel a bit embarrassed.

    Making the captain of the prestigious ZMD team, an active star player, wait for more than an hour—such treatment was probably unprecedented.

    Fortunately, the location Yang Yunche had sent wasn’t far from where he was. Chen Xingran glanced at his phone and then hurriedly left the Starlight Gaming Café, jogging all the way there.

    The place Yang Yunche had chosen was a popular café near the school gate. To cater to students’ preferences, the café had a youthful decor and was equipped with facilities like a billiard table. It was a place frequented by many students.

    Before reaching the entrance, Chen Xingran had already spotted Yang Yunche. He was sitting with his back to him at the café’s entrance, with a bag of potato chips on the table. Chen Xingran didn’t know when Yang Yunche had changed his clothes, but he was now wearing a white hoodie and casual pants. The hood at the back was somewhat messy, and he had a black mask on. He looked like a typical college student, blending in seamlessly with the young students around him, without appearing out of place.

    Although he was wearing a mask, Yang Yunche’s tall and slender proportions, along with his outstanding eyes and brows visible outside the mask, still attracted many glances. Chen Xingran saw two girls tentatively approaching Yang Yunche and pointing at the empty seat in front of him, as if quietly asking if they could sit. Yang Yunche simply shook his head and said something to them, after which the disappointed girls left.

    He had also turned down a couple of kids who came to strike up a conversation. Yang Yunche looked down at his phone.

    On his phone screen was Chen Xingran’s live stream. At this point, the live stream had already ended, and he guessed it was about time.

    He reached out to grab the bag of potato chips on the table but found it empty.

    Yang Yunche: ?

    Turning his head, he saw a young figure standing behind him. The setting sun cast a halo around him, and his handsome face looked like it had stepped out of a painting. He was holding Yang Yunche’s potato chips, and his light-colored eyes were now looking at Yang Yunche with a somewhat helpless expression, as if scolding an unruly child.

    Chen Xingran raised an eyebrow and reached out to help him straighten the hood on his back. “Didn’t Luo Baibai say you have a stomach problem?”

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