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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 40

40. Custom-Made Level Operation Cabin

    Although Chen Xingran’s current body was only eighteen years old, the twenty-plus years he spent in his previous life had given him a more mature personality compared to his peers. In the face of twenty-three-year-old Yang Yunche, he still regarded him as a junior.

    Many people knew about Yang Yunche’s stomach condition. When they were at the base, due to his status as the team captain, Luo Baibai and the others often turned a blind eye when they saw Yang Yunche sneaking snacks, and they dared not say anything, let alone confiscate his snacks.

    Facing Chen Xingran’s relaxed attitude, Yang Yunche was momentarily stunned. He wanted to reach out and take the potato chips back, but when he made eye contact with Chen Xingran, he unconsciously stopped his hand.

    Why did it feel like he was caught by a parent for doing something wrong?

    Despite his young age, Chen Xingran’s demeanor was quite mature. Yang Yunche thought to himself, withdrew his hand awkwardly, and handed Chen Xingran another cup of coffee. “Here.”

    It was a caramel latte with full sugar, served in an insulated paper cup, still warm.

    “Thank you.”

    Chen Xingran took the latte and asked, “Are we going to the base now?”


    Yang Yunche stood up and said, “Why don’t you ride with me? It’s not far; we’ll get there quickly.”


    Chen Xingran followed him. As they left, he didn’t notice that not far away in a shop near the cafe, Dong Qi Yi was watching their departing figures with a complex expression.

    Was that person just now a friend of Chen Xingran?

    Dong Qi Yi looked at the figure of Yang Yunche beside him and inexplicably felt that the masked man seemed familiar. Chen Xingran and he seemed to have a good relationship, as seen from the way he smiled when receiving the coffee. Although his expression had always been subtle, it was clear that his attitude was different from how he treated himself. It was less polite and distant, and more affectionate toward a friend.

    Dong Qi Yi watched the two of them leave, pursed his lips, and felt a somewhat sour feeling in his heart.

    “Dong Qi Yi, where are you going?”

    His friend turned around and found that Dong Qi Yi had already walked away, his back looking unhappy.

    Dong Qi Yi didn’t look back and said, “I’m leaving. Going back to the dorm.”

    His friend looked puzzled. He had been fine just a moment ago, what happened?

    Yang Yunche had driven there, and Chen Xingran hitched a ride with him to the ZMD base, which only took about ten minutes.

    As they passed by a certain place in the He Tai Park, Yang Yunche paused for a moment while gripping the steering wheel. He said to Chen Xingran, “Do you remember this place? It’s where you displayed your heroics last time.”

    Chen Xingran looked out of the window and suddenly realized, “You mean the time I played the hero to save the handsome guy?”

    “Hero to save the handsome guy.”

    Yang Yunche corrected him, “And the handsome guy’s little sidekick.”

    Chen Xingran burst into laughter, “Wasn’t the person next to you from ZMD too?”

    “He’s our team manager, Fu Zhou.”

    Yang Yunche said, “He’s also a graduate of Shou Dian. If you calculate, he’s your senior. After you saved him last time, Fu Zhou kept saying he wanted to thank you.”

    “Standing up against injustice is what anyone should do.”

    Chen Xingran casually replied.

    His tone had a hint of a chivalrous demeanor, and Yang Yunche couldn’t help but smile.

    ZMD’s new base was quite large. It was constructed by merging the bases of two old and prestigious clubs. It not only had a massive main building but also various facilities such as dormitories, a private cafeteria, an entertainment center, and even a large courtyard, a playground, and a swimming pool within the base premises. It exuded an air of extravagance and opulence.

    Although Chen Xingran wasn’t a gamer in his previous life, he had a general impression of the esports industry. He remembered that in his previous world, although the esports industry was flourishing, it wasn’t as lavish as this. Many professional teams even had to finance themselves for competitions, and they had to rely on fresh talent to survive. After the peak period passed, they often faced the risk of unemployment.

    However, in this world, the gaming industry’s prosperity had led to a completely different situation. Esports clubs here were treated like large enterprises, and their professional teams were the flagship products. They had various peripherals, endorsements, and commercial deals. Even retired players had good placements, such as becoming instructors at various gaming academies, signing up as official streamers on major platforms, or staying in the base to work as coaches.

    The societal view of gaming no longer carried any bias. Professional players were considered a legitimate and respectable profession. This high regard for gaming among the youth, coupled with an influx of talent into various professional teams’ training programs, created healthy competition for positions. This positive feedback loop led to the industry’s vigorous growth, and the competitions became more exciting with each passing year.

    “Some places are still under renovation, but the main building is completed. Let me show you around.”

    Seeing Chen Xingran looking around in amazement, with a Granny Liu visits the Grand View Gardens kind of attitude, Yang Yunche couldn’t help but smile.

    *刘姥姥进大观园(Granny Liu visits the Grand View Gardens) – (of a simple person) to be overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings. Granny Liu is a character in one of China’s four great classical literary masterpieces, “Dream of the Red Chamber.”

    It seemed that he still had a bit of a child in him.


    Chen Xingran withdrew his gaze.

    The main building of the base resembled a three-story villa. Its silver-white exterior gave it a futuristic feel, and the inclusion of semi-transparent glass and numerous RGB lights made it brim with an esports atmosphere.

    “The training rooms and dormitories for the second and third teams and the youth training camp are a bit further back. The main building is generally reserved for the first team.”

    As they walked, Yang Yunche continued to introduce, “This is the lobby, over there is the cafeteria, the second floor consists of individual rooms for the team members. There’s also a tea room where we have a chef who prepares snacks and coffee. If we’re in training, they’ll even deliver it to the training rooms. Oh, and we have mahjong tables, although we rarely use them except for Fu Zhou, he loves to play.”

    Chen Xingran looked around, marveling at everything as they went.

    Is this the grandeur of a top-tier esports team? All the facilities here are top-notch, and this treatment is practically a template for a millionaire’s lifestyle.

    “That over there is the training room. The computers and operation cabins are all there, which is where we spend most of our time.”

    Yang Yunche pointed to a nearby door. “Want to take a look?”


    Chen Xingran was somewhat excited, then he looked around, puzzled. “Aren’t there any people at the base today?”

    “Yes, Luo Baibai and You Hongwei are already here, and Xiao Nan should be arriving tomorrow.”

    Yang Yunche led him, saying, “I guess they’re with Fu Zhou. Here we are.”

    They passed through a spacious corridor adorned with RGB lighting and entered the training room. The training room’s entrance was automated, and as they approached it, the doors opened automatically, revealing a spacious, well-lit, and clean area.

    On the left was the computer area, each station had its own separate enclosure with large screens and liquid-cooled mainframes emitting a high-tech glow. They also had live streaming equipment.

    On the right was the operation cabin area, with a row of streamlined, light blue pods neatly arranged. They looked slightly different from the ones Chen Xingran had seen in the internet cafe, larger overall and more luxurious in appearance. The pods were even adorned with the prominent ZMD team logo, giving them a cool look.

    In the middle was a conference-like area, with a large holographic screen dividing the two sides. This area was used for tactical analysis and discussions.

    Chen Xingran couldn’t help but exclaim in awe, even though he had been trying to keep his emotions in check.

    This was just too lavish.

    Yang Yunche secretly observed Chen Xingran’s expression and couldn’t help but smile inwardly.

    Fishing successful!

    “Can I try out one of the operation cabins?” Chen Xingran asked with anticipation in his voice.

    “Of course, why else would I bring you here?” Yang Yunche shrugged and walked over to the operation cabin area. “This one is mine. Want to give it a try?”

    The outer shell of the operation cabin opened, and Chen Xingran curiously touched it. Even the material of the pod’s seat felt different, with a soft and skin-friendly texture. The interior space was slightly larger than the ones in the internet cafe, and it seemed to have a dedicated ventilation system. When he entered the operation cabin, he could feel a gentle airflow.

    Chen Xingran touched the seat, then lay down. The seat inside the pod quickly adjusted its angle automatically to better fit his body, increasing comfort. Then the ventilation system inside the pod activated, and the door closed behind him.

    In Yang Yunche’s eyes, it seemed as if a wild squirrel had willingly entered a cage.

    Oh well, catch success!

    Yang Yunche could tell that Chen Xingran was quite interested in the operation cabin. He was equally confident that ZMD had made significant investments in gaming equipment. Once someone experienced these customized operation cabins, they were likely to fall in love with them. When that happened, it would be easy to seize the opportunity and capture the little squirrel.

    As the captain of ZMD, he was the master planner!

    Just as he was thinking this, the training room’s door suddenly opened, and Fu Zhou entered with a complex expression.

    “Oh, you’re back?” Fu Zhou looked momentarily surprised when he saw Yang Yunche.

    “Did you talk to You Hongwei?” Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow.


    Fu Zhou sighed. “Anyway, I won’t be renewing his contract next season. It’s better to talk to him early. You Hongwei should have sensed the change in the wind too.”

    “Did it go smoothly?”

    “Reasonably so.”

    “Why the long face then?”

    “It’s not because of that.” Fu Zhou glanced at Yang Yunche sneakily. “I was just a bit tired and happened to take the rubber pillow from your seat.”

    “And then?”

    “I accidentally flattened it.”

    Fu Zhou touched his head. “But it’s fine, it’s of good quality, it bounced back on its own, and it’s still usable.”

    Yang Yunche asked, “May I ask what you used to flatten it?”

    “My body.”

    “Specifically, which concrete part of your body?”

    Fu Zhou blushed and said shyly, “My…jade butt.”


    Good, it will be thrown away tomorrow.

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