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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 44

44. Ladies and Gentlemen, As You WIsh.

    In the days that followed, Chen Xingran’s life returned to its normal routine.

    Classes, live streaming, going offline, returning to school – it seemed like nothing had changed from before.

    If you had to point out something different, it would be that in his Yunxin, he had a friend whose chat frequency was gradually increasing.

    Perhaps it was because he was afraid that the new team member he had finally acquired would slip through his fingers, or maybe he was worried that Lu Mingyu would suddenly appear and snatch his love. For some reason, Yang Yunche had been sending messages to Chen Xingran every so often, ranging from casual greetings to various trivial matters. He showed genuine concern in every message.

    Morning: Have you woken up? Remember to have breakfast.

    Noon: Good afternoon. Have you had lunch? I heard that Lu Mingyu has been going out a lot these days and not at the base. After eating, remember to lock your dormitory door and windows. If a stranger knocks on your door, never open it.

    Evening: Good evening. I went to the board of directors today. Your contract should be finalized in the next few days. Do you want me to help you tidy up your room at the base? By the way, what kind of decoration style do you like for your room, esports style, minimalist style, or a pink princess style?

    Chen Xingran: …

    Yang Yunche seemed quite eager to bring him into the team.

    He was somewhat helpless but still replied to each message. However, he didn’t expect that once he replied, Yang Yunche would become even more enthusiastic. Sometimes he asked about the decoration style of his base room, other times he inquired about his meals and dietary restrictions, saying he wanted the base housekeeper to learn how to prepare certain dishes. Then, he requested Chen Xingran’s body measurements for customizing the team uniform.

    Although these were tasks typically handled by Fu Zhou, Yang Yunche seemed to have taken on all of them himself, acting as if he were a newlywed couple decorating a new home.

    Finally, after being awakened by a late-night message from Yang Yunche, Chen Xingran couldn’t take it anymore.

    Handsome Yang Yunche: Good midnight, it’s time to get up for a pee.

    He stared at this message for a full three minutes, lost in thought.

    …While those who practiced martial arts highly valued their promises, he couldn’t help but consider reneging on this one.

    He replied helplessly: Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?

    Yang Yunche responded immediately: Can’t sleep. By the way, I just came up with a new lineup and tactics that are perfect for our current team’s playstyle. It has a high margin for error. Do you want to take a look?

    Chen Xingran: Yang Captain…

    Handsome Yang Yunche: Hmm?

    He followed this with a cat emoji with big, expectant eyes.

    Chen Xingran: I need to prepare for the New Star Cup. Let’s not contact each other during this time, okay?

    After sending the message, he moved his finger decisively and without hesitation, adding Yang Yunche to his blocklist, then went back to sleep.

    Without Yang Yunche’s message bombardment, Chen Xingran slept soundly that night. He even managed to linger in bed for a while after waking up in the morning.

    Under the vibrant morning sun, Chen Xingran stretched lazily.

    In his previous life, he rarely stayed in bed and would wake up at around 5 a.m. every day to practice martial arts without fail, rain or shine. However, after his rebirth, this frail body couldn’t withstand the rigorous morning training routine of a martial artist, so Chen Xingran gave it up willingly.

    To be honest, for someone used to a disciplined life, occasionally experiencing life like a carefree youth was quite enjoyable. At least for Chen Xingran, it was a rather novel experience.

    Today was the day the New Star Cup commenced, and all the teachers and students of the entire school had the day off. Chen Xingran had already requested leave from his livestream viewers in advance.

    His status as a student at the Capital Esports Academy was no longer a secret, and his viewers all expressed understanding. Following that, they excitedly rushed to the livestreams of the Capital Esports Academy, eager to see the true face of Ye Shao.

    The broadCommentator was going to reveal his face!!

    One of the top three knife-fighting experts in the newly established national server, he had always been a mysterious figure in the public’s eyes.

    Although he hadn’t been livestreaming for long, his popularity exceeded that of many well-known broadCommentators. Most people had never heard of his name before, and on his first livestream, he had astonished everyone with his incredible knife skills. This had led to a wave of discussions and learning fervor on forums. To this day, no one else had managed to replicate the astonishing moves he had pulled off.

    Furthermore, during the assessment of the Divine Blade Sect, he had showcased his exceptional marksmanship. Following this, he had received invitations from Yang Yunche, the captain of ZMD, and Luo Mingyu, the captain of All Stars, one after another. It was as if a hidden monk, dedicated to a hundred years of practice in seclusion, had suddenly appeared like a dazzling star in the night sky, sweeping through the scene with unparalleled dominance.

    What was even more crucial was that he was very young, indicating that Ye Shao was at the peak of his career as a professional player.

    Countless pairs of eyes were drawn to him, all wanting to see the true face of Ye Shao and discover the real appearance of this mysterious and powerful expert.

    As a result, the New Star Cup at the Capital Esports Academy received unprecedented attention. It happened to coincide with the offseason when the Fate Cup had not yet begun. The New Star Cup had overshadowed many other smaller competitions, directly securing a prominent position on the homepage of the Starry River livestream platform, surpassing the traffic of any previous edition.

    Various gaming media outlets and teams were also on the move, and the prices of tickets for attending the event had skyrocketed several times!


    Chen Xingran walked through the school and saw Wu Feiang waiting for him not far away, waving vigorously in the crowd.

    Chen Xingran walked over and exclaimed, “There are so many people today…”

    Wu Feiang said, “Of course, this year’s New Star Cup has a lot of big names.”

    Although the New Star Cup was only an internal competition within the school, it was still held at the country’s largest esports academy. The scale of the New Star Cup was even comparable to a medium-sized esports competition. It had not only invited experienced commentators but had also purchased the official spectator system at a high price, along with inviting multiple gaming media outlets.

    The lineup of guests was also star-studded, featuring numerous famous players. In addition, with the presence of Yang Yunche, the captain of a top-tier team, the event had garnered significant attention from the outside world. The vast campus of the Capital Esports Academy was bustling with people.

    “The campus of Shoudian is so huge! It’s like there are three of our schools combined.”

    “My goodness, so many people.”

    “F*ck, isn’t that Jiang Yan from Team Autumn Waters? She’s here too!”

    “Ahhhh, my goddess! I love watching her play!”

    “Ye Shao fan bursting in uninvited, where’s my lao po?”

    “My God, this year’s lineup is star-studded!”

    The official livestream channel of Shoudian University was already packed with viewers. The competition hadn’t even started yet, and the number of viewers had already surpassed two million. In addition to the current students and alumni of Shoudian University, there were also many team fans and livestream viewers. The barrage was going crazy, creating a lively atmosphere.

    As the New Star Cup implied, it was a competition for emerging esports talents. Moreover, it was taking place at Shoudian University, the largest esports academy in the country. Although the participants were only freshmen, there might be a future star player among them. Just like Yang Yunche, many of his fans had followed his journey from the New Star Cup era to his current status as a world-class player.

    This sense of witnessing growth and the “stock investment” mentality were pleasures for many esports fans.

    “Is Ye Shao really at Shoudian?”

    “Sister, did you not check the list of participants? It was released a few days ago. The sparkling ID is pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

    “I’ve watched Ye Shao’s and Captain Lu’s videos dozens of times, wuwuwu, every time I watch, it’s so breathtaking.”


    “Captain Yang’s videos with him are also amazing. He’s my number one solo player in Huntian City.”

    “I feel like his knife skills weren’t as mature when he played with Yang Yunche.”

    “He’s improving so fast, and it seems like he can use many different weapons.”

    “The long spear and Tang knife are awesome!! I love watching him use these two weapons the most.”

    “His fans are funny. This isn’t even your favorite streamer’s home ground. If he’s really that strong, why doesn’t he go pro and bring glory to the country?”

    “You’re funny too. Don’t you know how many teams are trying to recruit him now? Maybe we’ll see him in the next season.”

    “Oh, right, during the match, don’t get turned into a box when he lands, so he doesn’t hit the faces of people like you.”

    “Will the participating players please proceed to the waiting area? Will the participating players please proceed to the waiting area?”

    The school’s announcement echoed, and at the same time, Chen Xingran’s phone received the same message.

    “I’ll go get ready first,” Chen Xingran said to Wu Feiang.

    Wu Feiang clenched his fist. “Go for it!”

    Chen Xingran smiled and waved back at him before following the crowd into the waiting area.

    The spacious waiting area was already crowded with people, including some of this year’s outstanding individuals, some of whom were well-known on the national solo rankings.

    After Chen Xingran entered, many eyes fell on him at the same time, with a hint of curiosity and anticipation in their expressions.

    “Is that him?”

    “Yes, the one in the Bronze rank.”

    “He really came to participate? I thought he’d find an excuse not to come.”

    “Maybe he’s just here to make up the numbers.”

    Chen Xingran’s arrival attracted some attention, but no one considered him a threat.

    Although there were no entry requirements for the New Star Cup, as long as you were a freshman, most people had a realistic understanding of their own abilities. If your rank wasn’t in the Heavenly Star tier, you were basically considered free points.

    Shoudian University had hidden talents, and many students had received invitations from major teams during their freshman year. For example, Dong Qiyi had received a trial invitation from All Stars, and it was clear to everyone that this year’s most outstanding freshman had a bright future ahead.

    In contrast, Chen Xingran, who had once claimed that he would surpass Dong Qiyi in the New Star Cup, seemed like an insignificant insect now.

    Someone whispered, “Dong Qiyi is here!”

    Someone had quietly shouted this, and a large number of gazes instantly shifted away from Chen Xingran and toward the entrance.

    Dong Qiyi’s figure appeared at the entrance. His red hair, which had been dyed back to its original color, had a slightly less flamboyant appearance.

    Dong Qiyi immediately spotted Chen Xingran in the crowd. The young man who had been praised as the campus heartthrob as soon as he entered the campus stood out among the ordinary university students.

    Certainly, I can change “Yang Yuncheg” to “Yang Yunche” in the text. Here’s the updated version:

    He shifted his feet, as if he wanted to head in Chen Xingran’s direction, but a certain image flashed through his mind, causing his steps to come to a halt. Finally, he found a seat without looking around, sitting in silence, exuding an aloof demeanor.

    Chen Xingran’s gaze only lingered on him for a moment before returning.

    The competition staff had finished setting up the equipment. There were a total of one hundred gaming stations neatly arranged in the competition area, with each participant’s ID displayed on a small sign above their station. Whether intentional or not, Ye Shao’s sign was hung in the most prominent position, easily visible to the camera.

    The New Star Cup featured both solo and squad competitions, and Chen Xingran had registered for the solo competition, designated in Group A, being the first to compete.

    After the school leaders’ speeches and guest introductions, the competition was about to begin.

    Chen Xingran sat in the waiting area, and from this vantage point, he could see the guest seating area. When Yang Yunche took the stage as a guest, Chen Xingran naturally saw him.

    Amidst the enthusiastic cheers from the audience, Yang Yunche calmly stepped onto the stage. Today, he was dressed in a rather formal suit, giving him a mature charm. Sitting alongside many middle-aged school leaders, Yang Yunche, a young and handsome team captain, stood out even more. His hair was meticulously styled, and his expression was calm and composed, like a model about to walk the runway.

    “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, God Yun is here!”

    “God Yun looks so handsome today! I’m a fan of men in suits.”

    “Host, don’t interview him, just let him sit quietly and say less.”

    “”My Dumb Groom.””

    The school had generously invited three well-known domestic Commentators, all with extensive experience in major tournaments, to handle the event smoothly.

    Commentator A: “Welcome to the 21st Capital Esports Academy New Star Cup competition venue. I am one of the Commentators for this match.”

    Commentator B: “This New Star Cup is really lively. It’s a star-studded event. Even the captain of the ZMD team is here as a guest today. It’s making me a bit nervous.”

    Commentator C: “Alright, enough chitchat. The schedule for this event spans three days, with the solo competition on the first day and the squad competition on the second and third days. We are about to start the solo Group A round. As you can see from the waiting area, our New Star Cup participants are raring to go.”

    As Commentator A spoke, his gaze couldn’t help but look towards a certain spot in the competition area.

    Commentator A: “Don’t be so obvious; we all know who you’re looking for…”

    Commentator B chuckled, “Yes, the popular streamer Ye Shao has also joined the New Star Cup competition recently. This is the first time we’ll get to see his real face, and I believe everyone is looking forward to it.”

    “It’s true that Shoudian University has many hidden talents. This year’s freshmen have quite a few dark horses…”

    Chen Xingran looked towards the stage, and when his eyes met Yang Yunche’s from a distance, something about the expression on Yang Yunche’s face felt different during that brief moment…

    …was it a hint of… grievance?

    Commentator: “…Alright, the competition is about to begin. The Group A participants are about to take their seats and enter their gaming stations.”

    The participants in the waiting area stood up one after another and headed towards the gaming stations in the competition area. Chen Xingran also got up.

    As he passed by Dong Qiyi, the latter’s lips moved, and although the voice was not loud, Chen Xingran still heard his words.

    “…Good luck in the match.”

    Chen Xingran couldn’t help but smile wryly.

    Is it common to wish opponents good luck in a match?

    He wasn’t sure if Dong Qiyi was speaking to him. He took another glance, and Dong Qiyi’s gaze flickered as he avoided eye contact.


    Chen Xingran smiled back at him. “Give it your all.”

    He then walked towards the gaming station with his name on it.

    The live stream cameras focused on them, and the viewership skyrocketed in an instant, with countless chat messages scrolling every second.

    Everyone had the same question in their minds.

    Who is Ye Shao?

    The participants entered their gaming stations one by one, and the gaming station bearing the name Ye Shao was closely watched by the cameras. Countless pairs of eyes were fixed there, and you could hear a pin drop.

    Two seconds later, a figure of a young man appeared on the camera.

    In the guest seating area, Yang Yunche smiled.

    He knew that from this moment on, a king would be born.

    Starting from the New Star Cup, his name would be remembered by countless people. With his unwavering determination, he would overcome all obstacles. What awaited him would be the stage representing the pinnacle of the world.

    Yang Yunche was filled with pride.

    Under the gaze of all the cameras, in the anticipation of the audience, and amidst the incredulous looks of the surrounding participants…

    Chen Xingran slowly walked into his designated gaming station, as if he were ascending to a throne.

    Clouds billowed and mist rose, concealing a killing intent, while a million soldiers waved their flags.

    I am invincible, do as you wish.

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