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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 45

45. The spear is like a dragon in the hands of ten thousand soldiers!

New Star Cup Event Live Stream.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! I’m in love, everyone!”

“The Ye Shao I imagined: fierce and taciturn. The actual Ye Shao: a soft and meng beautiful young man?”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh! I’m giving a standing ovation right where I am!”

“No wonder God Yun, contrary to his usual style, is playing ranked games with my lao po every day. It turns out he’s smitten! Case solved!”

“He’s so handsome, why doesn’t he turn on his camera? Wuwuwu, I’ll definitely rewatch this livestream several times when I get back.”

“I didn’t expect Ye Shao to be so popular.”

The commentator looked at the barrage of messages scrolling on the screen and exclaimed.

“To be honest, I’m also his fan,” another commentator laughed. “I’ve watched the videos he did with Captain Lu several times. If I weren’t sitting here in the commentator’s seat, I’d be screaming with excitement right now. Haha, is that allowed?”

“Oh, it’s allowed, it’s allowed… I just don’t know if we’ll get to see his legendary skill, ‘Thunderclap’ today. I believe everyone is looking forward to it.”

“All right, our players are ready on Spawn Island, and they’re starting to choose their landing spots…”

The formal matches used a point system, with Group A playing three matches in total. Rankings were based on the combined points and defeated points obtained from these three matches.

Each player had a different playstyle. Although landing in crowded areas made it easier to gain defeated points early in the game, it also came with high risks. If you were eliminated early, it would create a significant point gap with other players. Therefore, more cautious players often chose to develop in the wilderness before moving to high-resource areas or opted for a more conservative playstyle to secure their ranking points.

Chen Xingran glanced at the map and chose not to land in his familiar Huntian City. Instead, he selected Cloud Mist Palace.

After playing with Yang Yunche for a while, he had inevitably been influenced to some extent. He wasn’t as reckless as when he first started playing games. He had learned to approach a game with a more strategic mindset.

In this match, there were fewer players landing at Cloud Mist Palace compared to Huntian City, but there were still eight or nine players. There wouldn’t be a shortage of eliminations, but the risk was significantly lower than in Huntian City. After all, Huntian City was located at the center of the map and had many intermediate resource areas and fertile wilderness areas. Players who landed there were often embroiled in continuous combat, and even Chen Xingran had flipped over a few cars during his countless landings in Huntian City.

The countdown ended.

The shattered bodies reassembled at Cloud Mist Palace. The weather was clear this time, although the palace was still shrouded in heavy fog. However, the visibility was much better than when he had fought Lu Mingyu.

Chen Xingran landed near the entrance of the palace, and the palace was at the center of Cloud Mist Palace, offering the most abundant resources. Without hesitation, he rushed into the interior of the palace.

The palace was brightly lit, and supplies such as armor and medical kits were scattered all over the place. Most prominently, a gleaming golden spear was floating in mid-air above an altar.

A perfect start!

Chen Xingran’s eyes lit up, and he quickly ran towards it.

Just as he was about to reach the golden spear, he suddenly heard a barely audible sound of something breaking through the air behind him.


An arrow shot towards him, and Chen Xingran instinctively dodged. The arrow missed him, striking above the altar behind him.

The accuracy was good, but it was still far from matching Yang Yunche’s.

Chen Xingran thought to himself.

The sudden appearance of an opponent didn’t startle him. Chen Xingran merely glanced and spotted an enemy about twenty meters away, drawing a bow and shooting arrows.

It was a Thunder Fist.

Chen Xingran quickly reached out, and the golden spear on the altar landed in his hand. The spearhead, shimmering with a dark golden aura, looked like a divine weapon blessed by the gods in this magnificent palace. It was stunning.

With the golden spear in hand, Chen Xingran skillfully swung it in the air, creating a golden crescent moon. He fixed his gaze on the nearby enemy.

The Thunder Fist player was wearing purple armor.

Chen Xingran had no armor on himself, and he only had the initial 1000 hit points. However, he still charged towards the opponent.

Ghost Shadow Slash!

The Demonic Blade skill  was activated, and his figure turned into a blade that sliced through the air. The spear tip was like a dragon!

In the game, player IDs were not visible to opponents, so the Thunder Fist player didn’t know who he was facing. After missing with one arrow, he was preparing to draw his bow for another shot. However, he saw the Demonic Blade not retreating but instead charging towards him. He couldn’t help but pause.

Is he really this audacious?

He was a top student in the eSports department, with an Asura rank in squad mode and an Earth Fiend rank in solo mode. He naturally had confidence in his own abilities. Seeing the Demonic Blade not retreating and even launching an attack when he was wearing purple armor and wielding a blue sword, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

The golden spear held by the Demonic Blade was something he coveted greatly. Since it was a delivered right to him, he might as well accept it.

He retrieved his longbow, switched weapons, and a blue broadsword appeared in the Thunder Fist’s hand.

He fixed his gaze on the landing point of the Demonic Blade skill “Ghost Shadow Slash” and simultaneously activated his own skill.

Dragon Ascension Fist!

The Thunder Fist skill was quite simple. A hit from the Dragon Ascension Fist could knock an enemy into the air. Combined with the high attack power of the broadsword, a full set of aerial slashes could easily take down the Demonic Blade who wasn’t wearing armor.

However, he miscalculated.


Chen Xingran’s figure was like a ghost, and just as the Demonic Blade Slash was about to reach its destination, he forcefully plunged the golden spear in his hand into the ground. The crystal-like floor tiles of the temple were instantly pierced, and driven by the inertia of the Demonic Blade Slash, a furrow was cut into the ground, stopping his forward momentum!

The Thunder Fist’s Dragon Ascension Fist clearly hit nothing.

The golden spear was like a nail, firmly lodged in the ground. Chen Xingran’s forward charge suddenly halted, but under the influence of inertia, his body still drifted slightly forward. In the next moment, a dark golden radiance swept through as he swiftly pulled out the golden spear, exerted force with his body, and with the momentum of the swing, he smashed it forward!

Half-Moon Strike!

In the camera, the director’s footage was frozen during a battle in Huncity.

“Beautiful, our player Dong Qi-yi’s attack was spot-on with this thrust, directly breaking through the opponent’s defense and earning points.”

The commentator couldn’t help but praise.

Commentator B: “Just after landing, the players who landed in high-resource areas have already started their first skirmish. Alright, now the camera is switching to Cloud Mist Sky Palace, where they’ve also started fighting!”

The director switched the camera, as an experienced director, he naturally knew which player had the most viewers, the highest attention, and could contribute the most exciting shots. These were all essential skills, so he directly switched the main camera to Cloud Mist Sky Palace, where Chen Xingran was located.

“Ye Shao… Oh, player Chen Xingran here has encountered a battle as well. It seems his luck is good, starting with a golden spear. But why isn’t he wearing armor?… I’ll be damned!”

The commentator took a glance at the screen and began to comment. Before he could finish, the Demonic Blade in the footage started to move. It dashed forward, pierced the ground, interrupted the Demonic Blade Slash, and then pulled out the spear to strike forcefully. These movements flowed seamlessly, and even through the camera, one could feel the terrifying pressure of the metal spearhead approaching like a ferocious butcher, filled with danger and murderous intent. The commentator couldn’t control himself and let out a cry of astonishment.

The spear, a versatile weapon with many variations, could be used for thrusting, stabbing, blocking, seizing, smashing, and more. At this moment, Chen Xingran used the smashing technique, turning the spear into a staff, using his body as a medium to transmit the full force of his forward momentum.

The metal spear shaft erupted with tremendous power, hitting the Thunder Fist solidly!

If this were in reality, even with a steel helmet on, it would still splatter brain matter all over the place.

Fortunately, this was just a game, without such bloody scenes. Under Chen Xingran’s force, this Half-Moon Strike directly wiped out nearly two-thirds of the Thunder Fist’s armor!

The Thunder Fist, looking at the loss of a large portion of his armor, was startled.

In their Group A, there was Ye Shao, the currently popular streamer, and he knew that. The Demonic Blade in front of him, who used the long spear with such proficiency, seemed like a god descending to earth. His movements were smooth and beautiful. However, just after their first exchange, he quickly realized.

This Demonic Blade was undoubtedly Ye Shao!

The formidable power and overwhelming pressure were not something an ordinary player could possess. Anyone who had faced Ye Shao head-on would have the same feeling. It was as if they were facing a thousand-armed and thousand-eyed Asura, every move seemed casual, as if done effortlessly, yet flawless, with a rounded spear technique. No matter where you attacked from, there was no way to find an opening…

The Thunder Fist’s heart wavered with fear, wanting to retreat, but he hesitated for a moment—

The Demonic Blade in front of him wasn’t wearing armor, while he himself was in purple armor, giving him an advantage in hit points. As long as he could endure the pressure and engage in a few clashes, wasn’t there still a chance? What if he had a stroke of luck and an extraordinary performance, killing him, wouldn’t that be an instant moment of glory?

If the Thunder Fist had chosen to retreat immediately, there might still have been a chance. However, just in that moment of hesitation, his fate was sealed.

Without the slightest pause, after receiving half of the Thunder Fist’s armor with a Half-Moon Strike, Chen Xingran’s actions didn’t stop. With a hand pressing on the gun handle, his arm’s muscles tensed in an instant. His stance shifted firmly, and the spear tip that had already landed on the ground suddenly rose up like a flexible python, abruptly lifted from the ground, and thrust upward—

A simple and unpretentious thrust!

Spear techniques had countless variations, and they were extremely dangerous, especially in the hands of apex spear users like Chen Xingran. Even the Laughing Spring Knife, when facing his spear, had to be on high alert. The Thunder Fist, on the other hand, dared to hesitate. If this were a real-life showdown, he would have long been a lifeless body lying on the ground.

This simple and unadorned thrust, from an outsider’s perspective, seemed plain and ordinary, as if it were casually executed. However, Thunder Fist’s hairs stood on end in that moment, as if facing the fiercest storm in the middle of the ocean. The spear seemed to be aimed at the waist and legs, but upon closer inspection, it seemed different. In the tremble of the spearhead, the real and the illusion interchanged. It appeared to stab at the waist and legs, but when attempting to parry, it pierced through the heart in the next instant!

Seeing is believing, but hearing the truth is real. This thrust, which was a mix of real and feigned attacks, contained Chen Xingran’s decades of dedication to honing his sharp spear techniques.

The Python Probing the Dragon Stance!


Thunder Fist wanted to raise his broadsword to block, but the spearhead’s ever-changing movements had already bypassed the blade and pierced his chest. It emitted a cringe-inducing, stabbing sound. With the high attack power of the golden spear combined with Chen Xingran’s full attack spirit jade, a tremendous amount of damage floated above Thunder Fist’s head. The force that ran through his body lifted him into the air.


Thunder Fist was finally in a panic; he seemed to smell the scent of death. Desperately, he swung his broadsword, wanting to escape the battlefield, but Chen Xingran wouldn’t give him the chance.

The spear was already inside him, and the outcome was decided.

Facing Thunder Fist’s hurried blade, Chen Xingran paid no attention. Holding the spear in both hands, the front hand acted as if it were guiding, while the back hand rapidly manipulated the spear shaft to extend and contract.


The spear tip, shimmering with a golden halo, in an instant, exploded into numerous cold stars, silvery and sharp, as if countless powerful arrows or rockets, rapidly pierced Thunder Fist’s chest and other critical areas, and then retracted, pierced again, and retracted…

There were no fancy moves, just the hands moving in coordination with the waist, the spear shaft extending and contracting, as if practicing thrusting into a wooden stake. However, anyone who saw this scene couldn’t help but feel a chill down their spine!





A dense array of damage numbers continued to appear above Thunder Fist’s head without stopping. His body, suspended in mid-air like a broken leaf, was subjected to the enormous impact of these naked stabs. It sent him flying into the sky once again, and in the end, under the powerful impact of a galloping stallion, he tumbled heavily to the ground!

Commentator: “Th-this this…”

His eyes widened, and his speech became stuttered.

WTF is this?

Are they shooting a movie? This is way too outrageous!!!

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Inner Child
8 months ago

My heart was pounding a little when I read this! You're welcome~

8 months ago

aaa so exciting!! I can sense how scary he would looks like even through text 🤣

Thank you for translating this!

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