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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 46

46. All Stars Board of Directors

“Directly downgrading the opponent”

“Ban deep-fried fish!”

“This spearplay is so fierce, oh my god, I directly knelt down to watch the game”

“So, Ye Shao’s real name is Chen Xingran, huh? Hehe, handsome guys have such nice names too”

“The newly crowned Dueling King who can go shoulder to shoulder with Captain Lu in this kind of solo match, isn’t this just chaotic slaughter?”

“You never know, Old Six is everywhere ah!”

“Direct downgrade attack!”

“No fishing allowed!”

“This guy is using the spear so aggressively, oh my, I’m watching this game on my knees!”

“So Ye Shao’s real name is Chen Xingran, huh? Hehe, handsome guys have nice names!”

“A newly risingDueling King who can rival Captain Lu is participating in a solo match of this level. Isn’t this a massacre?”

“This might not be a joke; Old Six is everywhere!”

The barrage was filled with discussions.

Speaking of Old Six, Old Six is here. In the game footage, Chen Xingran had just dealt with the Thunder Fist in front of him, switched to the opponent’s purple armor, and hadn’t had the chance to fill the armor gauge with armor plates. The sound of a Bird Musket rang out from behind.


The trajectory of a Bird Musket was faster than an arrow. Chen Xingran’s reaction was too slow, and a huge impact hit his shoulder. The pellet made his body shift, and his health dropped significantly.

This kind of situation was quite common in solo matches, and Chen Xingran was already used to it.

He casually picked up the purple bow from the Thunder Fist’s soul mound and, a bit awkwardly, turned around, pulling the bowstring to the full moon. With a “whoosh,” the arrow flew out.

The enemy behind him instinctively shrank back, taking cover behind an obstacle. However, the archery was extremely inaccurate. The arrow landed on a wall about six or seven meters to his left, completely off target.

The enemy: “…”

He quickly peeked out from cover, only to see Chen Xingran turning and rushing into the second floor of the temple. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.


“‘Aimlessly Shooting’.”

“To be honest, my grandma could throw stones more accurately than this.”

“The human outline master doesn’t disappoint!”

Commentator A: “Uh… our player Chen Xingran made a very clever feint to scare off the enemy.”

Commentator B: “Yes, although his swordsmanship is strong, the accuracy of this ranged weapon… he might need to work on it a bit more.”

The commentator’s words were tactful, but they couldn’t stop the lively atmosphere in the barrage.

“Have you ever thought that maybe it wasn’t a feint…”

“Ye Shao: Go to hell, I really wanted to hit him!!”

“My archery is just like this, rounding up, I’m also the new Dueling King in the domestic blade-dueling scene (puts arms on hips)!”

Guest Yang Yunche, watching the scene of Chen Xingran pulling a bow and shooting arrows, couldn’t help but curl his lips and almost burst out laughing.

When Chen Xingran joins the team, he needs to give him some lessons in ranged skills. They don’t need to be super accurate, but at least they should be impressive enough to fool people…

Chen Xingran retreated to the second floor of the temple, picked up a few armor plates, and listened intently to the footsteps nearby. At the same time, he filled his purple armor.

Purple armor and a golden spear. This was already a very wealthy start, and it was a configuration that could easily make it to the final circle.

Every minute and every second of the match was precious. Before the first poison circle closed, it was the easiest time to secure eliminations. As the game progressed, the poison circle would get smaller and smaller, and players often chose to avoid fights to secure their rankings. During this early stage of the match, it was crucial to earn as many elimination points as possible to maintain a good position in the standings.

After filling his armor, Chen Xingran rushed out of the main hall, his golden spear emitting a radiant halo like the sun, brimming with an aura of solemn killing intent, and charged into the boundless mist.

The match continued.

The main camera in the live broadcast room couldn’t stay focused on Chen Xingran all the time and quickly switched to another battlefield where intense battles were taking place.

In this match, besides Chen Xingran, the audience also witnessed many impressive maneuvers. In the first wave of confrontations as the players landed, one-third of the 100 participants were already eliminated. There were players engaging in direct combat, others lurking in the shadows to pick off opponents with ranged weapons, and some involved in chaotic melees. There were also those who avoided combat in the early stages, choosing to loot and prepare in the wilderness before heading towards high-resource areas. 

Battle Royale games are filled with uncertainties, and until the final moments, no one knows who will emerge as the victor. This is the charm of the game.

Azure Dragon’s Claw Stance!

Chen Xingran swiftly thrust forward, sending the fleeing enemy into the air. His spear, like a forest of strikes, unleashed a continuous barrage of damage, bringing his opponent down to low health.

Then, as if he had eyes in the back of his head, he elegantly and beautifully turned around mid-attack. With a sharp jab, he deflected the sword strike from an assailant who had approached from behind. The golden spear moved through the air in a graceful arc, resembling a crescent moon. With a thrust, he landed a hit on Old Six, forcing him to stumble backward.

The enemy who had been reduced to low health took the opportunity to use a mobility skill and escape. Chen Xingran, reluctantly, had to give up the chase and turned to confront Lao Liu, who had suddenly appeared.

One spear strike was as swift as a snowstorm, and the next was as cold as ice. Chen Xingran’s long spear seemed to have a life of its own, as if every joint in his body had completely broken free from the constraints of the game. From the perspective of motion correction, Chen Xingran’s movements were far from standard, but he executed them with such freedom and danger.

The director was also captivated by his artistic spearplay. The camera would often switch to him when Chen Xingran engaged in combat, giving him close-up shots.

This somewhat obvious bias towards Chen Xingran didn’t upset the audience; instead, they enjoyed it and cheered him on.

While the battles of other players had their moments, they couldn’t compare to Chen Xingran. His style of combat was distinctly different from many professional players. With a few glances at his previous broadcasts, anyone could recognize it. His style was extremely unique. His movements seemed unorthodox, yet when Chen Xingran used them, they appeared effortless and exceptionally dangerous.

Bang, bang, bang…

It was like a calligraphy master freely wielding his brush in the air, creating a masterpiece with just a few strokes. Chen Xingran was continuously racking up defeat points, one after another.

After looting some armor pieces, Chen Xingran glanced at the top-right corner of his screen to check the number of survivors.

There were still 26 players left.

The third poison circle had already appeared, and Chen Xingran had only accumulated 4 defeat points. The current circle wasn’t favorable for him; it was far from Cloud Mist Palace, and he had spent most of his time running through the circle. He hadn’t encountered many enemies.

The current kill leader was Dong Qiyi, who had landed in Huntian City and survived inside the city. He had already accumulated 6 defeat points.

Chen Xingran looked at the map, which indicated that the next poison circle would close in on the area around the Eternal Spring. It was close to the edge of the map. In his current position, it would be challenging to encounter opponents. After some thought, he made a decisive choice. Instead of trying to engage in combat on the edge of the circle while avoiding the poison, he would head straight towards the Eternal Spring.

Commentator A: “It seems that our player Chen Xingran intends to camp on the edge of the poison circle.”

Commentator B: “Yes, this way, he’s more likely to encounter enemies, but it’s also riskier.”

Commentator C: “For Chen Xingran right now, the most important thing is to gain defeat points as quickly as possible. This choice is understandable. As long as he can secure a few more defeat points, even if he doesn’t win, he won’t fall too far behind in the rankings.”

All Stars Club Base.

The holographic screen hung suspended in the center of the spacious conference room, displaying a live broadcast of the New Star Cup competition.

The camera focused on Chen Xingran, and the top-of-the-line holographic screen perfectly showcased his marksmanship. He executed a fierce half-moon strike, akin to a tiger descending a mountain, followed by precise shots, the spearhead flickering like a sudden explosion of pear blossoms falling in the forest and a dense burst of damage numbers, claiming kills.

In the conference room, the major shareholders of the All Stars Club exchanged glances.

While All Stars was a gaming club, these shareholders were essentially businessmen, and their understanding of the game was not as profound as some players.

Nevertheless, these shareholders, all in their fifties or older, could feel the pressure conveyed by the screen. The brilliant and perilous stars blossoming in the air were both beautiful and dangerous. It was as if they were witnessing a meticulously choreographed martial arts performance, and it stirred their blood, filling them with excitement.

Lu Mingyu sat beside the holographic screen, watching Chen Xingran in the footage, and a hint of astonishment and admiration flashed in his eyes.

If it were him, facing this situation, he would undoubtedly employ the simplest and most direct method to defeat the enemy, striving for maximum output efficiency. It might result in quicker eliminations, but he couldn’t execute these artistic maneuvers.

It wasn’t just about showing off; it was about having a deep understanding of the weapon, integrating each move into one’s very being, executing them effortlessly, unburdened by constraints. Even his casual attacks seemed to have a refreshing breeze attached to them, extraordinarily graceful and elegant.

“So, this is the newcomer you’ve set your sights on?”

After eliminating the enemy, the live broadcast switched to other battlegrounds. There was a moment of silence in the conference room, and a few seconds later, a middle-aged man with slightly graying temples spoke up, his voice tinged with amazement.

His name was Kou Xing, the largest shareholder of the All Stars Club. He was a major player in the gaming industry, a prominent figure in the field, and one of the top-ranking entrepreneurs in the country. He had countless gaming-related businesses under his umbrella, including the customized operation cabins used by various teams, with a significant portion of them being his brands.

“Yes,” Lu Mingyu nodded.

He still had that somewhat punk-like appearance, which contrasted with the well-dressed businessmen in the conference room. However, Lu Mingyu felt no discomfort and spoke calmly.

“From a single glance, he’s indeed impressive. His movements are eye-catching, easily attracting fans, and he has substantial commercial value.”

Kou Xing nodded. As a businessman, he habitually assessed everything with a commercial perspective. He might not understand Chen Xingran’s gameplay, but that didn’t affect his evaluation of the potential commercial value.

“I heard you lost to him a few days ago?” the middle-aged man asked. “In a public setting?”

Lu Mingyu admitted openly, “Yes.”

Kou Xing sighed, “Losing to a newcomer who hasn’t set foot in professional competitions yet will greatly impact your popularity. It’s too impulsive. I know you’re a gamer, and it’s normal to have the itch to compete, but you also represent the honor of the All Stars team. Even if you want to spar, it can be done privately.”

Lu Mingyu shrugged, “Alright, I’ll be more careful next time.”

He said it, but Kou Xing knew he probably wouldn’t heed the advice.

“Okay, let’s get back to business,” Kou Xing said, pausing for a moment before continuing, “Even if his skills are outstanding, he’s still a newcomer. Allowing someone with no major competition experience to play as a starter is a gamble.”

“Yes, but it’s a gamble worth taking,” Lu Mingyu replied.

He looked directly at Kou Xing, showing no signs of hesitation. “Ah Mu is about to retire, and All Stars is missing a key player. If we follow your suggestion and recruit someone from outside our region, our prospects for the next season don’t look promising.”

Kou Xing frowned, “Then increase the offer.”

He didn’t seem concerned and said, “If necessary, bring in Li Haoyuan. You acknowledge his skill, right?”

Lu Mingyu furrowed his brow, “Li Haoyuan is undoubtedly skilled, but his style doesn’t mesh with All Stars. He excels in stealth, but what we lack right now is a front-line assault player, not a controller.”

“If Li Haoyuan won’t do, does this student really fit the bill?”

“I can’t guarantee that he’ll definitely work out, but at least for now, I can’t find a more suitable candidate than him.”

Lu Mingyu said, “He has an extremely strong ability to adapt on the fly, and his stress resistance is the best I’ve seen so far. He can withstand frontal pressure alone, and coordination can be trained gradually. But talent is rare, and if he’s signed by another team, we’ll face a lot of pressure next season.”

“The risk is too great. There are so many top players in the domestic scene. Why be so persistent?” 

“Yeah, it’s better to buy an established player.”

“A newcomer, uncertain commercial value, and no guarantee of bringing traffic to the club. I think it’s better not to take the risk.”

The surrounding shareholders whispered among themselves.

Lu Mingyu heard their comments but paid no heed. He paused and threw another chip on the table, “ZMD’s Yang Yunche has his eye on him too.”

“Yang Yunche?”

Kou Xing’s interest was piqued. He sat up a bit straighter, his eagle-like eyes narrowing slightly. The aura of a top executive was unmistakable. “Are you sure?”

Lu Mingyu nodded.

“That kid is also willing to take a gamble.”

Kou Xing smiled, “Alright, I can give you this opportunity, but I have a condition. If you really want this student to play as a starter, I want to ensure that All Stars can reach the finals of the Destiny Cup next season.”

His condition could be considered extremely demanding. There were many powerhouse teams in the domestic scene, and even though All Stars had performed well this season, making it to the finals of the Destiny Cup was something no one could guarantee.


Lu Mingyu didn’t hesitate and agreed straightforwardly.

He seemed confident.

Kou Xing was somewhat surprised, but at the same time, he became more interested in the youth that Lu Mingyu had such unwavering confidence in.

To make Lu Mingyu offer such a guarantee, even though he was just a student from the Ivory Tower, and to make both ZMD and All Stars’ captains vie for him, it meant he was definitely no ordinary individual.

Having obtained Kou Xing’s approval, Lu Mingyu finally felt relieved. He walked out of the conference room seemingly calm, but as soon as he closed the door, he couldn’t help but clap his hands together.


In previous negotiations with the board of directors, the dissenting votes had been dominant. Even when they had reluctantly agreed under his strong insistence, it was only to let Chen Xingran go to the second team to play in the minor league.

Although Lu Mingyu was the captain of the All Stars, in the end, the All Stars, carrying many years of his youth and effort, was essentially a commercial product. The final decision on how to operate it still rested with the board of directors.

Taking advantage of the New Star Cup, Lu Mingyu had come directly to the board of directors with the live broadcast to negotiate. He believed that as long as they saw the scene where Chen Xingran fought, even if they knew nothing about the game, they would be impressed by his unmatched skills.

Finally, he had convinced this group of shareholders.

It had been a long time since Lu Mingyu felt as happy as he did now. He wanted to quickly send a Yunxin message to Chen Xingran to share this good news.


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