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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 47

47. Finals

The fourth poison circle had begun to spread.

Chen Xingran’s speculation was correct. The final circle of this game was located near the Eternal Spring, and he had entered it in advance. His strategy of staying inside the circle, trying to ambush enemies while avoiding the poison gas, quickly earned him 4 elimination points. Combined with the previous 4 kills, he now had a total of 8 elimination points.

At this point, the circle had become very small, and under the spread of the poison gas, everyone’s movement was restricted to the area within the Eternal Spring. However, there were still 17 survivors.

All the participants in the competition were skilled players with rich experience. They wouldn’t rush into fights like lower-ranked players. Their playstyles tended to be more conservative, especially in the current situation where danger lurked everywhere. As soon as someone made a move, it would immediately attract the attention of others.

With 8 elimination points to his name, Chen Xingran’s ranking was stable. He no longer actively sought out fights. As long as he could survive until the top three, the survival points he would earn would secure his position at the top.




In the small circle, using long-range weapons to probe and deal damage had become the best choice. Birdshot and arrows were flying all around, and cannon fire illuminated the area. Even if one hid well, they would occasionally be hit by a barrage of arrows and bullets.

The small wooden house where Chen Xingran was located was the best position within this poison circle. He could stay there until the next circle closed in. Moreover, it provided a wide field of view and cover. This perfect location quickly drew the attention of others.

Two players, confident in their close combat skills, were the first to rush toward him, intending to drive Chen Xingran out of the wooden house.

With a golden spear in his hand, Chen Xingran showed no fear against the approaching enemies. He wouldn’t let any opportunity for eliminations slip by. In the narrow confines of the wooden house, long-range weapons were ineffective, and the outcome depended on close combat. Chen Xingran’s spear followed through, forcing the two attackers to retreat!

The long spear was a weapon known for its effectiveness in close-quarters combat, and the narrow terrain made it ideal for showcasing spear techniques. When two or three enemies came in succession, Chen Xingran forced two of them to retreat and finally seized an opportunity to secure another elimination point.


An arrow flew in through a crack in the wooden house, reducing his health by a significant amount. Chen Xingran quickly changed his position and moved to the corner of the wooden house, intending to use armor kits to replenish his armor.

However, his backpack was empty.

In the late stages of the final circle, long-range weapons were flying everywhere. Even a slight scratch would require immediate armor replenishment to prevent being caught off guard. This caused the supply of consumables to deplete rapidly, and even though Chen Xingran had filled his backpack with armor kits earlier, he was now running low.

He hadn’t managed to fully heal himself in time, and he was immediately targeted by others. Two fully-geared enemies entered the wooden house from both sides. Chen Xingran, with his golden spear in hand, swept one of them aside, gaining a few feet of space. He checked his health and didn’t hesitate. He decisively abandoned the wooden house and retreated.

“The final circle is getting intense.”

“Chen Xingran secured a good position, but unfortunately, others won’t let him stay there comfortably. After several waves of attacks, his condition doesn’t look good.”

“Why isn’t he using healing items? Is he out of supplies?”

“It seems so. The wooden house is under heavy fire, and the armor kits were used up quickly. What will Chen Xingran do when facing two enemies with only half of his armor remaining?… Okay, it looks like he chose to retreat.”


Chen Xingran had just run out of the wooden house when a well-aimed shot hit him squarely in the shoulder, creating a burst of blood mist!

“His luck is really bad! This exit has been blocked by someone. Chen Xingran just took another shot and his armor is broken!”

“Is he using Ghost Shadow Slash? Okay, it seems he’s planning to engage… Wait, is he going up now? Is this the right time for that?”

In the footage, Chen Xingran had taken a shot, and his armor was already broken. In normal circumstances, he should have retreated by now. However, Chen Xingran was doing the opposite. He activated Ghost Shadow Slash, evading the two enemies inside the wooden house, leaving the battlefield to them. Instead, he rushed toward the player who had just fired the shot!

The tone of the commentators was filled with disbelief, but in the guest area, Yang Yunche subtly nodded.

With no supplies left and being in a situation where ammunition and resources were scarce, not taking a chance at this point would mean certain death. If others saw him in his weakened state, like sharks smelling blood, they would pounce on him. By seizing the opportunity while the two enemies in the wooden house fought each other, Chen Xingran made a smart move.

The broadcast switched from the wooden house to Chen Xingran. In the commentary booth, the three commentators were focused.

“That’s right, he intends to engage in close combat. It seems he’s not planning to retreat.”

“The enemy, Voodoo, has also reacted. What will happen? Voodoo switched to his sword!”

“Okay, both sides are starting the close combat…”

Clang, clang, clang—

The golden spear vibrated, and Chen Xingran’s hand suddenly unleashed a flurry of spear shadows, directly sticking to Voodoo, who had previously ambushed him with a birdshot.

Shot after shot, fast and fierce, he inflicted a continuous stream of damage. Even though he was in a broken armor state, he fought valiantly, not giving his opponent any breathing space.

Five seconds later, Voodoo activated his poison blade!

Chen Xingran’s health had dropped to one-third due to the poison stacking from Voodoo. However, the outcome was already decided!


Just as the final shot was about to eliminate Voodoo, another arrow flew in from a distance, making a piercing sound as it approached! Chen Xingran’s heart skipped a beat, and in a split-second reaction, he swiftly turned to avoid the arrow that was about to pierce his back!

He had evaded the arrow, but Voodoo, behind him, was immobilized by the poison blade and was directly pierced by the arrow, turning into a soul mound on the spot.

“This is like serving as someone else’s wedding dress…”

“Someone else took the elimination point that was within his reach. Oh, that’s frustrating!”

“The archer is our player, Dong Qiyi. That arrow was brilliant!”

Chen Xingran raised an eyebrow and quickly located the direction from which the arrow had come. There stood a Shadow Dancer who had picked off his opponent’s head and, with a longbow in hand, was ready to shoot again.

Alright, I’ll remember you.

Chen Xingran squinted his eyes. His condition wasn’t good right now, and it was evident he couldn’t take on another round of combat. He quickly gathered the armor kits from the Voodoo’s soul mound in front of him. After a quick turn to fend off the arrows coming at him, he swiftly left the area and found a safe cover to heal.

Dong Qiyi put down his bow and looked at the elusive Phantom Blade, Chen Xingran, and fell into deep thought.

Chen Xingran…

Dong Qiyi silently repeated his name in his mind.

In his memory, Chen Xingran had always been quiet and introverted, like an unthreatening rabbit that would only turn red if provoked. But at some point, he seemed to have changed, no longer the silent and introverted Chen Xingran but becoming Ye Shao, shining so brightly that it was hard to look at. He had changed not just in personality but also in his breathtaking close combat style.

Dong Qiyi felt a sense of nostalgia and loss, but then his determination gradually solidified.

—Everyone is moving forward, and so should he.

“The game is still ongoing, and the next circle is about to shrink!”

“Chen Xingran has just earned another elimination point. He already has a high number of eliminations!”

“Okay, he’s preparing to enter the next circle… Wait a minute, it seems he’s focused on Dong Qiyi?”

Ghost Shadow Slash!

In the footage, Chen Xingran’s health was now fully restored, and he held a golden spear as he sought out the Shadow Dancer who had taken a shot and stolen an elimination.

Dong Qiyi was rushing toward the shrinking circle when he heard the sound of something breaking through the air behind him. He instinctively turned around, and his Tang Sword clashed with a golden spear!

Chen Xingran remained expressionless, gripping the metallic shaft of his spear. He moved like a venomous snake emerging from its lair, thrusting the spear directly at Dong Qiyi’s lower abdomen!

Dong Qiyi tried to counterattack, but Chen Xingran’s spear was much faster and stronger. The moment they made contact, Dong Qiyi’s Tang Sword struggled to keep up. He attempted to break free from Chen Xingran’s offensive rhythm, but his opponent didn’t give him a chance. The spear’s tip perfectly interrupted his attempts to strike back. Chen Xingran maintained his aggressive posture, and with a swift, precise move, he executed the “Mang Toss,” a move characterized by a fluid spear technique that penetrated Dong Qiyi’s shoulder.

Although Dong Qiyi was a genius among this year’s newcomers, he was still young. In typical games, youth could provide a significant advantage, as quick reactions and skillful maneuvering could easily overwhelm older players. However, the art of dueling in this game was different. Duels were like brewing fine wine, requiring not only quick reflexes but also keen insight and extensive experience in strategic gameplay. The players in the professional league, all aged twenty-five and above, had an immense wealth of experience in dueling.

As Dong Qiyi continued the fight, he became increasingly astonished, even bordering on disbelief.

How was this possible?

Facing an opponent who felt as oppressive as a thousand troops and horses, the force he wielded felt like an unbearable weight…

Was this really Chen Xingran?

All his previous impressions were overturned in this moment. Dong Qiyi found it increasingly difficult to keep up with Chen Xingran’s dueling rhythm. All he could see were a dense mass of spear shadows connecting seamlessly, their trajectories elusive. His health was plummeting rapidly, and in no time, his armor was shattered!

“It seems that Dong Qiyi can’t hold on any longer!”

“After all, he’s still too young. Chen Xingran’s dueling skills are exceptional, and even Lu, the captain of the Full Stars team, had a hard time gaining an advantage in a head-on confrontation. Faced with this dueling master, avoiding combat and looking for opportunities is the best choice.”

“Perhaps he was too confident in himself. But if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that a freshman from the academy could possess such dueling skills!”

“Hahaha, I agree! It’s a world where talents exist, and I believe we might see Chen Xingran on the world stage in the future… Alright! Dong Qiyi just used his Poison Blade!”

“He can’t hold on any longer! He’s using his Poison Blade!”

The live audience also erupted in astonishment.

Dong Qiyi was undoubtedly the most prominent newcomer this year, and numerous practical combat classes had already demonstrated his prowess.

As for Chen Xingran? He was the new dueling king who had faced Lu Mingyu. His dueling skills were top-tier in the domestic server. Compared to him, Dong Qiyi still had a long way to go. Nevertheless, no one had expected Dong Qiyi to resort to using the Poison Blade so quickly.

In the game, there were no visible IDs, and Chen Xingran had no idea who his opponent was. Previously, when this Shadow Dancer had stolen his kill, it had left him somewhat displeased. That’s why he had shown a more ruthless side in this encounter.


Dong Qiyi’s Poison Blade was rendered immobile. Chen Xingran did not waste this opportunity. In an instant, every muscle in his body tightened like coiled springs. His spine straightened, and he forcefully pressed the end of his spear, as if he were wielding a massive axe to strike down mercilessly at his opponent. It was a powerful Half-Moon Strike imbued with his full strength!


A high damage figure, reminiscent of a thunderclap, appeared above Dong Qiyi. A kill notification followed.

Chen Xingran glanced at Dong Qiyi’s name and paused for a moment.

“What an incredible amount of damage!”

“That’s just the beginning. You might not have seen Ye Shao’s insane damage when he wields the Tang Sword! His damage is even more devastating!”

“Dong Qiyi put up a good fight, but unfortunately, he couldn’t hold on. However, he has a good number of eliminations, and his ranking points should still be fine.”

“Indeed, it’s a shame. Once Chen Xingran targeted him, there was almost no chance of escape. But I wonder if Chen Xingran has something against ranged players? Why does he keep cutting down everyone who uses bows and birdshot to ambush him?”

The commentators continued to discuss, and the barrage of comments from viewers rolled in.

“Hahaha, the commentators figured it out!”

“Ye Shao: Dare to shoot me with arrows? Die!”

“That’s right. It seems that using ranged weapons against Ye Shao often ends in a miserable defeat.”

“God Yun: I suspect you’re implying it’s me.”

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