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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 48

48. “I forgive you.”

“*Called a king if successful, called a bandit if defeated, the Chosen One of Destiny!”

*成王败寇(idiom)- losers are always wrong

The poison circle had shrunk to a point where only a few people could stand, and as Chen Xingran touched the ground with the tip of his spear, the eight characters representing “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” appeared before him.

The first round of the New Star Cup solo Group A had come to an end.

Chen Xingran’s elimination points had reached 13, and he also earned 5 survival points for the chicken dinner. In the first match, he stood firmly at the top with a total of 18 points.

Although Dong Qiyi hadn’t secured a chicken dinner, he had 11 elimination points in hand, along with the survival points from being the eighth player alive, giving him a total of 12 points, placing him in third position.

The second round of the match began.

Chen Xingran’s score was already secure, and he was full of confidence. In the second game, he decided to make a big move and went to the town of Huntian.

Upon landing, he picked up a blue-quality Tang Sword and easily defeated an unarmed opponent. Then, he roamed around the town of Huntian, continuously accumulating elimination points.

Finally, when he reached the edge of the final circle, he was targeted by two players. He had a difficult time running and fighting simultaneously. When the poison zone closed in, he didn’t have time to use a health kit and succumbed to the poison, finishing in 11th place without receiving any survival points.

However, coming out of the town of Huntian, he held 15 elimination points, maintaining his lead with a total score of 33.

In the third round, Chen Xingran found a golden-quality dagger in someone else’s soul altar. This led him to change his playstyle once again, adopting a more stealthy approach focused on assassination.

He no longer actively engaged in combat but instead lurked in the shadows, like a venomous snake waiting in the darkness. When he struck, it was a lethal and lightning-fast blow. If successful, he immediately retreated, leaving no room for counterattacks, perfectly embodying the spirit of “OLd Six.”

Whether it was the long spear, Tang Sword, or dagger, both the live audience and online viewers enjoyed a visual feast of melee weapons. It seemed that no matter the weapon, Chen Xingran could effortlessly wield it with precision, displaying an immeasurable depth in his weapon pool.

“Awesome ah, is there any weapon he doesn’t know how to use?”

“It seems he hasn’t used a long whip much.”

“He’s really amazing, whether it’s a head-on confrontation or an ambush, he’s incredibly strong.”

“I’m a fan now!”

“Ah ah ah ah, lao po, I’m waiting for you on the battlefield. You must become a professional player!”

After the three rounds of the competition, Chen Xingran’s total points reached 49.

Dong Qiyi, on the other hand, made a strong comeback and secured second place with a total of 32 points.

Before the game started, the students around him had looked at him with disdain and condescension, even placing bets privately on whether he could get a single kill in the competition.

However, when Chen Xingran stepped out of the operation cabin and looked around, the scornful looks had long disappeared. Looking around, all his fellow students who had emerged from their own operation cabins had expressions filled with admiration and praise.

The world of the game was simple: weakness was the original sin, and the victors were kings. As long as one had enough strength, they would naturally earn the respect of everyone.

For those who had faced Chen Xingran in battle, their feelings ran even deeper. The seemingly frail and slender youth in front of them harbored the essence of a peerless master within his body. It was as if he had transcended the confines of the game, and the sharp and dangerous melee weapons in his hands were an extension of his body, already melded into one.

“The battle in Solo Group A has come to an end. Let’s congratulate Chen Xingran, who secured victory with a massive lead of 49 points!”

The excited and elated voice from the commentators’ booth resonated, and as their words echoed, enthusiastic applause surged from the surrounding stands, flooding toward the young man standing next to the operation cabin.

The camera focused on Chen Xingran’s face, projecting his image onto the massive central screen. Chen Xingran’s facial features were exceptionally photogenic. Even when magnified countless times, his fair and flawless skin seemed poreless, and his pale-colored pupils sparkled like transparent amber in the sunlight.

Chen Xingran felt somewhat dazed.

Is this the charm of esports competitions?

Emerging victorious among hundreds of competitors, fighting until the very end, he not only experienced the joy of victory but also received heartfelt admiration and praise for his efforts. The gilded trophy at the center of the stage may have appeared ordinary, but in this moment, it seemed to hold a unique and profound significance.

His gaze met Yang Yunche’s in the guest box, and Yang Yunche wore a smile while also clapping. There was no hiding his happiness. In that moment of eye contact with Chen Xingran, he extended his thumb, conveying a clear message.

—This is the glory you deserve.

“Chen Xingran, Chen Xingran!”

In the sea of spectators in the stands, Wu Feiang waved his arms, shouting Chen Xingran’s name along with the others. He danced and gestured, as if he wanted to proclaim loudly, “That’s my friend!”

Chen Xingran admitted that he might have fallen in love with this feeling.

In the next moment, it was as if something in his heart loosened and then broke free from his body, heading toward the azure sky.

—That was the original host’s determination.

Becoming a professional player was the original host’s dream. Still in the prime of his youth, he had faced a sudden change of fate, losing his family in this world, leaving him alone to battle against illness. He knew he didn’t possess any innate gaming talent, yet he abandoned a more suitable profession and resolutely came to the Capital Esports Academy.

Perhaps, for the original host, this world was already a place without any close ties, and when he looked into the uncertain future at such a young age, it appeared colorless and bewildering. What could sustain him was the esports dream he had cherished since childhood.

The argument with Dong Qiyi wasn’t something that truly angered the original host. Rather than anger, it was a sense of dissatisfaction with himself—a desire to prove himself, akin to a moth flying into the flame. Or perhaps, apart from training tirelessly day and night, he couldn’t find any other reason to keep going.

In the end, he hadn’t achieved it, but Chen Xingran from another world had completed it for him.

“Thank you.”

In a moment of reverie, it seemed like a voice was echoing in Chen Xingran’s heart.

Chen Xingran was momentarily stunned, then let out a gentle sigh.

No, I should be thanking you.

“Dong Qiyi?”

The first day of the competition came to an end, and the audience gradually dispersed. What was once a bustling arena now had very few people left. Only scattered staff members remained, tidying up the venue and adjusting equipment.

Dong Qiyi sat in the stands, and suddenly, a hand was placed on his shoulder. He looked up to see one of his classmates.

“Why are you sitting here alone?” His classmate looked puzzled, thinking that Dong Qiyi was upset because he lost the game.

“Don’t put on such a gloomy face. What’s there to be unhappy about?”

His classmate patted him on the back in a casual manner. “We’re going for the All Stars tryouts soon. How about we grab dinner together tonight? I’ve invited a few buddies, and we want to celebrate your achievements.”

“…No need,” Dong Qiyi replied softly.

“It’s just one game you lost, no big deal. And that Chen Xingran guy…”

Dong Qiyi’s classmate had never liked Chen Xingran and assumed that Dong Qiyi was upset about losing to him. So, he continued, “He just got lucky. Clearly, he’s so strong, but he used to pretend to be weak. His tactics are too cunning. I wonder what kind of family could teach him such tricks. He’s really sly.”

Suddenly, Dong Qiyi looked up, startling his classmate. He thought Dong Qiyi shared his sentiments and quickly chimed in, “You feel the same way, right? Plus, I heard he has some illness or something. Even if he goes pro in the future, who knows when he might collapse on the stage, haha…”


His classmate’s words were abruptly cut off as he received a solid punch to the face.

“Let’s go for a big meal later! My treat!”

On their way back to the dormitory, Wu Feiang slung his arm over Chen Xingran’s shoulder. “You were so awesome today, bro!” He glanced around cautiously and whispered, “Did you see that? Lots of people were watching you. You’re really making a name for yourself now. When you make it to the pro scene, don’t forget us!”

Chen Xingran smiled. “Let’s not talk about that for now. Come on.”

“Come on? Come on for what?”

“Weren’t you saying that if we met Ye Shao, we should challenge him?” Chen Xingran struck a pose. “The opportunity has arrived.”

“Come on, don’t tease me.”

Wu Feiang sighed in frustration. “If only I knew you were Ye Shao earlier, I would’ve had my girlfriend watch your livestream every day! Oh, by the way!”

He suddenly remembered something and pulled out his phone. “I need to tell my girlfriend. Hehehe, can you give me an autograph later? She’ll be thrilled.”

“Sure,” Chen Xingran agreed with a smile.

Wu Feiang opened his messaging app but accidentally glanced at a group chat. “Oh my God!”

Chen Xingran asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Dong Qiyi, that guy, got into a fight with someone!” Wu Feiang opened the group chat. “They were fighting in the stands of the arena. This guy even dares to fight on campus. Won’t he get punished? Tut tut.”

He shook his head. “And it was with Wang Yi, I remember they used to be good friends, right?”

Chen Xingran paused for a moment, deep in thought.

“Wait for me here.”

Chen Xingran halted in his tracks.

“What are you doing?”

“Well… I have something to take care of. You go ahead.”

“Are we still having dinner later?”

“Let’s decide later. I’ll message you.”

Chen Xingran waved his hand and walked in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Yang Yunche was engaged in a conversation with the school’s leaders, and he suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure out of the corner of his eye.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Yang Yunche politely interrupted the leader’s enthusiastic speech. “I have something to attend to. Let’s continue our discussion tomorrow.”

“Oh, sure,” the school leader nodded. “Go ahead. Rest early, and do your best in the next season. Bring glory to our school!”

Yang Yunche smiled. “I will.”

The scent of disinfectant lingered in the air as Chen Xingran entered the medical room, where he found Dong Qiyi alone.

“Chen Xingran?”

Dong Qiyi saw him and clearly hesitated for a moment.

His face had obvious bruises, and his once handsome appearance now looked somewhat comical. His right hand was wrapped in a bandage, and it seemed pretty gruesome.

Looks like the fight was quite intense, Chen Xingran thought.

He asked, “Where’s the doctor?”

“She’s gone out,” Dong Qiyi replied somewhat uncomfortably. “She’ll be back in a moment. Why are you here at the medical room? Are you injured?”

“No,” Chen Xingran shook his head.


Dong Qiyi awkwardly responded.

Both of them fell into silence, and the atmosphere became somewhat tense.

The first time Chen Xingran met Dong Qiyi after his arrival in this world was at the entrance of Shoudian University. With the soul of a twenty-something-year-old in his body, he easily noticed Dong Qiyi’s feelings, which he believed he had hidden well. However, Chen Xingran didn’t react to it because he wasn’t the original person, and he had no interest in getting involved in the complicated emotions between young people.

After the competition ended, the original person’s lingering attachment had dissipated. In a sense, everything from the original person’s past had dissipated along with the fading attachment. The only thing that still had some connection to the original body was Dong Qiyi.

“Congratulations,” Chen Xingran was still thinking about how to broach the subject and resolve Dong Qiyi’s issues, putting an end to the original person’s lingering connections. Dong Qiyi, however, broke the silence first.

“You won the solo championship… It’s impressive.”

“Thank you,” Chen Xingran smiled and asked him, “Why did you get into a fight?”

“It’s nothing,” Dong Qiyi averted his gaze. “Just a minor disagreement.”

“Oh,” Chen Xingran replied.

He and Dong Qiyi weren’t exactly close, and he didn’t share the complicated emotions Dong Qiyi had for the original person. He couldn’t find a topic to continue the conversation.

Forget it…

He wasn’t particularly good at dealing with these emotions. He fell silent for a moment and decided to give up for now. “Take care of your injuries. I’ll be heading back.”

“Aren’t you going to see a doctor?”

Dong Qiyi was slightly surprised and asked, “…Did you come to visit me?”

There was a subtle hint of expectation in his tone, even though Dong Qiyi himself might not have known where that expectation came from.

Chen Xingran looked at him, sighed, and said, “Next time, try not to be so impulsive.”

He was referring to the fight, but it wasn’t just about the fight.

Dong Qiyi bit his lip and replied, “…Yeah.”


Chen Xingran turned around, preparing to leave.

“Chen Xingran!”

Dong Qiyi’s voice sounded from behind him.

Chen Xingran stopped in his tracks, somewhat surprised as he turned around.

Dong Qiyi seemed to have made a significant decision. He closed his eyes and said loudly, “I’m sorry!”

Chen Xingran asked, “?”

“I… I said back then that you only got into this school because of your parents… I’m sorry!”

“And… in high school, I used to bully you a lot… I’m sorry!”

“Back in class… I secretly damaged your books because I couldn’t stand how good your grades were, and when you talked to me, I ignored you… I’m sorry!”

“I… I…”

Dong Qiyi clenched his teeth, and the usual flamboyance and arrogance on his face disappeared. He looked like a pitiful puppy, wearing an expression of desperation. “I like you! … I’m sorry!”

Chen Xingran looked at him and chuckled.

The feelings of young people are naive and ignorant. They lack an understanding of others’ feelings due to their young age, and their likes often surface hastily and recklessly. In the end, the result is often unsatisfactory.

The subtle emotions between people are often misunderstood because they cannot be accurately conveyed. Just like some mischievous male classmates who like to tease female students by pulling their braids, even they don’t know what this desire for attention means.


Unfortunately, the original person was no longer there, and this confession of liking that had finally been spoken out loud didn’t end up with Chen Xingran.

He could choose to tell the truth, but even if he did, letting the other person know how much impact his past unintentional actions had caused and that they were irreversible would only lead to a lifetime of regret for Dong Qiyi.

Chen Xingran didn’t know how the original person would respond to this string of apologies, but the feeling of relief that suddenly washed over him when he won the solo championship might already represent something.

—The original person didn’t really hate Dong Qiyi.

Or to be more precise, what he truly hated was his own helplessness in the face of the cruel and ruthless world.

Looking at Dong Qiyi in front of him, Chen Xingran felt the need to respond.

To respond to a bewildered, remorseful, and ignorant young man who knew he had done wrong and was pouring out apologies from his heart.


Chen Xingran looked at Dong Qiyi, his gaze filled with the tenderness of an older person. He said the words that the original person had wanted to say but hadn’t had the chance to say:

—”I forgive you.”

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