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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 5

5. Spawn Island Square

“Live streaming?”


Wu Feiang thought it was a feasible idea and said, “Livestreaming Destiny is very popular now. Many professional players have their own broadcasts, and there are also support activities for new streamers. You can give it a try, especially since you… right?”

Although your gaming skills may not be great, you can still use a camera and become an entertaining streamer with good looks.

Wu Feiang believed that by saying this, Chen Xingran would understand his point.

Chen Xingran nodded, appearing thoughtful.

Chen Xingran bid farewell to Wu Feiang and returned to his dormitory.

Sitting down on the sofa in the unfamiliar environment, Chen Xingran finally took the time to seriously contemplate his current situation.

The fragments of memories in his mind had been processed to a great extent. Like a bystander watching a movie, he had gone through each memory fragment and gained some understanding of the original host’s circumstances.

The original host’s life trajectory had been quite turbulent. Coming from an ordinary family, he excelled in academics during high school. However, a year ago, his parents died in a car accident, which shattered his once cheerful personality. He became withdrawn and isolated.

His physical condition was also poor, as he suffered from a congenital genetic disease. In terms of the world’s technology, it was not difficult to treat such an illness, but the cost was quite high. The inheritance left by his parents, combined with the money he earned from part-time jobs and scholarships, barely covered half of the expenses.

One could say that his Destiny was quite tragic.

Fortunately, the original host showed determination. Although he went through a period of depression after his parents’ death, he managed to enter the eSports Department of the Capital eSports Academy with excellent grades, promising a bright future.

Dong Qiyi was the original host’s classmate in high school, and their relationship was not good. After both of them were admitted to the same school, Dong Qiyi targeted him at every opportunity. Last month, the original host couldn’t bear it any longer and had a conflict with Dong Qiyi. In a fit of anger, they made a bet to defeat each other in the New Star Cup.

A game idiot who struggled to reach the Silver rank dared to challenge the most outstanding prodigy of the eSports Department this year. Such audacious words from someone who didn’t know their own limitations instantly became a topic of discussion in the academy. Many people were looking forward to witnessing the original host’s humiliation.

To prepare for the New Star Cup, the original host began training day and night, completely reversing his sleep schedule. As a result, due to a severe lack of rest, his genetic disease flared up, and he collapsed in his own dormitory. When he woke up, his consciousness had been replaced by a soul from another world.

Chen Xingran lay on the sofa, flipping the translucent light blue ID card in his hand, gradually losing himself in thought.

In his original world, he died in a car accident. But now, he had survived the ordeal and was reborn with a different identity, taking the place of the original host. Regardless, he was indebted to the original host. Although the original host lacked talent in gaming, he had a deep passion for eSports. His greatest dream was to become a professional player. Otherwise, with his grades, he could have entered other top-tier universities instead of the Capital eSports Academy.

Since that was the case…

Chen Xingran sighed, feeling a sense of regret but also firmness in his decision.

He would help fulfill the original host’s wish. Since he had the chance to relive his life, Chen Xingran was determined to make the most of it and establish himself in this world.

Lost in his thoughts, his gaze suddenly fell on the ID card in his hand.

The translucent ID card displayed the silhouette of a man.

According to Wu Feiang, he was the captain of the ZMD team, named Yang something?

Chen Xingran sat up and walked to the computer in his dormitory. He turned it on, opened the search engine, and entered a few keywords.

Soon, the search engine displayed countless search results, totaling fifty million.

Yang Yunche, the current captain of the Destiny Division of the ZMD team, 23 years old. He not only had remarkable achievements in the world of eSports but was also hailed as the “eSports God” by numerous fans due to his outstanding looks.

Champion of the Black Tide Summer National Tournament.

Champion of the 6th Black Tide World Championship.

Led ZMD to the World Championship for four consecutive years.

Player of the Year, with the highest value.


Rows of dazzling titles were displayed beneath the information, leaving Chen Xingran stunned.

Two months ago, Yang Yunche announced his retirement from Black Tide and joined the Destiny Division of ZMD.

This decision was big news in the eSports community at the time. Black Tide was a shooting game, while Destiny was a melee-oriented battle royale game. They were completely different concepts.

Although Yang Yunche had achieved great success in Black Tide, during his peak years, even the “Gun God” recognized in the Europa region had to avoid his edge. However, many people in the industry expressed doubts and criticisms about his decision to enter Destiny. The voices of skepticism were persistent.

However, they were soon proven wrong.

The truth revealed that gold shines no matter where it is. Yang Yunche’s first public match was in the “Destiny Cup” hosted by the official Destiny organization. Clad in the blue ZMD team uniform, he calmly took his seat in the operation cabin amidst a sea of skepticism. When asked questions like, “From Black Tide to Destiny, will you have difficulty adapting?” “Can you maintain your previous form?” “How do you view the doubts from the outside world?” Yang Yunche’s answers were simple and composed.

He said, “Eh.”

Then, on that day, everyone witnessed his godlike skills.

Drawing the bowstring, shooting arrows—almost every shot resulted in a kill. Every enemy targeted by his arrows couldn’t help but tremble uncontrollably.

In Destiny, a game focused on close-quarters combat, there were ranged weapons such as bows and bird guns, but they were mostly used for long-range ambushes or supplementary damage. Close-quarters melee combat was the mainstay. However, Yang Yunche took an unconventional path. He rarely engaged in close-quarters combat but displayed unparalleled mastery with ranged weapons. As long as he created distance, he instantly transformed into the Grim Reaper, instilling fear in the hearts of his opponents.

Under his extraordinary archery skills and impeccable aim, ZMD’s Destiny Division rose from a second-rate team to a top-tier one, achieving numerous honors and achievements. Yang Yunche himself became a unique presence in Destiny, reshaping the game’s landscape.

Players finally realized that there was more than one way to defeat enemies besides close-quarters combat. With proficient use of ranged weapons, they could claim lives from a hundred meters away while remaining unscathed. After Yang Yunche’s arrival, the number of players using ranged weapons skyrocketed. From being overlooked to becoming a must-have, it was impossible not to admire Yang’s influence. The overwhelming doubts gradually faded away.

At the end of the information, there was a screenshot of Yang Yunche.

In the picture, Yang Yunche was sitting in a half-opened operation cabin, seemingly about to come out of it. One long leg was stepping out, resembling a rich young man stepping out of a sports car. His expression was calm as usual, with a high nose bridge and sharp, deep contours on his profile. If one ignored the operation cabin background, he looked like a model posing for a fashion cover, making people unable to help but scream.

Chen Xingran squinted his eyes as he looked at Yang Yunche on the screen.

The next moment, he made a soft “tch” sound.

People who play with bows and arrows are not good people.

In his previous world, Chen Xingran had wandered among various martial arts schools, challenging numerous renowned masters, some of whom were skilled in archery since bows and arrows were considered a type of cold weapon.

Their elusive movements were slipperier than eels, always maintaining distance, and seizing the opportunity to strike a vital spot with a single arrow. They never engaged in direct confrontation. It annoyed Chen Xingran to no end, and he wished he had an extra pair of legs to charge over and cut them down along with their bows.


Chen Xingran shrugged off his impression of Yang Yunche, closed the computer, and realized that it was more important to clean up his own mess at the moment.

The next day, because Wu Feiang had a date and had to go out, Chen Xingran left the campus and went to the same Starlight Game Cafe as yesterday.

“Yo, here so early?”

Jiang Man at the front desk recognized him and greeted Chen Xingran as he approached. “Are you alone? Where’s that kid Wu Feiang?”

“He had something to do, so I came alone.”

Chen Xingran smiled politely at her.

Jiang Man’s eyes lit up as she appraised him. “Wu Feiang mentioned you before. He said you have a somewhat solitary personality, but it doesn’t seem accurate now.”

The original host did have a somewhat reclusive personality… Well, that’s because it’s a new chip now.

Chen Xingran thought this to himself and didn’t respond.

“There are quite a few vacant booths today. Would you like to choose an operation cabin by yourself?”

“The one from yesterday will do.”

“A91, right? I’ll open it for you. Do you remember where it is? Do you want me to show you?”

Chen Xingran smiled. “No need, I remember.”

He walked all the way to the operation cabin. This time, he was much more skilled in using it. Open the operation cabin, enter, close the operation cabin, insert the ID card, open the game, all in one smooth sequence.

Before launching the game, he casually opened the Starry River Live streaming plugin.

This was the streaming account he registered on his dormitory computer last night.

The “Starry River Live ” is the largest live streaming platform in China, and most professional clubs’ players have their own live streaming rooms on Starry River Live, including former professional players from Black Tide and the current hottest player in Destiny, Yang Yunche.

After opening the plugin and entering the game, a small window appears in the upper right corner of the field of view, displaying real-time information such as the number of viewers and barrage messages. The translucent window can be easily seen with a glance and does not affect the game view.

Since it was just a newly registered account, the live streaming room was empty without any viewers. However, Chen Xingran didn’t mind and just left the small window open.

In Destiny’s ranked mode, there is only the Battle Royale mode, which includes solo, duo, and four-player squad modes.

Most formal competitions use either the four-player squad or solo mode.

As Chen Xingran had no teammates, he directly opened the solo ranked mode and joined the queue.

Being a new account, almost as soon as he clicked the queue button, he was matched into a game.

In the next moment, the scenery of the game lobby quickly changed, and Chen Xingran was teleported to the spawning island.

The other 99 players also appeared, instantly making the scene lively.

Before Chen Xingran could react, he heard the bustling sound of music in his ears.

It seemed that someone was playing music on the spawning island’s square.


*”动次打次” is an onomatopoeic phrase in Chinese that represents a lively and energetic atmosphere. It is often used to describe a bustling or animated scene. It can be translated as “lively” or “bustling” in English.

“*Airuibadi, raise your hands and shake it together!”

*Internet slang for everybody

Chen Xingran: “?”

Having never experienced the Battle Royale mode before, Chen Xingran clearly had never seen such a scene. With the DJ’s beats, players on the square gathered together and started shaking their bodies. This ancient and picturesque spawning island instantly turned into a dance party venue, becoming extremely lively.

Chen Xingran stood dumbfounded in place, like an inexperienced country bumpkin.

Chen Xingran: “…”

What on earth is this?

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