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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 50

50. Team Entry

When Chen Xingran came out of the bathroom, he saw Yang Yuche and Lu Mingyu arguing over the phone.

Yang Yuche: “Captain Lu, haven’t found a suitable assault yet? He he, jiayou okay. I heard there are some good players in the European region. I have their contacts. I can pass them to you later?”

Lu Mingyu: “Don’t trouble yourself, Captain Yang. I didn’t expect you to find a gem at the end of the season. It’s not easy. Without signing Chen Xingran, I doubt you’ll even make it to the top eight next season. You should thank Chen Xingran properly.”

Yang Yuche: “Of course, but Captain Lu, don’t be disheartened. If things don’t work out at All Stars, we still need substitutes in ZMD. If you can’t stand it there, you can come apply with us.”

Lu Mingyu: “Thank you for your kindness, Captain Yang. Your heart is as kind as your blade skills, very gentle.”

Chen Xingran: “…”

What are you two doing?

He walked over and took the phone from Yang Yuche. “Captain Lu?”

Yang Yuche fell silent immediately and watched Chen Xingran make the call.

In a calm and respectful tone, the young man expressed his gratitude for Lu Mingyu’s invitation. He mentioned that he had already agreed to sign with ZMD and talked about practicing blade skills together in the future. He expressed anticipation for future matches, and finally, he politely bid farewell and hung up.

Chen Xingran placed the phone back on the coffee table, dried his still slightly damp hair with a towel, and droplets of water slid down his smooth arm.

Yang Yuche obediently sat down, showing no trace of the arrogance he had earlier. “He scolded me.”

Chen Xingran looked at his exaggeratedly aggrieved expression and said helplessly, “You’re both equally matched.”

“He said my blade skills are kind.” Yang Yuche remarked, “Isn’t that unfair?”

Chen Xingran pondered for a moment. “It’s not quite accurate. I’d say they’re more merciful.”

Yang Yuche: “…”

This new team member really doesn’t get it.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Xingran dried his hair and put on a fresh change of clothes. He said to Yang Yuche, “Let’s go to the base.”

Yang Yuche corrected him, “It’s ‘back to the base.'”

Chen Xingran chuckled, “Alright, let’s go back to the base.”

By the time they reached the Hetai district, the sun had already set halfway, and the gaming club bases were still brightly lit.

With the end of this season and the upcoming start of the new season, after a short rest period, many teams were preparing for the next season’s competitions. During this time, many teams underwent personnel changes, and new strategies and tactics were being developed. It could be anticipated that the upcoming season would once again be a battleground for top talents, with various teams showing their strengths. 

Compared to Chen Xingran’s previous visit, ZMD’s base had seen a significant increase in people. In addition to staff members coming and going, there were also many energetic young faces, all of whom were members of the youth training camp.

“Why is everyone looking at me?”

Walking along the wide road in the base, heading towards the main building belonging to Team One, Chen Xingran keenly noticed the occasional curious glances from people around him.

Yang Yuche casually answered, “Because you’re handsome.”

Seeing Chen Xingran’s speechless expression, Yang Yuche continued with a smile, “Your signing with ZMD, although not known to the outside world yet, has already spread within the base. Add that to your more than stellar performance in the New Star Cup, and it’s normal for them to be curious about you.”

“Welcome to the team!”

As they entered the main building, they were greeted by Fu Zhou’s enthusiastic voice. Standing beside him was Luo Baibai, and there was another young man whom Chen Xingran hadn’t met before. The three of them applauded, creating a lively atmosphere.

“You’ve met Fu Zhou and Luo Baibai, so no need for introductions there.”

Yang Yuche pointed to the young man whom Chen Xingran hadn’t met before. “This is another member of our ZMD team, Xiao Nan. He used to play the entry fragger position and will be our tank for the next season.”


Chen Xingran politely nodded to Xiao Nan.

Xiao Nan, twenty-seven years old this year, was about the same age as Chen Xingran in his previous life. Compared to Luo Baibai standing beside him, he appeared more mature.

“Welcome to the team, Chen Xingran.”

Xiao Nan smiled and said, “I’ve watched many of your live streams and admire your skills. I didn’t expect the captain to bring you on board. From now on, we’re all part of the same team. How about practicing together sometime?”


Xiao Nan’s suggestion suited Chen Xingran. “No need to be so formal, just call me Xing Ran.”

“It was a bit rushed today. I asked Auntie to prepare some food. Let’s make do for now, and we’ll have a formal induction ceremony for you in a few days,” Fu Zhou said. “Don’t worry, it’ll be quite grand.”

Chen Xingran smiled and replied, “No need to go through so much trouble.”

ZMD members were very welcoming. Fu Zhou, while saying “make do for now,” had actually prepared a sumptuous feast. There was a large table filled with luxurious dishes, and several bottles of champagne and red wine were opened, their labels unfamiliar to Chen Xingran, but their appearance indicating their high quality.

As everyone took their seats, Yang Yuche cleared his throat. “Since it’s so lively, how about…”

Fu Zhou gave him a stern look. “Don’t even think about it. Your snack quota for this month is long gone.”

Yang Yuche: “…”

“Oh, by the way.”

Fu Zhou casually remarked, “I’ve confiscated the snacks you hid in the operation cabin. You have quite a variety of tastes, Yang Yuche. You really know how to enjoy life.”

Luo Baibai, sitting beside them, lowered her head guiltily and focused on her meal.

Yang Yuche: “!!!”

He stood still as if struck by lightning – how could this be possible? He had hidden them so well!

“Yun Che has a stomach condition and can’t eat snacks. In the future, you should help supervise him,” Fu Zhou said to Chen Xingran.

Chen Xingran nodded with a smile. “Sure.”

So, the small bulge he saw behind the operation cabin before was also Yang Yuche’s secret stash…

Yang Yuche felt bitter; his new team member had already joined Fu Zhou’s camp of supervisors.

“Regarding the contract, the club has prepared everything. It’s an A-level contract,” Fu Zhou said. “ZMD’s treatment is among the best in all the top-tier clubs. You should thank Yun Che as well. If he hadn’t fought for you so vigorously during the board meeting, it might not have been as easy to get the board’s approval.”

Yang Yuche turned his head away, still unhappy about Chen Xingran being swayed by Fu Zhou to join the supervision squad.

“Let’s eat, let’s eat,” Xiao Nan beckoned.

“Yes, let’s eat first,” Fu Zhou waved his hand. “By the way, you’re not going back tonight, are you? Your room has been prepared for you on the second floor. If you need anything, just let me know. We’re all family here, so don’t be shy.”

Chen Xingran thanked him.

“Come, let’s all have a drink for our new team member.”

Xiao Nan was the oldest at the table and raised his champagne glass first. “Let’s work hard next season and bring home the championship trophy!”

He paused and looked at Chen Xingran. “Um, Xing Ran, you’re of legal drinking age, right?”

Chen Xingran nodded, just as he was about to raise his glass. Suddenly, he remembered something. “But I can’t drink alcohol; my health isn’t that great.”

Yang Yuche was puzzled. “Why?”

Although Chen Xingran looked frail, Yang Yuche had witnessed his incredible skills. He could take on several opponents like a walk in the park; he didn’t seem unwell at all.

“Yeah,” Chen Xingran nodded. “I have congenital gene collapse syndrome.”

Everyone at the table stopped their movements.

Yang Yuche suddenly remembered the first time he met Chen Xingran, when he saw a momentary paleness on his face after dealing with that group of thugs.

“Gene collapse syndrome?”

Fu Zhou was surprised. “Is it severe?”

Chen Xingran shook his head gently. “It doesn’t have much impact on me in normal life. I just need to raise enough money for the operation and rest for a few days. Don’t worry; it won’t affect my performance in matches.”

He wasn’t lying; the original owner of this body had taken excellent care of his condition. If it weren’t for his excessive exertion and all-nighters, he could live a long and healthy life.

“But is it really okay? It sounds more severe than congenital heart disease,” Luo Baibai whispered.

Yang Yuche and the others were concerned.

“I know this condition; I have a friend who has it too,” Xiao Nan said. “As long as you undergo a genetic repair surgery after becoming an adult, it should be fine. I know a famous doctor; do you want me to introduce you?”

Chen Xingran was about to decline when Yang Yuche interrupted, “That would be great.”

Yang Yuche trusted Xiao Nan’s connections; after all, it was surgery, and having a reputable doctor would provide more assurance. “How much is the surgery going to cost?”

“It shouldn’t be too expensive,” Xiao Nan thought for a moment. “Around five million, I think. I’ll check and confirm.”

Hearing this, Luo Baibai and Fu Zhou both breathed sighs of relief.

Chen Xingran was perplexed. Wasn’t five million a considerable amount? The original owner had lived frugally and, combined with the inheritance from his parents, still hadn’t managed to save that much. Yet, to these professional players, it seemed like pocket change.

He gained a new perspective on the wealth of professional players in this world.

“ZMD covers a certain amount of medical expenses for its players. You can rest assured about that,” Yang Yuche assured Chen Xingran.

Seeing that Chen Xingran didn’t respond, he thought that he might be concerned about the surgery cost. “Even if we don’t count post-tournament winnings, your signing bonus should be more than enough. However, it might take some time for the signing bonus to be processed. If you need money, I can advance it for you.”

“Alright, Xiao Nan, please contact the doctor and try to arrange it as soon as possible,” Fu Zhou told Xiao Nan.

Chen Xingran contemplated it for a moment and didn’t decline. “Thank you, everyone.”

The gene collapse syndrome was indeed a hidden risk, and it was better to resolve it as soon as possible. It involved his health, and he didn’t want to be overly stubborn. He would repay their kindness in the future when he had the chance.

Fu Zhou joked, “Don’t mention it. Once you’re in good health, you can help the team earn money by performing well in matches.”

Chen Xingran knew he was joking and replied, “Of course, I’ll do my best in the matches and won’t drag the team down.”

Fu Zhou looked at him, somewhat surprised. “Are you really only eighteen?”

Although he appeared youthful, his manners and demeanor were mature and didn’t resemble an inexperienced teenager. He exuded a sense of maturity, much like Xiao Nan. If Fu Zhou hadn’t known that Chen Xingran was a freshman at Shoudian, he might have suspected that he was looking at a mature man.

Before Chen Xingran could respond, a glass was offered to him. It contained clear soda with small bubbles rising to the surface.

Yang Yuche said, “Don’t drink alcohol. Here, have this, it’s sugar-free.”

Chen Xingran accepted it with a thank you.

“Let’s have a toast then. Welcome Chen Xingran, the new member of ZMD, to the team!”

Xiao Nan raised his glass and stood up.



Chen Xingran clinked glasses with everyone and started eating. Although he hadn’t signed the contract yet and wasn’t officially a team member, he already had a lot of goodwill towards the ZMD team. The people were all very nice, and the atmosphere within the team was very harmonious. It reminded him of the time he spent training in his martial arts school in his previous world, where his fellow disciples took good care of him, making it feel like a family.


Fu Zhou was eating when he turned to Yang Yuche beside him and said, “Xingran is young, and you’re the team captain. Until he’s fully recovered, please keep an eye on him more, like before… Anyway, I’ll leave it to you.”

He was referring to the incident when they first met, where Chen Xingran had bravely intervened. They didn’t know about his health back then, but now that they did, they couldn’t let Chen Xingran take such risks again.

The last time he visited the ZMD base, he sparred with You Hongwei, and it seemed like he enjoyed a good fight.

Chen Xingran was about to respond, but Yang Yuche spoke first, “Of course, leave it to me.”

He glanced at Chen Xingran with a meaningful look, as if to say, “You’re in my hands now, right?”

Chen Xingran, “…”

He seems to still remember the time he had blocked him.

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