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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 52


Yang Yuche took a sharp breath, displeased, “Can you be gentler? It hurts.”

“You know what pain is now?”

Fu Zhou gave him a disdainful look, then firmly patted the wound healing potion onto his arm, “You deserved it. Talking nonsense about being expelled and bullying a newcomer who doesn’t know anything.”

Yang Yuche rubbed his nose, glanced towards the direction of the operation cabin area, and mumbled, “…I was just making a joke.”


Fu Zhou perfunctorily rubbed his arm, carefully inspected it, then praised, “But Xingran’s technique is impressive. You screamed like a pig being slaughtered, but there’s not a single bruise on your hands. I’ll have him teach me a thing or two later.”


Yang Yuche’s muscles all over were sore, and he couldn’t help but grit his teeth, “Is that something worth praising?”

“Xingran said, this set of bone-dismantling techniques might be painful, but it has many benefits for the body. Sitting in the operation cabin playing games all day, wouldn’t it be nice to get a free muscle and bone relaxation?”

“Do you want this good fortune or not?”

Yang Yuche, now reaping the consequences of his rambling, received a beating from Chen Xingran and didn’t dare to provoke him for a while.

This little squirrel was quite fierce. Who knows who would be unlucky enough to date him in the future.

TN:I think that’s you buddy~

Yang Yuche rubbed his own arms and shoulders, thinking to himself.

But don’t say it, Chen Xingran’s beating actually worked quite well. Although all the joints in his body ached as if he had been disassembled, after the pain, his muscles relaxed quite a bit, even more effective than professional massage and kneading.

Chen Xingran entered the operation cabin and logged into Destiny.

Wearing the new team uniform felt indeed different from usual. The precise millions of nano-components inside the team uniform brought a deeper sense of immersion, and the comfort was significantly improved. Coupled with the advanced ventilation system in the custom operation cabin setup, there was no need to worry about sweating issues.

Because of the New Star Cup, Chen Xingran hadn’t livestreamed for a few days. The operation cabin in the base was also equipped with a livestreaming system. He thought for a moment, casually accessed his own livestream backend, and started the livestream.

“Ah ah ah ah ah, I found something!”

“F*ck, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me?”

“Front row, front row! It wasn’t in vain that I stayed in the livestream room every day. Wuu wuu wuu wuu, lao po, where have you been these days? I miss you so much when I can’t see you livestreaming.”

“It feels unbearable when I don’t see you for a day.”

The livestream room lit up, and hundreds of barrage messages immediately popped up.

“Mmh I’ve been preparing for the competition these days, so I’ve livestreamed less.”

Chen Xingran explained.

“I watched the New Star Cup competition, super cool!”

“Wuu wuu wuu, how about doing a lifestyle livestream next time? I want to see your face.”

“Honestly, I’ve already used screenshots of your face from the New Star Cup as my phone wallpaper. I lick it every day.”

“+1, now I’m a fan of both your skills and looks.”

“Get out of the way, let me use the English I’ve learned all my life to flirt with him: Hello! I Love You!”

“I don’t know what kinky things to say to catch your attention, but I’m here!”

“Wuu wuu wuu wuu, I’ve been drinking water mixed with a drop of your sweat for ten years.”

“I often feel out of place because I’m not perverted enough…”

“Don’t mind them, anchor. They are all fake perverts. I am the real pervert “rose” “drooling””

Chen Xingran is already a qualified livestreamer, calmly facing the barrage of chicken talk and not being moved.

Yang Yuche was right; he wasn’t familiar enough with the heroes in Destiny. Apart from the most commonly used Demonic Blade and Shadow Dancer, he had hardly used any other heroes.

After some thought, he decided to practice using other heroes in solo matches.

At this moment, Yang Yuche’s name on the friend list lit up, and a team invitation was promptly sent over.

Chen Xingran still harbored some resentment over the last time Yang Yuche deceived him and wasn’t very eager to accept.

However, now that he was a member of ZMD, he couldn’t afford to ignore the team captain’s invitation.

Just as he joined the team, Yang Yuche initiated a voice call.


The usually resolute Captain Yang sincerely apologized, his tone apologetic, “I was wrong. Please forgive me.”

His voice was slightly low, carrying a magnetic quality that made the ears itch, and when he became serious, there was a charming appeal that truly captivated.

The barrage instantly exploded.

“What happened? I want to know!”

“Why the sudden apology? What did God Yun do?”

“Let me guess, God Yun must have taken a liking to Ye Shao, directly pulled him into a small dark room, kissed him forcefully, and then did this and that. Ye Shao, with red and moist eyes, wiped his lips, turned around, and walked away angrily. God Yun had no choice but to apologize obediently.”

“Teacher’s analysis makes sense.”

“The contemporary era’s Sherlock Holmes!”

“…It’s not what you guys are thinking.”

Seeing the barrage heading in increasingly absurd directions, Chen Xingran hurriedly explained.

Yang Yuche, upon hearing his words, was also taken aback, “You’re livestreaming?”


Chen Xingran felt embarrassed.

The mighty captain of ZMD was publicly apologizing in the livestream, and it seemed a bit detrimental to his image…

However, Yang Yuche seemed unconcerned. His voice transmitted through the team’s voice chat into the livestream, “That’s perfect. Enthusiastic viewers, help me persuade him. Ran Ran is ignoring me, and it hurts my heart.”

Wh-what? Ran Ran…

Even though Chen Xingran was used to Yang Yuche’s tendency to talk nonsense under his handsome appearance, hearing this made his face blush for an instant. This intimate and affectionate nickname was just too…

“Old Thief Yang, shut up! You’re forbidden from calling my lao po that name!”

“Ugh, so greasy ah. Then I’ll call too! Ran Ran Ran Ran Ran~”

“Today is also a day to cheer for Ran Ran!”

“Do you think we’ll speak up for you? Ah, wishful thinking, dog man.”

“It’s what you deserve. Thanks.”

Watching the barrage full of mockery, Chen Xingran couldn’t help but chuckle, laughing out loud.

“ZMD-Yang Yuche has sent you a gift. Go thank him!”

A system prompt suddenly popped up on the screen.

Chen Xingran was momentarily stunned but instinctively clicked on it. Before him appeared a delicately wrapped gift box that automatically opened. A golden light radiated, and a skin for a Tang Sword leaped into the air, then inserted itself diagonally in front of him.

Its appearance resembled crystal glass, and the blade shimmered with a golden dark glow. The pure white handle was entwined with delicate dark gold vines, resembling an exquisite piece of art. It lacked the killing aura typical of cold weapons but added a touch of divinity.

Tang Sword – *Azure Lapis.

*苍穹琉璃(Cang qiong Liu li) – the blue dome of heaven coloured glass. 

Introduction: The sword bestowed upon the gods of the Cloud and Mist Heavenly Palace, with a solemn divinity. It embodies the principles of heaven and earth. When the blade is unsheathed, it obscures the light of the heavens, dispelling all sinister and evil forces.

Chen Xingran drew the Tang Sword, and along the arc of the blade’s trajectory, faint golden lights flowed in the air. A hint of amazement flashed in his eyes.

Such a beautiful sword.


“Azure Lapis!!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah, this is my favorite Tang Sword skin!”

“This sword is expensive. You can only get it by opening loot boxes. Isn’t God Yun being too extravagant!”

“I just checked the trading website. Even a three-zero trumpet account with Azure Lapis is going for five hundred thousand…”

“Woo, this sword is so beautiful. On behalf of Ran Ran, I forgive God Yun!”

“Do you like it?”

Yang Yuche’s voice came through the team voice chat.


Chen Xingran really liked this knife. It was full of mythical colors, dreamlike, something completely impossible to create in reality. Only in a game could such a thing be achieved. “Is this a gift for me?”

“What else?”

Yang Yuche smiled, “Consider it my apology.”

“Is this an apology or a dowry?”

“Ah ah ah ah, so sweet ah!”

“If someone gave me this skin, I’d marry them on the spot!”

Chen Xingran’s lips curled, and his mood visibly improved.

Alright, I forgive you.

After a while, Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan also logged into the operation cabin, entered the game, and were also pulled in by Yang Yuche.

“Are we going to play ranked?” Chen Xingran asked.

Yang Yuche said, “Yeah, I’ll accompany you to practice heroes.”

The barrage vaguely noticed that something was amiss.

“Why did Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan come too?”

“Goodness, what kind of professional lineup is this?”

“What about You Hongwei? Aren’t you bringing him along?”

“It can’t be what I’m thinking, right?”

“Did Ye Shao join ZMD???”

“WTF, I think I smell the scent of big news…”

Chen Xingran didn’t know if he could talk about this, so he just kept quiet.

Yang Yuche couldn’t see the barrage, but even with his eyes closed, he knew what the audience was saying.

The matter of Ye Shao joining ZMD had already been settled, the contract was even signed, and the official announcement would be made soon. There was no need for him to hide anything. He directly said in the team voice chat, “Yeah, Xingran has officially joined ZMD and become a starting member of the first team. You’ll see our new lineup next season.”



“Is this actually true? WTF!”

“Not playing as a substitute? Going straight for the starting lineup? ZMD is up to something!”

“Wawawa, I always said Ye Shao would definitely hit the professional stage, and we finally reached this awaited day!”

“Just debuted and playing in the starting lineup of a powerhouse team, my goodness, what a dreamy start!”

The barrage instantly started scrolling at an extremely fast pace. Personnel changes in a powerhouse team like ZMD were big news in the gaming community. Moreover, this time they were using a completely new player who originated from being a streamer. He hadn’t even played in a formal match yet, and the audacity of this move left people in awe.

It’s easy to imagine how the gaming media would extensively cover this in the coming days.

“Are we playing ranked games?”

Luo Baibai joined the team, saying, “Great! I can boost my rank again!… Huh?”

He glanced at the Tang Sword in Chen Xingran’s hand in the lobby, his eyes instantly lighting up. “Azure Lapis? Oh my, Xingran, did you get this? It’s so cool! Let me play with it later.”

Chen Xingran truthfully replied, “The captain gave it to me.”

“Yun Ge…”

Luo Baibai immediately shifted his focus, “I want it too…”

Yang Yunche started the ranked game, “Let’s play some ranked games first, let Xingran get familiar with other heroes. Today, we’re not practicing tactics; we’re just accompanying to play.”

Luo Baibai, “Yun Ge~ Handsome Captain Yun…”

In the midst of matching, Yang Yunche glanced at the map, “Let’s drop at Cangyang Temple.”

Luo Baibai, “Yun God! Yun Gege! My beloved Boss Yun!”

Yang Yunche, “This is the Sunset Weather; the scenery at Cangyang Temple is not bad.”

Luo Baibai, “…hello? Did I disconnect? Can you hear me? Hello? Hello?”

Yang Yunche asked Chen Xingran and Xiao Nan, “By the way, why isn’t Luo Baibai using his mic? Can you hear his voice?”

Xiao Nan suppressed a laugh, “No, he’s surprisingly quiet today, quite unusual.”

Luo Baibai said, “Is it true? Did my mic break?”

After some thought, he tentatively whispered, “Captain…actually, I reported the snacks behind your operation cabin…”

Yang Yunche, in the midst of choosing the landing spot, suddenly paused.

He turned back with a cold expression and said, “Hmm, heard that.”

Luo Baibai, “…”

Fuck, I’m finished.

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