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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 53

Yang Yunche admitted the changes in ZMD team members in the live broadcast, and it quickly trended.

Taking advantage of this, Fu Zhou posted an announcement on the club’s official Weibo, confirming the news. This caused a huge stir, attracting various gaming media for comprehensive coverage.

Netizens passionately expressed their opinions. Some believed that Chen Xingran’s strong blade capabilities and his status as the newly crowned Duel King on the national server would undoubtedly bring new opportunities to ZMD, expressing optimism about his joining.

Others held opposing views, thinking that ZMD using a newcomer to play in matches was a completely unwise decision, and some even declared that ZMD would probably not even make it to the top sixteen in the next season. Among those expressing these opinions, the most enthusiastic were the fans of You Hongwei.

Fans of You Hongwei found it hard to accept the decision, feeling that after all the hard work You Hongwei put into the game, replacing him like this was heartless and unjust. This sentiment extended to Chen Xingran, who took You Hongwei’s position, and their expressions were so intense that it was hard to look at.

However, later, another announcement from Fu Zhou made these protesting fans shut their mouths.

The announcement clearly stated that You Hongwei violated the terms of the contract during his service. After unanimous discussion by the ZMD Gaming Club’s board of directors, they decided to terminate the contract with You Hongwei and hold him accountable for the violations.

Although the announcement did not specify which provision was violated, it was shocking enough. Despite the dissatisfaction of You Hongwei’s fans, they dared not speak further under this announcement. They collectively muted themselves, allowing fans of other teams to mock them.

The external turmoil did not disturb Chen Xingran in the game.

This round, he chose the hero Hidden Shadow, a popular hero in the assault position.

Skill – Shadow Lock: Hidden Shadow locks the shadow of an enemy, causing them to be in a 0.3-second immobilized state.

Ultimate Move – Shadow Sprint: Hidden Shadow can select enemies within a certain range, shuttle through their shadows, providing Hidden Shadow with a 5% attack bonus each time it shuttles, lasting for 3 seconds. It can shuttle up to 5 times.

With control, displacement, and a certain degree of self-protection, Hidden Shadow can play a significant role on the battlefield, causing headaches for many support players. The ultimate move, which comes and goes without a trace, allows easy entry into the battlefield for assassinating support players.

Xiao Nan transitioned from an assault role to a tank role. As Yang Yunche predicted, there was no discomfort in adapting. His playstyle is steady, and he has a strong overall awareness. He constantly pays attention to the positions of teammates, providing timely support in dismantling enemy defenses. Unlike You Hongwei, he doesn’t get too aggressive, serving as a strong backbone for the team.

Luo Baibai didn’t use his most proficient Prayer Beads but chose Fate.

Fate is a pure support hero. His skill, Fate Shelter, can designate an ally to receive shelter status, providing 50%-65% damage reduction for 5 seconds. This can be crucial in preserving a teammate’s health during critical moments.


Luo Baibai shouted and threw a Fate Shelter onto Chen Xingran. Then, he activated his ultimate move. An invisible thread extended from his hand, traversing the battlefield and connecting to Chen Xingran.

In the fiery chaos of the final circle, Chen Xingran unintentionally became isolated, entangled by another team. Faced with ubiquitous firepower and a four-person siege, his health was rapidly decreasing.

The thread from Luo Baibai lit up. Chen Xingran felt a momentary blur, and when he regained his senses, he had already escaped the besieged battlefield and arrived next to Luo Baibai.

Ultimate Move – Impermanence Phase Shift: Fate can connect with a teammate within a 50-meter range over 20 seconds, slowly restoring the target’s health. When used again, the connected teammate is immediately teleported to Fate’s side.


Yang Yunche stood calmly on the high platform, drew his bow, and shot an arrow. The headshot damage lowered the health of the front row, halting their pursuit.


Chen Xingran thanked Luo Baibai and began to heal and restore his state.

Xiao Nan stood in front of him, using the hero “Shatter Mountain.” He raised a massive shield, concealing Chen Xingran and preventing him from being worn down by ranged attacks, giving him ample time to heal.

Skill – Mountain-Crushing Shield: No cooldown. Raises a giant shield that can block 1500 damage. Movement speed is reduced by 80% during the shield-raising process. The durability of the shield slowly recovers after canceling the skill.

It had to be said that professional players’ reactions and awareness were top-notch. Whenever Chen Xingran charged into the fray, teammates provided timely support. If there was an ambush from behind, Yang Yunche’s arrows would arrive in the next second. The feeling of having someone trustworthy behind you was entirely different from solo queue.

“Too fierce, my goodness, one person against three or four kills!”

“Xingran is amazing! My lao po is amazing!”

“The teammates’ support is excellent too. If I had teammates like this, I could wake up laughing from my dreams.”

“Wake up. We only have three big burdens as teammates.”

“So true. Every time I fight, my teammates never help me with the fire. I literally spit three liters of blood.”

Yang Yunche occupied the high ground, overseeing the situation in the cramped final circle.

“Xiao Nan, hold this river passage. If someone comes, drive them down. Luo Baibai, keep an eye on everyone’s health and use the cannon to blast their health bars.”

Yang Yunche commanded methodically in the team, “This position by the river is excellent; they can’t come up. There’s a high probability the next circle will spawn here. No need to worry about getting stuck. Luo Baibai, give me two weapon repair kits. I’m running low.”

“Got it.”


Xiao Nan and Luo Baibai responded simultaneously.


Yang Yunche called Chen Xingran’s name, and Chen Xingran responded, “Here.”

Yang Yunche looked at the Tang Sword in his hand, the Tang Sword · Azure Lupis shimmering with a mysterious golden light in the dim twilight. He smiled and said, “Clear the field.”

Chen Xingran’s Tang Sword drew a golden trajectory in the air, and his proud figure seemed like a war god descending, exuding a rich and solemn killing intent.


A day of ranked matches ended.

Chen Xingran exited the operation cabin and stretched lazily.


During the previous four-man squad games with Yang Yunche, due to the presence of random teammates, he mostly fought alone, with little coordination between teams.

But today, officially teaming up with the ZMD team, the feeling was instantly different. They handled the final circles of the Asura matches with ease. From landing to the final circle, they quickly grouped up under Yang Yunche’s command, swiftly gathered supplies, geared up, and then directly attacked other teams, leaving others defenseless.

Although Chen Xingran occasionally got too immersed in the fights, leading to moments of disconnection from the team, his personal skills were strong. He could withstand the pressure alone until his teammates arrived.

“You did well today.”

Yang Yunche also came out of the operation cabin, praising, “How does it feel? Are you getting used to Hidden Shadow?”

“I’ve got a good understanding of most of the skills, and it feels pretty smooth in combat.”

“That’s good. Let’s try Thunder Fist tomorrow.”


“Fuck, Xingran, you’re too amazing!”

Luo Baibai approached, full of admiration. “How did you train in Sparring? And that horizontal cut just now, you used it so well! Can you teach me next time?”

Chen Xingran laughed, “Of course, I can.”

“Dinner is ready, let’s eat.”

Fu Zhou entered the training room and said to the four.

They responded and chatted while walking to the dining room, reviewing the battles of the day.

“I think when we were at the Fountain of Youth just now, I should have pulled back first.”

Chen Xingran said, “The Voodoo was low on health, and I thought of killing him first, forgot to pay attention to your positions.”


Seeing him earnestly reflecting, Yang Yunche comforted, “It’s just the beginning, you’re not familiar with our attack rhythm, some disconnection is normal, no need to blame yourself. You have a strong learning ability, with more practice, it’ll be fine.”


Chen Xingran said seriously, “But I didn’t dodge two arrows just now, took a lot of damage unnecessarily. That distance can be avoided. After dinner, I’ll start a martial arts mode, and you can practice with me.”

Yang Yunche chuckled, “No problem.”

“You guys want to practice swordsmanship? Then count me in.”

Hearing their conversation, Xiao Nan volunteered, “Xingran, let’s practice later. I think I can improve my resilience a bit. Let’s see how long I can hold out against you in a sword fight.”


“What? Are you all going to practice?” Luo Baibai touched his head, “Then I’ll join too…”

“Are you planning to train for the whole day?” Fu Zhou helplessly knocked on the table, “Let’s eat first, we’ll talk about it later. Really, I’ve never seen you guys so dedicated before.”

“After all, we have a new team member. It’s good to take the time to cultivate some tacit understanding,” said Yang Yunche, casually picking a dish for Chen Xingran, “Also, let’s set the training match for Saturday. Ranked matches are different from professional ones, and we need to let Xingran adapt to the pace of the competition as early as possible.”

Fu Zhou nodded, “Alright.”

Chen Xingran looked at the extra dish in his bowl, showing hesitation.

“Don’t like fish?”

Yang Yunche glanced at him, “No, you can’t. This is good for your health. You’re still growing, don’t be picky.”

“Yeah, you’re going to have surgery too. You have to eat more,” Luo Baibai chimed in, “This fish is expensive; you can’t get it in other bases!”

Chen Xingran indeed didn’t like fish. He looked at the white fish in front of him, poked it with chopsticks a couple of times, but didn’t touch it.

“Don’t listen to the captain?”

Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow, resorting to his trump card, “How tall are you now? 1.73 meters?”

Chen Xingran glared at him, “1.75 meters.”


Yang Yunche nodded knowingly, “Shorty.”

Chen Xingran: “?”

Getting ready for another scolding, huh?

Yang Yunche, having forgotten the pain after being lectured by Chen Xingran, now started to tease the little squirrel again. Faced with his dangerous gaze, he fearlessly said, “I’m 1.87 meters.”

Chen Xingran: “…”

He lowered his head, looking at the fish that Yang Yunche had picked up and put into his bowl. Hesitating for a moment, he finally closed his eyes and stuffed it into his mouth.

Yang Yunche smiled in satisfaction.


While eating and looking at his phone, Luo Baibai suddenly shouted as if he had discovered some incredible news.

“What’s wrong?”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to him.

“It’s updated!”

Luo Baibai raised his phone, showing a dense row of texts.

It was the official update announcement for the new season.

“The update announcement is so long this time, it seems like they added a lot of things…”

**Dear players,

The server of “Destiny” will undergo maintenance in two days, and the “Cloud Flip Season” is about to begin.

The specific update contents are as follows:

I. Hero balance adjustments.

Furious Tide Ultimate – Raging Tide: The duration of the raging wave’s water formation is reduced by 3 seconds, and the effect of “water formation can block ranged weapons” is added.

Raging Tyrant Passive: After the health drops below 50%, resistance increases as the health decreases. Adjusted to increase resistance after the health drops below 40%, with a damage reduction cap of 20%.

Demonic Blade Ultimate – Ghost God Advent: After activating the Demonic Blade’s Ultimate, the original effect remains unchanged, with an additional 20% increase in movement speed. Instantly gain a 0.5-second damage immunity effect when activating the Ultimate.

II. Modification of the Spirit Jade system.

Cancel the “Spirit Jade” system in the Battle Preparation interface and modify it to “Soul Jade” system. New Soul Jades will be put into the game, and players can obtain Soul Jades of different qualities and attributes in the game, and at the same time increase the “Special Soul Jade”.

Currently introduced Special Soul Jades include:

“Blood Drinker”: After equipping, 15% of the damage caused by melee weapons is converted into the player’s health.

“Fire Arrow”: Exclusive to bows and arrows, this Soul Jade attaches flames to arrows, causing burn damage.

“Light Blessing”: After equipping, the player’s recovery from armor plates and blood packs is reduced, but the healing effect is changed to a group recovery.

“One Rides Like a Thousand”: Each time an enemy is defeated, layers can be obtained. Each layer can increase attack power by 2% and damage reduction by 1%, with a maximum of 5 layers.

In the future, we will introduce more Soul Jades with special attributes to enhance the game’s playability.

III. In-game adjustments

Starting from the second poison circle, each time the poison circle refreshes, random “Earth Vein Treasure Chests” will be placed in the game. The chest may contain high-quality weapons, armor, Soul Jades, and various supplies, enhancing player confrontation.

IV. Limited-time sign-in events

V. New weapon · *Nunchaku online!

*nunchaku – nunchucks

Recently, a new melee weapon, the Nunchaku, has appeared on Myriad Origin Island. It possesses a combination of flexibility and strength, making it versatile in both offense and defense. We look forward to seeing it unleash infinite power in the hands of various heroes.


Watch Xingran absolutely dominate with this new weapon!

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