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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 56

56. Training Match 2

The next day, Chen Xingran finally received his own ID card.

Professional players registered in the Professional League can obtain a professional ID card officially issued by Destiny. This type of ID card with unique features cannot log in to the official server; it can only be used in dedicated competition servers. Moreover, the ID on the competition server cannot be changed unless there is a change in the affiliated club, in which case a name change request can be submitted to the official.

The appearance of the professional ID card differs slightly from the regular server ID card. It has a matte metal texture when touched. The silver-gray card face bears the two Destiny characters in *Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix writing, and in the lower right corner, Chen Xingran’s competition server ID is embossed in gold font.

Destiny – 命运 (mìng yùn)

Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix (龙飞凤舞) – flamboyant/bold cursive calligraphy


“By the way,” Chen Xingran looked at his competition server ID card, puzzled, and asked, “Why don’t both the captain and my ID have surnames?”

Yang Yunche’s competition server ID is ZMD-Yunche, while Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan have their full names on their IDs.

Is there some reason?

“Oh, it’s just that two names sound better,” Fu Zhou waved his hand. “Adding a surname just doesn’t have the same charm.”

*Xing Ran – Burning Star , Yun Che – Clear Clouds

Chen Xingran: “…”

Okay then.

He finished his breakfast and stood up. “I’m going to the training room.”

Fu Zhou was puzzled, “The training match doesn’t start until noon. Why are you going so early?”

Chen Xingran’s succinct reply was, “Sword practice.”

Watching his departing figure, Fu Zhou rubbed his head. “He says he’s not nervous, but he actually cares quite a bit.”

Yang Yunche smiled, put down his chopsticks, and also stood up.

Fu Zhou: “…What are you doing?”

Without looking back, Yang Yunche said, “Sparring partner.”

Fu Zhou: “…”

You two are really interesting, harmonizing with each other, making me the marginalized man, huh?

*Marginalized man – not fitting in/outsider

Yang Yunche, you scumbag who likes the new and hates the old!!

There’s a changing room in the training room. When Yang Yunche arrived at the training room, Chen Xingran had already changed into the team uniform. The blue and white team uniform outlined the smooth lines of the young man’s body, exuding a heroic aura.

Chen Xingran touched the hair on his forehead and whispered, “Seems like my hair has grown a bit… Is there a barber shop near the base? I’ll go get a haircut tonight.”

Yang Yunche smiled, “Are you kidding? Now you’re the esteemed VIP guest of ZMD. No need to go to a barber shop; specialized stylists will come to do your hair.”

After a pause, he looked Chen Xingran up and down, “I think you look good now, no need to cut it.”

Chen Xingran used to have short, neat hair that revealed his clean and full forehead. The two bold black sword-like eyebrows made him look like an ancient young hero. Now, with slightly longer hair covering his eyebrows, he appeared a bit more gentle, giving off the vibe of an idol drama male lead, as described by Luo Baibai.

Chen Xingran frowned, “If the hair is too long, it will affect my vision during a fight.”

Yang Yunche: “…Are you still thinking about fighting? Don’t even think about it. Before you recover, all intense activities, especially fighting, are strictly prohibited.”

Chen Xingran raised an eyebrow, “It’s okay after I recover?”


Yang Yunche hesitated, “Let’s talk about that later. Anyway, for now, leave it like this. Later, let Fu Zhou find someone to give you a styling. In the future, when you go out, you’ll be the face of ZMD.”

Sigh, the new team member isn’t very obedient, eager for a fight. Always thinking about exchanging punches with others, what should I do? Worrisome.

“Oh,” Chen Xingran obediently responded.

“Xiao Nan has already contacted a doctor for you. After the training match is over, find a time to undergo the surgery.”

Yang Yunche said, “Health is the capital. Now you’re ZMD’s promising money tree. In case anything happens, Fu Zhou might come after me with a knife.”

An image flashed in Chen Xingran’s mind—Yang Yunche being chased by Fu Zhou with a knife, and he stifled a laugh.

“Where are you going?” Seeing Yang Yunche with the team uniform heading inside, Chen Xingran casually asked.

“Changing clothes.”

“Just change like this; it’s fine with me.”

Chen Xingran said nonchalantly.

Yang Yunche: “…”

He subconsciously wanted to say something, but seeing Chen Xingran’s straightforward attitude, he didn’t know how to respond. Chen Xingran still retained some characteristics of a martial artist, such as the chivalrous spirit he displayed defending Yang Yunche in front of You Hongwei at the base and his current carefree demeanor…

Chen Xingran didn’t mind at all. Since they were both guys, there really wasn’t anything to be shy about. If he insisted on going inside to change clothes, it would only make him seem awkward.

While this was his train of thought, facing Chen Xingran’s eyes, resembling transparent amber, Yang Yunche felt a strange sensation. This feeling was different from when dealing with Xiao Nan and Luo Baibai.

Full of wit from head to toe, thick-skinned as a city wall, Captain Yang Yunche, who always spoke in a lewd manner whenever he opened his mouth, couldn’t quite express the subtle feeling that suddenly arose in his heart.

It’s called being embarrassed.

Yang Yunche cleared his throat, suppressing that hint of unusual feeling, and casually began changing clothes in the training room.

Chen Xingran didn’t feel uncomfortable at all; he had seen all sorts of scenes during martial arts training.

His gaze naturally fell on Yang Yunche. As Yang Yunche took off his jacket and long sleeves, Chen Xingran couldn’t help but show a hint of admiration, “Captain, you have a good physique.”

Professional players usually spend long hours in the operation cabin and rarely engage in physical activities, but Yang Yunche was an exception. His title as the “eSports male god” was well-deserved. In addition to a handsome face suitable for immediate debut, he also possessed an impressive physique—broad shoulders, long legs, smooth lines, a combination of muscular strength and aesthetics. Unlike You Hongwei’s exaggeration, Yang Yunche’s physique was both powerful and elegant.

Yang Yunche had previously claimed to have an eight-pack of abs during a live stream, and he wasn’t lying. Under Chen Xingran’s gaze, Yang Yunche unconsciously tightened his abdomen, making the eight-pack more prominent. In terms of appearance, excluding actual combat abilities, Yang Yunche seemed more like someone who practiced martial arts.

Chen Xingran looked at him with a touch of envy.

Once upon a time, in his past life, he also had such a physique. Unfortunately, with his rebirth, the bones and muscles he had developed over the years dissipated along with the car accident. Now, he was lean, with hardly any flesh on his body. Due to physical limitations, he couldn’t engage in weight training, and the prospect of restoring himself to his past level seemed distant.

“Can I touch it?” Chen Xingran said what he thought, asking directly.

Yang Yunche:?

His body stiffened, even questioning if he misheard. The hand on his battle suit paused, “…What?”

Chen Xingran’s expression was casual and frank, “Let me touch it.”

Perhaps thinking that Yang YunHis palm was fair, with faint blue veins winding across the back of his hand. His fingers were somewhat cool but seemed to carry a burning warmth. While Yang Yunche’s expression appeared unchanged, the muscles on his body quietly tensed. Numerous images flashed through his mind in an instant, yet facing Chen Xingran’s curious and candid gaze, he didn’t know what to say to break this inexplicably strange atmosphere.

Both are guys, both are guys, both are guys…

Yang Yunche silently recited these four words in his mind, trying hard to make himself appear more natural.

“What’s your body fat percentage?” Chen Xingran touched the lines on his arms and asked.


The topic changed quite quickly, leaving Yang Yunche momentarily stunned. “…12%.”

Chen Xingran nodded and observed him, “I think the muscles on the side of your lower waist can be developed. This way, you can generate more power when throwing punches. Your physique is excellent—long arms, broad shoulders—perfect for practicing with a sword. Try doing some hanging leg raises; it will better train the explosive power and endurance of your waist. If you have time, you can also practice Eight Extreme Fist…”

Yang Yunche: “…”

What’s going on here?

Chen Xingran, accustomed to martial arts training, naturally considered how Yang Yunche’s physique could provide advantages in combat. Seeing the muscle lines on Yang Yunche’s body, he couldn’t help but think about the potential benefits in battles. Yang Yunche’s physique was indeed suitable for martial arts. With long and powerful limbs, he could have more advantages in close-quarter combat than the average person. His attacks could reach a greater distance, and his muscles didn’t appear bulky, enhancing resistance without compromising agility…

Chen Xingran nodded approvingly, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that such potential shouldn’t be wasted. “Are you interested in learning martial arts?”

He seemed to be looking at a specimen, like a university professor examining a frog. Yang Yunche, hit with this metaphorical bucket of cold water, immediately dispelled the subtle and ambiguous feeling that had just arisen in his mind. It was more effective than taking ten cold showers in a row, instantly bringing him back to reality.

Feeling that his thought process was completely different from Chen Xingran’s, Yang Yunche reached out and grabbed Chen Xingran’s somewhat restless hand. He was about to say something when suddenly, the training room’s large doors automatically opened to the sides, and Luo Baibai’s figure appeared at the entrance.

Clearly just waking up, Luo Baibai’s face still carried a drowsy look. He floated into the training room, witnessing a scene that could be described as shocking.

Yang Yunche, shirtless, held the yet-to-be-worn team uniform in one hand and Chen Xingran’s wrist in the other. From Luo Baibai’s perspective, it looked as if Yang Yunche was grabbing Chen Xingran’s hand and placing it on his own body.che hadn’t heard clearly, he added, “Your muscles are very be.”

The corner of Yang Yunche’s mouth twitched, but he ultimately didn’t refuse.

Chen Xingran approached him, reaching out to poke at his muscles.

Luo Baibai’s hazy sleepiness instantly disappeared!


Yang Yunche: …

Hold on! What kind of expression is that?

He let go of the hand holding Chen Xingran’s, and before he could say anything, he saw Luo Baibai, like a ghost, quickly retreating. He rushed towards the lobby, and his panicked voice echoed from the training room to the spacious base for a long time.

“Manager Fu! Manager Fu! Something’s wrong! Brother Yun is acting like a rogue!!”

Yang Yunche: ?

You motherf*cker come back to me!!

Five minutes later, Yang Yunche had already changed into the team uniform. His face was icy, emitting a chilling aura. With his mixed-race deep facial features, he looked formidable, exuding a strong sense of oppression.

Luo Baibai stood in front of him, bowing at a ninety-degree angle. “Dear and respected Captain Yang, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have doubted your character.”

Fu Zhou intervened from the side, “Ah, it’s a trivial matter, a trivial matter. These kinds of situations are easy to misunderstand at first glance. Luo Baibai, you really should be more careful next time and not shout blindly on such a peaceful morning.”

When you heard me shouting that Brother Yun was acting like a roguet, you also quickly got up and rushed to the training room without any doubt…

Luo Baibai grumbled inwardly.

But he had already offended Yang Yunche. At this point, exposing Fu Zhou wouldn’t be a good choice. Luo Baibai, being powerless, couldn’t afford to provoke the two ZMD bullies. He decided to grovel: “I was wrong!”

Chen Xingran was already laughing uncontrollably on the side, almost losing his balance.

Yang Yunche glanced at the instigator who was laughing with his eyes narrowed, feeling helpless. “Forget it.”

Fu Zhou added, “Who would have thought that Xingran wanted to take you as his disciple and teach you martial arts? Can’t blame Luo Baibai for misjudging…”

It’s just that your usual reputation is so bad. Chen Xingran looks like such a well-behaved kid; no matter how you look at it, he seems like he would be bullied by you.

Fu Zhou thought to himself.

Luo Baibai clicked his tongue, “Disperse, disperse. Yun Ge, don’t be angry. I’ll find a golden bow for you later.”

Fu Zhou looked at him suspiciously, “Why do I feel like you’re quite disappointed? Did you watch some strange soap operas again recently?”

“No, nothing.”

Luo Baibai confessed nervously, “I’m going to change into the team uniform…”

After saying that, he ran to his own operation cabin, picked up the team uniform, suddenly remembered something, and turned to Chen Xingran, “By the way, Xingran, how about you take a look at my martial arts talent? When I was a kid, my mom said I was quite lively and active, always jumping around. Maybe I’m a martial arts prodigy? If our captain doesn’t want to worship you as his master, I’m willing!”

Chen Xingran smiled, “Sure.”

Luo Baibai’s eyes lit up, and he was about to take off his clothes to show off his muscles. However, as soon as his arm moved, it was grabbed by Captain Yang Yunche.

Captain Yang wore a displeased expression and said coldly, “Go change inside.”

Luo Baibai shrank his neck in fear, “Oh, okay.”

Just because I misjudged the situation and shouted, why on earth are you this harsh…

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