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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 57

57. Training Match 3

In the morning, he had sword practice with Yang Yunche for a while. Time passed quickly, and it was soon noon.

As the first training match of the new season, the teams participating had quite luxurious lineups. Domestic top-tier powerhouses such as Autumn Water, VG, AUG, and Tang Dynasty were all present. Even first-tier teams like Jing Hong, Qi Xin, and SH-J also joined. The lineup was even more luxurious than typical competitions, and second-tier teams with insufficient strength didn’t even qualify to participate.

Being able to gather so many powerful teams for a training match showcased Fu Zhou’s PY skills.

*PY – Stands for 屁眼 (piyan), which means b*tthole. Used to describe shady transactions.

Everyone logged into their competition accounts and entered the custom room. Many teams were already waiting inside. Upon seeing the ZMD team approach, greetings flooded the public chat.

AUG-Song Dongyang: Old friends are here, welcome, welcome.

Autumn Water-Jiang Yan: I heard ZMD got a strong assault player? Congratulations to Captain Yang, gaining a fierce warrior.

Jing Hong-Mao Mao: Please take it easy later, masters. My new team member is still a kid, hasn’t seen much of the world. Don’t make the child cry.

VG-Li Haoyuan: What new tactics has Captain Yang developed lately? Give us a hint, let’s exchange ideas.

Contrary to Chen Xingran’s expectation of a tense atmosphere, the room was filled with friendly exchanges between the teams. Each name in the room, if taken individually, was a top-tier celebrity in the professional circle with countless fans. Ordinary players dared not speak in the public chat under the pressure of these big shots.

Perhaps sensing Chen Xingran’s confusion, Yang Yunche explained in the team voice chat, “Don’t be fooled by these players acting all high and mighty. In fact, they are quite easy going. Don’t be nervous; we often gather privately, and our relationships are pretty good.”

Luo Baibai interjected, “Why isn’t Wei Jie saying anything? Haven’t seen her for a long time.”

Xiao Nan replied, “Alright, I know you like *mature women. If you run into Fei Wei later, take off your armor and give it to her.”

*yu jie – derived from japanese kanji for onee-san. It describes mature sexy women. Opposite of Lolita(cute type)

Luo Baibai protested, “What nonsense are you talking about? I don’t have anything like that!”

ZMD-Yunche:”There’s no new tactic. We haven’t even familiarized ourselves with the new version. I’ll have to learn some new techniques from you guys later.”

AUG-Song Dongyang: “I don’t believe you. Not a single truthful word from this old fox’s mouth.”

VG-Li Haoyuan: “Did everyone see that? Let’s take it easy later. Don’t let Captain Yang steal our tactics.”

Laughter and banter filled the public chat, and no one took Yang Yunche’s words seriously.

The heart of playing bows and playing tactics was dirty, and Yang Yunche was a master of both, always coming up with tricky ideas during matches. The powerhouse teams present had all experienced losses at Yang Yunche’s hands in competitions.

After a while, members from other teams also arrived, and Chen Xingran’s first professional player training match officially began.

On Spawn Island, everyone started choosing their heroes.

Chen Xingran locked in the Demonic Blade, Yang Yunche played the Furious Tide, Luo Baibai used Prayer Bead, and Xiao Nan chose the tank hero, Dragon Soul.

Glancing at the map’s landing points, everyone was cautious in this training match. Unlike in ranked matches, there weren’t as many players jumping to locations like Cloud Mist Palace or Huantian City. The teams were evenly distributed across the entire map.

“Where should we jump?” Chen Xingran asked.

Yang Yunche looked at the map and chose Canyang Temple as the landing point.

“Canyang Temple has only two teams. It’s a good fight.”

Yang Yunche said, “After landing, report your location. First, search for armor and weapons, then quickly assemble and stick together. Don’t run around, and don’t engage in solo fights.”

“Got it,” Chen Xingran nodded. During ranked matches, he liked to fight immediately after landing. If he picked up weapons and saw a lone enemy, he would initiate combat. Yang Yunche’s last sentence was clearly directed at him.

The countdown ended, and everyone entered the game.

In the solemn Canyang Temple, several fragments of white light reassembled. Chen Xingran opened his eyes and surveyed his surroundings.

He was born on the west side of Canyang Temple’s clock tower, with a Thunder Fist behind him and a Shatter Mountain not far to his left. Because he couldn’t see the names in the game, Chen Xingran didn’t know which team the opponents were from or whether the two people he saw belonged to the same team.

He remembered Yang Yunche’s words. As soon as his body could move, he went straight to the second floor of the clock tower without even looking at the people behind him.

Glancing at the supplies on the second floor, he quickly picked up some armor pieces, health packs, and blue armor, but found no weapons.

He wanted to continue searching upstairs, but he heard footsteps above. He didn’t know if the opponents had picked up weapons, but Chen Xingran didn’t want to take any risks. He decisively abandoned the area, jumped out of the window from the second floor, and reported in voice chat, “I’m at the west side of the clock tower. There are two people here, and I didn’t find any weapons.”

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan also reported their locations.

“I’m at the Northern Ancient Well. No one is here; you can come over for a gathering,” Yang Yunche calmly said, “I have weapons here.”

Chen Xingran acknowledged and carefully avoided areas with footsteps as he headed toward Yang Yunche’s direction. Just as he took a few steps, he already heard the sound of swords clashing behind him—the two teams in the clock tower were fighting.

Using the fastest speed, he reached the position of the Ancient Well in the north of Canyang Temple. Along the way, he picked up a few soul jades. The team quickly assembled and began distributing supplies.

One purple armor, two blue armors, and one white armor. The purple armor and high-quality resistance soul jades were prioritized for Xiao Nan, who focused on damage resistance. Chen Xingran and Luo Baibai wore blue armor because Yang Yunche specialized in long-range combat and didn’t take much damage. Yang Yunche took the white armor in the team.

“Xingran, this is for you—a good item,” Luo Baibai took out a shiny golden Tang Blade from his backpack.

Chen Xingran’s eyes lit up, and without hesitation, he accepted it. Then, he gave the Soul Jade “Fire Arrows” he picked up on the way to Yang Yunche.

“Fire Arrows”: A soul jade exclusive to bows, arrows imbued with flames cause a 3-second burning effect upon hitting enemies.

The team quickly distributed supplies and started moving together. Their location was not far from the main hall of Canyang Temple, which was the most likely place for fights to break out. As expected, when they reached the vicinity of the main hall, the other two teams had already engaged in battles, and the two enemies Chen Xingran saw at the west clock tower location had also rushed over.

Luo Baibai asked, “Captain, should we join the fight?”

Yang Yunche squinted, observed the situation, and led the three to a high vantage point, drawing bows and shooting arrows.

Three teammates gathered around him, waiting for Yang Yunche to give orders.

The high vantage point they occupied was very tricky. The two teams fighting below would find it challenging to notice them. However, they all knew that three teams had landed in Canyang Temple, and there must be another team nearby watching closely. Therefore, the two teams in the main hall didn’t engage too deeply. They each formed their own groups to probe and left themselves an escape route.


One team’s support, the Fate, accidentally mispositioned and took damage from a bird shotgun, directly shattering the armor. The tank, Shatter Mountain, immediately raised the shield in front of Fate to give her time to use healing items.

It was the perfect moment.


Yang Yunche decisively released the arrow he had prepared. The arrow traversed a stunning trajectory through the air and directly hit the Fate’s head!

Headshot damage!

Yang Yunche held a Purple Bow, which had high damage. Coupled with the three Blue Attack Soul Jades and a fully drawn bow, this arrow directly left Fate heavily injured. Meanwhile, flames ignited on the Fate, causing continuous burning damage.

This arrow was immediately noticed by the opponents. Fate directly cast a skill, and a white light umbrella appeared in the center of the battlefield, connecting to Fate, restoring her health. The other teammates gathered, preparing to retreat.

“Leave one.”

Yang Yunche said calmly.

Ghost Shadow Blade!

At the moment he spoke, Chen Xingran, who had been lying in ambush, immediately jumped down from the elevated platform. While still in the air, he activated his skill, turning into a remnant blade and charging toward the low health Fate.

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan also jumped down. Upon landing, Luo Baibai threw a Yin and Yang talisman above Chen Xingran’s head. Xiao Nan followed behind Chen Xingran, ready to assault the enemy formation.

Chen Xingran’s blade moved like a gust of wind and lightning, directly entwining with the Fate!

His attacks were swift and oppressive. As a professional player, dueling was a mandatory skill, and Fate had decent dueling abilities. However, compared to Chen Xingran, she was far behind. Soon, she found it challenging to defend and started losing health rapidly.

“He’s tough! Help me break his defense!” Fate shouted directly in the team voice chat.

Teammate Mountain Shatter reacted extremely quickly. He took a hit from Xiao Nan without engaging in combat and quickly returned to raise his shield. With a crisp hum, Chen Xingran’s Tang Sword struck the shield, causing his sword to bounce back.

At this moment, the other two assault players also returned to defend. Chen Xingran suddenly found himself surrounded. Ignoring Fate, who was calling for help, he was now in a challenging situation. In ranked matches, he could handle three or four opponents alone, but in training matches against professional players, it wasn’t easy to parry. Even with his exceptional sword skills, facing a four-player siege, he couldn’t withstand the damage. Two seconds later, his armor was shattered.


Xiao Nan made a sweeping strike, sending the nearest enemy flying. Then, he rushed into the encirclement where Chen Xingran was and activated his skill.

Dragon Spine Force!

Dragon Spine Force: Dragon Soul enters a 4-second blocking state, gaining 70% damage reduction during this period. At the same time, the efficiency of obtaining damage-oriented Essence value increases by 50%.

As Dragon Spine Force was activated, it immediately blocked a considerable amount of damage for Chen Xingran. Meanwhile, Xiao Nan’s Essence value skyrocketed.

“Great defense!”

Luo Baibai praised in the voice chat. Yin and Yang Talisman were cast again, causing the glowing sphere above Chen Xingran’s head to vanish. Simultaneously, it replenished a large amount of his health, restoring his armor.

“Dragon Soul is blocking; don’t attack.”

Mountain Shatter shouted, and the other three immediately stopped. In these short few seconds, Fate, who had been damaged by Chen Xingran, had already used healing items, and her health was now quite healthy.

“Let’s retreat.”

They stopped in time, and Xiao Nan’s Essence value didn’t increase much. Mountain Shatter didn’t hesitate and immediately prepared to leave the battlefield. They had almost used up their skills to help Fate break the fire, and continuing to fight was obviously not a wise choice.


A feathered arrow flew in at an opportune moment, breaking through the defense. Another arrowhead exploded, reducing Fate’s health.

Clearly, ZMD wouldn’t give them a chance to retreat.

Chen Xingran reacted quickly. Under Luo Baibai’s protection, he quickly replenished his armor. Seeing this situation, he immediately closed in on Fate again. The Tang Sword in his hand cut through the air with a cold light.

“Clang Clang Clang dang——”

A series of dense sounds of blades clashing echoed. While dodging the harassment from others, Chen Xingran attacked Fate. Surprisingly, he single-handedly delayed their retreat!


With a buzzing sound, under Chen Xingran’s fierce attack, Fate decisively exploded her sword.

In the moment of Fate’s sword explosion, Chen Xingran’s Tang Sword instantly sheathed, and his momentum soared to its peak.

Art of Stillness!

Fate’s teammates reacted quickly. In the instant Fate exploded her sword, their teammate Hidden Shadow immediately cast an Art of Stillness on Chen Xingran. The brief immobilization effect immediately interrupted Chen Xingran’s charging.


With the support of teammates, Fate safely passed the stiff time after exploding her sword. Just as she regained her ability to move, she immediately switched to the spare weapon in her backpack. With the support of the teammates who came to help, they intended to suppress Chen Xingran’s health.

Luo Baibai was targeted by the third team from Canyang Temple. Two long-range shots broke through his armor, and he was currently hiding behind cover, healing and unable to provide support.

However, Xia Nan arrived in time and directly took two hits for Chen Xingran. Yang Yunche’s arrows followed suit, dealing weak point damage and breaking the armor that the enemy had just restored. The constant harassment of arrows made them very uncomfortable. But Yang Yunche stood at a high point, and for a while, they couldn’t spare the attention to find his location. In the team, Shatter Mountain, under the dominance of Yang Yunche’s arrows, could only keep holding his shield, never daring to let go.

Xiao Nan took two hits for Chen Xingran, and his health was already very low. However, at the same time, his Essence value was the first to fill up. Without any hesitation, he activated the Dragon Soul ultimate.

Dragon Soul True Form!

Ultimate · Dragon Soul True Form: Dragon Soul reveals its true form within 25 seconds, entering an awakened state. It can also spew dragon breath, imposing a 1-second intimidation status on enemies. Movement speed is reduced by 70% during Dragon Soul True Form.


A thunderous dragon roar echoed through Canyang Temple. The already tall figure of the Dragon Soul expanded in the next moment, transforming into a massive dragon about twenty meters long, soaring into the sky!

As the transformation ultimate ability activated, Xiao Nan’s precarious health was replaced by the dragon’s health bar, fully restoring his health.

“Dragon Soul is in its ultimate form; let’s go!”

Giving a clear and decisive command, Fate’s team immediately abandoned the attack on Chen Xingran and prepared to retreat.


Another feathered arrow flew in. Fate’s position had a plaque above it. Unnoticed for a moment, the plaque was shot down by God Yun, stunning Fate briefly.


Mountain Shatter cursed angrily in the voice chat. This archer was too annoying—arrow harassment was everywhere, disrupting their rhythm at crucial moments.

Could this be God Yun?!

There were quite a few players in the alliance who used long-range weapons, but only Yang Yunche could use them to this extent.

The footsteps of Fate’s retreat were halted by the fallen plaque. Simultaneously, Xiao Nan’s Dragon Soul True Form spewed dragon breath, hitting Fate who couldn’t move, causing her to enter a 1-second stun.


Chen Xingran finally seized the opportunity. His muscles tensed, and the Tang Sword in his hand, shimmering with golden light, traced a beautiful arc in the air, dragging a strong afterimage as it slashed diagonally—

Followed closely by Yang Yunche’s arrows!



Thunderclap was a bit hasty, and the power was not fully concentrated, plus Chen Xingran’s Soul Jades were not in the best condition. However, with the golden Tang Sword in hand, he still dealt nearly 900 points of damage. Coupled with Yang Yunche’s arrows, they instantly wiped out the damage done to Fate!

“ZMD-Chen Xingran used Tang Sword to kill Jing Hong-Nie Gong”

It was someone from the Jing Hong team.

“Well done!”

Just after healing, Luo Baibai shouted in the team voice chat when he saw this scene.

Whether in ranked games or tournaments, Luo Baibai’s most frequent words were either “well done,” “nice,” or “666, awesome,” truly living up to his reputation as a praise fanatic.

With Fate’s death, Chen Xingran’s Demonic Blade refreshed immediately. The Jing Hong team lost a member first, falling into a disadvantageous position. Chen Xingran was preparing to continue the pursuit with the Demonic Blade, but Yang Yunche’s voice rang in his ears.

“Don’t chase, come back.”

Yang Yunche said, “Go help Luo Baibai.”

Chen Xingran was momentarily stunned. Although he felt it was a pity, he didn’t say anything. As a team member, the most basic quality for a professional player was to follow the team leader’s commands as quickly as possible. He gave up the pursuit, running to Luo Baibai’s side under the protection of Xiao Nan’s Dragon Soul True Form.

Luo Baibai’s position had a poor field of vision with too many covers. It was challenging for Yang Yunche to play from the high ground. He jumped down as well, starting to help Luo Baibai dismantle the fire.

Luo Baibai was caught in a three-person siege, struggling to hold on. The arrival of Chen Xingran and the others undoubtedly gave him a breathing opportunity. With Xiao Nan’s Dragon Breath following, he controlled one person, providing Luo Baibai with a chance to escape. Chen Xingran’s sword quickly arrived, engaging an assailant in the assault rhythm of a fierce storm.

Xiao Nan’s Essence accumulated faster than the others, and the first to open the ultimate brought a significant advantage to ZMD. The enemies wanted to find cover to avoid the Dragon Breath, but Chen Xingran and the others detained them. ZMD’s blade was too sturdy, and for a while, they had no way to deal with him. Helplessly, they had to give up chasing Luo Baibai and chose to retreat.


Chen Xingran saw that Luo Baibai’s condition had improved, and he asked.

In battle mode, his tone was full of coldness and killing intent.

“Don’t chase. Xiao Nan’s ultimate is about to end; let them fight first.”

Yang Yunche said, shooting an arrow behind him to interrupt Shatter Mountain’s attempt to pull up the Soul Altar of Fate.

While Yang Yunche was fighting the third team for a short time, Jing Hong’s side apparently noticed it. Taking advantage of their engagement, they attempted to secretly revive Fate, who was lying on the ground. However, Yang Yunche had already noticed and directly shot an arrow, disrupting their efforts to revive the fallen teammate.

As Yang Yunche expected, the third team was still a full squad, just like the fully-formed ZMD. With the Dragon Soul True Form looming overhead and the fierce blade skills of Chen Xingran below, confronting ZMD head-on was impossible. They promptly retreated, focusing on the Jing Hong team, which was already at a disadvantage due to the earlier casualty.

With one support down, the Jing Hong team was already in a disadvantageous position. The three-person team had fewer heads, making anyone tempted.

“Xiao Nan, revert back.”

Yang Yunche said in the voice chat, and Xiao Nan’s Dragon Soul True Form promptly shrank. The four of them began to regroup and get ready for the next engagement.

Two seconds later, the sounds of battle erupted nearby, indicating that the two teams had already started fighting.

Chen Xingran also understood Yang Yunche’s intentions.

If he hadn’t been stopped by Yang Yunche just now and continued to pursue the three remaining members of the fallen team with the Demonic Blade, not only might Luo Baibai have been focused down by the other team, but the advantage they had painstakingly built would have dissipated.

By first taking down Fate and then retreating to repel the third team, leaving the three-member team with a casualty as bait for them, and then returning after reaching full health. If they engaged in a fight over there, skills would undoubtedly be exchanged. If the Jing Hong team was fierce enough, they might even get a counter-kill. For ZMD, this would be a golden opportunity.

With ZMD at full strength and full squad, except for Xiao Nan, the other three had more than half of their ultimate values. It was undoubtedly the wisest choice to reap the rewards of the late-game melee harvest. Although they lost a bit in terms of head count, they played very steadily.

Indeed, ZMD’s team captain was admirable in tactics and on-the-spot adaptability. In this regard, Chen Xingran couldn’t help but admire Yang Yunche’s ability.

Yang Yunche, standing in place, filled the arrows with the repair tool. He said, “Alright, let’s harvest our prey.”

He glanced at Chen Xingran and paused, “When did you switch to purple armor?”

With Chen Xingran’s condition improved, the four purple armor bars on his body were very eye-catching. When he entered the field, he was still in blue armor. How did he suddenly have purple armor?

Chen Xingran shrugged, “I licked it from that Fate’s equipment bag.”

Yang Yunche laughed, “Fast hands.”

Chen Xingran raised his eyebrows, showing a slightly proud expression.

Everyone repaired their weapons, and without stopping, they hurried to the nearby battlefield. By now, the two teams were already engaged in a fierce battle, and although the Jing Hong team had lost one member earlier, they had coordinated well. Seizing the opportunity, Shatter Mountain divided the battlefield with Shatter Mountain’s Mountain Quake, simultaneously engulfing half of the enemy team. Chen Xingran then activated Ghost God’s Descent, rushing forward with ghostly flames.

This kind of situation was most suitable for the Demonic Blade to shine. Every kill or assist would refresh the cooldown of Demonic Blade, and his figure moved like a ghost, constantly shuttling through the battlefield. Yang Yunche’s arrows closely followed his footsteps, helping with damage. Wherever ZMD went, they quickly dispersed the battlefield, then broke down and eliminated the enemies one by one, accumulating quite a few kills in a short period.

They seized the opportunity exceptionally well, acting like a harvester in the chaotic battlefield. One team was directly wiped out, and on the Jing Hong side, Tank Shatter Mountain and Assault Hidden Shadow took advantage of the chaotic situation. They decisively sold out their teammates, skillfully navigating the terrain to evade Chen Xingran’s pursuit. Their movements were extremely agile, constantly twisting and turning, shuttling through cover several times, causing Chen Xingran to lose sight of them. They successfully escaped, preserving the last two embers for the Jing Hong team.

Chen Xingran also gave up the pursuit, turning to harvest other kills.

It must be said that the pace on the professional stage was completely different from regular ranked matches. The two teams from Canyang Temple were not considered particularly powerful, and the Jing Hong team could only be considered a mid-tier team. However, even in this situation, Chen Xingran still felt the pressure when facing them.

In one-on-one situations, he feared no one, but when faced with two or more professional players surrounding him, it became a bit challenging. He couldn’t recklessly face multiple opponents like in ranked matches. The cooperation between professional teams was extremely seamless, with timely fire disassembly and focused attacks. If they found an opportunity to focus on and besiege Chen Xingran, under the suppression of numerous control skills, he would be defenseless and could only lie down obediently.

Moreover, professional teams played a cautious style. Just like when they arrived earlier, both sides were originally entangled, but as soon as ZMD joined the battlefield, they immediately prepared to retreat without hesitation. They weren’t eager for battle, and Yang Yunche’s timing was just right, resulting in a considerable number of kills and the annihilation of one team. Even so, they still let go of two players.

However, this wasn’t a significant issue. They had already secured a stable advantage in the early game, and the Jing Hong team fled in panic. They certainly wouldn’t dare to come back. The resources in Canyang Temple, this high-resource area, were now in ZMD’s hands. After a quick search of the soul mounds for supplies, the four began to split up and sweep through Canyang Temple for soul jades and high-level equipment.

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