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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 59

59. Jianghu is more than fighting and killing; it’s also about human emotions and worldly wisdom

Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche cooperated seamlessly, as if they had rehearsed countless times. Luo Baibai used his ultimate to protect Xiao Nan, and he and Yang Yunche coordinated with each other, surprisingly managing to kill Fei Wei within five seconds!

Originally, ZMD was in a declining situation, but because of this attack, the situation instantly underwent a drastic change.

On the other side, Xiao Nan’s Dragon Soul True Form immediately shrank. As soon as he landed, he activated the Dragon Spine Force. His health was down to a thread, and the blocking state of the Dragon Spine Force barely kept him alive. Then, Luo Baibai’s Yin-Yang Readings came to the rescue, lifting his health back up.

At the same time, Chen Xingran ignored Fei Wei’s soul mound and charged towards the remaining three members of AUG with his Demonic Blade raised.

Song Dongyang was still in shock, but he knew it was not the time to be surprised. Fei Wei’s Exploding Blade was something he had never expected; he originally thought the Demonic Blade user before him was Li Haoyuan, but upon careful consideration, he felt something was amiss.

Li Haoyuan seldom played with a Demonic Blade, and his sword-fighting style didn’t match Li Haoyuan’s. Plus, the nearby Furious Tide, elusive and vigilant like the most skilled sniper, revealed the identity of this team.

It was undoubtedly ZMD.

So, this Demonic Blade user was obviously the new assault member of ZMD—Chen Xingran.

Song Dongyang remembered this name, glanced at the situation on the field, and realized that losing an auxiliary member was extremely fatal for AUG. Moreover, they had already used their ultimates, and the explosive power of Chen Xingran’s Thunderclap was astonishing—almost 1300 points of damage. The slaying ability was outrageous, and AUG’s Fei Wei, the only member who still carried an ultimate, didn’t even have a chance to use it before lying down on the ground.

They couldn’t take any more engagements.

Song Dongyang made a quick decision and chose to retreat.

Yang Yunche, of course, wouldn’t let them leave so comfortably. Two arrows were shot successively, delaying AUG’s Furious Tide, and Chen Xingran’s Tang Sword followed closely, sticking to Furious Tide and engaging in a melee battle!

The morale of the ZMD side soared, and their melee combat was even more fierce. AUG, with a wavering determination and a hasty attempt to engage, was already planning to retreat. Under this back-and-forth, they were simply not a match for ZMD.

However, ZMD ultimately didn’t claim the heads of all AUG members.

Because not far away, another team had arrived, continuously probing and wearing down with ranged weapons.

Chen Xingran took a shot, and his armor cracked. Yang Yunche, unwilling to take risks, chose to temporarily retreat after securing the head of Furious Tide. He did not continue to chase Song Dongyang and Huai Yuxing.

The third party that arrived from not far away didn’t know if ZMD had any ultimates left. They were just using ranged weapons to probe from a distance. If they engaged AUG head-on, that team would undoubtedly seize the opportunity. Even if they defeated AUG, they would face the risk of losing members.

Yang Yunche shouted at Chen Xingran to withdraw in the voice chat. At the same time, he quickly approached the soul mounds of Furious Tide and Fei Wei, looting their equipment. The Light Blessing Soul Jade and the Golden Broad Sword from Fei Wei’s bag were now in their hands, elevating ZMD’s overall strength.

The four quickly regrouped and retreated together.

“You’re amazing, Xingran!”

Luo Baibai was excited, his face turning red, and his voice slightly trembling. It seemed that he couldn’t believe what had just happened before his eyes.

At that moment, Chen Xingran was like a deity descending to earth, his exquisite swordsmanship breaking through Fei Wei’s defense and exploding her, even the onlooker Luo Baibai could feel the danger. ZMD and AUG had fought in many team battles, and Luo Baibai was very familiar with Fei Wei’s strength. Even if Lu Mingyu came, it would be impossible to defeat Fei Wei within five seconds.

It was precisely because of this that he was particularly shocked.

Chen Xingran smiled and said, “Just lucky.”

Fei Wei’s swordsmanship was indeed strong. In the short exchanges, Chen Xingran felt the pressure. However, Fei Wei had no understanding of Chen Xingran at all. In the final clash, she clearly underestimated the situation, allowing Chen Xingran to seize the opportunity.

Moreover, the explosive power of Thunderous Shock was unquestionable. So far, no other professional player had been able to master this technique. With nearly 1300 points of burst damage and the coordination with Yang Yunche’s bow and arrow, they were able to successfully kill Fei Wei, reversing the situation.

In the exchange between experts, victory or defeat often hinged on a single thought.

When Fei Wei became more cautious and engaged Chen Xingran in a swordfight, he might not have been so smooth.

Yang Yunche said, “Too modest, definitely a bit fake~.”

In that situation just now, logically, they should have retreated. However, at that moment, Yang Yunche thought of his communication with Chen Xingran before and chose to take the initiative to attack.

Just as he had said before—

If it were you standing there… I would definitely take the risk.

The fact proved that Chen Xingran did not disappoint them.

In the early stages, ZMD had established a significant advantage through several engagements. Yang Yunche led them to continue pushing into the poisonous circle, relying on his abundant resources and excellent equipment to stay outside the poisonous circle. Whenever he encountered enemies, he initiated team fights, securing quite a few kills.

However, in the later stages of the final circle, things didn’t go as smoothly.

Professional players demonstrated strong survival abilities, utilizing various evasive movements and replenishing their status whenever they found an opportunity. This led to a higher number of players in the final circle compared to a typical ranked match.

In a normal ranked match, by the sixth circle, there might be only three or four teams left. However, in this training match, when it reached the seventh circle, there were still nearly 20 people on the field.

The narrow circle was filled with gunfire and skill effects everywhere. ZMD’s four members were scattered, making it difficult to regroup effectively. Chen Xingran was targeted by a fully equipped squad, and two ultimates were unleashed on him, keeping him controlled in place. Subsequently, a barrage of gunfire and skills overwhelmed him instantly, killing him on the spot without a chance for teammates to support.

Such situations were common in the final circle, and Chen Xingran’s death occurred in an unfavorable location, with wide-open spaces and no cover. There was no chance for revival, so Yang Yunche had to continue battling in the final circle with Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan.

By the eighth circle, the area had become extremely narrow, signaling the climax of the match.

Dragon Soul True Form!

Mountain Breaking Strike!

Wolf Form under the Moon!

Vajra Subduing Demon!

With the sound of various skill effects, the small poisonous circle suddenly gained five or six transformations from the ultimate skills. For a moment, divine dragons soared, wolves howled, and a massive Vajra Buddha stood in the center of the poisonous circle. The entire battlefield transformed into a magical scene of chaotic combat, resembling the grand battle scenes from ancient myths.

At this stage, victory or defeat couldn’t be determined solely by swordplay. Everywhere, there were flashes of blades and skill effects, with gigantic demon gods and dragons above and around, easily hitting several people with each sweep!

The number of surviving players in the final circle sharply decreased, leaving only four or five people in the blink of an eye. Yang Yunche and Luo Baibai also fell amidst the sea of blades and skills, leaving only Xiao Nan. Relying on the Dragon Soul True Form’s health bar, he bathed in the toxins, engaging in close-quarters combat with another dragon and a colossal Vajra Buddha.

The poisonous circle completely closed in, shrouding the entire Myriad Origin Island in toxins. In the end, the Vajra Buddha from the Autumn Water team stood tall, successfully claiming the chicken dinner and earning five survival points.

However, during their jungle route, ZMD once again encountered AUG. This time, Fei Wei’s team didn’t give them a chance. Leveraging their superior equipment, they directly trapped and killed Xiao Nan and Yang Yunche on the spot. Chen Xingran and Luo Baibai split up and fled. During the regrouping process, Luo Baibai was targeted by another fully-equipped team. Facing the siege of four professional players, Luo Baibai could only resist symbolically and was quickly eliminated.

ZMD was left with only Chen Xingran as a lone wolf.

“In this round, we can only aim for some survival points.”

Luo Baibai sighed, watching Chen Xingran’s gameplay from a spectator’s perspective.

“It’s okay. The last round gave us a significant advantage. As long as Xingran survives longer this time, we won’t fall behind in points.”

The smooth performance in the first training match boosted ZMD’s confidence. Yang Yunche didn’t express much concern in his tone.

Chen Xingran, carrying the hopes of the entire team, observed his surroundings attentively, avoiding potential enemy locations. He moved cautiously, listening for footsteps and swiftly maneuvering like a monkey. Using buildings and trees as cover, he skillfully evaded the pursuit and finally escaped, dragging his low health to a small wooden house.

It was now the late stage of the final circle, and the outside was filled with the sounds of explosions. Despite Chen Xingran’s formidable sword skills, he dared not recklessly venture out. With limited supplies and only one armor piece left, attracting gunfire outside could be fatal.

The small wooden house provided a tricky position. Chen Xingran planned to wait until the next circle shrank before venturing out. If he could survive a bit longer, it would earn ZMD some additional survival points.

At that moment, another person entered the small wooden house and locked eyes with Chen Xingran.

Chen Xingran: “…”

Fei Wei: “…”

Having just clashed with AUG in the previous round, Chen Xingran immediately recognized Fei Wei as the user of the female Rosary Bead character. However, Fei Wei didn’t have any teammates behind her, evidently the sole survivor of AUG.

During the fourth circle, AUG encountered a chaotic battle involving two other teams. Song Dongyang and the other two assault players were detained, and Fei Wei couldn’t revive them. She had no choice but to run, carrying the hopes of the entire AUG village into the late stage of the final circle.

Fei Wei also noticed that Chen Xingran was a lone wolf. The two stared at each other, both low on medical supplies, hesitating to make the first move.

“This, how should I put it…”

Chen Xingran was a bit unsure how to handle the situation, asking Yang Yunche on the team’s voice channel.

Yang Yunche curled up his lips, gazing at Fei Wei in the spectator screen through Chen Xingran’s perspective. He leisurely remarked, “Lone wolf meets a lone wolf, both with teary eyes…”

Chen Xingran: “?”

He hadn’t figured it out yet, but Fei Wei on the opposite side remained silent. She silently took out the last remaining medkit from her bag and placed it on the ground.

“What is she doing?” Chen Xingran was puzzled.

“She’s giving you a lesson, young friend.”

Yang Yunche chuckled. “This is an important lesson, Xingran. You should know that Jianghu is more than fighting and killing; it’s also about social relationships and worldly wisdom.”

*jianghu – martial arts world

In the inconspicuous small wooden house in the final circle, Chen Xingran and Fei Wei, lone wolves from different teams, tacitly agreed not to attack each other. They coexisted in the small wooden house, patiently awaiting the next circle shrinkage…

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