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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 60

60. Motion Correction Index

The three training matches concluded, and due to an unfavorable start in the second round, not many points were gained. Even though Yang Yunche managed to recover some points in the third round, they couldn’t secure the first position. In the end, they ranked third in total points, with VG and Autumn Waters taking the first and second places, respectively.

Exiting the control room, the four of them began to review today’s training matches.

“In the final skirmish at Dragon Ridge Wilderness, Xiao Nan’s ultimate was used too hastily,” Yang Yunche replayed the footage. “As the circle shrinks, the Dragon Soul’s ultimate should be used more cautiously. Both Xingran and I could have tanked for you, and at that moment, you should prioritize your own survival.”

“Understood,” Xiao Nan nodded.

As a tank player, Xiao Nan had relatively less experience. Despite quickly adapting with the foundational awareness of a professional player, some habits needed a sufficient number of matches to develop. In critical moments, he would still instinctively rely on his previous thinking.

Yang Yunche looked towards Chen Xingran, who had his head down and remained silent. Thinking he might be regretting his performance in the last round, Yang Yunche comforted, “Don’t blame yourself. You did well. This was just a training match, and no one was playing seriously with tactics. Everyone is still adapting to the new version.”

“Yeah, achieving third place is impressive!” Luo Baibai added. “Keep up this level of performance, and you’ll surely gain recognition in official matches!”

Chen Xingran lifted his head with a bewildered expression. “I’m not blaming myself… I’m checking messages.”

After the training matches, many players, including top players from the Chinese server like Fei Wei and Li Haoyuan, added him as friends. The news of ZMD recruiting a new member for the starting assault position was trending, and professional teams were eager to know more about this new player that Yang Yunche insisted on bringing into ZMD.

After today’s training matches, any professional player who had faced Chen Xingran head-on couldn’t help but have the same thought—

ZMD hit the jackpot!!

And also.

This *old despicable c*nt Yang Yunche got a cheap deal!

*老阴比 – Often used in some games, who hide in a not noticeable place, wait to attack other players. “老”means old/experienced, “阴”means despicable, “比” actually should be “屄”, means cunt.(Source HiNative)

This was an internal training match for professional teams, and the footage wouldn’t be leaked. Chen Xingran didn’t know how outsiders viewed him, but in the eyes of these professional players, his strength had undoubtedly earned their recognition.

In the gaming world, it’s that simple – the strong rule, and as long as your skills are strong enough, you can earn the recognition of others.

This includes Yang Yunche. Although many professional players mock Yang Yunche for his elusive tactics, cunning mind, and his perpetually unserious appearance, they secretly respect the captain of ZMD. With unparalleled marksmanship, he maximizes the advantage of ranged weapons in the game. In a 1v1 fight, even Lu Mingyu might not have an easy time against him.

The joy in Chen Xingran’s eyes was undisguised. Yang Yunche looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “Feeling happy?”

He knew Chen Xingran’s personality well. The young man was not happy because he gained recognition; instead, he was excited about the prospect of practicing with these top professional players every day.


Chen Xingran was in a great mood. His fingers quickly tapped on the phone keyboard, arranging the next training session with VG’s Li Haoyuan in just a few words.

Yang Yunche chuckled, “Hold off on challenging people for now; let’s review the game.”


Chen Xingran put away his phone and sat down obediently, like an earnest elementary school student.

Yang Yunche looked him up and down, shaking his head. “If I didn’t see you sitting in the operation cabin with my own eyes, I would’ve suspected someone else was playing your character in the game.”

Chen Xingran puzzled, “?”

Luo Baibai chimed in, “Right? I think so too. Xingran in the game is just too menacing. That move against Fei Wei, I broke out in a cold sweat from so far away; it felt like my hair was standing on end!”


Chen Xingran’s gaze swept across the three people, all of whom expressed deep agreement on their faces. “Should I tone it down in the future?”

“No, just stay like this.”

Yang Yunche affirmed, “Scare them a few more times. When you enter the professional arena in the future, these people will turn and run at the sight of your demonic blade, full of deterrence.”

“Yun Ge, you’re really always thinking about competitions.”

Luo Baibai scoffed, “If everyone runs away from Xingran in the future, how is he going to find a girlfriend?”

Yang Yunche was choked by Luo Baibai and waved his hand, “No way.”

Facing Luo Baibai’s skeptical gaze, Yang Yunche cleared his throat and pledged, “If it really happens, can’t I take responsibility?!”

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan exchanged glances. The audacious ZMD support quietly commented, “I suspect the captain is smuggling private goods.”

*to use one matter to cover up true selfish intentions

Xiao Nan nodded discreetly. Although he didn’t speak, his gaze towards Yang Yunche already made it abundantly clear in three words.

—Are you qualified?

Yang Yunche: “?”


In the evening, Luo Baibai was scrolling through Weibo when she suddenly saw a hot search and quickly called Chen Xingran over, “Xingran! You’re trending again!”


Chen Xingran came over to take a look.

As expected, the video of Chen Xingran using nunchaku in the live broadcast room had been posted on the game forum by the fans. At a time when everyone was still figuring out how to use nunchaku to avoid getting hit, Chen Xingran’s exceptionally skilled use of nunchaku ignited the enthusiasm of many players.

In the video, the Demonic Blade moved through the enemies, unfolding the nunchaku. As soon as he approached an enemy, a continuous stream of damage numbers would instantly erupt on the opponent’s body. The nunchaku, with a combination of flexibility and strength, were like the horn of the Grim Reaper, killing enemies in a beautiful and smooth manner. The actions were so elegant and fluent, completely unlike someone who had just picked up the weapon.

The official Destiny Weibo also retweeted the video, creating a wave of popularity. Players who had been clamoring for the official to strengthen nunchaku and claiming that this weapon was too weak and redundant suddenly fell silent.

If a person can’t do it, don’t blame the road. Once Chen Xingran’s video spread, people finally discovered the usefulness of nunchaku. If one could reach the level of the Demonic Blade in the video, forget about nunchaku being too weak; it was clearly a weapon that would be nerfed ah!

While the attack power may not be high, as long as the damage accumulates, the subsequent explosive damage from several strikes is terrifying. More importantly, nunchaku is very flexible, capable of both defense and offense. Once stuck to an opponent, they can’t escape without using skills. Combined with the outstanding built-in durability destruction of nunchaku, its burst capability is a notch higher than other weapons, plus the special effect of kicking bonus…

Thus, in the world of Destiny, another wave of nunchaku craze emerged. Major streamers seized the opportunity to capture the trend, learning to use nunchaku in the style of Chen Xingran. With the assistance of motion corrections, they demonstrated proficiency.

The comments below Destiny’s official account were also interesting.

“Spent the whole day practicing nunchaku; my forehead is swollen. Currently at the hospital.”

“My mom asked me why I’m swinging the two shoelaces of my shoes tied together.”

“Old me: Why did I finally get a golden weapon, and it’s still nunchaku? Unlucky! 

Present me: Oh? White nunchaku? Sorry, Golden Broad Sword, let’s not contact each other in the future.”

“White nunchaku is greater than Golden Broad Sword!!”

“Landed with nunchaku, and I’ve started killing randomly, Ah Da!!”

“Ah Da Ah Da Ah Da!”

“Using nunchaku is one thing…”

Luo Baibai, flipping through the comments, wondered, “Why do you even have to learn the ‘Ah Da’ part from your statement?”

Could it be there was some profound meaning? Like a special incantation?

Chen Xingran: “…”

He lowered his head, pretending to focus on eating, without answering Luo Baibai’s question.

That “Ah Da” was just a momentary inspiration, an outbreak of adolescent chuunibyou spirit. However, he never expected that Destiny players would consider it an essential lesson for practicing nunchaku. They felt uncomfortable if they didn’t shout it a couple of times while learning nunchaku, and while they hadn’t mastered the nunchaku, the “Ah Da” shouts were becoming more and more standardized.

Indeed, time is a cycle. The nunchaku that once became popular everywhere with Bruce Lee’s movies had, in another world, a charm that made people want to dub while using it…

“And these comments, aren’t they too harsh?”

Luo Baibai frowned as he scrolled down, suddenly expressing concern.

Yang Yunche’s hand movements paused. “What’s wrong?”

“Hehe, does anyone really believe in this kind of low-level hype?”

“Even Destiny’s official account has fallen, pulling off such a stunt for the promotion of a new weapon.”

“”Using a weapon right after it’s released—doesn’t this mean getting advance access to the test data?”

“Weren’t they saying Destiny doesn’t have a test server? Face or no face? The official account should come out and clarify, @DestinyOfficialWeibo. Is there no limit to the hype?”

“Leaking version update information in advance, I think it’s worth reporting to the Game Management Bureau.”

“I’ve already reported it, but this hype is a bit confusing. Why not let Lu Mingyu handle it if they want to make a big deal? They chose a new member from ZMD to be the scapegoat.”

“Maybe ZMD and Destiny secretly collaborated to attract attention to the new player. It’s such an obvious move; can anyone really not see through it?”

“Haha, just a game of capital.”

“Suggesting the new ZMD player focus on playing well in matches. Achieve good results, and fame will naturally follow. Avoid these shady tactics.”

Luo Baibai was so angry that his face turned red: “Why do these sunspots have such wild imaginations? They come up with so many conspiracy theories. Just because they can’t use it doesn’t mean others can’t?”

Xiao Nan, on the other hand, remained calm: “This kind of thing has happened before. The bigger the tree, the more wind it attracts.”

When Yang Yunche joined the Destiny Professional League, he was questioned for his outstanding archery skills, even being accused of cheating. ZMD, as a prestigious team, always found itself in the spotlight. Despite the glory, there were also sunspots. Every time there was a slight disturbance, someone would jump out to make trouble. As an experienced old player, Xiao Nan had long been accustomed to this.

Now that Chen Xingran had joined ZMD, being a newcomer without any professional experience, and coming from a background as a streamer at the bottom of the professional player hierarchy, he naturally became the target for these sunspots.

Fu Zhou brought a laptop over and, typing away next to them, said, “It’s a minor issue. ZMD’s public relations department hasn’t had much to do lately.”

“Ask about the official stance, see if we can issue a joint statement.”

Yang Yunche suggested, looking at Chen Xingran, who seemed relaxed. “Chen Xingran, my young friend, not bad, you haven’t officially debuted yet, and you’re already targeted by professional sunspots. You have a promising future.”

Chen Xingran was currently wrestling with the fish in his bowl, ignoring him.

“Send them a lawyer’s letter!” Luo Baibai was indignant, waving his fist. “These sunspots are too hateful. They talk as if they’ve seen it with their own eyes, setting the tone every day!”

Chen Xingran didn’t know how others perceived him, but Luo Baibai had personally witnessed Chen Xingran’s skills and admired them. He even wished to become Chen Xingran’s apprentice on the spot. To claim that Chen Xingran was acting and creating hype, Luo Baibai was the first to disagree.

“Oh right, Xingran!” Luo Baibai seemed to remember something. “How much is your motion correction set?”

Others also turned their curious gaze to Chen Xingran.

In fact, from the in-game operations alone, it was clear that Chen Xingran’s motion correction was set very low. Those subtle muscle controls and the smooth, beautiful movements were not something an average person could achieve.

Chen Xingran hesitated for a moment, glancing somewhat nervously at Yang Yunche. Seeing that the other party hadn’t noticed, he put down the fish meat he had used to cover the bowl, attempting to create the illusion that he had already finished eating. The conversation suddenly shifted to him, and Chen Xingran’s actions paused. He looked at Yang Yunche somewhat anxiously, relieved to find that the other party hadn’t noticed. Only then did he relax.

“Motion correction…” 

Chen Xingran paused and honestly replied, “0%.”



The air suddenly fell into an eerie silence, as if hearing a ghost story.

Luo Baibai’s hand paused in mid-air, eyes widening as if he couldn’t believe his ears. The movements of his hand loosened, and with a “snap,” the chopsticks fell onto the table.




Since he’s actually a martial arts master, he should do sth like record himself using the nunchaku in real life and slap these sunspots in the face!

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