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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 61

61. A Little Dispute

When Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou first saw the video of Chen Xingran using Thunderclap, they had already discussed it and knew that Chen Xingran’s motion correction ratio was definitely not high, probably fluctuating around 15%.

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan also shared this view, especially since Chen Xingran was known to be skilled in real-life combat. With a solid foundation and a bit of system correction assistance, achieving such a level was normal.



Isn’t that too exaggerated?

Among the professional players in the current professional league, the one with the lowest motion correction is a marksman from the Sakura Country in the Asia-Pacific region, Keita Hatamoto, with a motion correction ratio of 12%.

—It is said that Keita Hatamoto comes from a family of ninjas and has been practicing martial arts since childhood. He is also a fourth-degree black belt in karate, having a very solid foundation in real life. It’s not surprising that his motion correction ratio is low.

Of course, having a low motion correction ratio doesn’t necessarily make a player strong. Lu Mingyu’s motion correction ratio is much higher than Keita Hatamoto’s, but in a 1v1 scenario, Keita Hatamoto may not necessarily be Lu Mingyu’s opponent.

After all, Destiny is just a game. At the level of professional players, the motion correction ratio is not very important. It’s like the mouse sensitivity in FPS games—as long as it suits the player, it’s comfortable to play with. Everyone has no problem with their operations, and the rest depends on strategic skills and combat experience.

It’s like this, but with 0% motion correction, not to mention having seen it, they haven’t even heard of it!

“Are you really an elderly gentleman with white hair?”

Even the usually composed Xiao Nan couldn’t help but think like Luo Baibai.

“0% motion correction means that the actions you can perform in the game can be realized in real life?”

Luo Baibai opened his mouth wide, unable to believe it, and asked.

No wonder he used the dual batons so skillfully. With the newly released weapon, it seemed to have reached a level of perfection in his hands.

Because he already knew how to use it!!

Facing the gaze of others, looking at him as if he were a god, Chen Xingran nodded lightly. “More or less…”

After some thought, he added, “But the skills and ultimate moves won’t work.”


Isn’t that obvious? Who can turn into a dragon in real life?

Luo Baibai choked for a moment, but this did not affect his shocked mood at the moment. “What about Thunderclap? Can you use Thunderclap in real life too?”

Seeing Thunderclap in the game and witnessing it in real life were completely different concepts. The former belonged to the realm of the game, but the latter was beyond imagination.

“Of course,” Chen Xingran nodded.


Luo Baibai rubbed his hands excitedly. “Can I see it? I have a limited edition model of Azure Lapis in my room.”

Hearing this, Chen Xingran also felt a bit itchy for action.

In real life, he hadn’t touched a blade for a long time. Thunderclap was his famous technique from the previous life. He had used it countless times in martial arts competitions in that life. Now, hearing Luo Baibai’s proposal, he also felt a bit nostalgic for the real feeling of holding a knife.

He was about to agree when he heard Yang Yunche next to him speak up.


Yang Yunche warned Luo Baibai with a glance. “His body hasn’t fully recovered. Have you forgotten?”

Luo Baibai realized and said embarrassedly, “Oh… right. Let’s forget about it. We’ll wait until you’ve finished the surgery and recovered.”

Luo Baibai’s expression carried some regret. Chen Xingran felt a bit sorry and said to Yang Yunche, “It’s not a big deal, a little movement should be fine.”

Yang Yunche frowned. “No, it’s not allowed.”

He had seen Chen Xingran use Thunderclap many times in the game. That dazzling move was indescribable, requiring every muscle in the body to be mobilized. Even with the assistance of system correction, Xiao Nan couldn’t complete it. It was easy to imagine how dangerous this move was. If Chen Xingran were to use this move in his current condition in real life, wouldn’t his body fall apart?

Yang Yunche’s tone was slightly firm, and his attitude was extremely resolute. Chen Xingran, listening to him, inexplicably felt a bit displeased.

As a martial artist, he regarded martial arts as his life. Yang Yunche’s words clearly offended Chen Xingran’s pride as a martial artist. Asking a top martial artist from a previous life to give up his martial arts, even restricting him from practicing a bit, made life meaningless.

In his past life, he challenged various masters. Even if he was injured one day, he would still appear on the stage with bandages the next day. His dedication to the martial arts path was already engraved in his soul. Although Chen Xingran knew that Yang Yunche’s words were not meant to be malicious, he still felt offended.

He wasn’t really an 18-year-old teenager. In terms of age, he was a bit older than Yang Yunche.

Chen Xingran usually had a very gentle personality and was easy to get along with. However, when it came to the martial arts path, he had his own persistence. If he and Yang Yunche had just met, he might not have felt so displeased. But after spending some time together, he had already considered Yang Yunche and everyone in the ZMD base as close people.

People were like this. The closer the relationship, the easier it was to reveal the true self. Some small conflicts and friction, if they occurred with people with average relationships, could be easily overlooked. However, when the other party was someone he acknowledged and considered a close person, he didn’t want to hide his emotions.

Chen Xingran put down his chopsticks and looked at Yang Yunche. “My body, I know my limits.”

The sudden change in his mood stunned everyone in the hall.

Chen Xingran had always presented himself as gentle and easygoing. However, when he spoke in this tone, it made people involuntarily shrink their necks.

The atmosphere in the hall became a bit awkward. No one knew where Chen Xingran’s anger came from, but they didn’t dare to speak.

“Do you know your limits?”

Yang Yunche almost burst into laughter at Chen Xingran’s words. “When you recover from your illness, you can do whatever you want. But before you recover, I’m in charge of supervising you. If I say no, then it’s no. Have you forgotten how Fu Zhou instructed me when you first came to ZMD?”

Chen Xingran countered, “Fu Zhou also told you not to eat snacks. Why didn’t you say anything when you secretly ate them?”


“…Fine, I won’t eat them from now on. Can you also stop using Thunderclap? Just stay quiet and honest.”

“I didn’t sign a contract to sell myself. What qualifications do you have to control me?”

“I’m the captain, and if I need to manage you, I have to manage you.” Yang Yunche frowned. Faced with Chen Xingran’s insistence, he unconsciously brought up his identity as the team captain.


Chen Xingran stood up, dragging the chair beneath him a bit, making a sharp noise that startled everyone.

“Hey, wait, don’t fight,” Fu Zhou thought Chen Xingran was going to confront Yang Yunche and quickly spoke up to prevent any conflict.

However, Chen Xingran just glanced at Yang Yunche, bit his lip, looked down, and casually said, “I’m full.” Then he left the table without turning back, heading upstairs to his room.

Everyone looked at each other.

What happened to him?

Luo Baibai shrank his head and said, “I seem to have stirred up trouble.”

His suggestion to have Chen Xingran demonstrate Thunderclap was just a casual remark, and he never expected things to develop like this.

Xiao Nan calmly picked up his food, “Young people have a quick temper, it’s normal. Just eat your meal.”

Yang Yunche rubbed his forehead, looking worried. “Does he have no concept of his own illness?”

It’s reasonable to say that it shouldn’t be ah…

As a patient with congenital genetic collapse syndrome, Chen Xingran should be well aware of his own health. It’s not an acquired disease, so how could he not know his own situation?

But Yang Yunche did hit the nail on the head.

Chen Xingran had only recently crossed over, and he had never heard of this genetic disease in his previous life. In his understanding, there was simply no concept of it. He treated it as a disease similar to asthma from his previous life. As long as he controlled it properly, there shouldn’t be any problem.

After all, fighting with many delinquents in the Hetai Garden area wasn’t a big deal, right?

However, congenital genetic collapse syndrome was not that simple. After Chen Xingran came to this world, he didn’t specifically look into this area of information. Relying on the memory fragments left by the original owner, he only had a vague concept and didn’t know what kind of illness genetic collapse syndrome was.

Techniques like Thunder Strike required condensing the essence, energy, and spirit into one point, and it could only be used by bursting the body’s functions. The burden on the body was heavier than fighting ten You Hongweis.

Knowing that Chen Xingran had this illness, Yang Yunche had deliberately looked up a lot of information and literature. He knew that it was almost like seeking death for Chen Xingran. Therefore, he was now somewhat puzzled, not understanding where Chen Xingran’s temper came from.

Rather than saying it was an argument, it was more like the two had completely different understandings of genetic diseases. Their conversation was not on the same wavelength. Yang Yunche was not a martial artist, and naturally, he didn’t understand Chen Xingran’s certain persistence.

“Is Xingran angry?”

Fu Zhou looked at Chen Xingran’s departing figure, feeling a bit overwhelmed. “You’re really something. Even if you want to stop him, can’t you soften your tone? He’s still young, full of self-esteem, and with your authoritative tone, who can bear it?”

Yang Yunche’s gaze fell on the second floor where Chen Xingran’s room was, and the door was tightly closed.

He sighed imperceptibly.

Tsk, teenagers are just hard to handle.

“This is my fault, my fault…”

Luo Baibai voluntarily took responsibility. “I shouldn’t have suggested it randomly…”

“Well, take the blame, and you’ll be responsible for washing the dishes later.”

Yang Yunche glanced at him sideways, went to the shelf, and took his coat. “I’m going out for a bit.”

“Late at night, where are you going?”

Fu Zhou looked at him in surprise. “What’s wrong?You had a quarrel with the little kid and now you’re going out to drown your sorrows in alcohol?”


Yang Yunche was speechless. “Xiao Nan contacted the doctor, and he’s in the capital now. I’ll go talk to him. The new season has already started, so let’s get the surgery done as soon as possible.”


Yang Yunche paused and glanced at the three people in the hall. “Keep an eye on him for me, Luo Baibai. Hide the models in your room. If I find out that he secretly took your model to practice, I’ll hold you accountable.”

“Uh… okay.” Luo Baibai shrank his head and responded softly.

“Going now.”

After Yang Yunche finished his instructions, he took his coat and went out.

“Sigh, it was fine just now, how did they end up arguing all of a sudden…”

Luo Baibai frowned with a troubled expression.

“It’s normal. He’s still young.”

Fu Zhou took it lightly. “When Yang Yunche joined ZMD’s Black Tide Branch, there were a lot more troublesome people than now. You guys didn’t see it. Compared to that, Xingran is relatively easy to deal with.”

“So, what do we do now?” Luo Baibai asked.

“I’ll talk to him later.”

Fu Zhou said. Mediating relationships among ZMD team members was the responsibility of the team manager, and in his view, this was just a small matter with nothing to worry about.

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