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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 65

65. Duel

Xiao Nan’s intuition was not wrong.

The news of Snake King starting a live stream quickly spread within the gaming community. In his martial arts room, there were continuous appearances of skilled players, including those highly ranked on the solo leaderboard. However, without exception, all of them were effortlessly defeated by Snake King.

In the evening, Snake King Quiller’s room finally welcomed the first professional-level challenger – Liu Honghong, the assault player from Team Jinghong.

After Liu Honghong appeared, countless pairs of eyes focused on Quiller’s live stream. However, the development took an unexpected turn. Quiller seemed to have finally taken it seriously. His attacks were more decisive and ruthless than before. The suppression of the dagger was several levels higher than against other players. Liu Honghong barely lasted, ultimately facing defeat.

As long as the name was not called wrong, and there was no mistake in the nickname, Quiller’s playstyle matched his nickname. It was as deceptive and venomous as a snake. Each move was extremely misleading. Once he closed in, you would never know where his next strike would land, and his dagger followed an unpredictable trajectory.

“This Snake King is really strong.”

“I remember Liu Honghong is quite skilled in knife fighting. How come it feels like he didn’t last long?”

“The domestic professional scene is just a false prosperity. They act tough usually, but when a skilled player from an overseas region comes, they shrink.”

“Can’t we still hold on? Can’t we get a stronger opponent? The face of the domestic scene has been completely lost.”

The first day of Snake King’s live stream concluded, but discussions about him continued without pause.

The direction of this incident gradually shifted from “New member of All Stars” and “Snake King’s live debut” to discussions like “Are domestic professional players inferior to foreign players?” and “Can Snake King Quiller be defeated?”. Numerous top-level swordsmen from the domestic scene had their names pulled into the discussion, becoming the subject of comprehensive debates on gaming forums.

“Is Snake King planning to solo the entire server?”

While still browsing the gaming forum, Luo Baibai watched as the discussion escalated and evolved into a debate between two gaming regions, furrowing his brows.

“They’re just hyping up the new team member; it’s normal for it to generate attention.”

Sighing, Xiao Nan said, “Moreover, he’s an outsider. If his challenge remains unbeaten, it may deal a significant blow to the reputation of the domestic gaming scene.”

“But players like Fei Wei, Lu Mingyu, and Li Haoyuan of that caliber haven’t shown up yet.”

Luo Baibai was puzzled, “After all, Snake King is a top player in the European server. It’s normal for ordinary professional players not to beat him. What does this prove?”

“Viewers don’t care about that much.”

Xiao Nan stated, “The gaming world is simple. If you can’t win, you’re just bad. He relies on his strong skills to challenge the entire server in a live broadcast. What can you do? Either send a strong player to defeat him, or watch him act arrogantly up there.”

The next day, Quiller continued his live broadcast, and the room name remained as arrogant as ever, displaying a welcoming gesture to visitors from all directions.

Each time someone entered the arena and was defeated by him, Quiller would say a few seemingly polite but subtly mocking words. Especially when the opponent was deceived by his dagger moves, his smile carried a hidden malice, as if he was playing with naive children, brimming with a strong sense of superiority.

Meanwhile, a Quiller Wilkins interview was released on the gaming forum, an exclusive interview by a well-known media outlet within the gaming industry.

“Hello, Quiller. I believe you have seen a lot of discussions about you. You gained so much attention on the first day of the broadcast; it’s truly remarkable.” The interviewer, wearing a smile, asked, “Your challenge room has been open for a day, and I’m sure you’ve sparred with many domestic elites. Do you have any comments on them?”

Quiller shook his head and said, “All Stars is a team I’ve always admired, and I feel honored to join them. I’ve heard there are many experts here, and it’s also the birthplace of various cold weapons in Destiny. I’ve wanted to come here and learn for a long time. However…”

“However, what?”

“However, it seems a bit different from what I expected here.”

In the video, Quiller’s smile was hearty, and he said, “It’s much easier than playing in the European server, hahaha. Maybe it’s because I just arrived, and everyone isn’t familiar with my playstyle yet. I hope to encounter stronger opponents in the future.”

“Are you implying that the overall skill level of domestic players is not on par with European players?” The journalist detected his underlying tone and asked somewhat uncertainly.

“I didn’t say that at all, haha,” Quiller laughed. “It’s just a bit disappointing. I thought I could meet many interesting opponents…”

After this interview was posted on the forum, it caused a stir.

“Alright, face-riding output here”

“This statement is quite obvious, meaning that domestic professionals are relatively weak compared to European ones? Can we tolerate this?”

“F*ck, really arrogant. Can we get someone powerful to take care of him? I really don’t want to see this European white monkey jumping around again”

“Didn’t he want to challenge professionals? Let Lu Mingyu go”

“You’re overthinking it. Captain Lu and Snake King are teammates now. Even if he wins, so what? It’s still impressive for All Stars, what does it have to do with us?”

“What about Li Haoyuan? What about Yang Yunche? What about Xiao Nan and Fei Wei? These domestic professionals are usually strong in competitions, why aren’t they stepping up?”

“Just being cowardly. If they lose in front of everyone, it would be so embarrassing, and their value would plummet”

“Snake King took the initiative to challenge, while others are cowering in their comfort zones. With frequent domestic competitions, they’ve gained fame and become commercialized products. Where is the spirit of challenge in that?”

“Really f*ckin lost face. I won’t bother watching domestic competitions in the future”


Frustrated, Luo Baibai threw his phone onto the table. “No way, isn’t it just a challenge match? How did the topic turn into this?”

“Can’t you see it?”

Yang Yunche sat on the side and said indifferently, “Someone is leading the discussion. It’s probably the people from the All Stars Club.”

“I can’t take it anymore.”

Luo Baibai looked at Xiao Nan and Yang Yunche. “Brother Xiao, Brother Yun, why don’t you two step up and give him a lesson!”

“This is their intention.”

Xiao Nan sighed, “They want us to take action, leveraging the reputation of other teams to elevate themselves. I have to say, this matter is quite tricky…”

As formidable as the Snake King is in the European server, in the Chinese server, he debuted as a new member of the All Stars.

If they let veterans like Yang Yunche and Li Haoyuan take the stage, it undoubtedly plays into the hands of the Snake King. Even if he loses, it doesn’t matter. After all, his goal is achieved. By leveraging the fame of these top Chinese players, he creates a wave of momentum, causing a surge in popularity and value. If, by any chance, he wins, it’s even better – gaining both fame and fortune. This is tantamount to stepping on the faces of top Chinese players.

In the battles of Destiny, there are many uncertainties. No one can guarantee that they will definitely win, especially when facing foreign players they are not familiar with. A slight oversight could lead to defeat. In that case, they would not only face the devastating blow to the team’s reputation but also the possibility of being nailed to the pillar of shame by Chinese players.

“The marketing strategy of the All Stars is really clever.”

Xiao Nan was somewhat impressed. Quiller Wylie’s challenge to top Chinese players seemed, on the surface, to be his personal action—a challenge initiated purely due to his love for battles. It wouldn’t directly impact the All Stars Club itself. However, it genuinely stirred the anger of Chinese players. The forums were flooded with questioning voices, and slogans urging top-tier teams’ players to step up resonated everywhere. If things continued this way, there would inevitably be assaulters from prestigious teams who couldn’t hold back.

By that time, the All Stars Club would have achieved its goal.

This was a silent tug-of-war. Players from major prestigious clubs all knew Quiller Wylie’s intentions. His ambition was undisguised. He, as a novice member, aggressively challenged, waiting for the emergence of a prominent figure to become the stepping stone for his ascent to fame.

It was like a scene from a martial arts novel where a new disciple of a sect challenged the martial arts community in a grand tournament, relying on their strength to trample on disciples from other sects. Veterans like Yang Yunche and Li Haoyuan from prestigious teams were akin to elders and abbots of other sects. If they intervened, even if they defeated the opponent, they would be labeled as “bullying the younger generation,” raising questions like “Is there no one left in the martial arts world that you have to have elders intervene to defeat a junior?”

“Oh, I get it.”

After listening to Xiao Nan’s analysis, Luo Baibai suddenly realized and then said, “What about Xingran? Let Xingran go, he’s also a newcomer, and he hasn’t participated in any formal matches. People won’t complain, right?”

“Xingran is a good choice.”

Xiao Nan glanced at him and continued, “However…”

Luo Baibai himself realized it after speaking.

Chen Xingran is currently abroad undergoing surgery. They certainly couldn’t pull him out of the hospital bed for a martial arts competition, even if Chen Xingran wanted to. Moreover, both Fu Zhou and Yang Yunche would definitely disapprove.

“Ah, this Snake King really knows how to pick his timing.”

Luo Baibai sighed heavily, looking quite distressed.

“Let’s observe the situation quietly for now.”

Xiao Nan rubbed his forehead and said, “This is the first time an overseas player has appeared on the Chinese server in this way. If players from other teams can send newcomers to defeat the Snake King, it would be the best outcome. If it really doesn’t happen…”

Then, they would have to accept this challenge that had been thrown in the face of all Chinese professional players.

Meanwhile, not far from the ZMD base, inside the All Stars Club base.

“Captain Lu.”

“Hello, Captain Lu!”

Ignoring the greetings from others, Lu Mingyu, with a serious expression, walked straight into the training room.

Snake King Quiller Wylie had just finished his livestream. At this moment, he was opening his phone, enjoying the brewing storm of public opinion on the forums.

When he looked up and saw Lu Mingyu entering, he put on a smile and said, “Hello, Captain.”

Lu Mingyu didn’t speak, standing in front of him. After a few changes of expression, he finally asked in a deep voice, “Is this the decision of the board of directors?”

“That’s not something the captain needs to worry about.”

Quiller chuckled, “I’m just following orders. Wait a couple more days, let the topic gain more heat, and then, Captain, you can step in to put an end to this matter. Perfect.”

“Last time you lost to a livestreamer, the board of directors was not pleased.”

Quiller saw Lu Mingyu remain silent and lowered his head. “The popularity of All Stars has also been affected to some extent. This time for Captain, I’m here to make up for one’s faults by doing good deeds . My use of idioms might not be perfect. Is it acceptable? Or should I phrase it differently? In essence, I’m here to wipe your ass Captain, haha…”

Lu Mingyu, originally planning to recruit Chen Xingran into the team, was preempted by ZMD. The agreement between him and the All Stars board became null, and later, the board paid a high price to bring the Snake King from the European server. Despite being the captain of All Stars, Lu could only accept the situation.

He looked at Quiller, seemingly oblivious to the mocking tone in Quiller’s words. “Are you this confident?”

Quiller’s hearty expression had long disappeared from his face. Squinting his eyes, his gaze resembled a sinister snake as it scanned Lu Mingyu’s face, seemingly attempting to find an expression of humiliation, but to no avail.

“Confidence, of course, I have it. Confidence is a good quality.”

Quiller said with some disappointment, “I wasn’t talking nonsense in that interview. The experts in your Asia server are indeed quite average. Also, the one from ZMD, who came from Black Tide, is called Yang… Yunche, right? If things don’t work out, have him come out and fight me. This trip won’t be in vain either.”

Lu Mingyu looked at him steadily, suddenly emitting a sneer.

“What are you laughing at?” Quiller furrowed his brow.

“Laughing at you being a *frog at the bottom of a well.”

*a person of limited outlook andexperience

Lu Mingyu threw out an idiom without bothering to say more. He waved his hand, turned, and left the training room.

A frog at the bottom of a well? What does that mean?

Quiller was still chewing on the idiom Lu Mingyu tossed out, not quite understanding his intention.

Average skill?

Lu Mingyu walked out of the training room, glanced back at Quiller before leaving, and his eyes showed a bit of schadenfreude.

The real monster hasn’t even made an appearance yet.

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