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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 66

66.  Yun Yin’s Sudden Thrust

Early in the morning, when Fu Zhou stepped into this expensive private hospital, he wandered around the ward for half a day without finding any trace of Chen Xingran.

Fu Zhou: “…”

He had just finished the surgery, and where did the person go again?

He found a nurse and inquired about Chen Xingran’s whereabouts. Upon hearing his question, the nurse gave him a strange look and then led Fu Zhou all the way to the hospital’s playground.

In this private hospital, there were not many patients, and most of those who could come here were wealthy tycoons or officials. Most of the time, there were more doctors and nurses than patients in the hospital. The facilities were extremely luxurious, with top-notch medical equipment, experienced doctors, and even facilities such as lawns, playgrounds, and golf courses.

Following the nurse to the back garden, Fu Zhou immediately saw the teenager not far away…

And behind the teenager, there were several elderly people following him, performing Tai Chi with awkward movements.

Fu Zhou had sharp eyes and could immediately see that the elderly people behind Chen Xingran were executives and CEOs of some well-known foreign companies. Each of them had a high net worth, but at the moment, these influential figures all looked like elementary school students, obediently following Chen Xingran, imitating his movements, and occasionally asking questions.

Fu Zhou: “…”

Such a magical scene.

Chen Xingran was wearing a patient’s gown, and the clothes were a bit loose, making him look even thinner. He seemed to be in good spirits, no longer having the frail and pale appearance of lying on the hospital bed.

Fu Zhou approached, helplessly saying, “Can’t you take a break? You just recovered, and now you’re starting morning exercises?”

Chen Xingran stopped his movements. His breathing was steady, and the rhythm of his body seemed to blend with nature. Faintly, you could even hear the thunderous sound of tigers and leopards emanating from within him, as if a resting tiger exuded explosive power with each breath.

Since Chen Xingran crossed into this world, he had never felt his body so relaxed.

It was like removing the heavy shackles from his body. Every cell and every nerve in his body radiated surging vitality, making Chen Xingran deeply nostalgic.

“I’m fine.”

Chen Xingran threw a punch in place, and the air seemed to be whipped, suddenly erupting with a sonic boom. Fu Zhou raised his eyebrows, “You see, I’m perfectly fine. I can even perform several sets of Eight Extremities Exploding Fist.”

“But you still need to rest for a few days.” Fu Zhou sighed, “And what’s the story with the people behind you… Did you come to teach abroad?”

“Uh, I picked up a few students along the way.” Chen Xingran followed Fu Zhou back. He casually waved to the elderly people behind him. The wealthy and influential figures behind him all showed reluctant and regretful expressions, friendly waving goodbye to Chen Xingran.

“I can’t get used to the food here. I think Aunt Tong’s cooking is better.” Chen Xingran said, “Anyway, I can cultivate anywhere. Let’s go back this afternoon?”

“Not waiting anymore?” Fu Zhou was a bit surprised. “Did you check the gaming forums?”


Chen Xingran admitted frankly that the live streaming events of Snake King Quiller Wylie had caused a sensation in the gaming community these days. Opening the forum, one could see countless discussion threads.

“This matter has nothing to do with ZMD.” Fu Zhou said, “For domestic teams, it’s actually a good opportunity for training. You may not have to take action, and maybe before you go back, that Snake King guy has already been dealt with by someone else.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal.”

Chen Xingran squinted his eyes.

In Quiller’s interview, he mentioned that China was the birthplace of cold weapons, but his words were full of contempt, as if the domestic players had not truly mastered cold weapons. This kind of statement amused Chen Xingran.

“Alright, if you want to go back, let’s go back. Anyway, the environment at ZMD base is not bad, suitable for recuperation.”

Fu Zhou didn’t have much objection. After some thought, he curiously asked Chen Xingran, “But if you really face that Snake King, what are your chances of winning?”

Chen Xingran didn’t respond directly; he just smiled faintly.


With a crisp sound of exploding blades, Quiller Wylie’s dagger once again harvested the opponent’s head.

“Isn’t this like beating up little kids?”

“The assault player from Team Qixin isn’t doing well.”

“It seems like most of the newcomers in the league have tried. Forget it, let Li Haoyuan and the others handle it.”

“Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut? If Li Haoyuan goes, winning wouldn’t be honorable.”

“Laughing to death, he might not even win.”

Quiller’s livestream had entered its third day. During these three days, numerous experts and professional league players challenged him in the challenge room. However, without exception, none of them managed to win against Quiller.

What was initially supposed to be the debut livestream of the new member of the All Stars turned into a reputation battle between foreign and domestic players.

“Anyone else?”

Quiller exited the room, unceremoniously kicking out the defeated opponent. His tone carried a hint of arrogance, “If not, let’s end the livestream for today.”

“F*ck, so f*cking arrogant.”

“Snake King is so cool and strong, I’m in love.”

“Is this a joke? A foreign player has been challenging for three days, and he’s still standing so firmly? Unbelievable”

“Let Li Haoyuan go up, I can’t bear it anymore”

“Isn’t there another one among the top three Duelling Kings in the domestic server? He’s also a newcomer, let him go up”

“Are you talking about that marketing guy? Hahaha, he would have backed off long ago, for sure”

“Heard he went abroad for medical treatment?”

“Ah, right, right, right, he’s unwell, hehe, the old routine. Wait for Snake King to step down, and suddenly he’s miraculously cured”

“These black fans are really everywhere.”

Luo Baibai, who had been neglecting training for the past few days, remained glued to the live broadcast. “So annoying.”

“Wherever you go, there will be people setting the tone. Haven’t you gotten used to it after so long? If you’re annoyed, stop watching and go practice.”

Passing by Luo Baibai, Xiao Nan casually took his phone.

“I’ll watch for a bit longer!”

Luo Baibai snatched back the phone and glanced at the screen. “Another one… Oh, this person isn’t…”

“Who is it?” Xiao Nan also came over to take a look.

In the live broadcast, another player entered Quiller’s arena.

Divine Blade Sect. Yun Yin.

“I remember this person has fought against Xingran before, right?” Luo Baibai vaguely had some impression.

“Yeah.” Yang Yunche glanced at it and confirmed. He remembered this person.

“I recall he wasn’t a professional player, and back then, he was pinned to the ground and hammered by Xingran.” Luo Baibai wasn’t very optimistic, sighed, and said, “Isn’t he just here to be defeated…”

In the martial arts room, a line of text appeared on the public screen.

Divine Blade Sect. Yun Yin: Let’s do it.

Quiller grinned, “Are you a professional player? Which team are you from?”

Divine Blade Sect. Yun Yin: No.

Divine Blade Sect. Yun Yin: Are we starting or not? Are you scared?

“He’s quite confident.” Quiller laughed in the live broadcast, “Forget it, since you’re here, let’s have a quick and decisive match.”

“A member of the Divine Blade Sect?”

“Not from a professional team, it probably won’t work… If professional players can’t beat him, an amateur won’t have a chance”

“I remember this person, seems to be a master in the training room”

“Why is a training room player here for the fun? I won’t watch, not interesting”

“He hasn’t even fought yet, how do you know it won’t work?” Luo Baibai, watching the barrage, said indignantly, “Come on, Yun Yin, beat him for me!!”

On the side, Yang Yunche opened Quiller’s live broadcast, but his attention wasn’t entirely on the screen; he was typing something on his phone.

In the live broadcast room, the battle between Yun Yin and the Snake King Quiller began.


Yun Yin used a long spear. As soon as the countdown ended, he stepped forward, the long spear in his hand shook, like a dragon entering the sea, directly aiming at Quiller’s throat.


Quiller squinted his eyes.

Not so simple, this guy…

“Clang, Clang, Clang, dang—”

The intense clash of weapons erupted the next moment. Yun Yin seemed like a phantom, facing Quiller’s tricky and elusive attack trajectory, and surprisingly withstood it head-on! Then, he leaped into the air, the long spear transformed into a staff, delivering a fierce strike towards Quiller as if Mount Tai was pressing down!

A surprised gleam flashed in Quiller’s eyes. The dagger in his hand gleamed like a flawless arc, entwining around the spearhead, followed by a series of “ding, ding, ding” sounds, and the two once again entered the rhythm of the contest.

“WTF? This is impressive”

“Who is this Yun Yin? Really not a professional player? Feels stronger than the ones who appeared before”

“This is interesting, go go go!!”

“Can he win?”

“He has improved a lot!”

Luo Baibai opened his mouth wide, “I remember when he fought against Xingran before, he wasn’t this powerful, was he?”

“His spear technique has a shadow of Xingran.”

Xiao Nan also watched on the side, affirmatively saying, “There’s a trace of imitation, but he has his own style… very impressive, this blade technique is completely at a professional level.”

How much time has passed?

In such a short time, it’s as if he has transformed into a different person; this Yun Yin’s learning ability is truly terrifying.

Yun Yin landed from the air, the spearhead touching the ground with a slight pause in his descent, then he burst into another intense assault!

Quiller took two steps backward; in that probing clash just now, his armor dropped by two points.

“Not bad.”

Quiller finally showed an excited look.

Now, it’s getting interesting.


Ta Xue was broadcasting this battle in his own livestream room, couldn’t help but clench his fist silently, loudly cheering for Yun Yin.

On the first day, he had fought against Quiller, but he was not a match for the Snake King at all. In less than three rounds, he was blown away by the exploding blade, suffering a direct defeat, and the haters in the livestream room mocked him for a while.

Ta Xue could see that Yun Yin had made significant progress… no, it should be said that it was as if he had undergone a complete transformation. In his spear technique, one could clearly see the shadow of Chen Xingran from their previous battle. The spear tip swayed unpredictably, displaying various changes, with a fierce attack that left no room for the opponent to breathe. Even for Snake King Quiller, dealing with it seemed a bit strenuous.

“Go for it! Burst this Snake Guy!”

Ta Xue completely forgot he was in his own livestream, vigorously cheering and encouraging Yun Yin.

“Ta Xue has a big issue with this Snake King, hahaha”

“Who cares? As long as he can beat Snake King, go for it!”

“I think there’s a chance”

The battle continued.

Yun Yin’s spear displayed strong suppression, and for a short period, he was on par with Quiller. Many spectators watching the livestream saw a glimmer of hope.

However, in the next moment, Quiller’s dagger suddenly changed its trajectory, switching to a forward grip. In the dense shadows of the spear, he seized the slight opening revealed by Yun Yin, dealt a weak point damage, and then continued to advance mercilessly, disrupting Yun Yin’s attacking rhythm!

The dagger in his hand seemed to come to life. In the eyes of the audience in the livestream room, it was like a venomous snake lurking in the shadows, suddenly coming alive. It swayed left and right, and at an extremely cunning angle, it clashed with Yun Yin’s spear tip!

As a top assault player in the Europe region, Quiller’s eyesight and judgment were terrifyingly strong. In the dazzling rhythm of the blade clash, he could actually seize Yun Yin’s momentary vulnerability. The dagger in his hand moved like a chilling breeze, penetrating every opening.

Yun Yin’s rhythm paused, leaving a wide opening. Stumbling backward a few steps, his health sharply decreased in an instant. He withdrew, as if trying to escape Quiller’s attack range.

Quiller didn’t give him a chance and continued the assault!

But in the next second, a piercing sound, like a wailing, echoed. The long spear, like a poisonous dragon, left a brilliant trajectory in the air! Yun Yin, who had just turned to retreat, suddenly turned back. In an instant that no one could see clearly, the spear tip had pierced through the air and ruthlessly struck!

Reverse Lance!


Luo Baibai jumped up from his chair: “Xinrans’s Reverse Lance!”

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