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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 67

This sudden spear thrust came fast and swift, catching even Quiller off guard. The unexpected turn and stab, completely beyond common sense, made his hair stand on end!

Yang Yunche’s gaze fell on the screen, and he sighed almost imperceptibly.

Nearly there.

Although Yun Yin’s returning spear was powerful, he had personally witnessed Chen Xingran using this move. The same technique in different hands created a completely different feeling.

If Yun Yin’s returning spear was as fierce as a storm, then Chen Xingran’s was like lightning suddenly splitting the clouds in layers. It was much faster, harder to defend against, and… much more perfect.

Even if Yun Yin had extraordinary talent, wanting to learn the essence, the refined spear that Chen Xingran had honed over more than ten years, in such a short time, was still too unrealistic.


In the blink of an eye, Quiller’s body tensed, his body already anticipating the movement a step ahead. His spine bent backward like a spring, narrowly avoiding the spearhead. The ice-cold sharp spearhead grazed past his nose, and the breath of death vanished in an instant.

“F*ck, he dodged it!”

“Too bad, I thought that spear would hit.”

“This move looks familiar, did he learn it from Ye Shao?”

“Yes, I think I remember; there’s a video on the forum.”

“His reaction time is incredible.”

“It seems he’s not very proficient with it yet; if Ye Shao himself comes, there might be a chance.”

“No way, even if Ye Shao comes, it won’t matter. If the Snake King can dodge it the first time, he can dodge it the second time.”

In the scene, the failure of the returning spear left Yun Yin momentarily stunned.

In a duel between experts, victory or defeat hangs by a thread. This brief pause sealed his fate.

Seizing this fleeting opportunity, Quiller, with the dagger gripped in the inner side of his arm, created a calm but intense atmosphere. His left hand formed a figure-eight palm, the blade pointing forward. The cold light attacked Yun Yin’s throat, followed by a twist and a slash—


With a spine-chilling sound of flesh tearing, blood-red numbers appeared above Yun Yin’s head, and then he fell to the ground, turning into a soul mound.


Ta Xue slammed the table heavily: “Is this also a loss?”

“Ta Xue, old immortal, don’t be upset; it’s quite normal.”

“But Yun Yin is indeed strong, the only player in these two days who could go toe-to-toe with the Snake King.”

“Too bad, that one spear didn’t hit; otherwise, it could have turned the tables.”

“He learned that move from Ye Shao; could it be that Ye Shao himself is afraid to come and sent a lackey to test the waters?”

“Hahaha, that’s possible.”

“Don’t f*cking talk nonsense.”

Ta Xue furrowed his brows tightly and took the opportunity to mute several accounts that were echoing Chen Xingran’s rhythm: “If Ye Shao really comes, whether he’s the Snake King or the Snake Demon, they all must die! Just taking advantage of the time when he went abroad for treatment to show off in the national server, really thinks highly of himself.”

“Here comes another brain-dead fan of Ye Shao, Ta Xue.”

“Didn’t they argue fiercely about the topic of the top three Dueling Kings in the national server before? I think Ye Shao coming might be quite interesting.”

“Stop talking; now that Yun Yin has lost, there probably aren’t many players left on the national server. We might have to let someone from Li Haoyuan’s level step up.”

“Does it really require the top Dueling King the national server to challenge the Snake King? Isn’t that overdoing it?”

“Even if Li Haoyuan wins, it will be a huge embarrassment for the national server this time.”

“The fans of the Snake King on foreign forums have already started celebrating. I tried to f*cking arguing with them a bit, and they directly banned my account. F*ck.”

In the live broadcast, the Snake King calmly left the room and casually kicked Yun Yin out of the room.

“Too bad, I was just getting warmed up,” he clicked his tongue, and there was an undisguised sense of satisfaction in his tone. “The opponent this time was somewhat promising, but unfortunately, not a professional player. Anyone else want a challenge? If not, today’s broadcast will end here.”

“Is Snake King still broadcasting tomorrow?”

“After so many days and no defeats, doesn’t it already prove a point? The domestic server is just not capable”

“Who brought up the topic of the three great Dueling Kings before? I think, besides the Captain Lu and Li Haoyuan, the third sword master should be the Snake King”

“Are you sick? Is this guy from the domestic server? Snatching a foreign player from outside and calling him the domestic server Dueling Kings?”

“Are these rainbow-farting compliments from All Stars’ navy? The rhetoric is almost the same, it’s annoying to watch”

“Can someone please beat him down? Whoever can defeat him, I’ll be his hardcore fan from now on!”

At this moment, the domestic gaming forum has quietly set the tone. Luo Baibai, looking at the screen full of mockery, was so infuriated that he took out his phone and directly poked Li Haoyuan on Yunxin.

Li Haoyuan:?

Luo Baibai: Are you really not going up? Can you tolerate this?

On Li Haoyuan’s side, he sent an expression of grievance: I want to go up, but the club won’t allow it.

Luo Baibai: ? You can create a smurf account and go up. Can a living person be pissed to death? Let me tell you, if you don’t knock down this Snake King, I’ll be your anti-fan, and I’ll go to the forum every day to set the tone for you!

Li Haoyuan:……

Sighing, Xiao Nan said, “Let me do it.”


Luo Baibai raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Brother Xiao, are you going up?”

Xiao Nan said, “Neither Li Haoyuan nor Captain are suitable. After all, All Stars is a prestigious team. The Snake King is their assault player. Even if I go up, it won’t be considered losing face.”

“I think that works too.”

Luo Baibai nodded. “We, ZMD, are not like those cowardly guys. If they won’t go up, we will! Even if we just ride on this Snake King’s popularity, we’ll crush his arrogance. By the way, Xiao Nan, what are your chances of winning?”

Xiao Nan remained silent for a moment and cautiously said, “About fifty percent?”

Luo Baibai was disappointed. “That’s too low.”

Xiao Nan replied, “Fifty percent is considered low? Do you think he’s a pushover? To be honest, this Snake King over in the European server is at least on the level of Fei Wei. Having a fifty percent win rate is not bad.”

“But domestic players don’t know much about him…” Luo Baibai sighed and started to worry again. “What if we lose? ZMD will lose face. It’s like we’re paving the way for him.”

“What do you suggest then?” Xiao Nan sighed.

“Oh, if only someone else could help. It would be great if there’s a new player with no reputation, someone like a ‘sweeper monk.’ They could go up and defeat this guy directly, shut him up! What do you think, Brother Yun? Should we let Brother Xiao go?”

Yang Yunche lifted his head. “Hmm?”

“I’m asking you…” Luo Baibai was speechless. “Why do you seem so unconcerned? Although it doesn’t have much to do with ZMD, it still relates to the honor of the domestic server. If there’s a chance to go abroad for the World Championship in the future, won’t we be mocked like crazy by players from other regions?”

“Let me tell you.”

Luo Baibai stared at Yang Yunche for a moment, suspicious. “You’ve been looking at your phone since just now. Who are you chatting with?”

Yang Yunche smiled, raised his phone, and shook it. “Chatting with the sweeper monk.”

Luo Baibai:?

What does that mean…

He looked confused, about to speak, when suddenly, a noise came from the entrance of the base.

It was the sound of a car.

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan exchanged a glance, both expressing surprise in each other’s eyes.

“What the heck, isn’t it too soon!”

Luo Baibai’s buttocks jolted off the chair like an electric shock. In an instant, he rushed to the training room’s entrance. “They, they came back so quickly?”

Before he reached the doorway, the large gate of the base opened. Two figures carrying bags walked in directly, heading straight to the training room.

Chen Xingran seemed to be in good condition, although his complexion was still a bit pale, his expression was relaxed. Fu Zhou stood beside him, casually taking the bag from his hand, looking at everyone and saying, “Hey, everyone’s here?”

“Ran Bao!!”

Luo Baibai, excited, gleamed with his eyes, pounced forward, “You’re finally back! I’ve missed you so much, wuwuwu…”

Chen Xingran was pushed back a couple of steps as Luo Baibai jumped at him. Luo Baibai suddenly remembered that the other party had just undergone surgery and quickly straightened up, nervously asking, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Chen Xingran smiled, patting Luo Baibai’s shoulder. He raised his arm, showing the not-so-meaty biceps, “Very healthy.”

“More than just healthy.”

Fu Zhou helplessly said, “If I didn’t bring him back, he would have started teaching abroad.”

“That’s exaggerated.”

Chen Xingran laughed, glanced over Luo Baibai, and focused on a particular person.

Yang Yunche put away his phone, stood up, and walked over to Chen Xingran.

He was a head taller than Chen Xingran. By lowering his head, he could see the red thread around the boy’s neck – the protective talisman Yang Yunche had given him before he left.

Although Chen Xingran still looked slender, he clearly no longer had the previous signs of illness. He appeared lively and energetic, indicating that the surgery was successful.

He reached out his hand, intending to touch Chen Xingran’s head. His hand paused in the air for a moment, then changed to a pat on the shoulder, “Good to have you back.”

These simple four words concealed the many longings Yang Yunche had these days.

Chen Xingran raised his eyebrows, “Did you sneak snacks while I was away?”

Yang Yunche raised his hand, “Absolutely not.”

“Yun Ge didn’t sneak a bite; he ate right in front of us.”

Luo Baibai muttered, “We don’t dare to advise him, we don’t dare to ask. Manager Fu isn’t around, and Yun Ge is the boss of the entire base. We can’t control him… But it’s good that you’re back. If you find Yun Ge sneaking snacks again, just beat him up!”

He sized up Chen Xingran and said uncertainly, “Now you should be able to beat him up, right?”

Chen Xingran curled his lips, glanced at Yang Yunche, and said, “Probably one punch can send him to the ICU.”

Everyone burst into laughter, and the ZMD base was filled with a cheerful atmosphere. Chen Xingran and Fu Zhou had been away for a few days, and when they returned, the base restored its happy and harmonious atmosphere, as if the quiet days from before never existed.

“By the way.”

Luo Baibai stopped laughing and remembered the knife guy who was still showing off in the live broadcast room, asking, “Ran Bao, how’s your recovery now? Will it affect your gaming? Let me tell you, these days, the All Stars team recruited a foreign assault player…”

“I know.”

Chen Xingran nodded, took the bag from Fu Zhou, and tossed it to Yang Yunche, saying, “Help me with this.”

Yang Yunche turned into a bag-carrying lackey, smiling, “Sure thing, Xing Ge. No problem, Xing Ge.”

“He hasn’t finished the broadcast yet, has he?”

Chen Xingran asked Luo Baibai.

Luo Baibai looked at his phone, “It seems not, but it should be ending soon.”

“We rushed back by plane, and he hasn’t had dinner yet.”

Fu Zhou added from the side.

However, Chen Xingran had already started walking.

He walked towards his own operation cabin, and when passing by Yang Yunche’s operation cabin, he stopped and, with a casual hand movement, dug into Yang Yunche’s cabin. Familiar with the layout, he pulled out a bag of potato chips and stuffed it into his own mouth, saying, “Eat after the game; have this to fill up.”

Yang Yunche: “…”

I hid it so well, how did you find it?

“It seems like no one is challenging him.”

Snake King Quiller lazily looked at the empty spot in the martial arts room and said, “Let’s end it here today.”

“Another day of loneliness for the experts.”

“Snake King should be the strongest newcomer in the domestic teams this year, right?”

“Huh? He’s considered a newcomer?”

“Why not? He hasn’t played in domestic competitions before. Is there a problem with being a newcomer in a domestic team?”

“The strongest newcomer should be ZMD’s Chen Xingran.”

“You mean that marketing guy who still hasn’t shown his face? Laughing so hard. He hyped himself as one of the three top sparring kings, and now he’s hiding and not coming out?”

“Chen Xingran?”

Quiller looked at the name on the screen, squinting slightly. “Oh, you mean the newcomer who defeated our captain?”

“Hahaha, it’s been a year since Captain Lu overturned. I haven’t heard about Captain Lu being burned by Ye Shao for half a day. It’s like ants crawling on me. Now it finally feels comfortable.”

“It’s him. Does Snake King also know him?”

“I didn’t have a match with him this time. I regret it.”

Quiller sighed softly, “Maybe it’s because he didn’t want to embarrass himself, so he didn’t show up. But it doesn’t matter. In future competitions, we will have many opportunities…”

His words were a perfect example of leading the rhythm, summarizing Chen Xingran in just a few words as someone afraid to show his face because he cherishes his reputation. Given his foreign identity and the excuse of not being fluent in Chinese, even if he made provocative remarks, there were people who could help him downplay it.

However, before Quiller could disband the room, a new name appeared in the martial arts room.

“Ye Shao”

His domestic server ID had not been changed; it was still the two characters Ye Shao. His solo Asura rank had also reached the room threshold set by Quiller.

There was a moment of silence in the atmosphere.


“?? WTF???”

“Am I seeing things? Is it really him?”

“Wow, wow, wow, finally here!!!”

“This wife fan has come uninvited! Ah, Ran Ran, you haven’t live streamed for several days!”

“F*ck, I was almost falling asleep. I suddenly woke up. No, I have to wake up my dormitory brothers to watch”

“Quickly invite Buddha!”

Chen Xingran’s appearance instantly ignited the barrage. At the same time, in the Ta Xue’s livestream room, Ta Xue’s excited voice almost overturned the entire villa.

“I said it! I said it!!”

Ta Xue’s excited voice was distorted: “I said he would definitely come!!!!!!”

“Ta Xue, don’t get too excited. I’m afraid you’ll have a stroke…”

“Just because he’s here doesn’t mean he’ll win. Don’t be too optimistic for now”

“Stop the nonsense, watch the game, watch the game, hurry up and start!”

Quiller’s mocking words that he didn’t finish were stuck in his throat. He had watched the video of the battle between Lu Mingyu and Chen Xingran many times, so he naturally recognized the owner of the ID Ye Shao.

Lu Mingyu in the All Stars Base, other members of the ZMD Base, Ta Xue who was livestreaming, the just-defeated Yun Yin, and other players from different teams like Li Haoyuan and Fei Wei…

Like a huge stone thrown into a calm lake, Chen Xingran’s appearance caused countless eyes that had originally left the livestream room to return.

Chen Xingran was concise in his words, and only one word floated on the screen. But with this short text, he conveyed powerful self-confidence and a high fighting spirit.

Ye Shao: Come.

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Ooooh, so looking forward to RanRan wiping the floor with that guy! Go, Go, Xingran!!

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