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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 69

69. Blow Up the Forum

“We won!!!”

“F*ck, I’m dancing right in front of my computer.”

“Haha, we won! Snake King fans, come out! Today, I want to challenge everyone in a battle of words.”

“Aren’t you quite arrogant? Wasn’t it said that there’s no one on the Chinese server? Look, someone’s here now.”

“Almost full health and armor, a one-shot kill. Your Snake King’s secrets have been exposed.”

“Play a couple more rounds, and you might even get them to reveal their bank card passwords.”

“Laughing to death! Deceivers deceive, and Ye Shao’s deceptive moves are enough for me to study for several years.”

Quiller returned to his room with a gloomy face, not saying a word for a while.

One wrong step, and every subsequent step was wrong. In a battle between experts, victory often depended on who made fewer mistakes, whose mindset was more stable. The consecutive victories over the past three days had clouded his judgment. He lost his rhythm when facing Chen Xingran. After losing at the beginning, he didn’t immediately calm down and utilize his agility to seek opportunities, but rather went straight into a head-on clash with Chen Xingran.

Unconsciously, he had been led into a trap by Chen Xingran. After being deceived three times, his immediate reaction was that he wouldn’t be fooled again next time. He didn’t even consider that he didn’t have to let Chen Xingran dictate the pace! He needed to maintain his own rhythm, use his agility advantage to harass and find opportunities to exploit weaknesses. There might still be hope for victory in this battle.

Chen Xingran then exited the game interface and returned to his room, typing a few words.

Ye Shao: You lost. Want to play again?

Snake King Quiller’s face displayed uncertainty. He really wanted to challenge again, to regain some dignity. At least he didn’t want to lose so embarrassingly. But facing Chen Xingran’s question now, scenes of being deceived kept replaying in his mind, making him hesitate.

Could he really win?

The opponent’s strength completely exceeded expectations. Just by watching the recordings, there was no way to feel the overwhelming pressure of facing Chen Xingran. One couldn’t sense the spine-chilling feeling of having all thoughts and move strategies dominated. The opponent was like an unfathomable vast sea. Only when facing him directly could one deeply experience that feeling.

Want to play again?

Quiller stared at the three words on the screen. In an instant, thousands of thoughts flashed through his mind. However, after hesitating for a moment, he chose not to accept the challenge.

No confidence, and afraid of losing in a more embarrassing way, Quiller remained silent, controlling his expression as he emotionlessly said to the audience, “I’m tired. Let’s end the livestream here for today.” Afterward, he directly exited the broadcast.

“Leaving just like that?”

“Hahaha, look at his expression, it’s like he just ate olives.”

“Goodbye, brothers. I’m going to flame those European server players.”

“Take me with you!!”

“I’ll edit the video and post it on the forums. Feel free to take it.”

“Hilarious, stabbed to death with full health and armor. Who’s the Snake King? His snake gall must have been punctured.”

“Chen Xingran, ZMD, is now the third Dueling King in the national server! His record speaks for itself. Anyone else not convinced?”

“None!! I’m his brain-dead fan now!”

“When is ZMD releasing Chen Xingran merchandise? I’m going to buy it all!”

On the other side, in the Ta Xue livestream, it was a lively atmosphere, as if celebrating the New Year.

“I had a great time today, so I’ll do a giveaway for everyone.” Ta Xue raised her eyebrows and threw several big red envelopes into the livestream chat: “Type”Ye Shao is awesome”in the chat to participate in the giveaway. Oh, by the way, Snake fans, don’t come, I find you unlucky.”

In the martial arts room, Chen Xingran watched as Snake King’s name disappeared from the room the next moment and couldn’t help shaking his head.

With such a mindset, such a person was destined never to touch the pinnacle of martial arts.

Feeling somewhat indifferent, he logged out, exited the cockpit, and was welcomed by a big hug from Luo Baibai.

“Ran Bao! You’re amazing ah ah ah!”

The gloominess in Luo Baibai’s eyes, which was present just two days ago, suddenly disappeared. He looked at Chen Xingran with admiration and said, “From now on, I’m your chief fanboy, and no one else can compare!”

Xiao Nan, unusually, didn’t retort to Luo Baibai. Instead, he nodded at Chen Xingran and succinctly praised, “Impressive.”

Fu Zhou hurriedly left the training room, saying, “You guys chat; I’ll make a call to the public relations department. I’ll make sure to handle this trending topic, no matter what it says!”

Chen Xingran’s gaze swept over Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan before settling on someone, raising his eyebrows as if waiting for that person’s response.

Yang Yunche, anticipating praise with a nearly wagging tail, looked at him. The corners of his mouth curled imperceptibly, and he said, “Well, it’s not like we care who brought him into the team.”

Chen Xingran rolled his eyes at him. It wasn’t clear whether the comment was praising him or himself.

“Come on, let’s go out for a big meal!”

Luo Baibai, still in high spirits, suggested, “Ran Bao, you haven’t eaten yet, right? Let me take you to a nice place. I’ll treat you today!”

“Oh, that’s rare.” Xiao Nan raised an eyebrow, teasing.

Luo Baibai, unusually generous, and Chen Xingran, not wanting to dampen the mood, readily agreed.

The ZMD four dragged Fu Zhou out of the office, ignoring his angry roar of “I’m still on the phone!” They loaded Manager Fu onto the car like a kidnapper and drove straight to the commercial street in the He Tai district.

It was nearly 9 p.m., but the commercial street was still bustling. Snake King Quiller’s livestream had caused quite a stir in the gaming community. Many players were paying attention. As the He Tai district was a hub for the gaming industry, the concentration of players on the commercial street was extremely high. Along the way, through the car window, they could see many people with happy expressions, discussing the stunning shot from the livestream as if it were New Year’s.

Furthermore, some spectators who enjoyed the spectacle directly booked several internet cafe external screens. They played the recorded footage of the battle between Snake King and Chen Xingran in a continuous loop, attracting numerous onlookers.

“Now you’re also an idol!”

Luo Baibai, excitedly scrolling through his phone in the car, exclaimed, “See, many people are praising you. Look at this one—’Sorry, Yun God, I’m now a fan of Xingran. Let’s not contact each other anymore. Hahaha…'”

“…Is it that exaggerated?” Chen Xingran chuckled in disbelief.

“Absolutely!” Luo Baibai insisted, “You don’t know, in the days you were abroad, that Snake King became quite arrogant. Taking advantage of Li Haoyuan and the others not making a move, he kept taunting. Many people were holding back their anger, and the forums on the European server were in an uproar.”

“If it weren’t for the fear of getting banned, I bet Luo Baibai would have charged into the All Stars base and had a real-life showdown with that Snake King,” Xiao Nan chimed in with a smile.

“I’m not that impulsive.” Luo Baibai spat at him, then raised his phone again and read aloud, “And there’s this one—’Snake King, I’m sorry. I used to say you were cunning and malicious, with evil intentions. Now, after watching your match, I realize my mistake. I feel so sorry to see you being deceived. I recommend downloading the National Anti-Fraud Center APP. Ahahaha…'”

Luo Baibai laughed, rolling around in the car.

The new season of the Destiny Cup hadn’t started yet, and major teams were busy with training. The gaming community had been lacking major news for several days, and players were getting bored. Just as Chen Xingran and Snake King finished their match, countless memes and reactions were already flooding the forums.

For example, Snake King’s photo was edited to have bruises and swelling effects, holding a bank card expression. The caption read: “Stop lying! I’ll give you my bank password.”

There were also two panda head memes. The first one showed Snake King’s confident expression: “Family, I’m going to make a name for myself on the Asian server. Wait for my good news.”

The second one, with Snake King shedding two wide tears, read: “The Asian server is too tricky. I want to go back to the countryside.”

And finally, the iconic moment where Snake King used his face to take Chen Xingran’s stab was turned into a meme with the caption: “You must accept my head today, or you’ll be disrespecting me!”

Playing with memes to the fullest.

Infected by Luo Baibai’s overflowing excitement and joy, the others couldn’t help but reveal smiles.

All Stars Base.

Lu Mingyu walked into the training room and immediately spotted Quiller, who was sitting in the cockpit with a gloomy expression, as if about to drip water, lost in thought.

Pretending not to have seen the other, Lu Mingyu went straight to get a cup of water. Then, leisurely sitting at his own computer, he casually opened the forum’s prominently displayed video. His lips curled upward, appearing to be in a very good mood.

“You knew early on?” Quiller’s voice sounded behind him. “Why didn’t you remind me? You’ve fought against him, so you should understand him well.”

“What?” Lu Mingyu turned around, facing Quiller’s gaze. He raised his eyebrows. “Oh, you mean Chen Xingran?”

Lu Mingyu smiled and said, “Didn’t you say it yourself? Confidence is a good quality. I think so too. With your level of confidence, how could you lose to a moderately skilled domestic player?”

“I’m a new member of All Stars. If All Stars loses, what benefits can you get?” Quiller asked, unwillingly.

Lu Mingyu paused for a moment. “It seems you haven’t figured out one thing.”

Quiller asked, “?”

“You lost, what does it have to do with All Stars?” Lu Mingyu put down the water cup and smirked. “You don’t really think that a bought foreign player can truly represent All Stars, do you?”

After a pause, he continued, “That’s how games are. There are wins and losses. Even the strongest person won’t keep winning forever. Even a loser has a chance to stand up again, as long as they don’t give up.”

His words carried a hidden meaning. In Lu Mingyu’s view, the most embarrassing part wasn’t that Quiller lost but his undignified behavior of abruptly leaving the livestream room and losing all will to fight after the defeat.

Such a person could never become a true powerhouse.

However, Quiller completely failed to grasp the undertones of his words. He just frowned, sensing a hint of mockery in Lu Mingyu’s tone. Anger surged within him, and he angrily stood up and left.

Lu Mingyu shook his head, ignoring him, and refocused his gaze on the computer screen.

Chen Xingran in the video appeared like a war god. Wherever the spear went, it was like a beam of sunlight breaking through the dark clouds, piercing through enemies crisply and unimpeded. Lu Mingyu’s eyes were full of admiration, and there was even a hint of anticipation.

It would be great if there was a chance to spar with him.

Watching the relaxed and casual Reverse Lance in the video, another figure flashed in Lu Mingyu’s mind. He took out his phone, opened Yun Yin’s Yunxin, and after some thought, sent a message to Yun Yin.

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