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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 7

7. Live Streaming

At the beginning of the game, within just a few minutes, Chen Xingran had already secured two kills.

In the bustling city of Huntian, with nearly 20 players, the atmosphere was lively. Everywhere one went, the sound of clashing weapons and skill effects could be heard nearby.


Amidst the flickering of his blade, another player fell beneath Chen Xingran’s sword.

Real combat was the best teacher, and Chen Xingran was becoming more accustomed to the style of the Destiny game. The constant sense of danger and the exhilarating close-quarters battles ignited his adrenaline. Having practiced martial arts for over twenty years, he had never experienced such pure enjoyment.

Meanwhile, the number of viewers in the live stream room continued to rise steadily, quickly surpassing two hundred.

For a newly registered streamer without any promotional support, this was already an impressive achievement.

The fleeting moment of brilliance from the “Thunderbolt” move was captured by an audience member who didn’t mind causing a stir. They recorded and shared it on the game forum, and within ten minutes, the post had garnered over seventy to eighty replies, attracting many Destiny players to flock to the live stream.

Although it was a low-level game with little technical prowess, the viewer retention rate in the live stream room was astonishingly high.

The reason is simple.

Because… Chen Xingran’s movements are incredibly beautiful and smooth.

When the motion correction ratio exceeds 70%, there will be a noticeable stiffness when attacking. Each slash and stab would appear as if they were carved from the same mold, with little variation. Even professional players would show traces of motion correction in their actions.

But not Chen Xingran.

He seemed to have completely freed himself from the constraints of the game’s system rules. While others were playing the game, he appeared to truly exist in this world. Every twist and turn was effortless and carefree, displaying an extremely graceful agility. His swings with the Tang Sword resembled scenes from a movie, each moment frozen in time capturing the combination of strength and beauty. It was like a magnificent performance that held the viewers’ gaze, leaving them in awe.

The Destiny game, filled with the thrill of strategy and duels, already possessed great charm. Looking at the popular streamers and top professional players in Destiny, aside from ranged specialists like Yang Yunche, they all had their unique styles of combat that were highly entertaining. Even novice players who couldn’t grasp the strategic depth could enjoy it as if they were watching a martial arts film, experiencing the visual allure of melee weapons.

However, compared to these streamers, Chen Xingran’s fighting style stood out even more. There were no flashy moves, and every inch of his actions exuded ultimate sharpness and danger. The intense ferocity was palpable through the screen, causing viewers to shudder with fear when imagining themselves in the perspective of his opponents. It’s needless to say how much he attracted fans.

Chen Xingran went wherever the action was, never backing down. Even when faced with two enemies simultaneously, he didn’t choose to retreat temporarily but confronted them head-on. He effortlessly handled the situation of being surrounded by two opponents, demonstrating his mastery. His agility was pushed to the extreme, narrowly evading fatal attacks with minimal movements, making viewers break into a cold sweat on his behalf.


In the midst of a fierce onslaught, the opposing enemies finally burst into a flurry of attacks. Chen Xingran held his breath, focused his mind, and then, to the anticipation of the viewers in the live stream room, his figure suddenly moved. The blade transformed into a striking lightning bolt, cleaving through the air, leaving behind a magnificent afterimage.


A terrifying damage number floated above the enemy’s head, and their remaining health instantly depleted, vanishing into nothingness, turning into a soul mound that disappeared from the world.


Chen Xingran maintained his posture without moving, gracefully twirling his Tang Sword in the air, swiftly sheathing it. As the blade was three-quarters of the way into the scabbard, his movements slowed down slightly. The snow-white, razor-sharp blade made a gentle friction sound against the scabbard, producing a captivating metallic hum. Finally, as the hilt collided with the scabbard, a melodious and rhythmic clinking sound resonated.

Coincidentally, at this moment, a few pink cherry blossoms fell from the enormous cherry tree on the main path of Huntian City, swirling and drifting in the air, adding a touch of decoration to the otherwise dull backdrop.

The Shadow Dancer, dressed in a white assassin’s attire, showcased sleek muscular lines. Their slender figure stood like a vigorous bamboo between heaven and earth, holding the scabbard in the left hand and gripping the sword in the right hand. As the sword was sheathed, cherry blossom petals fell, complementing the long hair covering their eyes and the golden-patterned white mask on the lower half of their face. It was as if they were a meticulously designed movie poster.


“He looks so handsome, so good-looking.”

“I screenshot this fantastic sheathing posture!”

“This way of sheathing is really cool. What’s the purpose behind it? Why did the movement slow down in the last second? Is it to guard against potential ambushes and be ready to strike at any moment?”

“Oh, no, it’s not.”

Chen Xingran glanced at the barrage of comments and honestly replied, “It’s because sheathing the sword this way looks cooler.”



“The streamer is so honest…”

“Can you make a tutorial on sheathing the sword? I want to show off in the game.”

“Of course, I’ll teach you later.”

Chen Xingran readily agreed.

He didn’t understand the various techniques of streaming, and his interaction with the audience was limited to answering questions from the chat. However, because he responded with exceptional sincerity and didn’t hold back any secrets, it felt like he was casually chatting with friends, and combined with his outstanding and highly entertaining swordplay skills, the stream was anything but boring. It was even more enjoyable compared to those streamers who constantly shouted, “Is this playstyle cool or not? My iron fans, show some love!” or “This play, I’ll definitely get revenge… Oh no, I got counter-killed.”

After ten minutes of killing in Huntian City, Chen Xingran’s kill count had reached five, earning him the title of “Battle God of the Round.”

Meanwhile, in Huntian City, the remaining players had almost all been eliminated. The once-bustling city, filled with sounds of combat, suddenly fell silent, leaving only Chen Xingran’s footsteps echoing.

He took some time to explore Huntian City, roughly memorizing its intricate layout.

By this time, the first poisonous circle had closed, and the map indicated the next circle, which was not encompassing Huntian City, located at the center of the map.

“After watching, it feels like I’ve gone on a killing spree in Huntian City myself. So exhilarating!”


“As a jungler who only dares to farm in the wilderness, I’m trembling. Is this the realm of the pros?”

“Streamer, start running from the poison after the circle shrinks.”


Chen Xingran responded with a word to the chat and then scavenged some armor plates and medical kits within the city before leaving the vast Huntian City.

At this point, his equipment was incredibly magnificent.

He had five gleaming golden armor pieces equipped, wielding a golden Tang sword that he looted from an enemy’s soul mound. In his secondary weapon slot, he carried a crossbow for long-range combat. In his backpack, he had a purple Tang sword, a purple spear, as well as several armor plates, medical kits, and weapon repair tools.

He was practically a walking treasure trove.

By the way, weapons in Destiny have durability. They lose durability when dealing damage to enemies or engaging in combat, and using ranged weapons also reduces durability. When the durability reaches zero, the weapon needs to be repaired using a weapon repair tool, a process that takes about 2 seconds.

However, even if the durability of a melee weapon drops to zero, it can still be used, although the damage output will be significantly reduced. On the other hand, for ranged weapons, durability is equivalent to ammunition. Once the durability reaches zero, the weapon can no longer be used and can only be fired again after using a repair tool.

“This equipment is too luxurious.”

“Golden armor, golden sword. This is a setup I can only dream of.”

“A real man shouldn’t fear the poison circle. Stand your ground, embrace yourself in the toxic!”

A playful comment came through the chat.

“Huh? Can you survive without running from the poison?”

Chen Xingran asked in confusion.

He remembered that Luan Fusheng had mentioned that it’s better to enter the circle early after the poison is released to avoid being ambushed on the way and getting stuck outside the circle.

The chat thought he was joking and joined in the conversation.

“Of course, don’t you know, streamer?”

“After dying from the poison, you don’t become a soul mound. Instead, you transform into an undead warrior with doubled attributes!”

“No, after dying from the poison, you explode on the spot and sacrifice yourself, killing all players on the map instantly. That’s how you get the chicken dinner!”

“Hahaha, you guys are going too far with this.”

“Really ah?”

Chen Xingran, however, took it seriously and actually stayed still in his original position, allowing the spreading poison to engulf his body.

Now the audience in the live stream was completely puzzled.


“Brothers, he actually believed it.”

“Damn, the streamer said it’s his first time playing Battle Royale, and I thought he was just showing off. Can it be true?”

“It’s almost certain. Who would believe such nonsense? Even a three-year-old wouldn’t fall for it.”

Chen Xingran looked at the chat and quickly understood.

“You guys, don’t trick me.”

He helplessly chuckled, “I really don’t understand, and I’m easily convinced by you.”

His voice had the clearness of a young boy, indicating that he was quite young. But when he chuckled helplessly, his voice unintentionally lowered, adding a touch of magnetism and gentleness. It reached the ears of the viewers through their headphones, causing a slight itchiness in their ears.

It seemed like their hearts couldn’t help but beat faster.


“Tell us! Were you lying just now!”

“I got caught off guard by the sound clip… but I really liked it! More, more, add some more!”

“Oh no, sisters, I think I’m falling for it. Haha, that laughter just now was so pleasant to hear.”

“Are you really that gullible? Then let me test you. What’s your cloud signal? Spit it out quickly.”

“I may not understand, but I’m not stupid.”

Chen Xingran became even more helpless. “I’m not telling you.”

“Sometimes you’re not smart when you should be, and your intelligence returns when it’s unnecessary.”

“Darn it!”

“That’s perfect! Usually, you’re adorable and silly, but when the situation requires it, you become fierce. For example, on a special occasion, when you go all out, you must be formidable.”

“…I suspect you’re drunk?”

“What are you thinking? I meant being fierce in a fight.”

“You’re not saying it, so I’ll be brave and say it. Streamer, *super blue my pen!”

*Apparently this “超蓝我的笔” is Chinese slang. But I couldn’t find a clear meaning. Just that it’s a bit dirty.

“??? Upstairs, is there no one you care about on the internet?”

“I’ve taken a screenshot and sent it to all your mutual friends on your profile.”

Chen Xingran: “…”

People in this world seem to be even more uninhibited than internet users on Earth…

Chen Xingran dared not speak anymore and chose to remain silent. He soaked in the poison for a while, his health dropping below the caution line. He quickly used a health pack, exclaimed, “I’m entering the circle first,” and without looking at the barrage of comments talking about the chicken plague, he headed towards the circle without turning back.

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