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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 70

70. Love only affects my sword-drawing speed.

This is the first time the entire team has gathered for a meal since Chen Xingran joined the ZMD Base. They chose a private room in a hot pot restaurant. At the dinner table, Luo Baibai was lively and animated, his appetite increased, and he didn’t stop until his belly was round.

Chen Xingran had just undergone surgery, and his body was mostly recovered. Now, the atmosphere was lively. Luo Baibai raised his glass, and he subconsciously picked up the cup on the table but was stopped by Fu Zhou.

“Drinking when you’ve just recovered?” Fu Zhou shook his head. “No, you should rest for a few more days.”

Chen Xingran said, “The doctor said it’s okay…”

“I can’t persuade you. Come on, Yun Che, it’s up to you.” Fu Zhou tossed the hot potato of convincing Chen Xingran to Yang Yunche.

Chen Xingran looked towards Yang Yunche on the side, and Captain Yang raised his eyes, saying, “Just half a cup, no more.”

Chen Xingran grinned at him, showing a satisfied smile, and clinked glasses with Luo Baibai.

“Now, you two are on the same side, right?” Fu Zhou glanced at Yang Yunche. “Just indulge him.”

It seemed that after their last argument, their relationship had improved. If this had happened before, Yang Yunche would have to put on a stern posture to stop Chen Xingran. But this time, he unexpectedly gave in directly.

Yang Yunche, where is your authority as the captain!

Yang Yunche shrugged and raised his glass, taking a sip. His peripheral vision fell on Chen Xingran’s face. The young man’s expression was openly happy. Compared to when he first joined ZMD, he was much more lively now. The faint sense of alienation that once existed had long disappeared. It was as if they were truly a family, getting along well with Luo Baibai and the others.

Chen Xingran had fair skin, typical of a young person, with a delicate touch. When he smiled, his eyes naturally narrowed into a line, and his mouth slightly opened, revealing a row of small incisors. His fingers were slender and delicate, forming graceful lines when holding the glass, and some faint veins bulged on the back of his hand…

Yang Yunche looked at it, and his gaze involuntarily got lost. He always felt that the squirrel in front of him looked as if it was shining from every angle. Not only that, his personality was good, warm and gentle. Occasionally, when teased, he would show a slightly annoyed expression, but after a while, his anger would fade away, making people can’t help but want to tease him again.

Chen Xingran noticed his gaze and turned his head while talking to Luo Baibai. He raised his eyebrows, silently asking: What’s wrong?

Suddenly, Yang Yunche felt an inexplicable panic in his heart. He quickly averted his gaze, lowered his head, and took a couple of sips as if to cover up.

Something’s not right.

He felt that something was off about himself.

“Yun Ge!”

Luo Baibai’s eyes already carried a hint of drunkenness as he ran over to find Yang Yunche for a drink. He was in an extremely good mood tonight. Even the usual awe of Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou, the two ZMD bullies, evaporated along with the intoxication. He declared that he would drink Yang Yunche and Fu Zhou under the table tonight; he was almost ready to step on the table.

Fu Zhou originally didn’t want to join in, but seeing Luo Baibai acting so arrogantly, he couldn’t help but roll up his sleeves and engage in the battle with Luo Baibai.

“Captain, your phone is lit up.”

Xiao Nan, watching the two of them, also noticed that Yang Yunche’s phone on the table had lit up and reminded him.

Yang Yunche collected his scattered thoughts, picked up the phone, and glanced at it.

“Who is it?” Chen Xingran stuffed two meatballs into his mouth, approached, and asked, cheeks bulging as he chewed. Yang Yunche stared at his mouth for a moment, coughed, covering up the inexplicable restlessness that surged up, “It’s Li Haoyuan and the others.”

“Li Haoyuan? Where, where?” 

Upon hearing Li Haoyuan’s name, Luo Baibai, ignoring Fu Zhou, who he was fighting with, danced with his fists in a tipsy manner. “This coward dares to show up. I’m going to drink him under the table today! Let him come!”

Yang Yunche chuckled, “They are nearby, asking if we want to get together. Perfect, it’s a chance for you two to have an Imperial City PK.”

Upon hearing this, Luo Baibai sobered up halfway instantly. But since the words were already out, it was hard to back down. He bravely said, “Let’s go. I’m not afraid of him! The little brother.”

Xiao Nan smiled, “Sure, it’s been a while since we’ve seen them. The competition is about to start, and it’s not bad to exchange some feelings.”

Everyone didn’t have much objection, except Luo Baibai who pretended to be calm, his eyes wandering around, seemingly looking for a chance to slip away.

Xiao Nan and Fu Zhou didn’t give him any opportunity. The two of them flanked Luo Baibai tightly, wearing malicious smiles on their faces. “Baibai, it’s clear that you want to give Li Haoyuan an unforgettable lesson. Good luck later.”

Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche walked side by side behind, watching Luo Baibai being sandwiched, sweating profusely. Chen Xingran was a bit puzzled, “Why are they reacting like this?”

“They just want to see Luo Baibai embarrassed,” Yang Yunche suppressed a smile, “Li Haoyuan is from Q City.”

Chen Xingran instantly understood. Q City was not far from the capital. The people there were straightforward, hospitable, and drinking was often a rowdy affair. As a Southerner, Luo Baibai might not fare well against Li Haoyuan, who could probably drink him under the table with just one hand.

“How have you been these days outside?”

Yang Yunche lowered his head, his gaze falling on the whorls of hair on Chen Xingran’s head. “Do you still feel uncomfortable anywhere now?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Chen Xingran shook his head, “The surgery wasn’t as terrifying as I imagined. I lay down on the operating table, slept, and then woke up. I thought the surgery hadn’t even started.”

Apart from feeling a bit weak on the first day after the surgery, he could clearly feel his body improving in the following days. Moreover, there were no visible wounds from the surgery. The medical standards in this world were undeniably excellent.

Yang Yunche said, “You could take on three opponents even when you were sick. Now that you’re healed, can’t you just punch through skyscrapers?”

Chen Xingran raised an eyebrow, “Why don’t you try?”

Yang Yunche stepped back two steps, “If you say that, I’ll call for help.”

Chen Xingran was amused by him again, looking at Yang Yunche’s deliberately frightened expression. He playfully said, “Go ahead and call for help. Even if you scream your lungs out, no one will come to rescue you.”

Yang Yunche: “…”

It was like a typical villain’s lines.

Chen Xingran extended his palm towards him and then tilted his head.

Yang Yunche looked at the hand extended in front of him and thought of that night before.


He sighed, but still obediently reached out his hand and placed it in Chen Xingran’s hand.

However, the expected tingling sensation did not come. Chen Xingran’s fingers seemed to carry a kind of warmth. In the moment they touched Yang Yunche’s hand, it felt like an electric current passed through, and then they separated.

When Yang Yunche snapped out of it, there was already a candy wrapped in foreign packaging in his hand.

“Bought it at the airport on the way back.”

Chen Xingran withdrew his hand, putting it back in his pocket. “Sugar-free, zero calories. I checked, even people with stomach problems can eat it.”

Yang Yunche’s footsteps paused for a moment. He watched Chen Xingran’s retreating figure and felt as if something in his heart had sunk deep into a certain place.

He wasn’t a child anymore. If, in the previous few times, this inexplicable affection from the bottom of his heart hadn’t made him understand what it meant, the intense heartbeat sensation this time had already clearly told him the answer.

It’s over.

He’s fallen.

Yang Yunche looked at the candy in his palm and silently thought to himself.

The ZMD dinner location was not far from where Li Haoyuan and the others were. Fu Zhou and the others didn’t drive; they walked a short distance to get there.

“Huh, where are Xingran and Yunche?”

Fu Zhou had already brought Luo Baibai to the destination, turning his head left and right, but he didn’t see the figures of the two: “Could they have gotten lost?”

“This is a big deal!”

Luo Baibai seized the opportunity to interject, “It’s so dangerous at this late hour. What if they encounter bad people? No, let’s not bother with Li Haoyuan and the others. Let’s go back and call the police first.”

Luo Baibai looked nervous, as if genuinely worried about Chen Xingran. His eyes kept scanning for the best escape route.

Quick to react, Xiao Nan grabbed his figure and pointed his mouth in a certain direction, “Not over there.”

At the sound of Xiao Nan’s words, Luo Baibai and Fu Zhou looked over. Sure enough, not far away on the commercial street, Yang Yunche and Chen Xingran were walking side by side, pausing in front of a stall selling sausages.

The stall owner handed a freshly grilled, steaming hot sausage to Chen Xingran. Just as Chen Xingran was about to take it, Yang Yunche directly intercepted, extending his neck to take a bite. He had a victorious smile, raising his eyebrows in a triumphant manner.

Chen Xingran glared at him, raising his fist as if to punch him. Meanwhile, Yang Yunche, suppressing a laugh, dodged around while Chen Xingran chased him.

The commercial street was crowded, adorned with neon lights of the night, casting colorful hues on the street. The outstanding appearance and intimate gestures of the two attracted the attention of many.

“…Manager Fu, what do you think?”

Luo Baibai hesitated.

Xiao Nan also showed a strange expression, “Are they… filming an idol drama?”

“You’re thinking too much.”

Fu Zhou rolled his eyes, “Xiao Nan, did Luo Baibai influence your thinking? Obviously, they are good buddies fooling around. Isn’t that normal?”

“Normal?” Xiao Nan had a big question mark over his head.

“Don’t overthink it.”

Fu Zhou waved his hand, seemingly indifferent, “If you’re talking about others, it might be possible. But Yang Yunche, this guy, is absolutely incapable of dating, let alone being involved with a guy.”

“Why?” Luo Baibai asked curiously.

Fu Zhou replied, “You see… back when he was in Shou Dian, there was a guy in school who would squat under his dormitory building every day. He even set up a bunch of flowers and lights, scaring him so much that he didn’t dare to leave his dorm for three days. Despite his carefree appearance, he’s quite innocent at heart. While I’ve had two girlfriends in school, he’s spent his days immersed in the game cafe, just playing games. He has been in ZMD for so long, have you ever seen him involved in rumors with female streamers like other players, spreading gossip every now and then?”

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan shook their heads.

It seemed that they hadn’t seen such a thing.

Not that there weren’t people interested in him. In fact, for someone like Yang Yunche, who was handsome and held a special position in the gaming world as the captain of a prestigious team, there were plenty of people expressing their affection for him. His male fanbase was not small either. Like many female fans, they happily shouted, “My mute husband,” every day. However, they had never seen Yang Yunche involved in any ambiguous relationships.

“I did ask him about it before.”

Fu Zhou continued, “He said it himself, before retiring, he won’t get into a romantic relationship. How did he put it at the time?”

After recalling for a moment, he said, “Oh, ‘Love only affects my sword-drawing speed.’ That’s the exact quote. He also said that if he couldn’t do it, he wouldn’t touch snacks for three months—so, don’t worry.”

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan exchanged glances, believing Fu Zhou’s words.

Not touching snacks for three months… for Yang Yunche, a passionate junk food enthusiast, that was like torture. Under Fu Zhou’s comprehensive supervision, he could sneakily indulge in snacks whenever he found an opportunity. With the snacks confiscated by Fu Zhou, they could almost open a supermarket. If Yang Yunche had really said that, it would indeed be reliable.

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