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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 75

75. Ada

The incredibly fierce blow not only depleted Moulton’s remaining health but also shattered his previously full confidence.

“Moulton, what’s going on?”

Inside the ICE.T base, Moulton’s teammates watched the live stream in disbelief. Their tone was full of incredulity: “Are you holding back?”

Even if the opponent was truly strong, Moulton was, after all, a professional player, and a highly-ranked assault player in the European server. But to be treated like a punching bag, with no decent resistance, and having his health swiftly drained by the opponent’s ferocious broadsword strikes, was it too exaggerated?

Holding back was the most reasonable explanation that others could think of.

The control room opened, Moulton’s face was pale, his lips trembling uncontrollably, and he looked drenched in sweat, as if he had just been pulled out of water. He tremblingly reached out and picked up the water glass on the table, took a sip, and after a long silence, he spoke slowly.

“… It was terrifying.”

He couldn’t explain the situation he had just encountered, the overwhelming pressure like Mount Tai pressing down, and the surging killing intent of the soul-splitting blow, almost shattering his soul. Despite playing Fate for so long, it was the first time he had encountered such a thing. Even facing Sean, the European server’s recognized strongest swordsman, he had never felt such fear.

Was the opponent just playing a game? No, it was a true battle. Even through the network, he could feel the opponent’s full intent to kill. Just one battle had completely extinguished Moulton’s fighting spirit. Even if given another chance, he wouldn’t dare face that feeling of being looked down upon from above, facing the butcher’s knife like a lamb awaiting slaughter.

At the same time, both domestic and overseas live streams fell into a brief silence after seeing Chen Xingran’s casual “Next”.

“… Was I dreaming just now?”

“I might be hallucinating”

“Damn, can cheats do this? What kind of cheat can achieve this level? I want to buy one too”

“+1, this can’t be explained by cheats…”

“I remember Moulton was pretty strong in the European server? How could he be so vulnerable to a single blow?”

“Moulton is indeed strong, but it also depends on who the opponent is. Do you think the other side is just anyone? That’s Chen Xingran!”

Even if they were reluctant to admit it, players knew that Chen Xingran’s actions just now were so powerful that explaining them as cheating or using hacks seemed pale and weak. The ferocious intent of his blade and the relentless fierceness had elevated the duel into an artistic performance. Watching the live stream, viewers couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat as they witnessed the broadsword cleaving down, as if they were watching a thrilling horror movie, sending shivers down their spines.

“To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve seen this style of broadsword”

“Could this be the correct way to use a broadsword???”

“Whether it’s cheating or not, I’m completely impressed now”

“Can you provide evidence that Ye Shao was cheating? If there’s no evidence, I’ll become a fan ah… I just can’t help it, I want to go back and watch the video again”

“+1, I’ve truly become a fan”

In the AUG base, Fei Wei watched the scene of Chen Xingran easily defeating Moulton, and her expression became serious.

As a skilled user of broadswords herself, from her perspective, Chen Xingran’s use of the broadsword had already reached a state of perfection, with not a single flaw to be found. Even she, if she tried to imitate Chen Xingran’s broadsword style, could mimic the form but not the thunderous intent.

Blade intent, how many practitioners of weapons dreamed of reaching such a realm. At this stage, the weapon seemed to have merged with the user’s very essence, no longer constrained by specific moves, but embodying its own “way”.

Only those who reached the realm of blade intent could truly be called grandmasters.

If Fei Wei hadn’t seen Chen Xingran in person, she wouldn’t have believed that such blade intent could appear in a mere eighteen-year-old.

Is this… genius?

She had to admit that there seemed to be such unparalleled geniuses in the world, for whom the bottlenecks that others struggled with their whole lives were as simple as eating and drinking.

And at this moment, within the Stardust base, the Snake King Quiller watched the scene on the screen, unable to speak for a long time, his eyes wide, his hands holding the cup trembling uncontrollably.

The Chen Xingran on the live broadcast screen was even more terrifying than when he fought with him, with a more terrifying aura, completely different from when he wielded the gun.

Could it be that when they fought before, Chen Xingran hadn’t exerted his full power?

This couldn’t be!

Quiller couldn’t believe it, and dared not believe it. He tried to convince himself that this newcomer from ZMD must have used some unreliable cheating method to achieve this level.

If his previous likes were an attempt to salvage his own dignity and set the rhythm, then now Quiller was like a drowning man grasping at a straw—Chen Xingran must be cheating!

Otherwise, he couldn’t believe it, let alone face his own humiliating defeat, feeling like a complete clown, which the proud Quiller simply couldn’t accept.

But amidst his anger and resentment, Quiller’s mind also faintly flashed with a trace of fear.

Such strength, such skill… Could it really be achieved through cheating?

If Chen Xingran wasn’t cheating, but truly demonstrating his strength and gaining official recognition, then what awaited Quiller would be an irreparable downfall.

Quiller’s face was gray with defeat, devoid of the arrogance he had shown earlier. He took a sip from his cup, trying to suppress the intense unease in his heart and muster his courage.

After Chen Xingran typed that word, there was not a second person who entered his room for a full five minutes.

Chen Xingran smirked slightly and asked, “Is there anyone else who can challenge me?”

His tone was flat, as if he were asking “Have you eaten today?” Overseas live streams also had many Chinese viewers, and Chen Xingran’s words were quickly translated and posted in the chat.

Despite being separated by screens and internet connections, European players continued to clamor in the chat of the overseas live stream. Many of them didn’t even reach the level of Platinum rank, so they couldn’t see the significance behind this duel. In their eyes, Moulton was like a paid actor who didn’t even put up a symbolic resistance and was easily dealt with.

Faced with Chen Xingran’s unabashed provocation, the European viewers became even angrier, continuously filling the chat with emotionally charged comments.

“Too arrogant!!”

“Moulton is just an actor! We won’t support ICE.T anymore in the future!”

“Bring on another one, bring down this kid from the Asian server!”

“Damn it, where are the professional players?”

Just like when the Snake King came to the domestic server, initially, while the Snake King was gloating over his solo battles against top domestic professional players, the European players, who were once proud, now had completely swapped mentalities with the domestic players. The domestic players watched from the sidelines, while the European players felt as if they had suffered a great humiliation.

Finally, the second professional player stepped up, a player named Norton.

Chen Xingran hadn’t even bothered to recognize many of the domestic teams, let alone the professional clubs in Europe. He didn’t care whether the challenger was strong or weak, a master or mediocre.

To him, it was just a game.

The professional certification mark next to the challenger’s name, along with the name of the club he represented, confirmed that he was indeed a professional player. Once Chen Xingran confirmed this, he didn’t waste any more words. After the opponent was ready, he started the game again.

This time, the challenger named Norton wielded a pair of nunchucks.

As a newly introduced weapon in the latest update, nunchucks were still unfamiliar to many. However, Norton was known as one of the best nunchuck users in the European server, earning him the nickname “Nunchuck Master” among European players.

Seeing the weapon in his opponent’s hands, Chen Xingran once again put away his own weapon and switched to the same nunchucks.

If his opponent used a broadsword, he would use a broadsword; if his opponent used a staff, he would switch to a staff.

Just defeating the opponent wasn’t enough. As Chen Xingran had said before he arrived, if they didn’t submit, he would keep fighting until they did. And the best way to make someone submit was to defeat them with what they were best at, in their own territory.

“He’s switched to nunchucks again?”

“Feels like Ye Shao is doing it on purpose, switching weapons according to the opponent”

“Now this is interesting, using the same weapon all the time is meaningless.”

“Come on Ye Shao! Crush the European server! From now on, I’m your die-hard fan!”

“Wait, didn’t you guys just call for cheaters to get out of the game? Why aren’t you mentioning it now?”

“Are you crazy? Did the officials make an announcement? If not, why are you talking nonsense? If there’s no evidence, just shut up, okay? It’s because of you haters that the domestic server has been struggling for so long, and all the capable new players have been scared off by you. Are you going to carry your keyboard into the matches?”

“…I know your ID, weren’t you the one spewing the most venom just now?”

“Oh, that was my little brother using my phone…just watching the match”

Countdown to zero, the match begins.

Chen Xingran once again takes the initiative.

He still doesn’t use skills, not because he looks down on his opponent or doesn’t want to use skills, but because he feels it’s unnecessary.

—Discarding all external factors, linking his soul and life to the blade in his hand. Cold and sharp swords may not have life, but they are the most loyal servants in the hands of warriors, burning with the blood of battle, ready to overcome any obstacle.

Regardless of success or failure, only life and death matter.

Only then is it martial arts.


Two short sticks connected by an iron chain made crisp sounds as they swung through the air.

Chen Xingran alternately held the sticks in his hands, the shadows of the sticks constantly dancing around him, unpredictable. In the midst of his running, a few casually performed stick movements instantly brought the momentum of the nunchucks to its peak!

Relaxed shoulders, natural breathing, spiritual infusion, the strength flowed from the waist up, reaching the end of the stick like a shooting star chasing the moon. Amidst the flying stick shadows, Chen Xingran took a step forward, one end of the nunchucks in his hand darting out like a snake, swiftly descending!

As fast as lightning!


There was no suspense; Norton’s forehead had already been struck by the tip of the stick, his entire head tilting to the side as if whipped!

So fast!

Norton was momentarily stunned, then immediately turned to counterattack. However, before the nunchucks in his hand could even be raised, Chen Xingran’s next strike had already arrived in front of him!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The damage of the nunchucks needed to accumulate, and Norton’s stick movements were noticeably slower than Chen Xingran’s. Compared to Chen Xingran’s bold and uninhibited stick technique, his use of the nunchucks seemed as immature as a primary school student’s, a difference that even the audience in the live stream could easily discern.

In Chen Xingran’s hands, the nunchucks seemed to unleash a rainstorm upon the earth. At first, it was a drizzle, gently falling down. But as time passed, two seconds, three seconds…five seconds later, it became a torrential downpour, accompanied by howling winds. The air was filled with the continuous sound of sonic booms, as if countless people were whipping the air with their lashes.

The end of the short stick smashed onto Norton’s head, barely bouncing off before Chen Xingran grabbed it again, the stick moving with him. After a brief cross under his arm and in front of his chest, the residual force had yet to dissipate before descending once again!

Forward spirals, reverse spirals, lateral spirals, back-body switch, left turn, dancing flowers…

The torrential rain continued unabated.

In the next moment, Chen Xingran took a step back, just as Norton had a brief moment to catch his breath. Before he could even rethink his strategy, Chen Xingran in front of him executed a rebounding stick, the torrential rain gathering into a single point before exploding into a blinding flash of lightning!

Chaotic Dance of Dragon and Tiger – Spiral Force – Grand Flower Dance!

“Bang bang bang bang—”

A series of intense sounds instantly merged into one, as if long accumulated and compressed to the point of deformation. At the moment when the fingers were released, a string of hair-raising thunder and lightning burst forth. A dense cluster of damage numbers jumped up from Norton’s head almost simultaneously, the red numbers linked and overlapped. From the audience’s perspective, it looked as if a crimson blood mist had burst from Norton’s head!

Exploding Blade!

The nunchucks in Norton’s hands soared high into the air, and Chen Xingran’s eyes narrowed slightly. With a smooth and seamless retraction of the sticks, the dazzling stick shadows, resembling interweaving lightning, were pulled into his hands. The transformation from a fierce tiger to a gentle lamb occurred in an instant, making people almost suspect that the scene just now was an illusion.

The next moment.

Instantly retracting the sticks, stepping back with the left foot, tilting the body to the left, twisting the leg muscles like a screw, transmitting force upwards, tightening the muscles in the back, and lifting the right leg.

Under the gaze of countless eyes in the live stream, this swift, powerful, and forceful side kick broke into Norton’s exposed opening, delivering a concentrated force point to his chest. Norton was kicked high into the air and then fell heavily to the ground!

Health depleted, soul mound appeared.

From start to finish, Chen Xingran remained silent, completing the entire set of the swiftly flowing and storm-like Spiral Grand Flower Dance without uttering a word. Even in the final side kick, the only sounds in the entire scene were the muffled noise when Norton was kicked away and the crisp sound when he hit the ground, transforming into shattered white light.

But at this moment, in the Chinese live stream, as early as the moment when Norton exploded his blade, countless viewers had already been frantically flooding the screen with text. All kinds of doubts and discussions were directly swept away, as if in a large-scale performance art, the entire screen was rolling with just two words, forming a wave that submerged Chen Xingran’s figure in the sea of text.




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