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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 76

76. Investigation Team

This is a performance belonging to Chen Xingran alone.

Pairs of eyes seemed like numerous spotlights shining on him. Every move and every technique of Chen Xingran was crystal clear under the live broadcast camera, without any ambiguity. After every viewer watched his actions, a unanimous thought would inevitably arise in their minds.

Understood it, but can’t do it.

Completely unable to do it.

Just like the analysis posts on the forum said, many of Chen Xingran’s actions were against the basic logic of system correction. The transitions between moves seemed to have broken free from the constraints of the rules, flowing effortlessly like water. Even if one wanted to imitate, they couldn’t replicate that free and uninhibited spirit.

Moulton and Norton fell in succession, followed by the third, then the fourth challenger stepped forward again.

Professional players came forward to challenge one after another, but the outcome remained unchanged.

Chen Xingran didn’t even use skills, yet he alone, with a weapon in hand, could easily render them helpless.

At the same time, the audience also noticed that Chen Xingran was truly proficient in all weapons! Even the whip, which was rarely seen in his usual live streams, he could handle with unparalleled proficiency, even more skilled than assault specialists dedicated to the whip. Each different weapon in his hands demonstrated his own distinctive style, and the depth of his weaponry skills was unfathomable.

As players watched, they couldn’t help but start to doubt their own judgments.

Could there really be such hacks?

If Chen Xingran truly had cheats enabled, as some people claimed, or if he used some other cheating methods, would he really dare to stand alone on the European server’s arena, indiscriminately facing off against all professional players?

In the live broadcast, Chen Xingran’s battle continued.

“Manager Fu.”

Luo Baibai stared blankly and asked Fu Zhou beside him, “By the way, since Xingran has a 0% correction, why not hold a press conference to clarify things first?”

He pointed at the barrage in the live broadcast room, “You see, even if Chen Xingran achieves this level, there are still many voices questioning whether he’s using cheats. Even if he defeats professional players in the European server, it seems that many people still won’t accept it.”

Fu Zhou came back to his senses, looked at the live broadcast screen where Chen Xingran was dominating, and said with a complex expression, “So, Baibai, in terms of marketing, you are still a novice.”

A big question mark appeared over Luo Baibai’s head.

Fu Zhou paused and explained, “This matter, whether it’s big or small, if we follow your suggestion and clarify directly, it would be a passive counterattack. Although it preserves our reputation, it’s merely self-defense. The current approach of Xingran, from a certain perspective, is the best choice. It can turn passivity into initiative.”

Luo Baibai was still confused, “I don’t get it.”

Fu Zhou glanced at him, “Let me ask you, what if Xingran clarifies first and then challenges the European server again?”

“What then? Wouldn’t it be the same as the Snake King…”

Luo Baibai instinctively continued, then in the next moment, he suddenly realized.


If they clarify first, even though Chen Xingran proves that he has a 0% action correction, there would be no reason for him to go challenge the European server again. The Snake King can do that because he was a player bought from the European server to the Chinese server, a new assault player working for the All Stars team, naturally able to quickly accumulate fame and prove himself through challenge matches.

But Chen Xingran is a genuine player from the Chinese server, not as famous as the Snake King. After clarifying things, going to the European server again would make people think this guy is too arrogant. Clearly, the doubts have been clarified, but he still insists on hosting challenges, equivalent to someone of Lu Mingyu’s status going to the European server, which not only shows narrow-mindedness but also has the suspicion of bullying the weak. Even if his strength is really outstanding, his character may not be reliable.

“On one hand, it’s because the professional league needs to investigate before making an announcement. Our ZMD cooperation with the official announcement is effective,” Fu Zhou said. “On the other hand, Chen Xingran is now facing doubts head-on by entering the arena. From the public’s perspective, this is him bravely stepping forward to prove himself when nobody believes in him—a determined and talented esports young genius. Comparing this with an arrogant and cocky esports kid, which character setting is more stable and appealing, don’t you understand?”

Pausing for a moment, Fu Zhou continued, “Moreover, if we clarify ourselves, it’s just a small-scale revelation for some players, and once it passes, it’s forgotten. But now, the entire Chinese server, European server, and even servers from other regions are paying attention to this battle. The level of attention is unprecedented. When we clarify later, it will be the biggest and most sensational news in the gaming industry this year… Tsk tsk tsk, Yunche.”

Fu Zhou turned to look at Yang Yunche. “You see, Chen Xingran’s little brain is really something. Originally, it was the Snake King leading the big rhythm, but he managed to turn the tables. This situation even benefits ZMD. After this media battle, won’t our ZMD’s stock price skyrocket?”

Yang Yunche’s gaze remained fixed on Chen Xingran until Fu Zhou called him twice before he reacted.


Yang Yunche smirked, looking at the screen where the god-like youth was battling fiercely. He murmured softly, “I think… he simply didn’t think that much, he just wanted to fight.”

He was a genuine fervent warrior. How could Chen Xingran miss out on an opportunity to challenge numerous experts?

Underneath his polite and courteous exterior lay a heart full of fighting spirit. Forget about converting rhythm into marketing or generating hype before clarification. Although Fu Zhou’s analysis was reasonable, Yang Yunche was certain that Chen Xingran at that moment was probably only thinking about one thing.

What? Another fight? Awesome!

…That’s probably the simple reason.

Yang Yunche shook his head, feeling a bit amused yet somewhat lost. 

In fact, he hoped that in situations like this, Chen Xingran could trust him, the team captain, a bit more, letting him handle the media storm instead of facing a barrage of criticism alone and relying solely on his own strength to overturn those overwhelming doubts.

Throughout the entire ZMD base, perhaps because Yang Yunche had known Chen Xingran for a longer time, their relationship was the most intimate. But Yang Yunche still felt it wasn’t enough. He wanted Chen Xingran to be closer to him, to trust him more, to rely on him more.

He admitted that his mentality was quite greedy. He liked the confident and spirited appearance of Chen Xingran, wanting to see him shine on the world stage, just like when he first saw Chen Xingran’s brilliant turnaround. He hoped to see him make a dazzling performance in front of the world. But at the same time, he hoped he could stand by his side, not just as a witness, but as a companion, watching Chen Xingran conquer that monument representing the highest honor in the world.

That would be the greatest joy of his life.

Regardless of the diverse opinions outside, at least at this moment, Chen Xingran had already gathered the attention of the entire world, making the entire gaming community aware of this controversial Chinese server player.

And as each battle passed, the initial speculation from European players about Moulton being bribed didn’t appear again.

One Moulton might be accidental, but two, three, or even when those well-known veteran professional players from the European server failed, no one could turn a blind eye and claim these players were acting.

In the live broadcast room, another top assault player from the European server was blown away by a shocking blade strike.

Chen Xingran sheathed his Tang Sword and returned to the live broadcast room once again, still issuing that soul-stirring question.

YeShao: Next?

This time, after waiting for a long time, no one else came up.

Whether they were from the European server’s top-tier teams or powerhouse teams, almost all well-known players had been thoroughly defeated by him. Moreover, each match was almost the same: they were all overwhelmed by Chen Xingran. The best result achieved was barely able to pierce Chen Xingran’s armor, and even that was accomplished by leveraging skills and terrain.

Facing Chen Xingran head-on invariably led to being blown away, without exception.

European players had now realized that the player from the Chinese server in the live broadcast room was incredibly strong, to the point of being terrifying. Even describing it as terrifying was not an exaggeration. From the initial clamor filling the screen to the subsequent collective silence, it was all a result of Chen Xingran’s performance in battle, match after match, with his weapons in hand.

If at the beginning European players unanimously believed that Chen Xingran was cheating, then now, the number of people still supporting this view had dwindled to a very small fraction.

The reason was simple: cheating… couldn’t achieve this level of skill.

Whether it was using auxiliary plugins or tampering with the cockpit controls, they were all methods of altering system-set data through external forces. However, in the eyes of so many people around the world, Chen Xingran’s data was all normal. Whether it was movement speed or damage values, it was evident that they fell within the normal range of values.

Can cheating produce such a level of swordsmanship? Can cheating produce this level of skill in sword fighting? The exquisite and peak-performing moves and counters couldn’t simply be explained by a mere cheat.

The only remaining confidence bolstering the European server was their universally acknowledged strongest assault player, Shawn, who had yet to take the stage.

If before this, every European player took it for granted that Chen Xingran could at most be arrogant for a few rounds, and that once Shawn appeared, he would naturally be defeated. Then now, everyone was no longer certain.

Even if Shawn himself came, he couldn’t achieve the overwhelming dominance in sword fighting that Chen Xingran had demonstrated. Faced with such a formidable opponent, could Shawn really win?

For a full ten minutes, no one else entered Chen Xingran’s martial arts room.

“Could it be… that the Snake King really made a mistake?”

“If cheating could achieve this, then everyone would cheat. Honestly, it seems a bit far-fetched”

“I’m convinced now, let’s wait for the official announcement, I’m not taking sides”

“I was going to say he must be cheating… but now, forget it, I’m afraid of being slapped in the face, let’s wait for the announcement”

The prolonged and intense battles didn’t make Chen Xingran feel tired. On the contrary, he became more courageous as he fought, his hands completely warmed up. It had been a long time since he had played so many high-quality matches one after another without feeling out of breath. This excited Chen Xingran quite a bit, to the point where he even wanted to take the platform to other regions and have a good fight with top players from other countries.

After waiting for a while again and not getting the next challenger, he sighed disappointedly, about to continue saying something in the public chat. Just then, a call request popped up from the cockpit. After accepting it, Fu Zhou’s voice rang in his ears.

“Xing Ran, stop fighting for now.”

Fu Zhou’s voice came through the broadcasting equipment, reaching the ears of every viewer watching the live broadcast:

“The league’s investigation team is here.”

As soon as this was said, the audience, who had become somewhat numb, suddenly became excited.

Finally, it’s here!!!

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