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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 77

77. Investigation Team 2

The professional league’s response was swift. Originally, Fu Zhou thought it would take a few more days for any action, but he didn’t expect the league’s investigation team to show up so quickly.

It seems that Chen Xingran’s actions have also caught the attention of the professional league. After all, the current situation in the entire European server is not only targeting Chen Xingran. Even the domestic professional league has been indirectly accused of harboring cheating players. The league’s official social media accounts were flooded with the surging public opinion from players. This matter concerns the credibility of the entire league, and there is no room for negligence.

As Chen Xingran stepped out of the operation cabin, he saw four unfamiliar faces added to the base. The leader was a woman dressed in a professional and neat outfit, standing in front of the other three and extending her hand towards Chen Xingran.

“Hello, I am the leader of the Professional League Investigation Team. My name is Ke.”

“Hello, Miss Ke.” Chen Xingran nodded at her and shook hands, a brief contact.

“I believe everyone is clear about the purpose of our visit this time. Incidents like this haven’t happened in the domestic scene for a long time. We have received reports from many players requesting the Professional League to investigate. The higher-ups are taking it very seriously.”

Miss Ke exchanged a few pleasantries with Fu Zhou and the others and then said to Chen Xingran, “If you don’t mind, can we start now?”


Chen Xingran nodded. After a moment of hesitation, he added, “Um, my live stream is still on. Will it affect anything?”

“Live stream?”

Miss Ke was momentarily surprised, her gaze falling on the operation cabin behind Chen Xingran.

Chen Xingran’s live stream was still ongoing. Although his figure was no longer visible in the stream after coming out of the operation cabin, the conversation outside the cabin could still be heard. It was transmitted through the network to the live stream, and every viewer could clearly hear it.

“Saying Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrives; isn’t this the investigation team?”

“Have they confirmed whether he used cheats or not? Quickly reach a conclusion; I’m so anxious.”

“If there’s a problem, I’ll start criticizing. If there’s no issue, then I’ll go criticize Snake King.”

“Hahaha, anyway, we must catch someone to criticize, right?”

“Listening to the voice, Chen Xingran seems quite calm. Doesn’t seem like he’s cheating.”

“Who knows? Let’s wait for the results. Maybe he’s just pretending to be calm?”

“No way.”

A young man behind Miss Ke stepped forward, frowned, and disapproved, “The internal investigation team of the league can’t just casually allow live streaming. And our investigation team hasn’t arrived yet and before giving any results, you guys are already starting a live stream casually. If there is a real issue, who will bear the consequences?”

If they don’t find any evidence of cheating, it’s not a big deal. However, if they do find an issue, Chen Xingran’s behavior of challenging the official authority on the European server could be seen as a blatant provocation.

This young man’s words were not polite at all, making Fu Zhou frown.

“Who is this person? Why is he so bold? Do official people usually talk like this?”

“Is he still inexperienced? How can he already make conclusions without an investigation?”

Chen Xingran raised an eyebrow, about to speak, but Yang Yunche, who was beside him, stepped forward.

“This… young man.”

Yang Yunche had a smile at the corner of his mouth, but there was no hint of amusement in his gaze. He looked at the young man who spoke, “Does the league have regulations that domestic professional players cannot play on the European server?”


The young man hesitated for a moment. He dared to speak impolitely to Chen Xingran, but facing the renowned Yang Yunche, he didn’t dare to act so arrogantly. This tall and slender youth standing before him wasn’t just one of the hottest professional players in the current league, but also a member of the ZMD Club’s board of directors. Although he came under the guise of the league’s authority, in the presence of a player of Yang Yunche’s caliber, he had to respectfully adopt the posture of a junior.

“Well, no,” the young man replied awkwardly.

Forget about professional players; even ordinary players in China often enjoy playing on foreign servers. The league didn’t have any explicit rules against it.

“In that case, may I ask, are you here for an investigation, right?”

Yang Yunche asked again, “Before the investigation results are out, Xingran is still a registered professional player of the league. Why can’t he livestream?”

“Well…” The young man was at a loss for words.

“We, Xingran, are broadcasters for the Starry River platform, under contract. Livestreaming is a completely normal thing for us. It’s just a trip to the European server for some practice. Is there a problem with that?”

Yang Yunche’s tone gradually became more aggressive. “It’s more like you guys barged in without even notifying us, adopting an attitude as if you’re arresting criminals. What? Before the investigation, does your investigation team already have a bias?”


The young man’s heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly replied, “Absolutely not! It’s just… things have gotten too big on the European server, and the repercussions wouldn’t be good if it spreads. I’m also a bit anxious. Brother Yun, I was just kidding…”

“Too big?”

Yang Yunche seemed to find something amusing. “A player from the Chinese server goes to the European server for some practice, defeats a few professional players, and that’s considered not good? Oh, according to you, should Xingran put on an act, not play too aggressively, otherwise, it wouldn’t be friendly enough, and it would tarnish the reputation of the European professional players?”

After saying this, Yang Yunche nodded at Chen Xingran. “Did you hear that, Xingran? Let’s tone it down a bit in the future. Otherwise, if we accidentally win a world championship in the future, these members of the official investigation team will feel uneasy. We should consider their feelings, shouldn’t we?”

Yang Yunche’s sarcastic remarks were full of irony, delivering a relentless barrage of punches that seized the high ground of public opinion. However, what he said wasn’t wrong. Aside from the incident with Snake King’s endorsement, Chen Xingran was simply practicing on the European server, which wasn’t a problem at all. Those European professional players challenging him wasn’t part of any official competition. It was their personal conduct, and the league had no jurisdiction over it.

The young man’s face turned pale. After stammering for a while, he wanted to refute a few points, but was interrupted by Miss Ke.

“Mr. Yang is right. This is a private exchange between professional players. Our league doesn’t need to interfere, and we’re not here for this matter.”

Miss Ke smiled, “Mr. Yang, please don’t mind him. He’s new here and doesn’t know any better.”


Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow, detecting a hint of conciliation in Miss Ke’s words. He decided not to press further, saying, “What about the livestream?”

“We are here for an investigation, completely open and transparent. Livestreaming naturally has no issue,” Miss Ke replied with a smile. “As long as Mr. Chen doesn’t mind.”

Chen Xingran shrugged, “I don’t have any objections.”

His attitude made Miss Ke take a closer look. Chen Xingran appeared calm and devoid of any nervousness, a demeanor that didn’t seem typical of a player using cheats.

The livestream remained on, and the online audience naturally heard their conversation.

“Yun God is mighty!”

“This young man is quite something. Is the league’s investigation team that remarkable? He really put them in their place.”

“Yun God is still the best. A few words and he shut them down.”

“The old ones are indeed more cunning.”

“Yun God: Who dares to touch our Xingran? Pass through me first!”

“The overprotective husband is online! Success, success!”

Fu Zhou signaled to Luo Baibai on the side, and Luo Baibai understood, connecting the livestream to his phone. Thus, the broadcast from the operation cabin was switched to a mobile livestream, allowing the online audience to see the current scene more clearly.

“Wow, seeing ZMD’s training room for the first time. It’s huge!”

“Damn, why does this operation cabin look different from what’s commonly seen?”

“Hicks, this is a customized-grade operation cabin. The cost of one could cover the down payment for a house in the capital.”

“ZMD is really wealthy and generous.”

Miss Ke looked at the live camera in Luo Baibai’s hand. Even though she couldn’t see the barrage of comments from the audience, she knew that many people were probably watching their every move through the camera. Taking it more seriously, she nodded at Chen Xingran. “Let’s get started, Mr. Chen, please cooperate with us.”

“Okay.” Chen Xingran nodded.

The other two people behind Miss Ke stepped forward and opened Chen Xingran’s operation cabin. Their movements were skilled, obviously professional staff. They began a comprehensive inspection of the operation cabin used by Chen Xingran.

The outer shell of the operation cabin was opened, revealing the densely packed internal circuitry. The two staff members were carefully inspecting the internal components and the software settings inside the operation cabin, leaving no trace unchecked.

The young man who had spoken earlier also joined them, carefully watching from the side. He occasionally turned his head to observe Chen Xingran’s expression, trying to detect any signs of nervousness.

Clearly, he failed.

Chen Xingran stood calmly to the side, letting them conduct their inspection without any disturbance.

Yang Yunche leaned over from the side and whispered, “If they inspect my operation cabin in this manner, Fu Zhou will be thrilled.”

Chen Xingran, who had been somewhat serious, was immediately amused by Yang Yunche’s teasing.

“My performance was decent, right?” Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow.

Chen Xingran looked at him and smirked. “Yeah, quite domineering. You’re starting to look like a captain.”

“What do you mean ‘starting to look like’? I’ve always been like this.”

Yang Yunche grumbled, “By the way, there’s nothing inappropriate hidden in your operation cabin, right? Although it’s normal for young people to watch videos, it wouldn’t look good if something came up in front of a national audience.”

Chen Xingran gave him a disdainful glance. “I’m not Luo Baibai.”

Luo Baibai, holding his phone on the side, “?” 

The two of them, behaving as if there were no one else around, were also captured by the livestream camera. Although the audience couldn’t hear what they were saying, they could still see the intimate demeanor between the two.

The two of them, behaving as if there were no one else around, were also captured by the livestream camera. Although the audience couldn’t hear what they were saying, they could still see the intimate demeanor between the two.


“This is what we call chemistry! Please get married already.”

“Don’t treat us like outsiders. If you want to be affectionate, go ahead, don’t worry about us.”

“I feel you! KSWL KSWL, handsome guys standing together is the most beautiful sight, Haha!”

*kswl – the word used to describe a couple who are being so cute and so sweet.(kinda like awwww)

“Luo Baibai, move your hand away, you’re blocking my view of Yun Shen and Xingran falling in love.”

After a while, two staff members reinstalled the operation cabin. They shook their heads at Miss Ke. “We didn’t find anything unusual. All the data in the operation cabin is normal.”

“He might not have used this particular operation cabin during the livestream.”

The young man glanced at the other operation cabins in the training room. “Check the others as well.”

“This guy is so annoying.”

“Exactly, it’s like he won’t stop until he finds something. Could he be a Snake King fan?”

“It’s also possible that he’s an All Stars fan.”

“Since they’re investigating, it’s normal to be thorough. Checking the other operation cabins is reasonable. You guys are too suspicious.”

“If they don’t check carefully, won’t you guys complain later?”

Miss Ke nodded and asked Fu Zhou, “Can we open the other operation cabins for inspection together? Don’t worry, our staff will be responsible for reinstalling them, and it won’t affect your normal use.”

Fu Zhou nodded. “Of course.”

Chen Xingran casually remarked, “Especially this operation cabin.”

He pointed to the operation cabin belonging to Yang Yunche. “Be sure to check this one carefully.”

Yang Yunche: “…”

Captain Yang’s face turned green.

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