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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 78

78. Zero

With the approval of the staff, they stepped forward and skillfully removed the outer shells of the other operation cabins.

After a series of actions, a minute later, everyone looked at the pile of snacks on the ground, falling into contemplation.

“Yang Yunche, you’re really good at hiding…”

Previously, what Chen Xingran found behind Yang Yunche’s operation cabin was just the tip of the iceberg. Yang Yunche’s operation cabin was like a hidden paradise. Not only was it equipped with various small pockets inside, but even under the outer shell of the operation cabin, there was a small space used to store snacks.

Fu Zhou twitched the corner of his mouth, skillfully confiscated the collected snacks, and said, “Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone. It’s okay, you can continue your inspection.”

Yang Yunche rubbed his forehead with a troubled expression, while Chen Xingran beside him couldn’t help but burst into laughter, nearly collapsing on the ground.


“You’re something else, Yun God”

“Wow, this guy actually put an operation cabin shell over his snacks?”

“Fu Zhou’s wrinkles are coming out from laughing, his bonus for this month is probably secured hahaha”

“Clearly you’re the one being investigated, but why am I the one suffering…” Yang Yunche looked aggrieved.

Chen Xingran smirked, “Serves you right.”

The other operation cabins belonging to the ZMD team members were also quickly inspected, but there were still no findings.

Miss Ke nodded and said to Chen Xingran, “There’s no problem with the operation cabin.”

This statement, when transmitted to the live stream, undoubtedly served as a reassurance for the fans who supported Chen Xingran.

“What did I say? What did I say?”

“This should be considered evidence, right? The official has checked it. Certain people shouldn’t pretend anymore, right?”

“Just checking the operation cabin is not enough, although I support Ye Shao. But the investigation should cover more than just the operation cabin.”

“Let Chen Xingran enter the operation cabin and redo some of the controversial operations. That would solve it, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s also a solution.”

With the equipment in the operation cabin and the in-game data all confirmed to be fine, having Chen Xingran enter the cabin to demonstrate some of the controversial moves would essentially resolve the matter.

Facing Miss Ke’s proposal, Chen Xingran had no objections and said, “Sure.”

Seeing Chen Xingran’s calm demeanor, Miss Ke couldn’t help but feel curious.

Could he really be this confident?

Normally, in gaming, performance depends a lot on one’s state of mind. Some high-level moves can’t be replicated even when demonstrated again, and offline verification is quite troublesome because a player’s performance can vary. It’s hard to maintain peak performance constantly. Being able to reproduce those difficult moves at will can be challenging. Sometimes, a player’s state might not allow them to replicate certain moves, and it’s not certain that their previous moves were problematic.

Furthermore, as many online users questioned, the moves Chen Xingran performed during the livestream were practically impossible based on the logic of motion correction. However, with the operation cabin’s data showing everything as normal and no issues reported from the official game data…

Miss Ke pondered for a moment before asking, “Mr. Chen, can I ask you a question?”

Chen Xingran nodded. “Go ahead.”

“What’s your motion correction ratio?”

With this question, many users in the livestream also perked up their ears.

Since Chen Xingran started livestreaming, many have been curious about his motion correction ratio, especially given his remarkable Thunderclap and Quickdraw moves. To achieve such precise micro-control, the motion correction ratio should be at least below 15%, or even lower.

Up until now, the lowest known motion correction ratio among professional players is Hayamoto Keita from Team Sakura, with a ratio of 12%. If Chen Xingran’s ratio is even lower, could it be lower than Hayamoto Keita’s?

That seems a bit unbelievable.

According to external estimates, Chen Xingran’s motion correction ratio should be between 12% and 16%, a figure already quite astonishing. Even at this level, replicating moves like Thunderclap remains difficult with a very low success rate, making it one of the most compelling pieces of evidence for the allegations of cheating against Chen Xingran.

When Miss Ke asked this question, everyone held their breath, waiting for the young man in the livestream to speak.

What exactly was his motion correction ratio?

Chen Xingran glanced at Miss Ke, nodded, and said, “Zero.”

Miss Ke nodded, “Then please demonstrate in the operation cabin… Huh?”

She paused mid-sentence, suddenly realizing that she had heard an unbelievable number and almost couldn’t believe her ears. She looked up in shock, her face showing clear disbelief.

“You… could you repeat that? How much is it?”


Chen Xingran repeated with a hint of resignation, “My motion correction ratio is zero percent.”

This time, Miss Ke heard it clearly.

Others heard it too. Besides the ZMD members who already knew, the young man who spoke earlier, and the workers reinstalling the operation cabin nearby, all stopped their actions at the same time.

The training room fell into an unnaturally quiet state. Even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard clearly, along with the investigators’ hurried breaths.



“!!! WTF?”

“Is this for real?”

“I think my ears are really broken. I’ll see a doctor tomorrow. I just heard a zero percent motion correction ratio, hahaha…”

“My ears are broken too, let’s make a doctor’s appointment together.”

“Wake up, guys, we all heard it!!”

“Zero percent!! He said zero percent!!”

“F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck, I’m mind-blown. Zero motion correction? Are we sure this isn’t a dream?”

“This is not how you brag, right…”


Miss Ke couldn’t believe whether Chen Xingran was joking or not, and for a moment, she was at a loss for words.

“How is that possible?”

The young man next to her looked at Chen Xingran as if he had seen a ghost. “Zero percent? Are you kidding me? Please be serious. We are here to investigate, don’t treat us as a joke!”

Zero percent? What kind of concept was that? Who did he think he was? A martial arts master reborn?

“I’m not joking.”

Chen Xingran sighed and walked to his operation cabin, tapping a few times.

The small screen on the operation cabin’s casing displayed the current motion correction ratio.

{Motion Correction Ratio: 0%}

These glaring words displayed there seemed to mock the ignorance of certain individuals.

The operation cabin had just been inspected by the workers, ruling out any tampering possibilities. The displayed value was now the best evidence.

For a moment, the entire livestream chat exploded.

“F*ck f*ck f*ck! Is this actually real?!”

“Someone mentioned it before, either he’s cheating to perform such moves, or his correction ratio is 0%.”

“Exactly, no problem, he didn’t cheat, it’s just 0%, right? “Dog head””

“No, who could have thought of this? I’d rather listen to ghost stories.”

“The fact is right here, believe it or not. I’m so excited now, I can’t even eat. F*ck!”

“Mom, come out and see the immortals ah!!”

Not only in the Chinese live streams but also in overseas broadcast rooms, viewers witnessed this scene. Although many non-Chinese viewers couldn’t understand the conversation, the displayed motion correction ratio outside the operation cabin was a clear indicator. Despite the language barrier, everyone knew what this meant.

“F*ck, awesome!”

Ta Xue, like celebrating the New Year, jumped up in front of his computer. “Those who accused him of cheating before? F*ck, the evidence is right here! Face-slapping, anyone? Come on, all you haters, stand up! I’m going to shut your mouths today!”

On the other side, the Snake King at the All Stars base stared blankly at the screen, overwhelmed by the shocking number. He was completely stunned.

It’s over.

Even if he racked his brains, he couldn’t have imagined that Chen Xingran would actually play games with 0% motion correction. Let alone hearing about it, ordinary people wouldn’t even think in this direction. After all, in this society, even people who study martial arts are rare, and the ancient martial arts circle is a small community with very few members. Moreover, even with real ancient martial arts, it’s impossible to achieve the level of Chen Xingran.

It’s conceivable that after Chen Xingran’s self-confirmation, the doubts and abuses that previously inundated Chen Xingran would soon turn around and target him as the instigator.

The first one to set the tone, maliciously accusing other players of cheating, couldn’t win, and couldn’t afford to lose… Not to mention the Chinese players who didn’t really have any feelings for him, even in his stronghold, the European server, there wouldn’t be anyone supporting him anymore.

For this gradually commercialized esports circle, even if the Snake King is powerful, with so much black history and abuse on his back, no club will use him again. With so many famous esports players out there, who would want to risk getting into trouble and have a professional player with a tarnished reputation be a ticking time bomb in their team? Achievements are secondary; as long as the players initiate a boycott, it’s enough to make the stock price of any major club plummet, and no one wants to take that risk.

If the Snake King could reach the level of Luo Mingyu, Yang Yunche, or Sean on the European server, perhaps there would still be clubs willing to take the risk and accept him. But the question is, does the Snake King have that level?

The answer is obvious.


After a while, Miss Ke in front finally found her voice again. Her eyes were filled with intense shock. She forcefully calmed her mind and maintained a calm appearance as she spoke to Chen Xingran, “Could you demonstrate for us…”

She even used “you,” indicating a change in her mindset.

*the polite form of you

Chen Xingran said, “No need to trouble yourself, Baibai.”

Luo Baibai raised his phone and looked up, “Huh?”

Chen Xingran raised his eyebrows at him, and Luo Baibai immediately understood.

“Got it!”

Luo Baibai handed the phone broadcasting to Xiao Nan aside and quickly went upstairs.

The members of the investigation team looked at each other, not understanding what was going on.

After about ten seconds, Luo Baibai came back downstairs and returned to the training room. But this time, he had something extra in his hand.

Made of crystal and dark golden in color, with a thin vine wrapped around the handle, it was none other than the model of the Tang Sword – Azure Lapis that Luo Baibai used for collection.

Although it couldn’t replicate the gorgeous light effects seen in the game, the Azure Lapis still looked domineering and artistic. The blade was made of a special metal material, crafted through special techniques, sturdy and not easily broken, with a certain weight to it. Luo Baibai found it a bit difficult to grip.

This was a limited edition model of the Azure Lapis launched by the official during the anniversary celebration. The blade was sharpened, but not very sharp, still useful for cutting fruit or the like. It also came with a certificate and a license, making it Luo Baibai’s most treasured model.

Chen Xingran took it from Luo Baibai’s hand and weighed it in his hand. “Can I use it?”

“Of course, use it as you like!” Luo Baibai waved generously. “It’s okay if it gets damaged, I’ll have Yun Ge buy another one.”

Yang Yunche: “…”

Chen Xingran nodded, turned around, and looked at the four members of the investigation team, who were wearing strange and puzzled expressions. “Follow me.”

With that, he walked out of the training room door first and headed towards the courtyard of the base.

The four members of the investigation team looked at each other, not quite understanding what Chen Xingran was up to, but still followed.

Xiao Nan also held up his phone and continued to livestream, following in Chen Xingran’s footsteps.

“What are they doing?”

“Isn’t that the Azure Lapis? I remember Luo Baibai posted about it on Weibo before.”

“This thing is super expensive.”

“0% motion correction, Azure Lapis… Could it be what I’m thinking?”

“F*ck… I think I know what he’s going to do.”

“Is this for real? Are you sure this isn’t a movie shoot?”

“F*cking f*ck, stop sending messages, you’re blocking my view of the livestream!! I feel like I’m about to witness history.”

“Definitely turning on screen recording.”

“My friends, I’m so excited!!!”

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