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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 79

After Chen Xingran recovered from his illness, he would practice martial arts in the courtyard of the base every morning. The courtyard behind the main building of the base was originally designed for ZMD Team One members to relax and exercise, but Luo Baibai and the others were all hardcore otakus. Except for gatherings and barbecues, they rarely visited the courtyard. Therefore, to some extent, the courtyard had become Chen Xingran’s private sanctuary.

Chen Xingran even specially placed some wooden stakes in the courtyard for practicing martial arts. The spacious courtyard had several relatively new wooden stakes standing, looking like props from a martial arts drama set.

In recent days, the incident of Chen Xingran being accused of cheating had caused a stir. Members of Teams Two and Three of the ZMD base, as well as the kids in the youth training camp, naturally heard about it. They were watching the livestream in the base and, seeing Chen Xingran walk out of the base to the courtyard outside, they all came over with a curious attitude.

After a while, Chen Xingran’s small training courtyard was crowded with people, bustling with activity.

“Such a big scene…”

“There are so many people in the ZMD base, and this courtyard is so big. How much rent does it cost…”

“You’re Joking, ZMD bought it directly, why would there be any rent”

“What are these wooden stakes in the courtyard for? Are they shooting a TV drama?”

“Just watching is fine, why so many questions”

“Mr. Chen, what is this…” 

Miss Ke looked puzzled, glanced at Chen Xingran, then at the wooden stakes in the courtyard, and asked.

Chen Xingran’s answer was simple: “A demonstration.”

A demonstration?

A demonstration of what?

Miss Ke wanted to say that he could demonstrate his previous actions in the game, but the next moment, her words were stuck in her throat. Her eyes widened suddenly, as if she had seen something incredible.

Chen Xingran held the Azure Lapis in his hand, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He took a step back with his left foot, drawing a circle on the ground, his body slightly crouched, his palm lightly grasping the handle of the Azure Lapis, and in an instant, his entire presence became ethereal.

It was as if a volcano about to erupt was brewing, even though none of those present were martial arts experts, they could all feel the terrifying aura emanating from Chen Xingran. It was a somewhat mystical feeling, as if the universe and the young man in front of them were completely merging into one. In an instant, it seemed like all the light was rapidly converging, condensing into a point and drilling into Chen Xingran’s body.

In reality, there wouldn’t be such an exaggerated scene, but at this moment, everyone felt a similar sensation in their hearts. It was as if they were no longer facing a handsome eighteen-year-old teenager, but a ferocious tiger about to pounce. The faint sound of bones compressing emanating from Chen Xingran’s body was like thunder, causing people to involuntarily hold their breath.


A gentle breeze blew from somewhere, causing the trees in the courtyard to sway gently, and leaves fell one after another. It was already autumn, and the leaves, tinged with yellow, fell gracefully. The golden leaves contrasted with the dark golden blade in Chen Xingran’s hand, creating a scene as beautiful as a story.

Oh my god…

Is this a movie being filmed?

Just as this thought flashed through everyone’s minds, the next moment, Chen Xingran suddenly tightened his grip on the handle of the blade, and there was a piercing sound of the air being torn apart!

His body seemed like a taut bowstring, and from a realistic perspective, you could clearly see the muscles on his body tightening inch by inch. Then, Chen Xingran took a small step forward, and a bolt of lightning suddenly shot out from his hand. In an instant, everyone’s breath stopped, even though the blade didn’t swing towards them, they all felt their hairs stand on end, and goosebumps covered their bodies!


A dark golden lightning bolt streaked through the air, its trajectory crossing the falling leaves in a dazzling manner, frozen in the retina of everyone present. The dark golden blade light lingered in their sight for just a moment before disappearing, sheathed by Chen Xingran once again.


Too fast.


Before anyone could react, Chen Xingran had already sheathed his blade, and it seemed like one could faintly see the lingering dark golden traces in the air. Then, after a moment, the wooden stake in front of him emitted a slight sound. In the astonished gazes of everyone present, the stake slowly tilted and moved, its upper half directly sliding down and falling to the ground.

Chen Xingran sheathed his blade and glanced at the Azure Lapis in his hand.

After all, it was a decorative model, the blade wasn’t sharp enough, and it was a bit lighter in weight, but it could barely be used and was undamaged. The physical quality of his body hadn’t been fully elevated yet, and under the explosive force of the Thunderclap, his muscles were faintly sore.

He exhaled lightly, straightened up, and said, “This move is called Thunderclap.”

Miss Ke: “…”

I meant for you to demonstrate it in the game, not in reality…

That’s what she wanted to say, but seeing Thunderclap in the game and witnessing it in reality were completely different experiences. It was like seeing a gigantic monster in a movie, which wouldn’t evoke much of a feeling, but looking up at the monster in reality would be enough to make timid people collapse on the ground in fear.

Chen Xingran just now was the same. The terrifying aura that came rushing at her, along with the dazzling blade light in the air, completely overturned Miss Ke’s perception in an instant, making her momentarily doubt—

…Was I just dreaming?

However, it wasn’t just her who witnessed this scene. There were also other members of the investigation team, as well as people at the ZMD base, and thousands of netizens watching the live broadcast through their screens.

Naturally, after the strike, the barrage in the entire live broadcast room began to roll, almost bursting the strengthened network.



“Is this a movie? Or was the footage pre-recorded??”

“Special effects? Did I just f*cking see special effects in reality??”

“This is definitely Thunderclap, often seen used by Ye Shao…”

“Yeah, that makes sense… makes sense my ass!! This is reality, not a game, right? Did I just witness Thunderclap in reality???!!!”

“I’m kneeling, really, this is too exaggerated, is he a reincarnation of a martial arts master?”

“The Great Swordsman Reborn: I’m an Assault in Destiny”

“Now there’s no more room for doubt, if it can be used in reality, it’s even more feasible in the game…”

“I’m reporting! Someone’s cheating in the real world, sir!!”

Chen Xingran said, “There’s also the Reverse Lance and the Jing Ke’s Dagger techniques, but since we don’t have weapons here, I won’t demonstrate them. I can showcase them later in the game.”


Miss Ke struggled to find her words for a long time, and it took her a while to finally utter, “…Alright, thank you for your hard work.”

The young investigator who was full of skepticism just now had his mouth wide open at this moment, his eyes filled with doubt about life as he looked at Chen Xingran, unable to say a word for a long time.

“You… I…”

He stuttered, his face filled with terror as he looked at the model in Chen Xingran’s hand.

Did I speak too loudly just now… He shouldn’t hold a grudge, right? He won’t just cut me down with one strike…

Yang Yunche also witnessed Chen Xingran using Thunderclap for the first time in reality, and he was equally shocked for a long time. He glanced at Chen Xingran and then lowered his head, feeling somewhat lost.

…It seems that in the future, I’ll have to strengthen my training as well.

The squirrel’s martial power was too high, even to the point of being unreasonable. If he really wanted to pursue someone, he had to consider whether he could withstand a strike of Thunderclap…

Unfortunately, no one present could understand Captain Yang’s complex emotions at this moment.

After the demonstration, amidst the awe-struck gazes of the young trainees at the ZMD base, Chen Xingran remained composed and led the members of the investigation team back to the training room.

He entered the operation cabin and opened the blade training room. Under the gaze of others, he consecutively performed other famous techniques with different weapons: the Mountain Breaking Stance, Jing Ke’s Dagger, and the Reverse Lance…

By this point, no one doubted whether he was cheating or not anymore.

After Chen Xingran’s Thunderclap appeared in reality, the recorded livestream video had already been posted on the game forum and was being wildly shared. In just ten minutes, it had skyrocketed to the top of the trending list.

Anyone who had seen Chen Xingran’s Thunderclap just now couldn’t help but think the same thing.

No wonder.

No wonder Chen Xingran could execute so many operations that ordinary people couldn’t. In such a short time, he had become the top Assault player in the national server, even defeating Lu Mingyu, hailed as the third greatest Duel King on the national server.

No wonder Chen Xingran had so many unexpected operations, even violating the basic logic of motion correction. Whether it was the smoothness of his movements or the fluidity of his techniques, they were beyond ordinary people’s capabilities.

No wonder, although there were many Thunderclap tutorial videos of Chen Xingran on the forum, many players who wanted to imitate him couldn’t achieve the same high damage. They had the form but lacked the essence, let alone other famous techniques.

It was even more unsurprising that Chen Xingran could master the use of the nunchucks skillfully as soon as it was released…

Because he f*cking already knew how to do it!

This cognitive overturning defied the common sense of most people, leading the direction of the discussion to shift from questioning whether Chen Xingran was cheating to speculating about the origin of his incredible skills.

Some said he had been practicing martial arts since childhood, others claimed he had learned from a master, cultivating his skills for over a decade. There were even rumors that Chen Xingran might be an alien or a reincarnated hero from another era, stunning the world with his talents.

However, some of these speculations were far-fetched. Apart from some hardcore novel readers who were at death’s door, few believed in such explanations…

Although they were closer to the correct answer.

The four members of the investigation team, with dumbfounded and dazed expressions, walked out of the ZMD base. Soon, the investigation results were posted on the official Weibo account, and the ZMD base issued a statement. They initiated defamation lawsuits against the rhythm masters who had been most vocal in accusing Chen Xingran of cheating.

The cheating incident was settled. Even before the official statement came out, the video recording of Chen Xingran’s livestream had already gone viral on the internet, making it one of the fastest debunked misunderstandings ever.

Countless netizens who felt they had been used as scapegoats flooded the official Weibo account, demanding an explanation and an apology from the Snake King. Even Lu Mingyu, the captain of the All Star’s team, suffered unjust criticism from many national server players.

Looking back on Chen Xingran’s performances and illustrious achievements since appearing in the public eye, everything now had a reasonable explanation. With the overwhelming evidence provided by these real-life videos and the investigation team’s announcement, the previous doubts quickly dissipated, turning into a flood of praise and admiration.

Just as Fu Zhou had expected, Chen Xingran’s journey to challenge the European server attracted countless attention and hype, drawing the gaze of numerous players. After clearing his name, this attention was transformed into discussion topics. Normally, the speed of debunking rumors was much slower than spreading them, as people tended to believe negative news and selectively ignore certain clarifications.

However, after this incident, the speed of the extraordinary debunking was even faster than the spread of initial doubts. Within a single evening, the hot search was filled, forums were flooded with hot threads, and even those outside the DestinyCircle who didn’t play the game heard about this magical event. They all came to spectate with popcorn and melon rinds, witnessing this spectacular drama of the gaming circle.

“Newbie, cheating, slapped in the face, real-life martial arts master, walking weapon…” These terms, when put together and happening in the real world, were far more thrilling than any novel or movie. The European server players who were previously the most vocal were now quiet, and a large portion of them, upon witnessing Chen Xingran’s Thunderclap in real life, exclaimed, “Is this what kung fu is?” before joining Chen Xingran’s fan army. Even before the World Championship began, Chen Xingran had gained a large number of overseas fans and supporters, something even Fu Zhou hadn’t anticipated.

However, at this moment, Chen Xingran, at the center of the storm, was engaged in a showdown with Yang Yunche at the dining table.

“I’m not eating!”

Chen Xingran felt like he was facing a formidable enemy as he tightly covered his mouth. “I’m already recovered from my illness, I don’t have to eat this fish!!”


Yang Yunche held up a chopstick full of fish meat and extended it towards him. “You’re still growing, you have to eat even if you don’t want to!”

Chen Xingran gritted his teeth. “You’re just retaliating! Snacks weren’t found by me, they were confiscated by Manager Fu. Go talk to him!”

“… “

Yang Yunche was momentarily speechless. “It’s not because of that…”

“Fine, then.”

Chen Xingran’s eyes lit up with an idea. “I won’t eat this fish, and next time you sneak snacks, I won’t report it either. Let’s just peacefully coexist, okay?”

Yang Yunche hesitated and put down the chopsticks. “… That’s something to consider.”

“But Manager Fu is really heartless. He confiscated all the snacks.”

Chen Xingran pretended to sympathize. “Now you won’t be able to eat them anymore, and all the snack supplies will be depleted. What are you going to do?”


Yang Yunche smirked mischievously. “Xiao Fu is still too naive. Does he think he can control me like this? Actually, I have quite a stash hidden in the locker room. Next time, I’ll share half with you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the mischievous gleam in Chen Xingran’s eyes and felt a sense of foreboding.

“Wait a minute…”

“Manager Fu!!”

It was too late; Chen Xingran had already shouted, “Captain still has supplies! Hurry, come here! I’ve already got him under control!”

Yang Yunche’s hands were easily restrained by Chen Xingran, leaving him unable to move. “…”

F*ck, he let his guard down.

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3 months ago

Uh, I thought the only metaphysical thing in this novel was the transmigration, but now this? He summoned actual thunder irl using his martial arts??
I thought, when they mentioned the stakes, that we would probably see him cut them at a superfast speed and them falling down after he sheats his sword (a classic), but this I think was too absurd by the author.

Thanks for the chapter.

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