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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 8

8. Maximum Damage

The viewers in the live streaming room noticed a characteristic of this new streamer. It was that he would answer any questions asked, as long as his eyes scanned through the barrage of comments. Despite his strong combat skills, this streamer seemed to lack knowledge about many common topics, giving the impression that he was truly just a beginner.

Perhaps he was one of those experts who focused solely on training in combat rooms. It wasn’t surprising, as there were players who disliked the deceit and conflict found in Battle Royale modes, instead preferring straightforward combat. They would spend their days practicing in the training rooms, much like reclusive heroes in the mountains, honing their exceptional fighting skills.

While such individuals were rare, they did exist, and it was possible that the streamer was one of them.

Curiosity about this expert in combat rooms attracted more and more viewers. Even before a single game had ended, the number of viewers in the live stream had reached nearly a thousand, with an increasing number of questions being asked.

Initially, the questions were relatively normal.

“Streamer, how did you perform that move just now?”

“Streamer, your opponent used a horizontal block, but you clearly attacked with a straight sword. How did you suddenly change your technique?”

As Chen Xingran answered the barrage of questions from the chat, the viewers realized that this new streamer was quite approachable and easy to talk to.

And so, they began teasing one after another.

The questions popping up in the barrage gradually became more absurd.

“Streamer, if I wear golden armor on a rainy day, will it get wet?”

Chen Xingran: “…No, because this game is set in sunny weather, there is no rain, so wearing golden armor won’t get it wet.”

“Streamer, what model of phone are you using to play the game?”

Chen Xingran: “This isn’t a mobile game. I’m using a operation cabin; you can’t play it on a phone.”

“Streamer, if the soles of my Shadow Dancer’s Shoes come unglued, can I still use Blink Step?”

Chen Xingran: “…”

“Streamer, can I use a blood pack if I have sensitive skin?”

Chen Xingran: “…”

“Hahahaha, these questions are killing me.”

“The streamer is baffled by all of you.”

“Seriously, you need at least a ten-year-old brain thrombosis to ask such questions.”

“Streamer, I’ve had a twenty-year brain thrombosis and now I’m asking a ten-year brain thrombosis question. Does that mean my condition has improved by half?”

“Hahahaha, enough already, damn!”

Chen Xingran also realized that the barrage was teasing him, but he wasn’t annoyed. He let the viewers have their fun.

The atmosphere in the livestream room immediately became filled with laughter and joy.

Since it was a low-tier match, very few players chose to strategize. It was mostly a chaotic battle where everyone fought on sight, and if they died, they moved on to the next round. As a result, there were only around 20 surviving players left before the second circle had even closed.

Chen Xingran took a look around and spotted another Shadow Dancer player in the river channel. Without hesitation, he grabbed his golden Tang Sword and charged towards them.

The opponent was also wearing golden armor and wielding a long spear. After a fierce battle, Chen Xingran broke through the opponent’s armor. The opponent quickly created distance by using Blink Step and fled in another direction.

This time, Chen Xingran learned his lesson and didn’t rely solely on his legs to chase. He also used Blink Step, flashing across the battlefield like a faint afterimage, closing the distance and continuously unleashing a series of sword strikes that left the opponent heavily wounded.

The opposing Shadow Dancer decisively activated their secret technique.

The Shadow Dancer’s secret technique was a status skill that allowed them to enter a stealth state for 20 seconds, while also refreshing the cooldown of Blink Step. Their body became semi-transparent, with only a faint outline visible when they were in motion. It was difficult to see if one’s eyesight wasn’t sharp, and their footsteps became silent. It was a skill perfect for escaping and assassination.

After activating their secret technique, the opposing Shadow Dancer refreshed the cooldown of Blink Step and used it to create a significant distance from Chen Xingran, without even looking back, heading towards the nearby residential area.

“It’s over, it’s hard to chase a stealthed Shadow Dancer.”

“He’s getting away!”

“Can’t compete in close combat, survival comes first.”

“These Ratman Shadow Dancers are so annoying.”

Chen Xingran paused in place and quickly scanned the surroundings. Finally, he spotted the faint translucent outline left by the Shadow Dancer’s movement in the rear left.

“He can’t escape.”

Chen Xingran narrowed his eyes, exuding confidence in his tone.

He immediately switched his weapon, pulling out a purple crossbow from the secondary weapon slot. He aimed in the direction where the Shadow Dancer had disappeared and pulled the trigger.


A series of rapid crossbow shots echoed continuously.

Although the crossbow, as a ranged weapon, had low damage, its advantage lay in its fast firing rate and wide coverage. When continuously attacking, it was like a machine gun. Given the Shadow Dancer’s remaining health, just one or two shots would easily take them down.

The continuous sound of arrows being shot filled the air, whizzing past the fleeing Shadow Dancer. Then, the Shadow Dancer crouched down and swiftly disappeared into a nearby small building, vanishing in a flash.

Chen Xingran: “…”

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

The barrage was bursting with laughter.

“Hahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing, guys!”

“He can’t escape.”

“He can’t escape.”

“What did he say? Can you demonstrate that again, host?”

The barrage instantly filled the entire screen, imitating Chen Xingran’s confident tone from earlier.

“I’m laughing so hard, this archery is incredible!”

“Even with a crossbow that shoots so fast, missing a shot is still impressive.”

“You’ve reached a level that can’t be replicated even if you try. I hereby dub you the King of Crossbows.”

“If it doesn’t work out, go find an electronics factory and tighten screws.”

“Compassionate marksmanship, enlightening all beings!”

Chen Xingran coughed and put away the crossbow, switching back to the Tang sword as if nothing had happened.

…He really couldn’t handle ranged weapons.

The rapid succession of crossbow shots, leaving the opponent with just a sliver of health, was indeed a level that couldn’t be replicated even if he tried.

This impromptu performance had the maximum effect, and new viewers flooded into Chen Xingran’s livestream. The audience began to shower him with donations.

Even without being recommended, his popularity was already quite high.

This was just a little episode, but Chen Xingran, who felt that he had lost face, became even more aggressive in his gameplay in the following time. Whenever he encountered an opponent, he would go all out, his swordsmanship becoming even more fierce and ruthless. It was as if he wanted to reclaim his lost pride. The audience was amazed by the magnificent and mysterious use of his Tang sword, and the barrage was filled with praises and “666” comments.

In the end, it was no surprise that he achieved a *chicken dinner.

*”吃鸡” (chī jī) is a popular slang term in the gaming community, particularly in the context of battle royale games such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite. It translates to “eat chicken” in English. In these games, the ultimate objective is to be the last surviving player or team, and when someone achieves this victory, it is often celebrated by saying “吃鸡!” or “Chicken Dinner!” It has become a colloquial expression to denote winning a match or achieving a significant victory in a game.

He secured 11 kills, and the total damage reached an impressive 53,000. Moreover, this damage was entirely the result of his skilled swordplay, without any unnecessary distractions or long-range sneak attacks. The quality was extremely high.

Both the kill points and ranking points were maxed out in this match, directly adding nearly 100 points to his rank.

“Even though it was a low-tier match, it was so satisfying to watch.”

“Your swordplay is really strong. I’m following you now!”

“Hey, streamer, do you remember that you promised to teach us some techniques earlier?”

“Yeah, yeah! I want to learn too!”

The audience sent some gifts, not a large amount, but for Chen Xingran, as a newcomer, it was a great encouragement.


Chen Xingran exited the game and smiled at the barrage in his livestream.

“Oh no, he’s using that indulgent tone again.”

“He sounds so youthful!”

“Hey, why be so adorable?”

“Foul! Foul!”

Upon returning to the game lobby, Chen Xingran casually created a room in the martial arts mode and effortlessly opened the panel to summon an AI opponent.

“I have many techniques. Would you like to learn?” Chen Xingran glanced at the weapon rack in front of him and asked casually.

“We want to learn that move you just used!”

“Don’t change the subject. If you don’t teach me today, don’t think about ending the stream!” joked the barrage of comments.

Chen Xingran claimed to have many techniques, but they were skeptical. Destiny, the game, had only been released for a short time, and many playstyles and strategies were not yet fully developed. Even professional players were considered impressive if they mastered one or two weapons. Based on the explosive display with the Tang Sword earlier, if it truly was a technique, he could easily make a fortune by offering lessons.

These techniques were not something readily available. How could they exist just because someone claimed they did?

“Alright,” Chen Xingran shrugged nonchalantly, not insisting. After selecting the Shadow Dancer character, he took a purple-grade Tang Sword from the weapon rack.

“This technique is called Thunderclap,” Chen Xingran said as he elegantly brandished the sword, “To master this move, the most important thing is the ‘momentum.'”

“Momentum?” The barrage of comments filled with question marks.

“It’s essentially a state,” Chen Xingran explained, “When you strike, there must be no hesitation or any emotions resembling uncertainty or fear. You must discard all defenses and channel the full force of your attacking momentum into the blade. Only then can you unleash an unstoppable force.”

“Isn’t this too mysterious?”

“Is this a technique or a work of fiction?”

“The key to Thunderclap lies in the control of muscles and force,” Chen Xingran continued, assuming a stance to gather power. He slightly squatted, lifting the Tang Sword from its scabbard with his right hand, giving it a subtle upward flick while applying a hidden downward pressure. His left hand supported the scabbard, and his entire presence suddenly transformed.

Even through the screen, the audience in the livestream could feel his rapidly rising aura. It was as if he was a sharpened blade hidden within the sheath, awaiting the moment of breathtaking revelation.

“Gather Qi in the dantian, unite the mind and body as one. Let the power flow from the toes. As it passes through the waist, twist the accumulated energy into a cohesive force, and then unleash it with the sword,” Chen Xingran calmly explained. His eyes slightly narrowed. “Pay close attention. This move is called ‘Thunderclap.'”


A thunderous strike!

It was as if a long-gathered storm suddenly exploded forth. The air emitted a fleeting howl, and the slender, straight blade surged forth from the scabbard. No one could even trace the trajectory of the blade’s movement. In the next instant, the shimmering blade, radiating a cold light, had already cleaved through the enemy. The purple-grade Tang Sword left behind a faint purple afterimage in the air!


A weak point attack!

The additional damage from the Shadow Dancer’s passive weak point inflicted even more devastation with this strike.



“Wow, can it be done like this?”

“Over 1100 damage…”

“Impressive! Impressive! (Crackling sound)”

“Do you understand now?” Chen Xingran exhaled lightly and sheathed his sword before asking.

“I completely don’t get it.”

“What’s this gathering of Qi in the dantian… Where’s the dantian?”

“Could you explain it again?”

“Did the streamer equip spirit jade? By the way, switch to a gold-grade sword so we can see the maximum damage of this move.”

“What’s a spirit jade?”

Upon seeing the barrage of comments, Chen Xingran paused for a moment.

The audience was already accustomed to the streamer’s lack of knowledge in game details, and they eagerly started teaching him through the barrage of comments.

Spirit jade refers to an attribute system in Destiny, similar to the runes in MOBA games. Players could open the jade panel at any time during the preparation interface or on the spawn island to equip and modify their jades.

Spirit jades had attributes such as “attack attribute,” “health attribute,” “melee weapon resistance,” “ranged weapon resistance,” “skill cooldown reduction,” “ultimate skill conversion efficiency,” and many more, with a wide variety of options.

Depending on the player’s role in the team and the chosen game character, the spirit jades used would vary slightly.

For example, the DPS role, such as the Assault, often focuses on attack attributes, while tank roles that absorb damage usually equip various resistances and health attributes to enhance their survivability. Support roles like healers tend to prioritize skill cooldown reduction and ultimate skill conversion efficiency to ensure an ample supply of healing abilities.

Following the guidance from the barrage of comments, Chen Xingran opened the spirit jade equipment interface. There were a total of ten jade slots, and he equipped them all with attack spirit jades, providing an additional 30% attack power.

He then opened the room panel and adjusted the weapon quality of the training room, transforming his Tang Sword into a gold-grade quality.

“Let’s try it again.”

After adjusting the attributes and weapon, Chen Xingran took a deep breath and faced the AI training dummy once more, preparing to unleash Thunderclap.

The barrage of comments in the livestream suddenly decreased. Everyone held their breath, their gaze fixed on the screen, eager to witness the upper limit of this move.

One second later, the Tang Sword was unleashed.


Lightning flickered, a momentary brilliance.


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