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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 81

81. Fake Fan

A total of four players landed at the Eternal Spring. After Chen Xingran was teleported into the game, he didn’t see anyone around, and he wasn’t sure if Yang Yunche had landed there. As soon as he landed, he began searching for supplies all over the ground.

His luck wasn’t bad at all. The first small wooden house he entered had a piece of equipment shimmering with golden light.

Unfortunately, it was a golden bird gun.

Chen Xingran looked at the bird gun intently for a while, then left mercilessly and went to search for weapons elsewhere. However, after five seconds, he turned back and casually stuffed the golden bird gun into his backpack.


“Wake up, you’re not meant for each other”

“Bird Gun: Why do you come back for me if you don’t use me?”

“Bird Gun: Please put me down, thank you. I’m waiting for someone destined, obviously not you.”

“Bird Gun: Are you treating others as fools if they don’t get angry? I’m really angry!”

“Hahaha, you guys are toxic”

After briefly searching two supply points, Chen Xingran put on a blue armor, but he still had a white-quality whip in his hand, indicating his luck was average.

“Thud, thud, thud…”

His ears twitched, and he keenly heard footsteps coming from the adjacent wooden house. Although his equipment wasn’t great, he didn’t hesitate and went straight to the door.

It didn’t matter if the equipment wasn’t good. After winning a fight, wouldn’t he become stronger?


A Shadow Dance player had just stepped out of the wooden house when he heard a thunderous crack in the air— it was the sonic boom generated by the whip’s tail as it swung through the air. Accompanied by the sound, a whip shadow, resembling a bolt of lightning, shot straight towards his face!


The damage from a white weapon was average, but this whip struck solidly and effortlessly removed one layer of armor from the Shadow Dancer.

Startled, the Shadow Dancer instinctively used his Blink skill, and in the next moment, he appeared on the roof of the wooden house.


However, it seemed like Chen Xingran had eyes on his head. Although the Shadow Dancer’s Blink was directed towards the top of his head, which was a blind spot, Chen Xingran perfectly anticipated the Shadow Dancer’s landing spot. With a flick of his wrist, the whip had already sprung up from the ground like a nimble serpent, tracing a mysterious arc in the air, and directly caught the landing point of the Blink!

Before the Shadow Dancer’s feet touched the roof, a whip had wound around his waist, followed by a tremendous force from the other end of the whip, dragging his entire body upwards!


With a muffled sound, the Shadow Dancer plummeted back to the ground. Before he could steady himself, two lightning-fast whip shadows struck again, solidly removing two more layers of armor.


The Shadow Dancer broke into a cold sweat. The opponent’s demonic whip technique was completely unreasonable. The whip in his hand seemed to have a life of its own. After just two moves, he was already bewildered. At this moment, the Shadow Dancer lost all fighting spirit, knowing that he was no match in close combat. He swiftly retreated, intending to use the wooden house behind him as cover to escape.

Trying to run?

Chen Xingran narrowed his eyes slightly. The whip extended again like a serpent, wrapping around the Shadow Dancer and pulling him back once more. This time, the Shadow Dancer was dragged right in front of Chen Xingran, leading to a face-to-face confrontation.

An opportunity!

The Shadow Dancer’s heart leaped with joy. For weapons like the whip, their strongest power was unleashed at medium to long range. But once in close quarters, both damage and flexibility would greatly diminish. As the saying goes, “Strike the snake at seven inches”. For the whip, the distance of three steps in front was its “seven inches”!

Without time to ponder why the opponent had made such a big mistake, but with the opportunity right in front of him, the Shadow Dancer’s blade flashed, already aimed at Chen Xingran’s throat!

Ghost Shadow Slash!

What he didn’t expect was that in the instant he was pulled into range, Chen Xingran actually activated a skill directly. The Demonic Blade’s long scarf traced a long trajectory in the air, and in the next moment, he appeared several meters away, while the whip in his hand was suddenly tightened by the distance created by this sudden displacement!


The whip, now stretched into a straight line, erupted with astonishing force. Before the Shadow Dancer could even make a move with his blade, he was pulled back again. This time, aided by the intense force generated by the skill displacement, his body flew even faster and more violently. It was as if Chen Xingran was holding onto a kite. With a heavy swing from left to right, he directly flung the Shadow Dancer’s body into the air!

The Shadow Dancer’s vision blurred, and the next moment he found himself off the ground, his whole body being swung into the air by the whip. He kicked frantically, but there was nowhere to find support in the air. He could only watch helplessly as his body was tossed around like a ball, and then he met eyes with Chen Xingran on the ground.

It’s over…

Seeing the sudden burst of killing intent in Chen Xingran’s eyes on the ground, he felt a wave of powerlessness surging within him.

“Swish, swish, swish—”

Sure enough, with a flick of Chen Xingran’s wrist, the whip on the ground surged like lightning, instantly exploding into a dense array of whip shadows. The hair-raising sonic booms resounded one after another, with each whip faster than the last, tossing the Shadow Dancer’s body in mid-air like a spinning top. Despite the low damage of the white-quality whip, the Shadow Dancer’s health bar plummeted directly. A few seconds later, he fell to the ground, transformed into a soul mound.

“F*ck, that’s cool ah!”

“Today is another day where I can’t contain my admiration for Ran Bao!”

“This combo is so cool! I’d like to call it the Gyro Whip Technique!”

“Huh? Isn’t this just basic moves? What’s there to boast about? Oh right, can you play this game on your phone? I’m gonna download it later.”

“Can this move be used in real life?”


Chen Xingran glanced at the barrage when it was quiet, shaking his head. “This move can’t be used in real life. It requires skill to pull off.”

Compared to when he first entered the game, Chen Xingran’s understanding of the game had improved by leaps and bounds. He no longer stuck to ancient martial arts moves but instead combined the game with his own martial skills, developing new techniques.

For example, the move just now required the explosive force generated by the demonic blade’s displacement skill to tighten the whip in an instant, dragging the enemy’s body weighing hundreds of pounds and flinging it into the air. In real life, it’s almost impossible to move an adult with your own strength alone. Moreover, because of the existence of the game’s system judgment, it was possible to keep the opponent tumbling in the air, slowing down the time of landing and dealing huge damage.

In reality, achieving this kind of aerial maneuverability would be impossible. Let alone anything else, even Newton would have disagreed first.

“Oh, what a disappointment.”

“What? Does this mean I can’t see Ran Bao use this move to whip God Yun in real life in the future?”

“Hahaha, God Yun: You fake fans, get out of the stream!”

“Wake up, folks in the barrage, the streamer isn’t really an alien, they also have to follow the laws of physics!”

“Stop being crazy in the barrage, love is about restraint…”

“What f*cking restraint, weren’t you the one who said my pen’s ultra blue just now?”


Chen Xingran withdrew his gaze from the barrage and started to lick his bag.

Unfortunately, this Shadow Dancer didn’t have anything good on them. It’s hard to find gold-quality equipment in the intermediate resource area of the Eternal Spring. The golden Bird Gun found at the beginning is basically the most valuable equipment in the Eternal Spring.

Chen Xingran searched for some armor plates, filled up his armor, swapped his white whip for a blue-quality Tang sword, and continued deeper into the Eternal Spring.

Including himself, there were a total of four people who landed in the Eternal Spring (PS: Players can see the number of people choosing landing spots on the selection interface). He didn’t know if the other two were fighting.

Just as he had this thought, he heard the sound of a fight in his ear. He paused, looked in the direction of the noise, and happened to witness a player being killed.

With a long sword in hand, the Iron Chain Scythe made a feint attack and quickly retreated, then pulled out a repeating crossbow. The next moment, a series of dense arrow sounds rang out. The close-range damage of the repeating crossbow was astonishingly high. With a simple sweep, it directly took away a large amount of the opponent’s health. Then, without stopping, they used a chain to create distance and swept with the repeating crossbow again. The opponent didn’t even touch their clothes before meeting their end.

Without even needing to check the kill information that popped up in the corner, Chen Xingran knew who the opponent was.

Gunplay, the most iconic fighting style in the entire professional league. The opponent’s flexible movements like an eel and the precise trajectory of their arrows were the best business cards.

“Oh, encountered God Yun.”

“But how does Ran Bao know that God Yun landed in the Eternal Spring?”

“This is called tacit understanding! This is love! They can run to each other without words!”

“The old fans come uninvited. When God Yun first took Ran Bao to explore the game, they landed in the Eternal Spring.”

“I see, it’s the sacred place of love witnessing.”

“How can you guys *knock on anything?”

*knock – ship

Yang Yunche was about to loot the package when he heard footsteps behind him. He decisively turned around, sweeping with the repeating crossbow and sending a barrage of arrows in Chen Xingran’s direction.

Chen Xingran was prepared early on, with a quick right dodge, he evaded the arrows.

The opponent’s agility and gracefulness made people take notice. Yang Yunche took a closer look and quickly recognized Chen Xingran’s identity through the opponent’s initial outfit on the demonic knife and the extremely gorgeous Sky Lapis Lazuli in his hand.

He actually landed in the Eternal Spring.

A subtle sense of satisfaction rose in Yang Yunche’s heart—apparently, the Eternal Spring had special significance for Chen Xingran as well. Did this mean that he was still quite special in the other’s heart?

Yang Yunche didn’t continue to pursue, instead, he opened his microphone and said, “Don’t attack me, streamer, I’m your fan.”

The pitiful tone made Chen Xingran’s mouth curved up.

“That won’t do.”

Chen Xingran also opened his microphone and said, “Just because you say you’re a fan, you’re a fan? Do you have any evidence?”

“I do.”

Yang Yunche said, “I know your name is Ye Shao, you’re a handsome and powerful big streamer, and there’s an even more handsome team captain…”

Chen Xingran twitched his mouth.

The last part doesn’t need to be added, thank you.

“…Although you look good, you’re a bit clumsy, fortunately, he’s brave and ruthless, always eager to fight, causing trouble, and needing the handsome team captain to clean up after you.”

Yang Yunche continued with a smile, “Petty, likes to report others, confiscates the captain’s snacks every day, doesn’t like to eat fish, definitely won’t grow tall in the future…”


Before Yang Yunche could finish his words, he saw the demonic knife in front of him had already picked up the Tang sword in his hand and was charging toward him menacingly.

“Fake fan.”

Chen Xingran showed no mercy, with a swift move, he charged forward with a ghostly shadow and a blade: “Take this!”

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