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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 82

82. Fight Yang Yunche Again

Yang Yunche, in fact, just wanted to gain an advantage with his words. Faced with the aggressively approaching Chen Xingran, he didn’t dare to engage in a direct confrontation at all. With a quick retreat using his chain to create distance, he asked, “Are you serious?”


Chen Xingran raised an eyebrow, his movements never stopping. The blade light wove several residual images, each strike aimed directly at vital points, and he advanced with a lifting step, launching an attack.

Yang Yunche put away his playful thoughts and agilely dodged the blade, then quickly switched to his long sword and launched a barrage.


Chen Xingran came too fast, he didn’t have time to repair his weapon, and with a light sound, the arrows from his crossbow were depleted.

Yang Yunche sensed trouble.

Chen Xingran didn’t let go of this opportunity, continuing to press forward. Yang Yunche switched to his long sword for a counterattack, but his compassionate sword technique was nothing in Chen Xingran’s eyes. Without even blinking, his Tang sword met Yang Yunche’s long sword head-on. With a powerful wrist action, he cut at a perfect angle, sparking a dazzling series of sparks against Yang Yunche’s sword edge. Then, with a push of the blade, he completely neutralized the force of the long sword!

Yang Yunche felt as if his long sword had struck a bottomless pit. The opponent’s Tang sword was wielded effortlessly, easily dissipating all the force. A tremendous force of rebound surged through his wrist, almost causing his long sword to slip from his grasp!

…Truly formidable.

Yang Yunche didn’t dare to continue the fight. Using his agility to maneuver around Chen Xingran, he found himself with a giant ancient tree behind him, with a wooden hut woven from vines on the tree. With a tap of his toes, he leaped onto the edge of the tree, then exerted force with his hands, leaping into the air like a graceful goose, and disappeared into the wooden hut on the tree.

Chen Xingran leaped after him, not giving Yang Yunche a chance to escape.

In the world of Destiny, players’ physical abilities are much better than in the real world, especially in terms of agility and jumping power. As long as they grasp the correct posture for exerting force, they can easily leap several meters high, appearing almost like superheroes in the game. This is one of the most attractive aspects of Destiny—the freedom of movement and action.

However, as soon as Chen Xingran leaped onto the tree house, Yang Yunche disappeared from his sight.

He was slightly startled, halted his steps, held his breath, and listened carefully to the sounds around him.


He hesitated for a moment, turned around to look. After Yang Yunche leaped onto the wooden hut, he didn’t go inside but instead, took advantage of a momentary blind spot in Chen Xingran’s vision to jump down from another direction. Generally, when faced with pursuit, people instinctively move toward complex terrain for cover. Chen Xingran thought Yang Yunche would use the terrain inside the wooden hut to move around, but he didn’t expect him to just feint and pretend to go up the tree, then jump down the next second.

After landing, Yang Yunche quickly rushed toward the soul mound of the player he had just defeated. His hands moved extremely fast. Almost immediately after passing by the soul mound, he had a blue-quality longbow in his hand. Then, with an extremely graceful turn, he drew the bowstring to full moon and aimed at Chen Xingran’s figure from a distance.


The distance was too far, and this arrow posed little threat to Chen Xingran. His gaze focused, and his Tang sword flashed across a dazzling trajectory in front of him, directly splitting the arrow in half!

Yang Yunche wasn’t surprised.

As Chen Xingran’s captain, he wouldn’t find anything strange about any actions Chen Xingran took. As mentioned earlier, Chen Xingran’s terrifying close combat fighting style was a source of great security as a teammate. However, once he became an opponent, it was like facing a nightmare.

Without any hesitation, this arrow was rendered ineffective. The chain in Yang Yunche’s hand made a “clatter” sound as he raised his hand, and the chain instantly wrapped around a distant tree trunk, pulling him over.

Chen Xingran pursed his lips. His Ghost Shadow Slash skill was still on cooldown, and he couldn’t catch up. He had to jump down from the tree house and chase after Yang Yunche on foot.

He was also somewhat troubled.

Although Yang Yunche was weak in close combat, it didn’t mean he lacked combat power. On the contrary, Yang Yunche’s ability to manipulate terrain and distance, as well as his timing, were impeccable. During training matches, Chen Xingran could quickly kill remote attackers once he found their positions. But facing Yang Yunche, ordinary tactics didn’t work.

Yang Yunche moved like a slippery eel, with every detail of the surrounding terrain becoming part of his escape route. In just an instant of losing sight, Chen Xingran was outmaneuvered by Yang Yunche, missing the best chance to pursue.


Chen Xingran glanced in the direction Yang Yunche had left, wisely chose not to chase, and started to heal in place, waiting for his skills to cool down.

“It’s starting, it’s starting.”

“An intense love-hate scene. I admit it, I love watching this kind of drama.”

“The awareness has improved so much. I remember in the past, if this happened to Xingran, he would definitely chase first and ask questions later.”

“Definitely, they’re both professional players now. Their awareness must have caught up.”

While licking the remnants of Yang Yunche’s pack, Chen Xingran concentrated, sensing the movement around him. The air was silent, with only the sound of the wind, but he still caught the faint sound of a bowstring passing by.


Almost as soon as the bowstring sounded, Chen Xingran’s body moved. He dodged the arrow with a sidestep, like a tiger leaving its cage, charging straight toward Yang Yunche!

With unstoppable momentum!

He didn’t use Ghost Shadow Slash, just relying on speed to close the distance. Yang Yunche took the opportunity to fire three arrows in quick succession, accurately predicting Chen Xingran’s position. Only one arrow missed, and the other two took away half of Chen Xingran’s armor.

Seeing the Demonic Blade looming close, Yang Yunche remained calm. With the sound of the chain rattling, he hooked onto the treetop and leaped into the air once again, drawing the bowstring mid-air…

Aerial Sniper!

Now’s the time.

A hint of a smile flashed in Chen Xingran’s eyes under his hood. His steps abruptly paused, Ghost Shadow Slash activated, the blade lifting him up fiercely!

From far to near, from bottom to top, from the perspective of a bystander, his attack initiation to skill activation seemed to defy the laws of physics, leaving behind a sharp turn in space, with an extremely sharp angle!

Aerial Sniper was terrifying, but it also had weaknesses. Chen Xingran held his skill in his hand, waiting for the moment when Yang Yunche was in mid-air, unable to change direction!

A ghost that died unjustly does not blame the will of Heaven, as the blade strikes, the king weeps!


The sound almost tore through the air as it rose from the sheath. Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche’s figures were almost glued together, this distance was enough to declare the enemy’s death. With a tight grip on the sword handle, the arc of light flashed, and silver light emerged, fiercely chopping down towards the neck of the Iron Chain Scythe!

Ultimate Technique: Impermanence Hook Scythe!

As Yang Yunche activated his ultimate move, eight flexible chains suddenly shot out from behind him, aiming to knock down Chen Xingran.

Ultimate Technique: Ghost God’s Advent!

As the Demonic Blade’s ultimate technique was also activated, after being enhanced in the latest version, Ghost God’s Advent possessed invincibility upon activation. As the surging ghostly flames engulfed his entire body, his figure stood firm like it was made of steel, the chains hitting him were directly repelled.

“Clang clang clang clang—”

With the long sword in Yang Yunche’s hand and the chains behind him, a dense barrage of attacks unfolded in an instant. Facing the enemy who seemed to have a thousand hands, a gleam of brilliance flashed in Chen Xingran’s eyes, and the trajectories of attacks froze in his eyes—attack direction, target landing point, point of force, weak points… All became clear to him the moment Yang Yunche attacked.

Then, Chen Xingran’s blade did not falter, deftly deflecting the oncoming attacks. The blade swept in a tricky arc, bypassing all the attack points and striking directly at the vital spot!


With a crisp sound, the long sword slipped from Yang Yunche’s hand, and the Burst Blade!

Caught off guard by the Burst Blade in mid-air, the sudden stiffness prevented Yang Yunche from switching weapons. Chen Xingran kicked him on the shoulder, and Yang Yunche’s body plummeted like a meteor—

Thunderous Void!

Chen Xingran’s figure descended afterward, but in mid-air, his momentum had already soared to its peak in an instant. His palm loosely gripped the hilt, and all the surrounding light seemed to freeze in that moment. Then, a lightning bolt descended from the sky!


The blade, like a rainbow across autumn skies, froze a hair’s breadth away from Yang Yunche’s face.

In just a few seconds of confrontation, hearts raced with excitement. In just a few rounds of exchanges, both had experienced numerous tactics. However, the current Chen Xingran was far from his former self. Whether it was seizing the opportunity with Ghost Shadow Slash or neutralizing the attack with the invincible time of his ultimate technique, each move was perfectly timed, leaving no room for error.

As the stiffness wore off, Yang Yunche looked at the sharp blade fixed in front of him. The dark golden glow emitted by the Azure Crystal illuminated his face distinctly. Yet, a smile crept onto his lips.

This was ZMD’s assault expert.

And also ZMD’s strongest blade.

Even facing Chen Xingran, Yang Yunche didn’t hold back. All his actions just now were the limits of what he could do. It’s just that Chen Xingran was no longer the naive youngster he once was. Whether it was skill application or seizing the moment, he had reached another level. Plus, they had been working together for a long time, and Chen Xingran knew his habits inside out. Losing this battle wasn’t unjust.

“Ah ah ah, we won!”

“Why didn’t you strike down with that blade and send Captain Yang to the next respawn point?”

“Wuwuwu, you’ve gone soft, Xingran!”


Yang Yunche’s heart was filled with admiration and pride as he spoke.

The chilling aura of killing intent dissipated from Chen Xingran’s body. He retracted the Tang Sword in his hand and tossed something shiny gold towards Yang Yunche.

Subconsciously catching it, Yang Yunche found himself holding a golden bird gun.

“See you in the final circle.”

Chen Xingran waved at him, then turned and walked away. His upbeat mood was evident from the slightly raised tone of his voice.

“Wuwuwu, not only did he let him off the hook, he even gave him a golden bird gun. What kind of benevolent fairy is Xingran?”

“Is this what they call brotherhood in ZMD?”

“Maybe, anyway, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei wouldn’t do this.”


Yang Yunche chuckled dumbfoundedly, opened the public mic, and shouted, “You’re too kind, Anchor. Good people get good rewards, you’ll definitely grow taller in the future!”

Chen Xingran: “?”

Maybe you’d better not live anymore.

He halted in his tracks, turned around with a murderous intent, intending to chop Yang Yunche directly. But as he turned, after Yang Yunche threw out those words, he had already vanished without a trace.

“Is God Yun still trying to flirt at a time like this?”

“Hahaha, what a daredevil!”

“As expected, the flirtatious Yang Rou has his reasons.”

*yang rou – goat meat/mutton

“Haha, so naughty!”

Chen Xingran tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Alright, you’re done for.

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