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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 83

83. Whatever

Unfortunately, the two of them didn’t meet in the final circle.

Because when they spawned in the fourth circle, they bumped into each other near Huntian City.

Yang Yunche was fiercely engaged in combat with a Thunder Fist in Huntian City. With the golden bird musket in hand, his damage output was excessive. One shot to the head, two shots to penetrate armor, and three shots to send them to the afterlife. Having just dealt with the Thunder Fist in front of him, Chen Xingran, who had been waiting for an opportunity, immediately joined the fray as a qualified sixth man and began battling Yang Yunche.

The terrain in Huntian City was complex, making it perfect for Yang Yunche to navigate, while Chen Xingran chased after him relentlessly. Even though Yang Yunche repeatedly opened his mic saying, “Xing Ge, mI was wrong,” “Xing Ge, spare me,” Chen Xingran didn’t show any mercy. The two of them chased each other around Huntian City for a long time, and in the end, Chen Xingran seized an opportunity and unleashed an unstoppable combo of sword strikes, finally taking Yang Yunche down.

However, the poison mist had arrived. Yang Yunche had been weakened by Chen Xingran’s attacks, leaving him with only a sliver of health. He didn’t even have time to heal before collapsing in the poison mist. The two most promising players to win the game, because of their internal conflict, fell short of reaching the final circle.

Anyone who has watched Chen Xingran’s early videos can see his progress. His transformation is remarkable. At first, he was unfamiliar with hero skills and terrain, relying solely on his excellent swordplay. But in a short period of time, his strength has soared several levels. His skill application is impeccable, and he can even coordinate with in-game skills to execute moves that are impossible in real life.

Yang Yunche has spent the most time with Chen Xingran and can feel his changes the most.

To put it bluntly, in a fair 1v1 environment, Yang Yunche is almost no match for Chen Xingran. In ten matches, he can win at most three or four. Before, he could suppress Chen Xingran, manipulating the terrain to confuse him, but now it’s difficult to maintain a fifty-fifty chance.

Of course, it’s not just him. Yang Yunche even suspects that looking at the entire world championship, there’s no one who can go head-to-head with Chen Xingran in a 1v1 scenario and have a fifty-fifty chance. With his excellent foundation in ancient martial arts combined with professional training, Chen Xingran’s sword has become unparalleled, capable of sweeping all before it.

After one game ended, Chen Xingran had collected quite a few kills. Although he didn’t make it to the final circle, he still gained some points.

He was about to start the next game when a private message from Yang Yunche popped up in front of him.

ZMD-Yunche: [Crying loudly]

ZMD-Yunche: I lost points, all because of you.

Chen Xingran chuckled and replied: Oh, I gained 15 points [Heart].

ZMD-Yunche: …

ZMD-Yunche: I don’t care, you need to take responsibility.

ZMD-Yunche: Take me duo queue to gain points.

Chen Xingran was live streaming, and the private messages that popped up in front of him were naturally visible to the audience.

“Hahahaha What’s God Yun up to?”

“Acting coquettish? Vomit, nauseating heart”

“Why did my mute hubby turn into this virtuous?”

“Spoiled men have it easy”

“After all that, he just wants to duo queue with Ran Bao. Ha, such a cunning guy”

Chen Xingran looked at the messages in front of him, focusing on the phrase “you need to take responsibility,” and fell into thought.

Why did it seem like he could hear a hint of resentment?

Imagining Yang Yunche’s face looking somewhat aggrieved, Chen Xingran’s lips curved into a helpless smile as he replied: Okay, I’ll duo queue with you.

In the adjacent control room, Yang Yunche felt a surge of excitement.


Finally agreeing to Captain Yang’s duo queue request, Yang Yunche thought to himself: Ha, youngsters these days are too soft-hearted. I just showed a little weakness, and you fell right into my trap.

Yang Yunche didn’t feel embarrassed at all; instead, he felt rather proud. Chen Xingran is someone who responds better to gentleness than toughness. Although he teased him a bit last time, a few kind words were enough to appease him.

Chen Xingran sent a team invitation, and Yunche happily accepted, already imagining a sweet duo queue journey ahead.

In the next moment, the screen flashed, and another person joined the team.

ZMD-Luo Baibai: Huh? Captain, you’re here too?

Yang Yunche: “…”

Luo Baibai took the opportunity to open his mic: “Are you guys playing ranked?”

Chen Xingran: “Yeah.”

Luo Baibai: “Then add me too. I’m free right now. Carry me for some rank points! Carry me!”

Chen Xingran: “Sure.”

Luo Baibai grinned: “It’s been a while since I played ranked with Yun Ge. I really miss the feeling of climbing ranks together. When I first joined ZMD, Yun Ge used to take me for ranked games often, right Yun Ge?”

Yang Yunche: “…Heh.”

“God Yun: Don’t pretend to be familiar, thanks.”

“The tone is visibly melancholic…”

“God Yun, don’t cry, stand up and fight”

The sweet duo plan was disrupted by Luo Baibai, the uninvited guest. The instigator was completely unaware of their role as the third wheel. As soon as they entered the game, they started chattering away in the team voice chat.

“Let’s drop at Huntian City!”

“Hahaha, isn’t this round just for fun?”

“Ran Bao, charge! I’ll back you up from behind!”

“Yun Ge, hold on a bit, I’ll help Ran Bao finish this fight and then come to save you!”

Yang Yunche didn’t respond. Silently, he drew his bow and arrows, took out two heads, silently looted the loot, and listened to Luo Baibai’s crow-like voice chatting with Chen Xingran. Chen Xingran’s tone carried a hint of indulgence, treating Luo Baibai with a somewhat elder-like affection, always responding to Luo Baibai’s requests, and even taking time during team fights to pay attention to Luo Baibai’s movements and help dismantle enemy fire.

What’s this all about…

I was the one who came first.

Yang Yunche discreetly pursed his lips. From the high tower of Hun Tian City’s clock tower, he watched Chen Xingran once again take away two heads with his splendid and gorgeous swordsmanship, rescuing Luo Baibai from danger. Suddenly, an idea struck him.

His gaze swept around, and he quickly spotted two people in the nearby alley. Decisively, he jumped off the clock tower, drew a Tang Sword, and engaged in a head-on fight with his own excellent swordsmanship against the enemies.

The enemies in the Asura segment had quite strong swordfighting skills. Yang Yunche fought two of them at close range, and his health dropped rapidly. It didn’t take long for his armor to be pierced.

“Protect me!”

Yang Yunche called out in the voice chat when it seemed about time.

“Yun Ge, why is your health dropping so fast?”

Luo Baibai glanced at the team panel and exclaimed, “We still have another team here. You hold on for a bit, we’ll come as soon as we deal with this team…”


Before Luo Baibai could finish speaking, Chen Xingran’s voice came through the voice chat, calm and reassuring.

A few seconds later, Chen Xingran’s figure descended like a god, activating Ghost Shadow Slash. His body, trailing afterimages like arrows, descended from above and intercepted the two weapons that were about to strike Yang Yunche.


The attacks of the two opponents were blocked by Chen Xingran. However, these two enemies obviously didn’t want to let Yang Yunche, who was already low on health, off the hook. One of them stayed back to hold off Chen Xingran, while the other charged towards Yang Yunche.

After Yang Yunche disengaged from the battlefield, he instinctively started healing, slowing down his movements as he watched the enemy approaching.


Chen Xingran reacted swiftly. Years of professional training had taught him to always be aware of his teammates’ positions and status. Seeing Yang Yunche in dire straits, he immediately bent his knees and body, performing a standard retreat while deflecting the enemy’s weapon. Then, he turned around and charged towards Yang Yunche. His blade flashed coldly, cutting through the enemy’s throat cleanly, sending a spray of blood into the air.

“No way, is God Yun really that bad?”

“What’s wrong? Did he get hit with the Ten Fragrance Soft Tendon Powder and lose all his martial arts skills? Where’s your marksmanship?”

“Could you please use your bow? Who can you beat with a knife? Don’t you have any self-awareness?”

“Don’t you guys understand? This move, this move is God Yun’s ultimate move. It’s much more effective than marksmanship or anything else.”

“I understand. This move is called ‘Laopo, Save Me’. “

“Sacrifice God Yun’s health, summon Ran Bao as the descending god. Where can I learn this technique?”

“First of all, you need to have a wife.”

Chen Xingran wove a flurry of blade lights, swiftly dispatching the two enemies in front of him. Although the enemies from the Asura stage had strong sword skills, they were no match for Chen Xingran, the invincible close combat assault specialist. He effortlessly harvested the two enemies with his high-damage golden Tang Dao, rescuing Yang Yunche.

Yang Yunche looked at the demonic blade in front of him, which was being sharpened and maintained, feeling quite relieved. “General Chen’s assistance was invaluable. Here’s a reward.”

With that, a Bloodthirsty Soul Jade appeared in front of Chen Xingran.

Chen Xingran casually equipped the Soul Jade, his eyes showing a hint of suspicion as he scrutinized Yang Yunche. “Were you distracted just now?”

Yang Yunche: “…Uh, no, not at all.”

“How could it be that difficult?” Chen Xingran knew Yang Yunche’s strength very well. Even if there were a few more opponents, with Yang Yunche’s agility and ability to manipulate terrain, he could easily outmaneuver them. It didn’t make sense for him to need to call for help.

Yang Yunche coughed. “People make mistakes, horses stumble, it’s normal, just normal.”

“Normal? My a*s!”

“You’re just pretending. Your acting skills are terrible.”

“Only someone as naive as Ran Bao would believe you.”

“Haha, give God Yun some face, will you?”

“Yeah, it’s just that the enemies were too strong. It’s normal for God Yun’s swordsmanship to be unable to match.”

“Exactly, exactly. At crucial moments, we still need the wife to step in.”

“That’s right, it’s just a momentary lapse, don’t overthink it, okay?”

“Ran Bao, help!!!”

Chen Xingran was still puzzled, but Luo Baibai on the other end was already shouting again. He was being chased by a group of people, his broadsword durability depleted, unable to withstand the four-person onslaught. He ran while shouting for help in the voice chat.

“I’m coming.”

Chen Xingran responded, too busy to bother with Yang Yunche. He grabbed some armor pieces and health packs, then rushed out with his sword.

Watching Chen Xingran’s merciless departure, Yang Yunche silently made a mental note about Luo Baibai.

Chen Xingran once again descended like a god, facing four enemies alone. With a swift strike, he knocked down two enemies, saving Luo Baibai. Before he could even heal, he heard Yang Yunche’s voice in the team chat.

Yang Yunche: “General Chen, I need assistance!”

Chen Xingran: “…On my way.”

He grabbed an armor piece and ran over to Yang Yunche.

Luo Baibai: “Ran Bao, I’ve got company here!”

Yang Yunche: “General Chen, come and get this purple armor.”

Luo Baibai: “Help! There are so many enemies here, two teams are chasing me!”

Yang Yunche: “Save me first, I’m almost out of health.”

Chen Xingran felt like an old grandmother feeding two children, running around the entire game, either saving Luo Baibai or Yang Yunche. Luo Baibai was understandable; he was a support player with weaker sword skills and was often targeted first. But… what was the deal with Yang Yunche?

Finally, after hearing another distress signal from Yang Yunche, Chen Xingran couldn’t take it anymore.

He threw down his sword and questioned in the voice chat, “Are you two playing me?”

The top assault specialist and top support player of a prestigious team, not coordinating and fighting separately, was bad enough. But being chased and attacked by players from the Asura stage? That was unacceptable.

Yang Yunche paused for a moment, his tone tinged with guilt. “…Let’s not talk about that for now. I really do need help. Come to my location quickly.”

Chen Xingran: “Oh, then you’re on your own.”

Enough is enough. Let them deal with it themselves.

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