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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 86

86. Block

The middle-aged man seemed to be enraged. He shook off the people in front of him and rushed towards the doctor with the knife.

Chen Xingran didn’t have time to think much. With a slight weight on his shoulder, he shrugged off Yang Yunche’s hand and hurried forward.

The sharp blade tore through the air, causing everyone around to be dumbfounded. Unable to stop it in time, they could only watch as the blade approached the doctor.

At that moment, a slender figure directly bypassed the crowd and rushed into the fray. Before anyone could react, he had already reached the middle-aged man, moving as fast as lightning. In the next second, he had already struck, his arm agilely avoiding the blade like a nimble snake, reaching out with a probing hand to grab the middle-aged man’s wrist.


With a muffled sound, the middle-aged man reacted quickly, thrusting his arm forward slightly to avoid being grabbed by Chen Xingran’s wrist. However, his forearm still received a solid blow, feeling the immense force coming from the opposite young man’s hand, almost causing the knife to slip from his grip.

“Probing Cloud Hand?”

The middle-aged man muttered, subconsciously glancing at the young man in front of him.

Although he looked very young, around seventeen or eighteen years old, he still had a strong sense of youthfulness, but his pale amber-like eyes were surprisingly bright. The attack failed to hit, and Chen Xingran was slightly surprised, but there was obviously no time for him to think more. His palm grabbed the middle-aged man’s forearm again, exerting force once more, skillfully twisting from top to bottom and attacking the middle-aged man’s wrist again!

The middle-aged man was also a martial artist. The irresistible force coming from his forearm indicated that the young man opposite was definitely not weak, but a genuine martial artist. He quickly reacted, tensing the muscles in his arm, generating a rebounding force like a spring, almost forcing Chen Xingran to loosen his grip.

Hidden strength?

Chen Xingran was astonished. Even in his previous life, this middle-aged man’s martial arts skills were considered top-notch, and in this world, martial artists who could cultivate hidden strength were at least considered top-notch. He was caught off guard, and after a moment of fighting with the middle-aged man, he was forced to retreat two steps. Most of his time in his previous life was spent practicing military tactics, and his martial arts skills were not that strong. He didn’t gain any advantage over the opponent.

Chen Xingran’s gaze slightly condensed. Stepping on his left foot, he stood his ground and attacked again!

“Bang bang bang…”

Both of them were fast and reacted quickly. The speed of their exchanges dazzled onlookers, as if they were watching a martial arts movie unfold before their eyes. One person held a knife, while the other was unarmed. The slender figure of the young man made people sweat nervously.

Chen Xingran’s attacks were extremely fierce. He kept his eyes on the blade in the opponent’s hand, evading it with every step, aiming directly at the vital points, trying to rely on quick attacks to break through the opponent’s defenses and quickly render the middle-aged man powerless. The middle-aged man also had no intention of harming him, focusing on defense and trying to force Chen Xingran to retreat.

From Chen Xingran’s attack to the two of them grappling, the entire process took only three or four seconds. The surrounding people only reacted at this moment.

“What… what’s going on?”

“It’s too dangerous, that kid, come back quickly!”

“Be careful!”


Chen Xingran attempted to seize the knife, inevitably facing the blade in the middle-aged man’s hand. Without checking for a moment, he brushed against the sharp edge. His sleeve was torn open, revealing his slender arm, luckily without drawing blood.


Yang Yunche’s voice came from beside him, followed by a whistling sound as if something was thrown over.

Without turning around, Chen Xingran subconsciously reached back with his arm, and the cold touch immediately made him realize it was a metal rod.


With a weapon in hand, the young man seemed like a different person. He stepped back, and the metal rod sliced through the air in a smooth arc. With a flick of his wrist, the rod surged forward like a tiger leaping out of its den!

Azure Dragon Presents Its Claw Stance!

The strike was fast and precise, the angle impeccable. The tip of the rod directly deflected the blade, then with a forceful flick of his wrist, the rod seemed to come alive as it swung to the right, slamming heavily on the middle-aged man’s wrist!


With a crisp sound, the blade in the middle-aged man’s hand flew off and fell to the ground.


Chen Xingran didn’t give him a chance to bend down and pick up the knife. With the rod still in hand, he struck the middle-aged man’s knee and waist separately. Under the tremendous force, the man knelt down, and with one hand holding the metal rod, Chen Xingran lifted it, placing it under the middle-aged man’s chin.

The people around, who had been on alert, immediately rushed forward and pushed the middle-aged man down to the ground.

“Wow, that was close…”

“Is this… is this a movie?”

“Who’s that young guy? Is he a secret agent? Undercover cop?”

The sudden turn of events stunned the people nearby, and several young people were filming the entire incident with their phones.

From Chen Xingran’s action to the end of the fight, everything happened quickly. The figures of the two grappling in the middle resembled scenes from some modern martial arts movies, eliciting exclamations from the surrounding crowd.

“Are you okay?”

Yang Yunche quickly approached, checking the sleeve of Chen Xingran’s torn clothes. Fortunately, it was just a cut in the fabric, not his skin. Yang Yunche breathed a sigh of relief.

Chen Xingran’s sudden rush out had almost caused Yang Yunche to stop breathing for a moment. Fortunately, he had quickly found an IV stand in the lobby, removed the base, and thrown the metal rod to Chen Xingran. Otherwise, he might have been injured if the fight had continued.

Chen Xingran’s impulsiveness made Yang Yunche both relieved and angry. This kid treated himself like a Bodhisattva rescuing people in distress. The other party was a desperado with a knife. Could such a dangerous situation be dealt with impulsively?

He put on a stern face, subconsciously wanting to say something, but when he met Chen Xingran’s gaze, he couldn’t say anything.

Chen Xingran threw the rod aside and blinked at Yang Yunche. “Not bad aim.”

If it weren’t for Yang Yunche throwing the rod in time, Chen Xingran might not have come out unscathed. The opponent’s skills were quite fierce, and in a hand-to-hand situation, Chen Xingran couldn’t do much. But with a weapon in hand, it became much simpler.


Yang Yunche looked at him for a while, then sighed heavily. “You ah…”

The middle-aged man who was being held down by the crowd wasn’t as emotionally agitated as others might have imagined. He was pinned to the ground by several people, his hands firmly held, but his gaze remained fixed on Chen Xingran’s face.

“It’s you…”

His voice was soft, but Chen Xingran still heard it.

“Do I know you?”

Chen Xingran turned around, looking somewhat surprised at the other person.

The middle-aged man didn’t respond. With a defeated expression, he glanced back at the doctor, who was still trembling with fear, then closed his eyes and fell silent.

Originally, the plan was to spend some time alone with Chen Xingran during this opportunity, maybe go out for a stroll and grab a bite to eat. However, the sudden turn of events ruined Yang Yunche’s plans as well.

After finishing the paperwork, Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche lost interest in going out. They simply grabbed a quick bite by the roadside and drove back to the ZMD base.

Inside the base, everything was as calm as ever. As soon as they entered, they saw Luo Baibai sitting at the table, fiddling with something, with Xiao Nan standing beside her.

“Oh, you’re back?”

Luo Baibai turned around upon hearing the noise. “What delicious things did you go out for? You’re back so late.”

Chen Xingran saw a small ornament placed on the table in front of Luo Baibai, shaped like a horse with two small elephants on its back. Although the design was somewhat strange, it was quite exquisite overall.

“What’s this?”

Chen Xingran asked curiously.

“Li Haoyuan gave it to me,” Xiao Nan answered for Luo Baibai. “He said it’s a gift for Luo Baibai after he went out for a while, and it seems to have some special meaning.”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Luo Baibai pointed to the ornament on the table. “It says ‘a partner is coming soon,’ it’s crystal clear. Li Haoyuan is quite considerate, knowing to bless me. I won’t hold a grudge against him for the prank he played on me last time; adults have bigger hearts.”


Chen Xingran nodded as he looked at the shape of the ornament, seeming to agree.


Yang Yunche just glanced at it and immediately saw through the hidden meaning. He said coldly, “Isn’t this implying ‘the partner will run away soon’?”

Chen Xingran: “…”

Xiao Nan: “…”

Does it make sense like that too?

Luo Baibai’s face stiffened, and she turned around to carefully examine the ornament. Then, she angrily lifted it and went upstairs. “I knew this guy wasn’t sincere! I’ll go give him a piece of my mind!”

Watching Luo Baibai leave, Xiao Nan looked at Yang Yunche helplessly. “Captain, do you not understand what romance is?”

How come it sounded quite meaningful, but in your mouth, it’s so off?

Yang Yunche shrugged. “Is that so?”

No, he thought he was quite romantic.

The familiar and warm atmosphere of the ZMD team helped Chen Xingran’s heart to calm down again. At this moment, Fu Zhou walked out of his office and saw the two who had just returned to the lobby. He said, “Xingran, Yuncha, come here for a moment.”

“What’s going on?”

Fu Zhou closed the office door and gestured to his phone. “Weren’t you just supposed to get a physical exam? How come it’s making headlines now? Did you go out to shoot a reality show or something?”

Chen Xingran took his phone and glanced at it.

The events that happened in the lobby today were captured by several young people with their phones and quickly spread online. The extremely dangerous scene in the video and the movie-like fight scenes quickly attracted a large number of netizens, making it a minor hot topic.

“What’s going on? Is there a medical disturbance?”

“Damn, hate these kinds of people the most. It’s not easy to cultivate a doctor. Because of people like this, fewer and fewer people are willing to study medicine.”

“Why do I feel like I’m watching a TV drama filming scene? Isn’t the fight scene between those two too unrealistic?”

“No, don’t you think that young man looks familiar?”

“I noticed too. Isn’t he the new commando at ZMD? He was trending on social media a few days ago; I remember.”

“Damn, isn’t the handsome guy with the mask behind him Yun Shen?”

“It seems so. There’s even a police report, ‘with the help of the enthusiastic citizen Xiao Chen, no serious consequences occurred’… Isn’t this definitely Chen Xingran?”

“I can’t help but laugh at the enthusiastic citizen Xiao Chen.”

“Are you guys missing the point? Isn’t this fight too exaggerated? And when Chen Xingran had the stick in his hand, wasn’t it the same move he uses in the game with the long spear?!”

“It’s not that bad. You didn’t see him using Thundering Strike; that was exaggerated. He executed it with 0% action correction. Isn’t it normal for him to use it in real life?”

“I also want to learn martial arts now. I wonder if it’s too late to start at twenty-two?”

“You recovered from genetic illness and started to feel aloof, didn’t you?”

Fu Zhou watched the video on his phone with lingering fear. Even though he wasn’t present, he could feel the danger in it. This wasn’t in a game where getting slashed would only lose some health points; this was the real world, where getting injured could lead to bleeding, or even death!

“There were security guards on-site, and so many people around. What are you trying to prove? Do you think you’re a superhero?”

Fu Zhou was furious as he turned to Chen Xingran. “You’re only eighteen! Others your age are still in school! When I applied to your school to let you join ZMD, I promised to take good care of you. You’ve only been here for a few days, and you’re already acting like a hero? Is learning martial arts impressive? Are you not afraid of knives after learning martial arts? You…”

Chen Xingran rarely saw Fu Zhou so furious. Fu Zhou, who usually acted like an old mother, was now like an angry lion. The overwhelming momentum made Chen Xingran shrink his neck, unable to say a word of defense.

“It was me who sent him.”

Yang Yunche, who had been silent all along, suddenly spoke up.

“Do you know how dangerous this is? You’re not a police officer… Ah?”

Fu Zhou, who was scolding, paused when he heard Yang Yunche’s words, then turned incredulously and repeated, “You sent him?”


Yang Yunche stepped forward, blocking the heavily scolded Chen Xingran behind him. “The situation was critical at the time, and I didn’t stop him either. I even gave him a weapon. It has nothing to do with him.”

Chen Xingran looked at the back of Yang Yunche standing in front of him, stunned for a moment.

Fu Zhou pointed at Yang Yunche, too angry to speak for a while. “You’re something, Yang Yunche. So this is how you act as a team leader?”

Fu Zhou continued to scold Yang Yunche. Yang Yunche was already accustomed to Fu Zhou’s personality, his expression appearing calm and composed. He even turned around and winked at Chen Xingran silently, using his mouth to say to Chen Xingran: Don’t be afraid, I’m here.

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