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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 87

87. I’m Here.

Fu Zhou scolded Yang Yunche fiercely until his throat was sore, but Yang Yunche remained impassive, blocking in front of Chen Xingran like an old hen protective of her chick.

Feeling tired of the scolding, Fu Zhou waved his hand, not wanting to deal with these troublemakers anymore, and kicked them out of the office, then went to handle other matters.

With such an incident, as the two professional players of ZMD directly involved, they needed to control the online public opinion and also report to the professional league. Although the nature of this matter was a righteous act, the professional league had regulations prohibiting professional players from fighting. They also needed to submit an application to ensure that this matter would not affect them.

After leaving Fu Zhou’s office, Chen Xingran went to the training room. As usual, he went online and started the tedious training mode, but this time he was somewhat distracted.

That middle-aged man, did he know him?

Chen Xingran was sure he had never seen him before.

It wasn’t until half an hour later, when Fei Wei sent him a message, that Chen Xingran knew why the middle-aged man had looked at him like that.

“Do you know that person?” Chen Xingran’s tone was tinged with surprise.

“Yeah,” Fei Wei said, “He’s a highly respected elder in the martial arts community. He’s the one who recently opened a new martial arts gym in Hetai.”

That middle-aged man’s name was Nie Cang, and he had a son who died a few days ago due to not receiving timely treatment. At that time, it was also a dilemma for the doctor. He ultimately chose to save another person, who seemed to be a well-known entrepreneur in the capital.

Perhaps in Nie Cang’s mind, the doctor chose to give up his child because of his own interests, or perhaps it was because of the loss of his beloved son that he lost his sanity and chose to retaliate against the hospital in this way. Fei Wei said that Nie Cang had been in a daze these days, and seemed to have some mental problems. He was originally a highly respected elder in the martial arts community, but ended in such a tragic ending, which was truly lamentable.

From Fei Wei, Chen Xingran also learned why Nie Cang knew him. Because the child Nie Cang lost was his fervent fan in the live broadcast room. Since he started the live broadcast, he had been a loyal fan in his room, which was filled with screenshots of Chen Xingran’s game and ZMD team’s official posters.

Chen Xingran sighed, feeling a hint of sadness in his heart.

He could understand Nie Cang’s grief and resentment after losing his beloved son, but he could never agree with Nie Cang’s actions. Regardless of whether the doctor made the choice due to professional reasons or other factors, in such a situation, there would always be a family that wouldn’t get the outcome they wanted. Perhaps this was also the most difficult situation for a doctor.

As martial artists, after years of training, their physical fitness surpassed that of ordinary people, and to some extent, it would affect their mentality.

Resorting to legal means was lengthy and difficult, while relying on their own martial strength could quickly resolve the current dilemma. Many martial artists were accustomed to this way, including in the martial arts circle where Chen Xingran was in his previous life, where there was a rule of “martial matters are discussed by martial artists, and life and death are predetermined.”

Such a martial spirit often appeared in martial artists, including Chen Xingran himself, who was clear that he had the same problem. Like today in the hospital, when he, Fu Zhou, and Yang Yunche were there, surrounded by so many people, including security guards, it wasn’t actually his turn as an eighteen-year-old boy to step forward. But Chen Xingran still did it, almost without much thought, just feeling, “I have the ability, so I should do it,” and he moved forward without hesitation.

With the physical fitness of martial artists, they could often live healthily to seventy or eighty years old, or even eighty or ninety years old. However, in Chen Xingran’s previous life, he hardly saw many martial artists who could live to that age. They either died young due to their aggressive nature and causing trouble everywhere, or they, like Chen Xingran, encountered injustices and felt that they should intervene in everything until they encountered something they couldn’t handle, and ultimately died on the road of “chivalrous loyalty, drawing swords to help.”

There is a widely spread saying on Earth, “With great power comes great responsibility,” which is quite apt for martial artists. When a person has power beyond that of ordinary people, they also see more human suffering and injustices. The so-called “great hero” is for the country and the people. If a person lacks the ability and encounters something they can’t handle, choosing to retreat, no one will blame them because everyone knows that individual strength is ultimately limited, and they are powerless.

But just like those ancient knights in stories, if they have extraordinary strength and can do something, but choose not to, even if others understand and don’t blame them, they will suffer greatly and be tortured.

Chen Xingran also thought about it. Today’s incident was still lucky for him because he was the anchor liked by Nie Cang’s child, and Nie Cang didn’t mean to hurt him, so he could leave without injury. But what about next time? If faced with a more urgent situation, would he intervene?

Medical disputes, he could handle, robbery, he could handle, but if someone took a gun to rob a bank and tried to harm innocent people, what then? At that time, would he hesitate, thinking that the risk was too great and he shouldn’t intervene, watching the vibrant lives in front of him perish?

Chen Xingran didn’t know, and he couldn’t give an answer.

He was reborn, a person who had died once. He always cherished his extra life. Chen Xingran was the same. If he were alone, he would be fine, but now he had dreams to pursue, a group of lovely teammates, and fans who admired him like a belief. There were so many things worth cherishing. Perhaps because of one impulsive injury, he would lose all these things completely.

Chen Xingran’s mind was in chaos, and he didn’t even have the mind to practice with a knife. Since he was reborn into this world for so long, almost every time, he acted according to his own ideas, including when he was at Hetai Park to save Yang Yunche and the others, dealing with those hooligans. When Yang Yunche warned him with a disapproving tone, he agreed on the surface but actually thought, “What do you know? This little thing, why would I get hurt?”

Fu Zhou’s tone just now was very unpleasant, even with a hint of accusation, but Chen Xingran knew he wasn’t wrong. The intention was for his own good, as Fu Zhou had said; he wasn’t Superman, after all, and couldn’t handle everything. Even the original Superman often found himself in dangerous situations that nearly cost him his life due to various disasters. Other people might have a protagonist’s halo in comics, but he didn’t.

Chen Xingran sighed, closed the game, and walked out of the control room.

He went to the changing room, took off his operator suit, and put on his own clothes. Suddenly, his gaze fell on his daytime clothes. There was originally a cut on the sleeve from a blade, which he hadn’t had time to change, but now, that cut was nowhere to be seen; it had been sewn up.

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan didn’t know what had happened during the day, and they weren’t in the training room either. Fu Zhou was still in his office and hadn’t come down. It was obvious who had sewn up the cut.

Chen Xingran looked at the crooked stitches on top; obviously, the person who helped sew up the clothes was not skilled in this area, and the stitching was messy. The originally loose sleeve had shrunk by a circle after being sewn.

Chen Xingran chuckled silently.

Really ugly.

He changed into his clothes, pulled the sleeves, and then went upstairs, knocking on Yang Yunche’s door.

The door opened quickly, and Yang Yunche had already changed into his loose-fitting clothes. His meticulously combed hair was slightly messy, giving him a hint of a homely and male god-like vibe.

Facing Chen Xingran’s sudden visit, Yang Yunche was a bit surprised, and his gaze fell on the cuff of Chen Xingran’s sleeve, appearing somewhat astonished. “Oh? Who helped you mend your clothes? Really skillful; this person is quite thoughtful.”

Chen Xingran gave him a gentle side glance, then squeezed past him through the doorway.

This was his second time visiting Yang Yunche’s room, and the various decorations and slightly messy layout were exactly the same as last time. He naturally walked over to the sofa and sat down with a thud.

Yang Yunche could tell that Chen Xingran seemed a bit down, and he thought it might be because of Fu Zhou’s criticism. After a moment of thought, he said, “Fu Zhou’s words were a bit harsh just now, but don’t take it to heart. That’s just how he is. Although his words may be harsh, he still cares about you and is worried that you might get hurt from being too impulsive…”

“Yeah, I know.”

Chen Xingran replied casually.

“…It’s good that you know.”

Yang Yunche swallowed the rest of his words. Although Chen Xingran was only eighteen years old, he had a very open-minded attitude towards many things. When he said he knew, it meant he truly understood, not just polite words.

“So why the long face? Feeling bad?”

Yang Yunche walked to the sofa and sat down as well, pondering for a moment. He rummaged through the drawer in front of him and magically pulled out a box of cookies from a pile of daily necessities. “Want some? They’re matcha flavored. Eating sweets can improve your mood.”

Chen Xingran’s eyes flickered slightly, and Yang Yunche immediately said, “I took the blame for you today and got scolded by Fu Zhou. Don’t go and report me for returning kindness with ingratitude, okay?”

“…I’m not that idle.”

Chen Xingran’s little scheme was instantly exposed, and he said somewhat annoyed.

“It’s better if you didn’t.”

Yang Yunche smirked and casually tore open the packaging, handing the cookies to Chen Xingran.

Crunch, crunch.

The matcha flavor spread in his mouth as Chen Xingran chewed on the cookies, the cool and crispy sensation intertwining. Perhaps as Yang Yunche said, sweet things could affect one’s mood. After two pieces of cookies, Chen Xingran didn’t feel as agitated as when he came in.

Yang Yunche watched him puffing up his cheeks, looking like a squirrel gnawing on a pine nut, and found Chen Xingran adorable. While Chen Xingran was busy eating his cookies, Yang Yunche lightning-fast reached out and wiped a crumb from the corner of his mouth.

Chen Xingran: “?”

“You had some crumbs.”

Yang Yunche said with a straight face and calm demeanor.

The young man’s skin was smooth, typical of a young person’s rich collagen. There was no flaw on it, and his warm skin and soft lips made Yang Yunche’s heart beat faster, feeling like a cat who had stolen cream, simultaneously delighted and anxious.

Chen Xingran surprisingly didn’t glare at him. The two of them sat on the sofa for a while, not saying much, but the atmosphere was quite harmonious. Even as time passed slowly, it flowed as gently as a winding stream.



They almost spoke at the same time, different tones with the same words briefly intersecting in the air. Both of them paused for a moment, then chuckled dumbly.

“You speak.”

Leaning back on the sofa, Yang Yunche said.

“Why did you say in front of Manager Fu that it was you who asked me to go?”

Chen Xingran thought for a moment before asking.

“Is it hard to understand?”

Yang Yunche looked surprised. “When you were scolded by Fu Zhou just now, you looked so pitiful, and I felt a pang of sympathy, so I took the blame for you.”


Chen Xingran chuckled at his nonchalant tone, then became a bit more serious and asked, “But why didn’t you scold me like Manager Fu did when we were at the hospital? Shouldn’t you have scolded me just like him?”

The youth’s tone carried a hint of seriousness, as if he genuinely wanted to know the answer to this question.

Yang Yunche dropped his casual attitude and, looking at the confusion in Chen Xingran’s eyes, pondered for a moment before speaking earnestly.

“Well… Actually, I did want to scold you at that time. It’s been so long, but you haven’t improved at all. You’re still so impulsive and eager to jump into action whenever something happens, just like in a game.”

Chen Xingran’s mouth twitched downward.


Yang Yunche smiled, “But I know that in that situation, you would definitely go, even if you knew there was danger. So, even if I scolded you, you wouldn’t take it to heart.”


Chen Xingran was taken aback.

Yang Yunche looked at him, feeling like a certain part of his heart was slowly sinking. “Because that’s just who you are—impulsive yet righteous, like a… well, how should I put it? A hero?”

Though he had martial arts skills, he never bullied the weak. When he encountered injustice, he would bravely step forward.

Wasn’t he and Fu Zhou saved by this kind of Chen Xingran at the He Tai Park?

One couldn’t just be grateful for Chen Xingran’s sense of justice when benefiting from it, then selfishly try to stop him when it had nothing to do with them, depriving those who should have received help. In Yang Yunche’s view, such thoughts were both despicable and selfish, far from matching Chen Xingran’s righteous spirit.

The mention of ‘hero’ made Chen Xingran’s cheeks slightly blush. He felt he still wasn’t worthy of that title. After a moment of thought, he asked again, “But… what if one day I encounter something I can’t handle? What if I really get hurt? What if I…”

“I already told you.”

Yang Yunche gently interrupted him, his expression becoming more serious as he looked into Chen Xingran’s eyes.

” I’m here.”

Chen Xingran stared at him blankly, the soft amber-like eyes reflecting Yang Yunche’s handsome and gentle face, as if something in his heart had quietly loosened.

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