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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 88

88. Brand Ambassador Shoot

The next day, Fu Zhou brought Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche to Yun Tai Group to start the endorsement shoot.

It was Chen Xingran’s first time being involved in commercial endorsements. Faced with the makeup artists’ hands-on approach, he appeared particularly reserved. He had never come into contact with these cosmetics and skincare products in his entire life. The strange sensation on his face and the smell of the makeup made him unconsciously tilt his head.

“Hey, don’t move.”

The makeup artist adjusted his face back and continued to brush it with a brush.

“Kid, is it your first time?”

Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow at him. “Why so tense?”

Compared to the visibly nervous Chen Xingran, he seemed much more natural. Yang Yunche had been a professional player for so long and had taken on numerous major commercial endorsements. He couldn’t even count them with both hands. Plus, he had to wear makeup for competitions, so it was like second nature to him.

“Oh, young people’s skin is so good.”

The makeup artist sighed as she applied makeup to Chen Xingran’s face. “Your face is full of collagen. It’s so tender even without moisturizing. Do you usually take care of your skin? What skincare products do you use?”

Chen Xingran: “…None.”

He was like a stiff jointed doll, allowing the makeup artist to manipulate his face. Yang Yunche finished his makeup first and stood by, leaning against a shelf, watching him.

Chen Xingran’s facial features were already exquisite, but after the makeup, they were even more vividly and beautifully outlined. With a bit of styling on his slightly long bangs, his heroic eyebrows paired with amber-like eyes, he truly looked like a young knight-errant from ancient times stepping out of a painting.

Chen Xingran’s lips were full and attractive. With a layer of light lipstick applied, they looked even more moist. Yang Yunche stared at his lips for a while, feeling an irresistible itch in his heart.

What does it feel like to be kissed?

Chen Xingran caught his gaze, looked over, and his eyes flickered: What’s wrong?”

Yang Yunche cleared his throat and coughed, “Nothing, just looks pretty good.”

Chen Xingran tilted his head, “You look very handsome too.”

He was speaking the truth. After the makeup artist had finished grooming and dressing up Yang Yunche, he looked even more dazzling than celebrities in the entertainment industry, with his deep facial features giving him a somewhat mixed-race appearance.

Although it was just polite conversation, Yang Yunche couldn’t help but curl up the corners of his mouth, instantly brightening his mood.


The makeup artist put away her brush, took a step back, and looked at Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche, sighing, “You two are too good-looking. If you don’t pursue a professional career in the future, consider developing in the entertainment industry? Just film some idol dramas casually, and you’ll be able to captivate a group of fans.”

The appearance of the two people standing together, the CP feeling is simply overwhelming.

“Then I can play the CEO.”

Yang Yunche became interested, adjusted his collar, and said seriously.

“What about me?” Chen Xingran asked curiously.

“Mmh… you can play the poor and destitute male college student.”

Yang Yunche looked at him, his lips curling up, “Can’t afford tuition fees, can only take on part-time jobs, and then I’ll have a ‘hidden rule’ with you.”


Chen Xingran rolled his eyes at him, “I’m already a college student.”

“I’m as rich as a CEO too.”

Yang Yunche said, “What a coincidence? Let’s start shooting right away.”

Chen Xingran ignored his joke, leaving Yang Yunche with his prepared lines unused, looking quite frustrated.

“Are you both ready?”

Fu Zhou walked in from outside, nodded as he saw the current appearance of the two, “Hmm, not bad, quite valuable-looking. Let’s go, the studio is ready.”

Valuable-looking… What a description.

On the way to the studio, Yang Yunche leaned over to ask Chen Xingran, “If you weren’t a professional player, what would you want to do?”

Chen Xingran paused for a moment, pondered for a few seconds, and replied, “I might open a martial arts gym.”

“That would probably make you go bankrupt.”

Yang Yunche wasn’t surprised by Chen Xingran’s answer, “In this day and age, hardly anyone learns martial arts anymore, your industry doesn’t have much of a future. But it’s okay, Yun Ge will cover for you, I’ll be your landlord in the future, and won’t charge you rent.”

“What about you?”

Chen Xingran chuckled at his teasing and asked back.


“A CEO?”

Chen Xingran guessed, “Or an actor or something?”

“Not interested.”

Yang Yunche shook his head and said, “If we don’t consider other factors… I’d like to be a poet.”

This answer surprised Chen Xingran a bit, and he glanced at Yang Yunche with some doubt in his eyes.

“What’s with the look?”

Yang Yunche tilted his head slightly, “Any objections to my dream?”

“Isn’t that profession even more likely to lose money than running a martial arts gym?”

Chen Xingran replied casually, then thought for a moment, “But it’s okay, I can also be your loyal reader.”

“That’s nice.”

Yang Yunche’s eyes were full of smiles.

There was a strange magical atmosphere between the two, even though they were just chatting aimlessly, with nothing particularly substantial in their conversation. Yet, it felt as if there was an odd stance between them, allowing only the two of them to enter.

The makeup artist looked at their backs walking side by side and couldn’t help but mutter to herself in her heart.

Even though they were two guys, why did their conversation feel so rosy?

Although this was Chen Xingran’s first time participating in a commercial shoot, with Yang Yunche, an experienced senior, by his side, nothing went wrong. The filming team hired by Yuntai Group was also a top-notch professional team in the industry, with experienced photographers and staff guiding them. Soon, Chen Xingran got the hang of it.

He was handsome, they say the camera adds three pounds, but this law seemed to fail in front of Yang Yunche and Chen Xingran. Each of them exuded a unique aura, even in candid shots, there was a sense of carefully crafted design. When the two stood together, the inexplicable matching aura made the nearby photographers exclaim in admiration, their shutters flashing continuously, as if film rolls were free.

“Yes, that’s it, don’t move!”

“Get closer, a bit closer…”

“Nice! This shot is amazing!”

Originally, Chen Xingran found this unique filming experience intriguing and was enthusiastic at first. However, as time passed, the uninterrupted shooting made him increasingly irritable. There were staff members walking around everywhere, and the continuous flashing lights made his eyes feel dry.

It’s not as enjoyable as training at the base…

During the break, Chen Xingran sat on a chair, resting his chin in his hand, silently pondering.


Suddenly, a wave of coldness came from behind his neck. Chen Xingran involuntarily shrank his neck and turned to see Yang Yunche holding a bottle of ice-cold cola, looking at him.

“What are you doing?”

Chen Xingran bared his teeth at him.

“Seeing you looking so lifeless, let’s perk you up a bit.”

Yang Yunche blinked at him, shook the cola can in his hand, “Want some?”

Chen Xingran helplessly took the cola and took a sip. The cold liquid went down his throat, and his tired body indeed felt much more energetic.

Little Squirrel had a very good temper. Even if he occasionally got angry because of Captain Yang’s teasing, it was fleeting, and he was easily pacified by Captain Yang’s coaxing. Because of this, every time Yang Yunche couldn’t help but want to tease him a bit. This feeling of teasing and then comforting, no matter how many times it repeated, Yang Yunche enjoyed it.

One standing, the other sitting on a chair, Yang Yunche leaned slightly forward, saying something to Chen Xingran. The young man looked up at him, the scene appearing gentle and affectionate, like a scene from a manga.

The photographer, quick with his hands and eyes, picked up his camera and captured the moment.

The theme of their shoot this time was “Gaming is on Fire”, mainly showing the emotions between good friends and brothers playing games together. The photographer felt that this scene was quite suitable, better than the several poses they had shot before, and more natural. The intimacy and relaxation shown in their eyes made the photographer feel that this was the scene he wanted.

However, there always seemed to be something off about the atmosphere?

The photographer looked at the sample in his hand for a long time but couldn’t figure out what it was due to. He simply ignored it, took this photo, and prepared to edit it slightly to use it as one of the promotional photos.

After the shoot ended, Fu Zhou prepared to take them back to the base but was stopped by Yang Yunche.

“You go back first,” Yang Yunche said to Fu Zhou.

“What about you guys?” Fu Zhou looked puzzled.

“Don’t you have things to handle at the base? We’ll hang around nearby and be back in a while.”

“Oh… Well, be careful on your own, and come back early.”

Fu Zhou didn’t think much about it and casually agreed.

Chen Xingran was also puzzled. “What’s going on? Aren’t we going back?”

“Weren’t we supposed to go out together yesterday?” Yang Yunche blinked. “We didn’t make it in the end, which is a pity. Although we don’t have much time today, grabbing a coffee together should still be fine, right?”

Chen Xingran was somewhat moved, thought for a moment, and nodded in agreement.

The two of them rode alone in the car and returned to He Tai Park, arriving at the same café they went to when they first met.

Fate is quite a mysterious thing. When Chen Xingran first came here, he was just a small streamer preparing to sign with Star River Headquarters, and Yang Yunche had just met in real life. Both of them were a bit reserved, and their conversation revolved around games and professional teams.

Not long after, when they came here again, their relationship had changed. They had become teammates fighting side by side, and had experienced many things together. They were no longer as unfamiliar as when they first came here, but had become very familiar, like friends who had known each other for a long time.

“Friends?” Yang Yunche raised his coffee cup and took a sip, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah.” Chen Xingran sat across from him, the sunlight shining perfectly on the young man’s face, giving him a golden glow. “Aren’t we good friends now? Or do you prefer to be called ‘comrades-in-arms’? That seems appropriate too, considering we fight side by side in a team.”


 Yang Yunche made a vague sound in response.

“You don’t seem very satisfied?” Chen Xingran leaned in closer. “What’s wrong, is it embarrassing to be friends with me?”

Yang Yunche chuckled at his teasing. “Of course not.”

Pausing for a moment, he replied with a hint of concealment, “I’m honored.”

If possible, I even wish…

“Look over there.”

Chen Xingran suddenly patted his shoulder, interrupting Yang Yunche’s thoughts.

“What’s up?” Yang Yunche raised his head.

“That person looks familiar…”

Chen Xingran furrowed his brow, looking at two figures not far away. “Is that Captain Lu?”

Yang Yunche was somewhat surprised, following Chen Xingran’s gaze.

Sure enough, in another café not far away, two people were sitting at the entrance, one of them was none other than Lu Mingyu from All Stars?

Chen Xingran had chatted with Lu Mingyu many times, but they hadn’t had the chance to meet in person yet. Lu Mingyu hadn’t attended the offline gathering of professional players like Fei Wei and Li Haoyuan, so he wasn’t very sure.

But Yang Yunche was quite familiar with Lu Mingyu. Even from a distance, with just a silhouette, blue-black hair, and a punk-style outfit, he could recognize him—there was no doubt that it was Lu Mingyu.

“Why is he here?”

Yang Yunche wondered, “Isn’t All Stars busy finding a new assault player? Why would they have the leisure to come out for coffee?”

“Who’s the kid opposite Captain Lu?”

Chen Xingran focused his gaze for a moment. The distance was a bit far, and he could only see half of the figure, so he couldn’t be sure who it was. But judging from the figure, it should be a very young kid.

“Let’s go, let’s check it out.”

Yang Yunche picked up his coffee, signaling to Chen Xingran.

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