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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 92

  1. Exchange Weapons

With a force that could break through anything, they dealt with the entire S.Pub team, and everyone began to loot the spoils of war.

“So poor…”

Luo Baibai rummaged through the soul mounds of S.Pub, sounding somewhat disdainful, “How come there isn’t even a purple-tier weapon?”

“Probably from the jungle.”

Yang Yunche finished repairing his bow, “Report the cooldowns.”

“My ultimate is almost ready, 83%,” said Chen Xingran.

“I’m at 30%,” Xiao Nan replied.

Chen Xingran, facing off against two opponents alone, quickly took down the healer and the assault, then turned back to help Xiao Nan and the others. As the main damage dealer in this battle, he inflicted high damage and accumulated his ultimate faster than others. Just after the last team fight, he had already used his ultimate, and it was almost ready again after defeating S.Pub.

Having a powerful ultimate in hand undoubtedly gave ZMD the courage to face the next team. With the impending poison circle, they repaired their equipment and began to run towards the next safe zone.

After several consecutive team fights, the equipment on ZMD was surprisingly good.

“I got some good ones.”

Yang Yunche opened the Soul Jade panel, glanced at his Soul Jade, and smiled.

He had equipped many special Soul Jades, all exclusive to bows and arrows.

Fire Arrow: Attaches flames to arrows, causing burning damage.

Double Shot: Reduces the damage of a single arrow slightly, but can shoot two arrows at once.

Tendon-Breaking Arrowhead: A special Soul Jade that can attach special effects to twelve arrows. After hitting an enemy, it immobilizes them for 2 seconds. After the tendon-breaking arrows are used up, the Soul Jade automatically disappears.

In the current version, with the introduction of the Soul Jade system, ranged weapons have undergone significant changes. For example, once all the special Soul Jades are equipped on a bow and arrow, the seemingly ordinary bow and arrow will instantly transform into a humanoid automatic turret. The combination of Fire Arrow, Double Shot, Tendon-Breaking Arrowhead, and Bursting Arrow results in wide-ranging explosive arrow damage combined with control effects and damage bonuses, making it extremely terrifying in actual combat.

Even novice players, equipped with this set of luxury Soul Jades, can easily become output machines. The wide-ranging explosive arrows combined with burning effects can hit targets almost effortlessly. If you manage to collect a full set, you can easily deal five to six thousand damage in a single game.

This has also narrowed the gap between novice players and experts, making the game more friendly to newcomers and adding more uncertainty to Destiny.

However, collecting a complete set of bow and arrow Soul Jades is not an easy task. Special Soul Jades are already rare, and there are many different types, making it even more difficult to obtain the desired ones.

Yang Yunche is now only missing a Bursting Arrow Soul Jade to complete his set. In his words, he’s ready to go. Just one more Bursting Arrow, and he’ll be unstoppable.

“Wow, Captain, you’re so rich!”

Luo Baibai’s mouth watered as he watched, “I’ll give you fifty, let me have a go.”

Although he doesn’t have Yang Yunche’s strong long-range weapon skills, with the support of many Soul Jades, he doesn’t really need to aim much. Luo Baibai also wants to experience the feeling of standing far away and commanding the battlefield with a bow and arrow.

“In your dreams.”

Yang Yunche scoffed, ruthlessly crushing Luo Baibai’s aspirations, “You take this set of Soul Jades and stand at a distance to output, who’s going to heal people?”

“It’s not like it’s a formal competition, just a ranked match in the game server.”

Luo Baibai, feeling indignant, said, “Let me have a go, just for a bit, pretty please, Yunche, bro~”

Xiao Nan shivered, feeling a bit disgusted by Luo Baibai’s behavior.

Chen Xingran also looked a bit envious. “I want to play too…”

“You?” Yang Yunche glanced back at him, happily placed his Soul Jades on the ground, and handed his golden bow to Chen Xingran. “Take it, have some fun.”

Luo Baibai raised an eyebrow. “?”

“You’d rather let Ran Bao play with it than give it to me!” Luo Baibai looked aggrieved. “His aim is even worse than mine…”

Yang Yunche countered, “Weak points need to be trained.”

Luo Baibai persisted, “But if Ran Bao uses a bow and arrow for long-range attacks. Who’s going to handle close combat?”

“I will,” Yang Yunche stated firmly.

With that said, the other three fell silent.

“Or maybe you should play after all…” Chen Xingran said embarrassedly. “I’m fine with just using my Tang Sword.”

“It’s okay, it’s not like it’s a formal competition, just ranked matches.”

Luo Baibai. “Your words sound familiar… Didn’t I just say that?”

Yang Yunche waved his hand dismissively, then turned to Chen Xingran. “Give me your weapon. It’s time to show you all my swordsmanship.”

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Xingran couldn’t resist the temptation of the bow and arrow Soul Jades. He handed his purple-quality Tang Sword to Yang Yunche and took the golden bow, then equipped the bow and arrow exclusive Soul Jades.

The feeling of holding the bow and arrow was quite unfamiliar to Chen Xingran. He tried plucking the bowstring, and the taut string emitted a crisp buzz. “If I miss later, please don’t scold me…”

“What are you afraid of? A true warrior must dare to challenge oneself and break through limitations,” Yang Yunche said. “Let me see if there are any Burst Arrow Soul Jades later, to complete your set.”

“Captain, are you really okay?” Xiao Nan furrowed his brow, looking somewhat worried.

“Heh,” Yang Yunche chuckled softly. “I originally wanted to interact with you all as an ordinary person, but what I got in return was suspicion and alienation…”

Luo Baibai: “…”

“Enough pretending, let’s be honest.”

Yang Yunche tightened his grip on the Tang Sword in his hand. “I am the fourth ranked King of Sparring in the national server. It’s time for you to witness my strength.”

Imitating Chen Xingran’s manner, he twirled the sword, nearly nicking his own neck with the blade.

Yang Yunche coughed lightly, then waved his hand as if nothing had happened. “Let’s go.”

In the finals.

“Help me!”

Yang Yunche dashed around, clutching his head, shouting, “Luo Baibai, create a big shield for me!”

“I already did!” Luo Baibai looked utterly defeated. “Even if I had ten big shields, it wouldn’t be enough to protect you!”

Just as Yang Yunche had boasted, as soon as he entered the finals, karma struck. He was targeted by an assault, and the two swiftly exchanged blows at the edge of the arena, and then…

Yang Yunche’s sword exploded.

The assault who had come to attack Yang Yunche was probably quite bewildered at that moment.

——Wait a minute, isn’t this the competition server? Am I playing at a professional level?

Why does your swordsmanship resemble paper paste?

Feeling stiff from the Exploding Blade, Yang Yunche suffered a major blow in an instant. Luo Baibai promptly raised a hand to assist, while Xiao Nan also disengaged from the frontal battlefield in time, rushing over to help Yang Yunche dismantle the flames. Otherwise, Yang Yunche would have been down long ago.

Chen Xingran, positioned at the rear of the team, held the bow and arrow, aiming for quite some time. It seemed like he was choosing vegetables at a market, swaying back and forth indecisively, not shooting an arrow for a long time.

“Xingran, hurry up and help.”

Xiao Nan couldn’t hold back, shouting in voice chat, “What are you aiming at over there?”

“That Thunder Fist keeps running around, I don’t know where to shoot…”

Chen Xingran whispered some bullsht.

*BB – Talking nonsense

“Shoot towards me!”

Yang Yunche said as he ran, then halted his fleeing steps, using himself as bait to stall the enemy.


Chen Xingran finally took action. With a loosening of his right hand, under the effect of the Double Shot and Fire Arrow Soul Jades, two flaming arrows flew out simultaneously, cutting through the air, leaving behind two beautiful trails of fire.



The pile of rubble five meters away from Yang Yunche resounded with a boom. Under the tremendous impact of the burning arrows, the rubble erupted, flying chaotically in the air, solidly striking Yang Yunche’s forehead.

Yang Yunche: “…”

It’s one thing if the target is moving, but I’m standing still here, and you still manage to shoot so off-target?


Chen Xingran apologized hastily, pulling the bow again, and another arrow was released.

This time his aim was slightly better, the arrow narrowly hitting the enemy, instantly igniting them. Continuous burning numbers appeared above their head, triggering the hamstring effect, immobilizing them for two seconds.

The enemy was immobilized, their feet firmly planted, unable to move. Yang Yunche’s eyes lit up, feeling like he had seized an opportunity. He raised his sword and charged forward, his purple Tang Sword slicing through the air, launching an attack!

“Clang, clang, clang!”

Two seconds later.

“Luo Baibai, shield me!”

Yang Yunche was hit by another Exploding Blade, signaling for help in the team voice chat.

Among regular players, Yang Yunche’s swordsmanship was decent, but facing a professional player, especially in the assault position, their swordsmanship was naturally top-notch. Even though they were immobilized for two seconds and couldn’t move, they effortlessly beat Yang Yunche until he was confused and disoriented.

Chen Xingran: “…”

Wait, that person clearly has so many openings. You could easily counterattack with a simple sword stance, yet they’re still getting hit by Exploding Blades?

Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan looked at each other with expressions of disdain, feeling disheartened.

Both of them were among the top assault players in the national server. Once they changed their weapons, it was like they became different people, worse than platinum players. Just five minutes ago, they were dominating the battlefield, with unparalleled cooperation. But now, it was like they were under the effect of *Ten Fragrant Soft Muscles Powder, with each of their actions more sluggish than the last. Luo Baibai couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

*a poison that softens muscles. It comes from the poison given to Zhao Min , the daughter of King Ruyang of the Yuan Dynasty, by a monk from the Western Regions in ” The Legend of Yitian Slaying the Dragon “

The opposing team naturally didn’t let this opportunity slip by. Although they didn’t know why, the opponent’s ranged and melee combat showed quite low-level operations. But the archer’s equipment was excellent, almost completing a full set of Soul Jades. Such a fat sheep was definitely worth killing while it was sick.

They coordinated seamlessly, with one assault opening fire with a cannon, bombarding the area where Chen Xingran was positioned. This forced Chen Xingran to retreat, while the others focused their attacks on Yang Yunche, swiftly turning him into a soul pile.

With ZMD losing one of its key players and the finals area being narrow, Chen Xingran had no space to maneuver. Luo Baibai couldn’t afford to focus on him anymore and began to heal Xiao Nan’s health. Meanwhile, as Chen Xingran was healing, another team targeted him due to his low health. The sound of muskets and arrows rang out consecutively, draining the remainder of Chen Xingran’s health.

Half a minute later, ZMD was wiped out.

The team that killed Yang Yunche seized the opportunity to loot their items, exclaiming in amazement, “This team is too fat, aren’t they?”

Missing just one Soul Jade to have a complete set of bow and arrow equipment, with three gold-grade armors and one purple-grade armor, along with a gold bow and other purple weapons, they were simply a nightmare in the finals.

Unfortunately, those two assault players were performing so poorly, and it’s unclear how they managed to sneak into the competition server.

They sighed inwardly and then eagerly looted Chen Xingran’s gold bow and other Soul Jades from his bag, beginning the melee of the finals.

As they looked at the settlement panel that popped up in front of them, ZMD fell into a long silence.

In the early stages of the fights, Yang Yunche and Chen Xingran’s damage output was unmatched, leaving Luo Baibai and Xiao Nan far behind. But as the game progressed, since they changed their weapons and Soul Jades, their damage became pitifully low. After a team fight, they basically made no contribution, with all the damage being done by Xiao Nan and Luo Baibai.

Thus, the settlement panel showed the embarrassing scene of the two assault players dealing much less damage than the support and tank roles.

Yang Yunche broke the silence, “What a crappy bow.”

Chen Xingran not to be outdone, “What a shameful sword.”

Xiao Nan, with black lines on his face, “Neither of you is good.”

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