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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 93

93. Warm Up?

Yang Yunche, painfully lost the Soul Jade he had finally managed to acquire, bitter and hateful, he went emo on the spot.

After this incident, the entire ZMD team learned a lesson: never force anything, stick to one’s own role, which benefits everyone.

Actually, in other professional teams, there are also players who specialize in long-range combat. However, most professional players are versatile in both ranged and melee combat.When they are close, they draw swords, and when they are far away, they switch to long-range to deal damage, depending on the battlefield situation. 

Players like Chen Xingran and Yang Yunche, who excel in only one area, are few and far between.

Of course, there are also many players like Yang Yunche, who specialize exclusively in ranged combat, adhering to the belief that “the distance between you and me is the boundary between life and death.” Furthermore, Yang Yunche’s marksmanship is not exclusive to him; once a technique has been proven effective, countless others will rush to imitate it. After all, there are no patents on gaming skills; as long as it works, it’s worth spending time to learn.

But reaching Yang Yunche’s level is almost unparalleled; others simply can’t emulate it.

Most players who specialize in ranged combat transitioned from FPS games, just like Yang Yunche. However, Destiny’s ranged weapons are very different from other FPS firearms. For example, arrows have trajectory and flight speed. When attacking distant enemies, one needs to predict the enemy’s next move and take into account the speed of the arrow’s flight. It’s not like other FPS games, where hitting the target is as simple as aiming and pulling the trigger.

*FPS – First Person Shooter e.g. Call Of Duty

This is also the main reason why Chen Xingran has always struggled to master ranged weapons. Just now, when he was holding the gold bow, he clearly aimed in Yang Yunche’s direction, but after releasing the arrow, it fell slowly and missed by a large margin.

After Yang Yunche showcased his skills in Destiny, many professional players from other games also transitioned, but most of them failed halfway. The Snake King was relatively lucky; he found a path that suited him well. Transitioning from a professional FPS player to a top sparring expert in the European server, he did not encounter a career Waterloo. On the contrary, he fared better than before in the Black Tide. If it weren’t for his misjudgment, blaming Chen Xingran, his career might have gone even further.

Therefore, to wield ranged weapons like Yang Yunche, besides accuracy and strong predictive abilities, one also needs excellent timing control and understanding of the enemy’s psychology. Not a single one is dispensable.

The reason why Yang Yunche’s marksmanship is so formidable and others find it hard to grasp its essence is because his timing for switching weapons is always spot-on, his footwork is extremely subtle, and his deceptive tactics are incredibly strong.

In the intense melee, Yang Yunche could pull out a long-range shot at any time, and just when others thought he was going to draw his bow and arrow, he would switch to a melee weapon to sneak in damage, which was incredibly annoying. Even now, Chen Xingran finds Yang Yunche’s marksmanship extremely tricky to deal with, as he could easily make a mistake.

After regrouping, they played a few ranked matches in the competition server, ending today’s training session.

After playing dozens of ranked matches, ZMD’s chicken dinner rate was terrifyingly high, as they could basically make it to the top five in every match. Normally, in games like Destiny, which are battle royale type, there is a lot of uncertainty because you never know when someone might ambush you. Even someone as skilled in close combat as Chen Xingran often falls due to the unpredictable situations on the battlefield.

However, Yang Yunche’s tactical acumen is extremely frightening. Every time he chooses a landing spot at the beginning of the game, he not only pays attention to how many teams land in their area but also remembers the number of teams in other areas, how many teams choose to jungle, how many teams land in high-resource areas, how long they might fight there, where they might go after the fight… All these pieces of information seem to be instinctively engraved in Yang Yunche’s mind.

This is also the advantage of having a specialist in ranged combat in the team. He occupies the best high-ground viewpoint of the entire situation, like a strategist in a command tent, able to grasp more information than other team members and make judgments to provide the best solution for the team.

More than once, when Chen Xingran wanted to chase after a low-health enemy, Yang Yunche’s reminder would sound in the voice chat.

“Retreat first, don’t chase. Another team is nearby.”

“Can you deal with that support within thirty seconds? If not, retreat first. There are two teams near Cangfeng Valley, and they might be heading this way after their fight.”

“Xingran, go search *Huang Zong, but don’t head toward the Wucun direction in the rear. After searching, leave. There’s a jungle team near Longji Field, and they’re probably heading in your direction.”

*desolate/uncultivated mound – not sure if this refers to a place called this or the literally a desolate mound

When Chen Xingran first joined the team, he was somewhat skeptical of Yang Yunche’s commands. Cangfeng Valley was still quite far from here. Who knows if that team will come and when?

However, reality proved that Yang Yunche’s judgment was correct. It was as if he had full-map vision; he could always predict the enemy’s movements from the tiny bits of information at the beginning of the game, and his accuracy was terrifyingly high. Although there were occasional errors in judgment, they never affected the overall situation. At most, they missed out on searching one resource point, but they never faced the danger of being wiped out due to running around aimlessly on the map.

With such a team leader, many uncertainties were eliminated, and their playstyle became extremely steady, which was a very important advantage in the competition. When You Hongwei was still around, Yang Yunche could lead this impulsive *dead-weight to reach the finals of the Karma Cup. After Chen Xingran took over, ZMD’s advantage became even more apparent.

*拖油瓶 – literally drag oil bottle. Carry a burden

“The qualifiers for the Karma Cup seem to have started,” remarked Luo Baibai, glancing at the calendar.

ZMD was a prestigious team with fixed seats in the regular season and didn’t need to participate in qualifiers like other teams, so the qualifiers for the Karma Cup didn’t really concern them.

“Let’s watch the livestream later,” said Yang Yunche.

The Karma Cup wasn’t exclusively for prestigious teams. Often, during the qualifying rounds, many dark horses emerged, which they needed to pay attention to as future opponents. They needed to consider each team’s tactical style, lineup, and more.

After dinner, the housekeeper at the base prepared some fruits for them. They finished just in time for the start of the qualifiers at seven in the evening.

In the lobby of the ZMD base, there was a huge TV screen and a matching sound system. Although expensive, they usually used the screen to watch movies, providing a theater-like experience. However, ZMD’s players rarely used the TV. Occasionally, Luo Baibai would come over to watch some mindless soap operas during their break times.

There was a row of soft and high-end sofas in front of the TV, with fruits and snacks on the coffee table. Fu Zhou came over with his laptop leisurely and took a seat.

“Let’s watch the match, Manager Fu!” 

Luo Baibai said discontentedly, “Why are you still working? You’re ruining the atmosphere!”

“For whom do you think I’m working?” 

Fu Zhou rolled his eyes and angrily said. “With so many team matters, why don’t you take over for me?”

Luo Baibai shrunk his neck and fell silent.

Looking around, he wanted to sit next to Yang Yunche, but was glared at. “Go sit next to Xiao Nan,” Yang Yunche said.

“Xiao Ge!” Luo Baibai whined, throwing himself into Xiao Nan’s arms. “The captain despises me. Do I no longer have any charm? Wu wu wu…”

“I don’t recall you ever having any.” 

Xiao Nan said, shifting his body. “The sofa is big enough. Can you sit a little to the side?”

Just as he said that, Chen Xingran came downstairs, holding a cup of water. He had just showered, emitting a scent of water and shower gel. His hair was still slightly wet, with a few strands clinging to his forehead. He wore loose-fitting clothes, giving him a lazy appearance.

Yang Yunche pretended to watch TV but kept sneaking glances at Chen Xingran.


Fu Zhou lifted his gaze from the screen. “Regarding the incident last time, I’ve already communicated with the league. It won’t have any impact on you.”

He was referring to the incident with Chen Xingran at the hospital. After Fu Zhou reported it to the professional league, the matter was considered closed.

“Okay,” Chen Xingran nodded. After a moment of thought, he said, “Thank you, Manager Fu.”

“Thanks for what?” Fu Zhou sighed. “Just stay out of trouble, focus on preparing for the matches, and earn more bonuses for me by performing well. That’s how you can thank me, instead of getting into unnecessary trouble.”

Chen Xingran smiled faintly. “Got it.”

After the scolding from Fu Zhou last time, he hadn’t spoken to Yang Yunche and Chen Xingran for a few days. Whenever they met, he wore a stern expression, clearly still upset. Later, Chen Xingran had a good talk with Fu Zhou and assured him that he wouldn’t act impulsively again. Only then did Fu Zhou ease up.

Since Chen Xingran joined ZMD, Fu Zhou, as the team manager, had to handle all kinds of matters, big and small. He had also helped Chen Xingran a lot and taken care of the new team member, which Chen Xingran was very grateful for.

“Ran Bao, did you finish showering?” Luo Baibai leaned over to Chen Xingran and glanced up and down. “You look like those rich young masters in TV dramas now, wearing pajamas and holding a glass of red wine in a villa.”

Chen Xingran chuckled. “Do I?”

“I’ll sit next to you and watch the match together,” Luo Baibai said.

Chen Xingran had no objections. “Sure.”

Yang Yunche: “!”

He watched as Chen Xingran sat on the other end of the sofa, and Luo Baibai sat down next to him, chatting and laughing while watching the TV screen. Yang Yunche turned stiffly and looked at the empty space left beside him, a troubled expression on his face.

In the TV screen, the first group of players in the elimination round had already taken their positions in the center of the arena. In the vast e-sports venue, a hundred operation pods were placed in the middle, surrounded by throngs of fans holding up light-up signs. Above them, there was a huge holographic screen, creating a grand and impressive scene.

“Professional competitions are so grand,” Chen Xingran exclaimed, watching the Karma Cup match for the first time through the live broadcast.

“It’s not bad, but this is just the elimination round. This venue isn’t as large-scale as those in the regular season or even the finals,” Luo Baibai shrugged. “Last season’s finals were held at the Starry Sky Esports Arena, the largest esports venue in the capital. The dome, the crowd, the lighting, now that was truly stunning.”

Chen Xingran nodded. He had heard of the Starry Sky Esports Arena in the capital but had never been there himself. Hearing this, he felt a sense of anticipation.

If in his previous life, the martial arts circle could have competitions on this scale, with so many top-notch talents gathered, how great would that be…

“Luo Baibai.” 

Yang Yunche, who had been silent beside them, suddenly spoke up. “Help me get a glass of water from the living room.”

“Huh?” Luo Baibai was taken aback for a moment, not wanting to move. “Can’t you go yourself, Yun Ge? I’m already sitting down. Why don’t you ask Aunt Tong to get it for you?”

“I’ll play a game with you next time I pick up a full set of bow and arrow soul jade.” 

Yang Yunche offered a condition.

Luo Baibai decisively stood up. “Wait for me, I’ll bring it to you right away!”

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