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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 96

96. Shi Yan

“We’re going? Where to?” 

Chen Xingran looked curiously at the scenery passing by outside the window as they drove backward. 

“To visit a friend.” 

Yang Yunche, driving without glancing sideways, replied. 

“Your friend?” 

Chen Xingran was puzzled. “Then why bring me along?” 


Yang Yunche paused and said, “I think you might be interested in this friend of mine.” 

Chen Xingran blinked in confusion. 

The two had set out early in the morning, and Yang Yunche drove all the way with Chen Xingran to T City, the neighboring city of the capital, which was also Fei Wei’s hometown. 

Instead of heading to the city center, they went straight to a town in the suburbs of T City. Compared to the bustling and prosperous capital, this place was tranquil and remote, like a secluded town, lacking the tall buildings of a big city but filled with the warmth and liveliness of life. 

“Mr. Yang?” 

Arriving at an old house, a little boy opened the door. He looked up at Yang Yunche and seemed to recognize him. “My dad said you were coming yesterday, but I didn’t quite believe it. Didn’t expect you to really come.” 

Yang Yunche smiled gently at him. “Is Master Yan here?” 

“My dad is in the forge. Follow me.” 


It had been a long time since Chen Xingran had heard that term, and he couldn’t help but be curious. Following the boy into the house, he caught a whiff of a sulfurous smell mixed with the scent of molten steel, which reminded him of certain scenes from his past life. 

He seemed to have an idea of who the “Master Yan” mentioned by Yang Yunche was. 

But, in this world, were there also such weapon smiths? 

Seeing the curiosity mingled with curiosity on Chen Xingran’s face, Yang Yunche explained as they walked inside, “Master Yan is a blacksmith of the Shi family in T City. He’s quite familiar with Fei Wei, and they’re from the same circle. When the game Destiny was still in its testing phase, Master Yan was a consultant for weapons appointed by the official, and many weapon skins and parameters in the game were designed based on his suggestions.” 

Upon hearing this, Chen Xingran couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect. 

The two waited outside a house for a while. Before long, the door opened, and a middle-aged man with bare upper body and sweat all over stepped out. When he saw Yang Yunche, he froze for a moment. “You really came? I thought you were supposed to be competing. What brings you to my place?” 

“Just relaxing before the competition.” 

Yang Yunche smiled and added, “And to pay a visit to your collections.”

“Sure, come on in.” Shi Yan was quite straightforward, waving them in.

In the center of the room was a huge furnace, with a row of weapon racks in the corner. Around the furnace, there were still some half-forged pig iron, and the temperature was very high. As soon as they entered the door, it felt like they had walked into the scorching heat of midsummer.

In this society with highly advanced technology, Chen Xingran hadn’t seen these things for a long time. His gaze fell on the weapons rack in the corner, and his eyes lit up as he walked over.

The weapons rack was full of various cold weapons, some of which were very similar to the weapon skins in Destiny. In the middle was a Tang sword. Although its design was simple and not as fancy, Chen Xingran could see its uniqueness at a glance. The black handle was adorned with white patterns, and the blade was straight and slender. The tip of the blade was sharp and angular, with faint and intricate patterns winding along the blade. The snow-white cold light seemed to come alive in the firelight.

“The Hundred Refining Heavenly Ladder pattern?” Chen Xingran exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh ho.” Shi Yan raised an eyebrow. “The little guy knows his stuff.”

“Can I touch it?” Chen Xingran asked eagerly.

Shi Yan shrugged. “Of course, but be careful. It’s sharpened, very sharp.”

Chen Xingran nodded, with a nostalgic expression, took the Tang sword from the weapons rack, and examined the simple yet chilling blade in his hand. With a flick of his finger, he tapped the snow-white blade.


The crisp humming sounded like a dragon’s roar, echoing in the scorching forge.

“Snow Iron.” Chen Xingran sighed. “Was it made using the buried blade forging technique?”

The feel of the real sword in his hand was completely different from that of the Azure Lapis figurine that Luo Baibai had. The clear and crisp sound of the sword humming, like the roar of a dragon, made Chen Xingran’s heart ripple uncontrollably. Like a child playing with a toy, the four words “loving it” were vividly written on his face.

“Oh my, quite the connoisseur.” Now it was Shi Yan’s turn to be surprised. In this era, there were few people who studied ancient martial arts, let alone understood cold weapons. Those who could identify the material and craftsmanship of weapons and articulate it were even rarer. He didn’t expect that the young man in front of him, who looked so young, would also understand such obscure things?

He didn’t know that in his past life, Chen Xingran had honed his weapon crafting skills and had personally forged many blades. The saber he had always used in his past life, “Breaking Water,” was forged by himself when he was twenty years old. Those who were skilled in using weapons were often skilled in forging them as well. Only by engraving every detail of the blade into one’s bones could one use it more freely.

“Who’s this kid?” Shi Yan looked at Chen Xingran with interest. “From the ancient martial arts circle?”

“Our new member at ZMD.” Yang Yunche smiled and introduced him.

“A professional player?”

Shi Yan’s eyes widened. “That’s rare! A professional player who understands these things?”

He was a special advisor for the game Destiny, so he knew quite a bit about it. The game’s popularity had indeed increased the public’s awareness of ancient cold weapons, but only to a limited extent. With the shortcut of system corrections, players didn’t need to learn the intricacies of using cold weapons and could easily perform complex and elegant maneuvers.

For example, players like Lu Mingyu, Li Haoyuan, and other “Blade Masters” from various regions were prime examples. They were professional players who had never been exposed to ancient martial arts yet had become top-tier competitors. This was because they approached Destiny with a gaming mindset. No matter how realistic it was, Destiny was ultimately a game. With the system’s assistance, they didn’t have to worry about whether their moves were physically possible, only about their execution, timing, force, and strategic interplay.

In contrast, watching Chen Xingran and other Blade Masters operate revealed significant differences. If others were operating strictly within the game’s framework, Chen Xingran had practically transcended it. His imaginative maneuvers often brought unexpected surprises.

This doesn’t mean the other Blade Masters were inferior to Chen Xingran. The world is vast, filled with geniuses, especially in the gaming realm. Approaching each match with a gaming mindset isn’t wrong. Like solving a puzzle, Chen Xingran used his method while others used established formulas. As long as they achieved their goals, both approaches were valid.

Coming from another world with unparalleled ancient martial arts skills, Chen Xingran played with 0% motion correction. The possibilities he embodied might be far greater than those of others.

As they spoke, Chen Xingran performed a flourish with the sword, the air filled with a dazzling display of snowy light. The fine sound of the sharp blade cutting through the air and the dangerous gleam of the sword were like an artist’s brush, painting a mesmerizing stroke.

“Good swordsmanship,” Shi Yan praised, his eyes lighting up. He could tell that such a flourish couldn’t be done without at least ten years of practice.

“Good sword,” Chen Xingran also praised. “What’s the name of this sword?”

Shi Yan replied, “It’s called ‘Long Ying’ 1.”

“Long Ying…” Chen Xingran gazed at the Tang sword in his hand, his eyes filled with a gentle, affectionate light as if he were looking at a beloved object.

Yang Yunche noticed his gaze and felt an inexplicable pang of jealousy.

Hmph, Long Ying… it’s just a nice-sounding name. It could have been more poetic. The intricate patterns on the blade look like interwoven clouds, and the blade itself is pure and clear. It could have been named something more like…

Captain Yang was inexplicably jealous of a sword. Others didn’t know his inner thoughts. Although Shi Yan was a forger, he also studied the way of the sword. Seeing the skill in Chen Xingran’s flourish, he felt a bit of an itch and suggested, “It seems the young man here is also a fellow enthusiast. How long have you been practicing martial arts? If you’re interested, shall we have a sparring match? Just to the point.”

“Sure,” Chen Xingran’s eyes lit up, agreeing without hesitation.

Shi Yan, being a bit of a gambler, added, “A match without stakes is no fun. How about this: if you lose, give my weapons some shout-outs in your professional livestream. How’s that?”

Chen Xingran nodded. “Okay.”

“And if I lose…”

“How about giving him this sword?” Yang Yunche interjected.

“In your dreams,” Shi Yan rolled his eyes at him. “This Long Ying is my best work in recent years. I can’t just give it away. If I lose, I’ll give you a basic Tang sword instead.”

“Tsk, so stingy,” Yang Yunche commented snidely from the side.

“My weapons shop sells a basic sword for tens of thousands of yuan, okay?” Shi Yan retorted. Though the ancient martial arts community was small, Shi Yan was the most renowned blacksmith within it. His weapons were highly sought after by collectors, often fetching high prices at auctions.

Chen Xingran, being a weapon forger himself, understood how precious these weapons were to people like them. They were like beloved children and not something to give away lightly. He nodded in agreement. “That’s acceptable.”

Coming to T City turned out to be a pleasant surprise for Chen Xingran. Despite being in this world for so long, it was the first time he met a fellow enthusiast in forging and using weapons, creating a sense of camaraderie.

As they chatted, a man’s voice echoed from outside, growing louder as he approached.

“Stop asking why I’m not streaming today!” Ta Xue (Snowstep) held up his phone, addressing his livestream audience. “Can’t I do an outdoor stream once in a while? Today, I’m taking you to visit a famous blacksmith, an official weapon advisor. Most people never get to meet him. You’re lucky to have a well-connected streamer like me to show you the ropes!”

【Really? I don’t believe it.】

【You just wanted to slack off and go out to play, didn’t you?】

【An official weapon advisor? Could it be the mysterious blacksmith we’ve heard about? With the surname Shi?】

【I’m looking up some info, and it seems legit.】

【What’s so great about real weapons? TV shows them all the time, and game weapons look way cooler with their effects.】

【Exactly, I’ve seen some real-life cold weapon fights, and they look like kids playing. Nowhere near as exciting as in games.】

Ta Xue strolled into the courtyard, wandered around, and found the forge room, entering with familiar ease.

“Shi Laoge 2 , I’m here again,” he called out casually. “Got any new treasures for me to see? Hey, visitors today? …F***CCCKKK!”

His eyes swept over the two additional people in the room, landing on Chen Xingran. He exclaimed, “Ye-Ye-Ye… Ye Shao?!”

The author has something to say:

Warning: Long Author’s Note ahead. Feel free to skip if you don’t want to read a lengthy explanation~


I’ve noticed some debates in the comments lately, with many readers confusing reality with the game. Some wonder how Yun Yin, a newcomer, can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the protagonist, who is so strong in reality and has trained for so long.

The truth is, a game is just a game. Players like Lu Mingyu haven’t encountered ancient martial arts but still became top swordsmen. They rely on their game understanding and strategic skills, not ancient martial arts. It’s like a top marksman in real life not necessarily being better at an FPS game than a professional player (and sometimes not even beating someone using an aimbot). Although this is a holographic game, due to the motion correction feature, game awareness, reaction speed, and psychological tactics are more important than martial arts skills. These fundamental aspects of player strength, unfortunately and cruelly, depend on talent.

I’ve mentioned several times that a lower motion correction ratio doesn’t necessarily mean stronger performance. It’s like the DPI setting in FPS games—finding the right DPI is key. “Destiny” is a game for the masses; not everyone can or should train in martial arts to fight. The protagonist is an exception and doesn’t represent the average player. Even other ancient martial arts experts from the protagonist’s past world might not outperform professional “Destiny” players in this world. Their experience, awareness, skill mastery, and prediction abilities would fall short.

As a fan of action games, I’ve played “Dragon Nest,” “Blade & Soul,” “Moonlight Blade,” and “Overwatch,” achieving top ranks and winning championships. In “Naraka: Bladepoint,” the prototype for “Destiny,” I reached top rankings with my Matari last season. Despite being talented in games, I still encounter many young players who easily surpass me with their innate abilities. It’s disheartening to see kids around sixteen or seventeen have such quick reflexes and hand speed, mastering in days what took me months.

So, don’t feel disheartened. Games often favor talent over effort. Many gifted players will emerge, quickly catching up to veterans and entering the professional scene. This constant influx of new talent keeps the esports community vibrant and ever more exciting, benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Protagonist Chen Xingran will also continue to improve. Some say the power levels in this story are a bit off, but they’re not. The protagonist is designed to be unbeatable in close combat, even if Yun Yin grows. However, individual skill doesn’t equate to overall success. Team games like “League of Legends” and “King of Glory” show that even the best solo players can lose due to poor team coordination and strategy. No one, not even Faker, can consistently win 1v5 matches.

So, let’s have fewer arguments and maintain a peaceful mindset. Different opinions are okay, but no fighting, please. Love you all!

Thanks for reading this long note!

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