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Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]

Author: Lin Fengzao (林风早)

Raws: 磨刀不误砍菜弓[电竞]

Chapters 305 Complete



In the era of popular esports, a globally popular game called “Destiny” was born.

This is a close-quarters holographic reality game with a focus on cold weapons such as swords, spears, guns, bows, and other melee weapons.

The charm of close combat, the interplay of flashing blades and shadows, the brutal battle where only one survives out of a hundred, captivate players and make the major world esports tournaments thrive.

Chen Xingran, a weapon master from an ancient martial arts family, wakes up from slumber and finds himself in a strange world, becoming an ordinary student at the Capital Esports Academy, endlessly worrying about how to reach Silver rank.

As he looks at the familiar Tang Sword, broadsword, silver spear, dagger, long whip, and more in the game… Chen Xingran falls into contemplation.

“I’m familiar with this.”

Thus, in “Destiny,” a formidable specialist in weapons emerges.

His swordsmanship is sharp and elusive, his heavy sword has no edge, his gun moves like a dragon, and his dagger is as agile as a serpent… No matter how challenging the weapon is, it becomes a magnificent and dangerous performance in his hands.

“A Tang Sword is not used like this.”

“Protecting teammates? Not necessary.”

“Isn’t it enough to eliminate all the enemies?”

In the world of “Destiny,” a legend begins to spread about a fearsome demon king.

It is said that every professional player who faces him in combat meets a tragic end…

However, the good news is that this demon king seems incapable of using ranged weapons?

His archery skills are astonishing. Even with a rapid-firing crossbow, he can’t hit a single shot, earning him the title of the “Master of Human Outline Drawing.”

Yang Yunchen, the former champion of the FPS World Championship and hailed as the number one marksman, says this while watching the young man who effortlessly takes on three opponents with a Tang Sword.

“Why need ranged weapons when I’m here?”

The blushing young man, finished with the fight and sharpening his sword, chases after him and slashes three blocks.


  1. This is a fictional holographic close-quarters battle royale game with many imaginative elements. You don’t need to have played the game to enjoy the story.
  2. Game skills and settings are inspired by games like “Eternal Punishment,” “Apex Legends,” “Overwatch,” and others.
  3. The weapon master is invincible in close combat but terrible at using guns, while the archer never misses a shot. They pretend to be weak and rely on their spouse, the cunning world champion, to save them.
  4. This story doesn’t follow the typical trope of the protagonist being overwhelmingly strong. There may be initial setbacks, but later on, the characters reach their full potential and dominate the game, creating various highlights. Please avoid making assumptions about the author and enjoy the story and comments harmoniously. Thank you.

Content tags: Strong-Strong, Time Travel, Online Games, Gratifying Story

Search Keywords: Protagonist: Chen Xingran | Supporting Role: Yang Yunchen | Others:

One-sentence summary: A close-quarters weapon-based martial arts battle royale game.

Concept: Promoting traditional culture, showcasing the charm of blades and shadows in the martial arts world.

Highly recommended work: Chen Xingran, a weapon master from an ancient martial arts family, encounters a car accident and wakes up in a new world where the esports industry is highly developed. He becomes a freshman at an esports academy. In this world, a holographic battle royale game called “Destiny” featuring cold weapons has taken the world by storm. As he looks at the familiar Tang Sword, dagger, longsword, broadsword, and more in the game, Chen Xingran falls into contemplation. Thus, in “Destiny,” a formidable melee demon king who is proficient in all weapons quietly emerges and becomes a terrifying presence in the professional gaming scene.

This story flows smoothly and naturally, with vivid and distinct character portrayals. The depiction of battle scenes is delicate and visually engaging, weaving together flashes of blades and shadows, tactical confrontations full of deceit, and the dangerous yet magnificent world of close-quarters weapon combat. With vivid storytelling, it paints a blazing legend in the realm of eSports.


Title: The phrase “磨刀不误砍菜弓[电竞]” in Chinese is an idiomatic expression commonly used in the context of eSports. It translates to “Sharpening the knife doesn’t delay the cutting of vegetables with the bow [eSports].”

This phrase is often used to emphasize the importance of preparation and practice in esports. It means that even though it is essential to hone your skills and improve your strategies, it should not hinder you from taking immediate action and engaging in competitive gaming. Just like sharpening a knife is necessary for efficient cutting, training and preparation are crucial in esports, but they should not become an excuse for procrastination or hesitation. It highlights the balance between preparation and execution in the world of competitive gaming.

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