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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Back to the original form

Winter has arrived, and outside the window, the cold wind is biting, but the house is filled with the warm breath of hot cocoa. No one speaks, only occasional rustling sounds accompany movements, like white noise, lulling one into drowsiness with the perfect temperature.


The cup was placed back on the table, breaking the coveted tranquility.

Su Zeyu’s clear voice followed suit, “It’s getting late, I should go back.”

It’s so late, why not stay tonight?

Fu Yiyuan’s eyes deepened, his lips moved slightly, but in the end, he didn’t say those words. He just got up and said, “I’ll walk you out.”

He couldn’t tell if it was his imagination, but he always felt that Su Zeyu glanced at him, seeming somewhat dissatisfied with his response.

But this thought was quickly suppressed. It couldn’t be that Su Zeyu also wanted to stay, right?

Absolutely not possible!

His wife had always been indifferent, as if nothing could stir his emotions. It even made him wonder if he had annoyed him, and that’s why he reluctantly agreed to be with him.

So even though they had been together for about a month, he didn’t dare to offend too much, and the most intimate action he had done with Su Zeyu was just a fleeting kiss.

The main reason was himself. After finally winning him over, he wanted to take it slow and steady, not scare him away.

So even though he wanted to be affectionate with his wife deep down, he still maintained his overbearing CEO demeanor on the surface—aloof, restrained, and composed.

Bringing Su Zeyu back to his own home today was undoubtedly a huge step forward. For this day, he had been learning how to make desserts online for some time, and today it finally came in handy.

But as an overbearing CEO, he couldn’t bake cookies, so he just told Su Zeyu that his mother had brought them over from home in the morning.

Although he was reluctant to part with Su Zeyu now and wished he could hug him and persuade him to stay, he could only graciously see him off.

Su Zeyu didn’t refuse either, nodding and picking up his things to walk with him to the door.

As soon as the door opened, the temperature dropped sharply, and the cold wind mixed with snowflakes hit their faces, causing Su Zeyu to involuntarily furrow his brows, shrug his shoulders, and casually remark, “Seems like it’s snowing heavily.”

Su Zeyu’s tone was calm, just stating the fact, without any extra emotions. But Fu Yiyuan, as if under a spell, blurted out without thinking, “Do you want to stay?”

After saying it, he immediately realized his mistake, but the words were already spoken. If he said he was joking, wouldn’t that be even more inappropriate?

Afraid that Su Zeyu might misunderstand, he quickly explained, “The guest room has always been kept clean by the housekeeping staff.”

Su Zeyu turned to look at him, seeking confirmation, “Guest room?”

Just two simple words, but Fu Yiyuan’s heart was already racing.

Does Zeyu still think I’ve offended him too much and doesn’t want to stay?

Help, has my image in my wife’s eyes hit rock bottom? Is the next step going to be a breakup?

He silently cursed himself in his mind, scolding himself for speaking without thinking and for not controlling his thoughts!

Just as he was about to say something to remedy the situation, Su Zeyu spoke first, “It’s my first time at your place, and you want me to sleep in the guest room?”


So the problem lies with the guest room, not with not being able to stay at my place, right?

Fu Yiyuan understood the meaning behind Su Zeyu’s words, fearing he might change his mind, he hurriedly said, “You sleep in the master bedroom, I’ll go to the guest room.”

Su Zeyu didn’t say anything, just quietly looked at him.

Fu Yiyuan was so anxious that he was about to sweat, but luckily, Su Zeyu just sighed lightly the next moment and compromised, “Lead the way.”

“Okay.” Fu Yiyuan was afraid he might change his mind and leave in the next second, so he took the things from him and then led him upstairs.

Arriving in the room, Fu Yiyuan gave him a brief introduction, intending to change the sheets and quilt for him, but Su Zeyu refused, “No need, this is fine.”

After settling Su Zeyu, he was about to leave, “You go ahead and sleep, I still have some work to finish.”

Only after closing the door did Fu Yiyuan cover his face behind it.

My wife is going to sleep in my bed, under my blanket, essentially it’s like cuddling with my wife.

Help… isn’t this too blissful?

In fact, he didn’t have much work left, he just feared he couldn’t control himself. The guest room was right next door, and if he got too excited and made some strange noises, and Su Zeyu heard them, then the tall image he had painstakingly built up would be ruined.

So he planned to calm down in the study first and wait for Su Zeyu to fall asleep before returning to the room.

He stayed in the study, the computer screen still lit, but his mind was never on it. His face was serious, as if dealing with multimillion-dollar deals every minute, but his thoughts were always on what Su Zeyu might be doing at that moment.

Now, my wife should have finished bathing and be ready to sleep…

Fu Yiyuan was thinking when rhythmic knocking pulled him back to reality.

There were only two people in the house, so there was no need to guess who was knocking.

Fu Yiyuan was somewhat puzzled, but his actions to get up were decisive. He hadn’t thought to say a word and let Su Zeyu come in on his own. Instead, he went straight to open the door for him.

Fu Yiyuan’s guess was correct. Su Zeyu had indeed just finished bathing, emitting steam from his body.

Because it was an impromptu stay, he wore his own pajamas. Although they were brand new and unworn, they were still his size, inevitably a bit loose on Su Zeyu, revealing a large area of his beautiful collarbone, and you could faintly see… ah…

Fu Yiyuan mentally slapped himself hard to finally pull his gaze back.

Don’t look! If you keep looking, your wife will find out you have a perverted side!

Su Zeyu followed him to the desk and glanced at the computer, asking, “Are you done?”

Fu Yiyuan lied without blinking, “It’ll take a while longer. You go ahead and sleep.”

Su Zeyu stood in front of the desk, “Is it very important? Does it have to be done today?”

Fu Yiyuan shook his head, “Just thinking of getting it done sooner…”

“Since it’s not urgent, take a rest today.” Su Zeyu’s tone was calm, but unquestionably interrupted his words.

Fu Yiyuan wanted to say something else, but he knew that if he continued, Su Zeyu would definitely be unhappy.

Besides, this was his wife caring for him, asking him to sleep early! After weighing it, he unhesitatingly gave up his own idea and switched sides.

Fu Yiyuan saved the document and began to tidy up the things on the desk, then reminded Su Zeyu, “You go ahead and sleep, it’s late.”

Su Zeyu watched him finish tidying up, nodded without saying anything else, and turned to go back to the master bedroom.

Every room had a bathroom, and Fu Yiyuan also returned to the room to take a shower.

He had just glanced at Su Zeyu, and he had already reacted, but the other party hadn’t done anything. He could only blame himself for lacking self-control in front of his wife.

Fu Yiyuan sighed and quickly took a shower before coming out.

Although the room had good soundproofing, the adjacent room probably couldn’t hear the sound of water. But he felt guilty like a thief and didn’t dare to linger in the bathroom for fear of being discovered by Su Zeyu and then facing an awkward situation together.

Just as he calmed his mind like still water, intending to use spiritual purification to calm a certain place down, the door was knocked again: “Fu Yiyuan, are you asleep?”

Perhaps because of the distance, Su Zeyu’s voice carried a hint of warmth like jade through its coolness, instantly undoing Fu Yiyuan’s earlier efforts.

Fu Yiyuan took a deep breath, trying hard to sound calm and normal as he asked, “No, what’s the matter?”

Luckily, the sleep robe was loose, so he wasn’t noticed by Su Zeyu when he opened the door.

Su Zeyu followed him into the room, saying, “I couldn’t find the hairdryer, so I came to ask you.”

“It’s at the bottom drawer, a bit hard to find.” Fu Yiyuan felt somewhat frustrated. “There’s another one here, I’ll just get it for you.”

Without waiting for Su Zeyu to respond, he turned and went to fetch the hairdryer. He dared not look at Su Zeyu more than once, his steps betraying concealed panic.

As soon as Fu Yiyuan got it, he heard Su Zeyu behind him say, “Could you help me dry my hair here?”

“Huh?” Fu Yiyuan’s brain short-circuited for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure. A CEO shouldn’t show such confusion. He nodded reservedly, “Then sit here.”

Su Zeyu sat on the bed, and Fu Yiyuan sat beside him, drying his hair. Su Zeyu’s hair was soft, completely different from his usual aloof demeanor, and now it danced in Fu Yiyuan’s hands under the blow of the wind, disturbing his heart along with it.

Su Zeyu always had a cool expression, but Fu Yiyuan had seen him play with the cats downstairs at the café more than once. He even felt a bit jealous that those cats could freely act cute in front of his wife, unlike him, who had to maintain his CEO image.

Neither of them spoke, only the sound of the hairdryer filled the room, along with the suppressed, rapid beating of Fu Yiyuan’s heart underneath.

“That’s enough.” Fu Yiyuan turned off the hairdryer, reluctantly twirling his fingers, recalling the feeling from earlier.

“Fu Yiyuan.” As he turned to put away the hairdryer, Su Zeyu suddenly called him.

“Hmm?” Fu Yiyuan turned around, caught off guard by the calm gaze of Su Zeyu.

Su Zeyu had beautiful fox-like eyes, but his personality often made people overlook this, perceiving them as tranquil lakes with barely a ripple, visible only when the wind blew.

Perhaps it was the snow outside, or the ambience created by the glass and the darkness, Fu Yiyuan inexplicably felt that although Su Zeyu’s eyes exuded the coolness of a winter night fog, they also hid the gentle warmth and allure of moonlight.

He wanted to say something, but couldn’t open his mouth, only following his remaining thoughts inching closer to Su Zeyu.

Words like “go to sleep”, “sweet dreams”, or “see you tomorrow” were all forgotten. At this moment, Fu Yiyuan had only one thought.

——Kiss him!

With dim lighting and locked gazes, some things simply didn’t need words.

This kiss was different from before. Fu Yiyuan felt like he was drugged; every casual glance and every breath from Su Zeyu made him feel like he was on fire, his heart uncontrollably pounding.

Sensing his arousal, Su Zeyu didn’t push him away. The two of them ended up rolling onto the bed while kissing.

But at the most crucial moment, Fu Yiyuan suddenly woke up from his trance-like state, remembering his situation. With the utmost self-control, he managed to pull himself away from the passion.

Su Zeyu raised his gaze, eyes blurred with urgency. “What’s wrong?”

Fu Yiyuan, seeing the seductive expression on Su Zeyu’s face, felt his throat tighten and almost lost control of himself. “Zeyu, I need to tell you something important.”

Su Zeyu frowned impatiently, wrapping his arms around Fu Yiyuan’s neck and pulling him closer. “We’ll talk tomorrow…”

Fu Yiyuan couldn’t say anything more because Su Zeyu took the initiative to kiss him again, deliberately rubbing against a certain area.

From then on, everything happened naturally, without any further consideration. Fu Yiyuan couldn’t even remember when it ended. After cleaning up with Su Zeyu in his arms, the latter only said “go to the next room” before falling asleep in a daze.

The two of them returned to the master bedroom. Su Zeyu, who usually appeared aloof, was unusually clingy. Just as Fu Yiyuan was about to leave, Su Zeyu woke up. “Where are you going?”

Fu Yiyuan’s heart softened, and he whispered, “I’ll turn off the light and stay.”

Su Zeyu didn’t respond and fell asleep again.

Fu Yiyuan turned off the main light, leaving only a small bedside lamp on. He returned to bed, embracing his fragrant wife, and drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, Fu Yiyuan woke up first.

At such a close distance, Su Zeyu’s face showed no flaws; instead, it appeared even more flawless. His features were enhanced by the sunlight peeking through the curtains, casting shadows from his thick, dark lashes.

My wife is so beautiful…

Fu Yiyuan got lost in his thoughts as soon as he opened his eyes. He dared not move, afraid of waking Su Zeyu, so he didn’t notice anything unusual for a while.

It wasn’t until Su Zeyu’s eyelids fluttered and lazily opened his eyes that he realized something was wrong.

At such a moment, he should have greeted his wife and given him a sweet morning kiss.

“Good morning.” His low, sexy voice would match his overbearing CEO persona, solidifying his image in front of his wife.

But — this was just a scene from Fu Yiyuan’s imagination.

After he spoke, there was suddenly a cat’s meow in the quiet bedroom, and it came from him.

What’s going on?!

Fu Yiyuan had a guess in his mind but was unwilling to believe it. With disbelief, he reached out his hand and saw a cat’s paw in front of him, finally accepting the fact—

He, an overbearing CEO, had reverted to his original form after being intimate with his wife.

Su Zeyu was fully awake now. He approached Fu Yiyuan and looked him up and down. “Are you his cat? Why didn’t I see you yesterday?”

Su Zeyu didn’t linger with the cat for long. After not finding anyone in the bedroom, he searched the other rooms, but of course, found nothing.

There were no sticky notes left behind, and there were no unread messages on his phone.

Fu Yiyuan didn’t know why he suddenly reverted back, and he tried to change back, but found that he couldn’t do it.

Although Fu Yiyuan was anxious, he couldn’t use his phone or computer to type, lest Su Zeyu find out that the cat was him.

His mature and stable boyfriend turned out to be not human, but a small and harmless kitten. Who could accept such a thing? Not being scared would be an achievement in itself.

Fu Yiyuan was at a loss and could only anxiously run around Su Zeyu’s feet.

Not finding anyone, Su Zeyu stopped and looked at the cat that had been following him, as if seeing it as Fu Yiyuan himself. His gaze turned colder. “Scumbag, sleeping and then running away.”

The author has something to say:

When you stare into the abyss, the abyss also stares back at you. Similarly, when you want to cuddle with your wife—

There might be some parts that seem a bit off, maybe like a bug, but the main reason is a small foreshadowing~ This is a short story, revealing too much would give it all away (sealing lips manually).


Was cleaning up my drive and I found this. Can’t even remember when I worked on this but I decided to just post it since it’s short. I have a few other short stories I had previously stocked up on so I’ll post them too. I’ll go through them to see which ones were actually completed and not terrible. Not sure if they’re any good though. They’re completely different from the other stories on this site. More on the fluffy slice of life side.

If you're enjoying the story don't forget to support the author! You can also support me on KOFI for site maintenance, raws purchase or as an energy boost~ 
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