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The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten.

The Overbearing CEO Boyfriend Turned Back Into A Kitten: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Physical Examination.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Wife, I’m here! Don’t be angry!!!”

Hearing this, Fu Yiyuan didn’t care about anything else. Even though he knew Su Zeyu couldn’t understand his cat language, he wanted to comfort his wife at the first moment.

But obviously, it didn’t work. Su Zeyu’s attention was drawn to him, but the next moment he was lifted off the ground.


Su Zeyu picked up the cat and let it lie on his arm before heading upstairs again.

Fu Yiyuan nestled in Su Zeyu’s arms, able to clearly smell the same shower gel scent as himself, as well as feel the warmth and heartbeat transmitted through the clothes.

He thought back to last night, perhaps his own lust clouded his judgment, making him think that Su Zeyu was flirting with him…

How could you think of your wife like this! Clearly, it’s you, the old lecher, who’s pestering others and then blaming them!

The righteous voice in Fu Yiyuan’s heart gave him a solid punch, and he quickly shook his head to get rid of that thought.

Maybe Su Zeyu felt he was too restless because the next moment a beautiful hand pressed gently on his head and gave him a stroke.

Su Zeyu’s movements were gentle, but Fu Yiyuan immediately behaved himself, obediently becoming a pendant in Su Zeyu’s arms.

Fu Yiyuan squinted his eyes, swaying his tail contentedly. It was so comfortable in his wife’s arms, fragrant and warm…

But before he could enjoy it for long, Su Zeyu arrived at the bedroom. With one hand holding the cat, he took out his phone with the other and started typing.

The way Su Zeyu held him allowed Fu Yiyuan to see the screen of the phone. Fu Yiyuan was undoubtedly invading Su Zeyu’s privacy, but before he could turn away, the content that inadvertently caught his eye frightened him.

The recipient of Su Zeyu’s message was none other than himself.

[Su: Where are you?]

Ah! Ah! Ah! Disaster!!!

The comfort of being in the arms of my wife made me forget that I couldn’t turn back.

In this situation, Fu Yiyuan naturally couldn’t reply, so he could only anxiously wag his tail.

After waiting for a while without receiving any messages, Su Zeyu frowned, picked up the cat, and walked towards the front door, threateningly saying, “Go and bring your dad back. If you can’t find him, don’t bother coming back.”

Fu Yiyuan wasn’t worried that Su Zeyu would really kick him out. Even though he was now a cat raised by “Fu Yiyuan,” Su Zeyu wouldn’t actually take it out on an innocent little cat.

After opening the door, the cold, snowy wind hit them, and outside was already a vast white world. The winter sun was lazy, barely melting the snow, casting a gleaming light on it.

As expected, although Su Zeyu spoke harshly, he didn’t loosen his grip on the cat at all. After glancing around, he closed the door and said, “I’ll throw you out when the snow melts.”

Although he wasn’t thrown out by Su Zeyu, this thoroughly frightened Fu Yiyuan, who struggled to break free from the warm embrace.

Right! His brother must know what’s going on! He needed to contact his brother!

Feeling its struggles, Su Zeyu didn’t force it. He waited until it stood firm and asked, “Where’s your cat food?”

Although Fu Yiyuan was in a hurry, he couldn’t ignore his wife’s words. He meowed twice at Su Zeyu, indicating that he should follow him.

Although Fu Yiyuan rarely reverted to his original form, just in case, the house was fully equipped with cat supplies.

Su Zeyu followed him to a room in the corner, where there were litter boxes, cat toys, cat food, and cans, neatly arranged as if it were a small warehouse, most of which were still unopened.

Su Zeyu didn’t seem very surprised. He took out a bag of cat food and a bowl and poured the food into it.

After tidying up, he went to the kitchen to make breakfast for himself.

Fu Yiyuan had no appetite at all. He watched Su Zeyu enter the kitchen, then quickly ran upstairs.

He first went to the guest room, entered the password, and used his cat’s paw to silence the phone before hiding it.

If his wife found out that he wasn’t around but his phone was still at home, it would be hard to explain.

After hiding the phone, he sneaked into the study and turned on the computer, finding his brother Fu Xiuran’s contact information.

The cat’s paws were not good for pressing keys or using a mouse, so it took some effort for Fu Yiyuan to open the video call.

The wait for the connection was a bit long, and Fu Yiyuan ran out to check if Su Zeyu was still in the kitchen. Seeing that he wouldn’t come out for a while, he felt relieved.

Finally, the call was answered.

Appearing before Fu Yiyuan was his brother, dressed in a suit and sitting on an office chair. However, the slightly disheveled collar exposed that he hadn’t delayed answering the call due to official matters.

Fu Yiyuan knew he was disturbing his brother’s work, but he couldn’t afford to worry about that now.

As soon as Fu Xiuran finished straightening up, he saw a large cat head on the screen, meowing at him incessantly.

Fu Xiuran cleared his throat. “Why did you suddenly change back?”

Fu Yiyuan quickly explained the situation. Fu Xiuran’s previously calm expression also became serious.

At this moment, a corner of a garment entered the frame, and someone placed a glass of water on Fu Xiuran’s desk.

“What’s wrong?” a gentle voice sounded, and the person also appeared in the frame.

After hearing Fu Xiuran’s recount, Xu Wenyu frowned and asked him, “Did you spend the night with Zeyu yesterday?”

Thinking about what happened last night, Fu Yiyuan blushed even as a cat, and reluctantly admitted it.

Xu Wenyu was his sister-in-law, originally a parrot. Although they were a couple of husband, husband, and bird, they were very affectionate. They had never quarreled in so many years, let alone fought physically.

After taking over the company, their parents were finally freed from busy affairs, and they had been traveling around various places for the past two years. They only came back during holidays.

So after turning back into a cat, Fu Yiyuan immediately went to find his brother.

Their family atmosphere was very good. When Fu Yiyuan decided to pursue someone, he told his family about it, so they all knew about Su Zeyu’s existence.

After hearing his explanation, Fu Xiuran thought of something and his previous worries turned into jest. “Oh, is that so…”

Meow meow meow!!!

Fu Yiyuan angrily meowed twice. He was like this, and his brother still laughed at him!

Seeing his brother’s appearance, Fu Xiuran not only didn’t restrain himself but also chuckled even more meaningfully.

Seeing that the two brothers were about to start a quarrel, Xu Wenyu intervened in time. “Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. It’s hard to explain over video, so I’ll come over right away.”

Fu Xiuran interjected, “You should think about how to explain this sudden transformation first.”


Fu Yiyuan immediately wilted upon hearing this. He had originally planned to take it step by step and let Su Zeyu accept the existence of supernatural beings in the world. But not like this, not by directly turning into a cat.

The person who shared a bed with him last night had become a cat today. This was too shocking; who could handle it normally?

After Fu Xiuran finished speaking, he didn’t pay attention to Fu Yiyuan’s reaction and turned to kiss Xu Wenyu, “Then it’s up to you.”

Fu Yiyuan: Meow meow meow!

He was a cat, he didn’t eat dog food!

After hanging up the call, he walked out of the room and happened to see Su Zeyu coming out with freshly made breakfast.

Fu Yiyuan couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. It smelled so good… Breakfast made by his wife…

So when Su Zeyu came out with the utensils, he saw the cat, who should have been eating cat food, now eyeing his breakfast at the table.

Su Zeyu walked over and put down the utensils, mercilessly pushing the cat away, “You’re a cat, you can’t eat these.”

“Don’t worry, my dear wife, I’m not an ordinary cat, I can eat!” Fu Yiyuan screamed in his heart, but in his current identity, resistance was futile. He could only sadly return to the bowl of cat food.

As he ate and watched Su Zeyu quietly having breakfast, Fu Yiyuan couldn’t help but marvel once again—

How can my wife be so beautiful? I’m truly blessed.

Just as the two of them finished their meal, there was a knock on the door.

Fu Yiyuan immediately realized that it must be his sister-in-law.

Su Zeyu got up to open the door, and Fu Yiyuan suddenly noticed a faint red mark on his neck, a mark he had inadvertently left last night. His pupils constricted, and he quickly climbed up Su Zeyu’s leg and stuck to his neck, not moving.

My wife is sensitive, I can’t let him feel embarrassed.

Fu Yiyuan remained motionless, acting as a cat scarf.

Su Zeyu, puzzled, could only carry the suddenly jumping cat to open the door.

When the door opened, besides Xu Wenyu, there was also a man in his fifties or sixties.

Due to work reasons, Xu Wenyu had frequent contact with the company on Fu Yiyuan’s side. Plus, there was a personal relationship between them, so he was quite familiar with Su Zeyu.

“Brother Xu, why are you here?” Su Zeyu was somewhat surprised.

Xu Wenyu glanced at the cat clinging to Su Zeyu and chuckled, “It’s Zeyu.”

After saying that, he casually asked, “Is Yiyuan not here?”

Su Zeyu shook his head and let the two in, saying indifferently, “He hasn’t replied to my messages, don’t know where he went.”

When he heard his name, Su Zeyu’s face showed no emotion, but Fu Yiyuan could feel it. He felt Su Zeyu’s hand holding him stiffen for a moment, indicating that he wasn’t as indifferent as he appeared.

One day they were embracing each other, and the next day he disappeared without a trace. It would irritate anyone.

I really want to tell my wife the truth, but now is not the right time at all.

Fu Yiyuan lay on Su Zeyu’s shoulder, fidgeting irritably. His cat fur was making him itch, but he once again received the comforting head-pat treatment.

Watching the restless cat, Xu Wenyu guessed calmly, “He probably had some important business trip suddenly, maybe he’s on a plane and couldn’t reply to messages.”

“Oh, right,” Xu Wenyu got to the point, “This cat was brought back by Yiyuan recently. Originally, we had an appointment for a physical examination a couple of days ago, but it didn’t happen due to some reasons. I happened to meet Uncle Liang today, so I invited him over.”

After saying that, he added, “Don’t worry, before bringing him back, he had already undergone a physical examination and cleaning once, so he’s clean now.”

“Alright,” Su Zeyu patted the cat again, nodding to the person behind Xu Wenyu, “Then I’ll trouble you.”

Su Zeyu poured water for the two guests. After a brief chat, Dr. Liang took the cat to another room for examination.

When Fu Yiyuan was carried away by Dr. Liang, he looked back and saw the two people on the sofa getting along harmoniously, which eased his mind as he followed along.

There was a special room in the house, stocked with everyday medications and some simple medical equipment for emergencies.

As soon as they entered the room, Fu Yiyuan jumped to the ground, eagerly meowing at Dr. Liang.

“Don’t worry, let me put on the converter first.”

Dr. Liang was not in a hurry at all. He leisurely took out a headphone-shaped device and put it on, then signaled for Fu Yiyuan to continue.

In this world where humans and supernatural beings coexist, the number of supernaturals even exceeds human imagination. Walking down the street, you might brush shoulders with a recently transformed supernatural being.

With the existence of supernaturals, there naturally exists a specialized Supernatural Management Bureau, responsible for registering supernatural identities, assessing their safety, and various other miscellaneous tasks.

The existence of supernaturals was something that would eventually be made public, so over the years, relevant departments had been working hard to subtly increase people’s acceptance of them.

And Dr. Liang Xiangming was one who already knew about the existence of supernaturals and had been deeply involved in the corresponding medical field for many years, with a high status. The reason why he made a special trip was also because he had a good relationship with the Fu family on weekdays, and today happened to be his day off.

Although there were many supernaturals, after they transformed back to their original forms, individuals of different races couldn’t understand each other’s words, let alone humans. So some technological means were necessary, like the converter Dr. Liang was using.

Seeing him put it on, Fu Yiyuan asked again, “Uncle Liang, what’s going on with me?”

“The little friend outside is your partner, right?” Dr. Liang Xiangming asked with a smile.

“Yes, the one I worked so hard to pursue,” Fu Yiyuan said proudly, as if afraid that someone wouldn’t know.

“Youth is a wonderful thing,” Dr. Liang Xiangming sighed, taking out an instrument to examine him. Then he changed the subject, “Your brother had a similar situation before.”

Fu Yiyuan immediately perked up his cat ears. “Dr. Liang, are you saying my brother couldn’t transform back either?”

“Yes,” Dr. Liang Xiangming looked at the data on the device, explaining to him, “Don’t worry too much, it’s not a big problem. A few supernatural beings may have this situation—after intimate contact with their partner for the first time, if their emotions are too excited, coupled with excessive energy expenditure, it may cause their supernatural power to be uncontrollable and unable to maintain their human form.”

Upon hearing this, Fu Yiyuan couldn’t help but blush furiously, his whole body feeling as hot as if he had just come out of a steamer.

No wonder his brother looked at him like that!

But then he thought to himself, wasn’t he just as incompetent at the time? How could he mock himself?

Once he figured it out, his mood immediately improved, and he asked Liang Xiangming again, “Uncle Liang, when can I change back?”

He still had to coax his wife.

Liang Xiangming took off the device and replied, “It depends on individual circumstances. Based on the trend of your supernatural power recovery, it will probably take about a week.”

“A week?” Fu Yiyuan furrowed his brow. Being unable to video call or voice chat with his wife for seven days would definitely raise suspicions.

“There’s nothing we can do about it,” Liang Xiangming comforted him, “but this kind of situation will only happen once. You won’t have to worry about it in the future.”

“Alright…” Fu Yiyuan nodded absentmindedly with a meow.

When Fu Yiyuan followed Liang Xiangming out, Su Zeyu didn’t know what they were talking about with Xu Wenyu, but there was a faint smile on his lips, indicating that he was in a good mood.

As soon as he saw his wife, Fu Yiyuan jumped onto the sofa in a few steps, sprawling out like a cat pancake on Su Zeyu’s lap.

Su Zeyu stroked the cat and asked Liang Xiangming, “Doctor Liang, is everything okay with the examination?”

Liang Xiangming waved his hand and smiled, “No need to be so formal. If you don’t mind, you can call me Uncle Liang along with Yiyuan. Don’t worry, its health is fine.”

After chatting for a while, Xu Wenyu and Liang Xiangming were about to leave. Su Zeyu hurriedly got up to see them off.

Fu Yiyuan was comfortably lying in his wife’s arms when he suddenly felt a chill behind him.

The next moment, he heard Xu Wenyu’s meaningful words, “This cat is very clever, Zeyu, you can summon it anytime you need help.”

The author has something to say:

The cat form of the gong is probably like a blue and white British Shorthair.

Following my narration: The gong in cat form is not an ordinary cat, he is a cat demon, resilient and capable of many things that real cats cannot do! Don’t take it as real.

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